Sunday, 22 October 2017


Friday was the first day of Evies half term holiday...

...we decided to go to a trampoline park.

Everything was going well :)

We were jumping on the trampolines (I was exhausted after 10 minutes :)) and Evie was going on the bag too (its like a bouncy castle base that you can jump onto from a trampoline).

We went back onto the trampolines and then 10 minutes from the end Evie was crying saying that she wanted to go now... of the marshalls came over to make sure she was ok, Evie told her that she had hurt the back of her knee.

They then got a first aider to come over to check Evie over (he got her to bend her legs, wriggle her toes and to bend her ankles.

Luckily everything moved ok.

He said that he though that she had stretched a tendon and for her to rest up for the rest of the day and if she was still in pain on Saturday to take her to the doctors to make sure that it was nothing more serious.

I had to sign their accident book too

After we got out shoes on we went upstairs to the cafe (Evie was able to walk upstairs so that was good) and she had a chocolate muffin and a strawberry slushy, and then we headed home.

We had some lunch and she was feeling much better.

I asked her every now and again about her knee and she said that it was better :)

So that was a relief.

We now have the rest of the week to get through...

Friday, 20 October 2017

y1 parents evening cords and jumping

Yesterday I had Evies first year 1 parents evening.

There was table in front of the teacher with folders on and the timetable in order that parents can look at the English and Maths books first for 10 minutes.

She said that Evies letter formation isnt very good...

she doesnt start writing at the top of the page (she teds to start in the middle)

she doesnt follow instructions too easily

she is unco-ordinated (and wants me to get her to practice jumping jacks with her)

She isnt very good with numbers of objects..

There was a positive too that she is a sweet girl :)

I thin went to her classroom to look at her other books... was quite funny seeing the comments that her teacher was writing in the books.

The funniest one was a maths thing she was doing and she had to put in certain numbers (7+3) that added to 10, Evie decided to use different numbers, (I cant even remember if the numbers she used added to 10 anyway) but the teacher wrote that she was supposed to use the numbers that they wanted her to use :).

When I went for my interview (the job that I got) I asked what the dress code was and the guy said smart/casual, so yesterday after I went in to fill out a whole load of paperwork (I still have the handbook to read) I treated myself to some grey cords.

And as its the first day of the half term holiday Im taking Evie to a trampoline place (there were only 3 places left for the 12pm time slot) I really wanted 11am but they were already sold out, I have booked online and we will have lunch in the cafe upstairs after :).

Thursday, 19 October 2017

phone call and interview #16

Yesterday I rushed back from taking Evie to school (sorted out my buts to take with me into town) and waited for my phone call.

The call came and the job is something that I have loads of experience with, so she is going to send my details through to the relevant team and I will have to see if they want to see me for an interview.  I told her about the interview I was having that day but I didnt mention the job offer.

I then went into town for my interview...

...the job is debt collection, to be honest I dont think that it is something that I will be any good at.  I didnt tell them that, but I did mention the job offer (especially as it is for the same company) :)  They did ask me if I would still do teh ther job if I got offered this one and I said that I would have to think about it.

I will have to see what they say :)

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Yesterday I as in town and I got a phone call...

caller: hello is that Clare?

me: no, its Amber (thinking that they may want to speak to me anyway)

caller: oh ok sorry about that..

five minutes later...

caller: hello is that Amber?

me: yes

caller: oh sorry about earlier your number came up on our system first, congratulations we want you to come in for an interview :)

The only time they could make it was just before I am supposed to be having my HR phone call so I have pushed that forward an hour, and that means then that I can head to my interview after I have finished the phone call :)

Then last night while Evie was reading her book, I got another pone call :)

Offering me a job that I went to interview #15 for :)

I told the guy that I have an interview today anyway (as it is the same company that I have the interview today for)..

James had the cheek to say that it means that he cant do anything on a Sunday now so I pointed out that this job means no childcare costs :)

I have to go in on Thursday and fill in the registration bits, I have already put together the bits that I need to bring with me, I will then find out my starting date :)

There are lots of pros to the job like no childcare costs, and I can still go to things like book look and sports day, christmas show and school trips (if they chose me to be a helper) without having to use up holiday :)

The only con is that I cant watch her tap dancing lesson during watching week (and there are only 2 of those a year) and James will video it anyway :)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

another HR phone call

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the HR lady that I spoke to a few weeks ago.

This time she wants to discuss the role, salary and my experience...

She is going to call me tomorrow (I wanted to get the phone call done before the school holidays start on Friday) so I will have to see what (if anything comes out of it) :).

Sunday, 15 October 2017

dig into gap

After Evie got all of her spellings right the other week I thought that we were on a roll :).

So on Friday when I picked Evie up I looked in her bag and found the new list of words and at the bottom I saw that she had got seven right...

...all week we were already practicing the word dig, as that was the only word that she seemed to have trouble with.

She was still getting dig wrong together with into (her longest word so far) and gap.

She doesnt seem to have troubles with this weeks words (there are a few two letter words), so we will keep practicing as well as with sit too.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

flu jab

As Evie is due to have her flu nasal spray done on Monday, I decided yesterday as I was in town to get my jab done (so as not to be too ill for Evies birthday).

I have also had my appointment through for Evies first Year 1 parents evening (its next Thursday), in EYFS the meeting was in one classroom and her work was in the other classroom, but from Year 1 onwards the meetings are held in the school hall and you get 10 minutes before your meeting to look at the maths and English work (again in the hall) and you go to the classroom to see her other work.

Evie cant come with me so she can stay at home with James and I will go by myself.