Friday, 19 October 2018

first Y2 parents evening

My appointment for Evies parent teacher consultation (as they call it) was for 5.20 to look at her Maths & English books and 5.30 to speak to her teacher.

So i left home early to give me plenty of time :)

I even had to hang around for 10 mins before the classrooms were ready to look in.

I had a look through her books that I havent previously glued pages into... :)

One thing that I didnt realise is that Evie has started writing what she gets upto at the weekend (so I told James that :)).

And spent the time until the first appointment looking at the photos from the aerozone visit :)

Hee hee one Mum who has 3 (of her 5 kids) at school had a quick look through J's books and went off to the next classroom :)

It was then time to look at Evies Maths & English books and no sooner had I sat down Mr J said that he was running early so I could have my chat with him now and then look at her books in the classroom later which was fine by me :)

The chat went well (for once) he said that her English and Maths are coming on and she it on target to be where she is supposed to be by the end of the school year.

He even said that Evie was putting her hand up more to answer questions and was even getting them right :)

And the exception words spelling tests she had done, she had done well (getting just over half correct), and to try and get her to write sentences every now and again with one of the words :)

Evie also has to work on using finger spaces (which she does when I remind her) nd commas and full stops (yes I know Mum I have the same problem with them myself :)), I almost told him that but stopped myself :)

Its the start of half term today and I am going to have lunch with Evie in town :)

Thursday, 18 October 2018


On Sunday night James came downstairs saying "can your hear that?" I couldnt...

...he said that the boiler was making noises, so he got me to listen in the airing cupboard and there were no noises there either...

Monday morning I woke up to go the loo and heard what I thought was swooshing water (I thought it must have been raining and the gutter was blocked (that sort of noise) James told me it was the boiler!

The upshot is the gas engineer is coming back after the half term...

Yesterday I was helping in class and while I was gluing in the homework into the kids homework books the teaching assistant told me that Evie was the only person on her table (the table that she helps with for maths) who didnt need help with subtracting :)

I was really pleased :)

Tonight its parents evening so that will be fun :)

Sunday, 14 October 2018

a daddy and evie lunch

Last week we got through a letter about the year 2 lunch... the options were fish fingers or vegetarian lasagna and as I dont like either of them I decided that I would give it a miss :)

James then said that he would book the day off work and do it with Evie instead :)  He is having fish fingers.

Evie is now all excited as she can show Daddy how to get your lunch and where it sit :)

Thursday, 11 October 2018

I would rather have the pet pigeon

I was helping out in Evies class again yesterday...

...when I got in there were 4 piles of filing to do :)

One of the things was a story and then the kids had to answer questions on it.

I was pleased that Evie had answered all of the questions :) A couple of the kids only answered the first 3!

The last question asked if you had a pet or what sort of pet would you like?  Evie put that she would like a pigeon!  So I asked her about it later and she said that she actually wrote pet dog!  So I asked her what would she do if the dog jumped up at her and she said that it wouldnt because it would be busy by throwing it a ball all the time! :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

school trip

Evie had to be in early yesterday anyway as she had gym trail, so I dropped her off at the school hall and then had a bit of a walk.

Then at 8.45 I signed in and was told to go to the staff room so that I could read and sign the risk assessment form :)

We were then given yellow reflective vests to wear and we were given a pack each (saying which kids were in our group) I had Evies table :)

We then got on the coach (in our groups) and Evie wanted to sit next to me which was nice :)

We got to the Aerozone and the kids were told to sit on the floor and to face the large screen on the wall (us Mums had seats to sit on) and the kids were shown a presentation on the airport :)

I didnt realise that Stansted started out as a US airbase in WW2 :)

The kids then had different thing to do before the special visitors arrived :)

there was paper plane making

dressing up (Evie dressed up as a police woman)

and a map where you have to put the destinations on to

and a science bit - Evie enjoyed the making the ping pong balls float on the upturned air blowers :).

The Visitors arrived... was the fire brigade - they set up the hoses and the kids had to knock a bottle off of a cone with the water :)  Evie said it was her favourite bit :)

Then they put the sirens and the lights on for the kids too :)

Then when the fire brigade was leaving 4 police cars turned up and they were the other visitors :)

The kids got to look inside the police cars and even got to be locked inside one of the vans (like a naughty robber :)), there was also bomb sniffer dogs and the kids got to stroke them...

...I was really proud of Evie because she went up to stroke one of them too :) She normally starts getting upset if a dog comes anywhere near her :)

Then it was lunchtime and all of the groups sat together :)

Then after lunch we went to the viewing platform (a paved area close to the runway) to watch the planes arrive and takeoff (some of the pilots even waved at us) :)

Then it was time to go back to school :)

It was a really great day :)

Sunday, 7 October 2018

not tooth hurty

The other day I got a reminder from the dentist about mine and Evies 6 month check up... the half term holiday is coming up I have booked it for then.

Evie is having more of her adult teeth coming in now too, so when the dentist reads out what teeth she has its going to be a mixture of letters and numbers :)

Thursday, 4 October 2018

laminating and reading

Yesterday I was helping in class again :)

I was laminating number squares (a sheet with 200 squares in lines of 10) :)

Then I listened to some of the children reading...

...but halfway through the morning I was told that I am helping on the class trip :)

I have to make 2 packed lunches now (one for me and one for Evie) and bring our warm coats :)