Wednesday, 26 April 2017

she didnt sink

When I took Evie in to school yesterday and left her to do her Gym Trail I told her to enjoy her swimming lesson and not to sink :)

When I picked her up after school I asked her if she sank and she said that she didnt (so that was good).

One of the parents (that I am friendly with) told me that that morning they had to put the swimming bags in the right box outside the classroom ready for their lesson.

So I quickly scanned the names on the boxes and saw that Evie was in the middle class (she is a beaver), so I took her bag and her dried stuff is now in the washing machine waiting to be washed.

I had my DBS check done yesterday and it should take a week to get my certificate, and then I can help out.

It wont do my CV any harm either saying that I helped with her swimming lessons :)

Monday, 24 April 2017

swimming stuff all ready

This week Evies swimming classes start.

Actually her classes will be on Tuesdays, but as she has Gym Trail on Tuesdays, I will take in her swimming bag today.

As there will be a wet towel and swimming costume involved Im not sure if she will bring home her swimming bag each week after her lesson.

I had to by Evie a swimming cap, swimsuit and some shoes to wear around the pool - I got her some princess crrocs :) and everything has to labelled up too...

Im having my DBS check tomorrow so I wont be helping with tomorrows lessons

Sunday, 23 April 2017

I can find out for sure

Yippeee I have booked our holiday :)

Were off to Majorca :)

So I can find out if the water really doesnt taste like what it outta :)

Friday, 21 April 2017

too part and not enough time

I still havent heard back from the coffee shop interview that I went to last week

Last week I saw that they were after people in another coffee shop, so I asked the manager yesterday about the job, and the hours that I would be happy to do arent do-able :(

I was even happy to do from 4.30 pm to close (potentially missing Evies bed time).

I saw that another coffee shop (same chain) was after someone so I handed my CV in to them also,

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

too early for a token

As Evie was excited about going to the Gym Trail she actually got dressed in good time and we actually got to school 8 mins before it started :)

So have already found the perfect time to leave :)

As usual at the beginning of the week we look out for the  3PR tokens being given out, she normally sees them before me :)

We were too early for them giving out the tokens yesterday morning so that was a shame.

When I picked her up yesterday I asked her what she did at the Gym Trail and she said "lots of things" so I asked her "like what" and she said that she had to walk over a rope ladder and "walked with my hands" so I asked her if her feet were on the floor or in the air and she said "in the air" :)

This is the first time that she has ever given me a description of something that she has done.

Her school swimming lessons start next week, and as they are looking for helpers I asked her teacher if they still needed anyone for her class, he said that he will let me know today.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Gym Trail

Just before the Easter Holiday Evies teacher told me that he had put in (her book bag) details of the early morning club that he had told me about at her last parents evening.

Her club is on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

I have to get her to school by 8.30 (25 mins before they normally open the reception class doors).

Hopefully I can get her there on time :)

I have left her upstairs to get herself dressed...

Sunday, 16 April 2017

happy easter

happy easter :)

Evie the easter bunny
In High Chelmer they had a chocolate factory

Evie adding her "secret" ingredient to the chocolate bar
pull the lever to mix the chocolate
waiting for the chocolate bars to come out
Evie writing "chocolate" on the wrapper
Evies finished wrapper
Evie holding her wrapped bar
As soon as we got home it was devoured :)