Tuesday, 19 June 2018

cloudy sports day

Today is Evies sports day :)

I have put a green t-shirt (the same one from last year as all I could get at the time was a slightly larger size) in her bookbag already.

The weather today is for thick cloud (but I will still put sun cream on her anyway) and will give her a bottle of water and she has a hat that I will put in her bag too.

James has today off so he doesnt have to rush home from work either :)

Sunday, 17 June 2018

value fathers day present

Today is Fathers Day...

...we got James a card and he said that he didnt want a presernt :)

We went to the shops today and we ended up getting him some mis-shaped/broken biscuits :) and they were only 1 pound :)

Friday, 15 June 2018

mummy I did my words

When Evie came out of her classroom she told me that she had done her words :)

Evie said that she thought that she did ok and that she picked out some of the alien words.

We said to her that as long as she did her best then that is all that matters :)

So I asked her teacher when we would find out if she has passed it or not she said that we would find out in the end of year school report!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

house point and wrong around way

Yesterday I was helping out in Evies class...

first I was filing the work away from the day before - it was letters and hindu gods :)

While I was doing some gluing work into their topic books the kids did English, they had to write 4 friends, 4 farm animals and 4 jobs to do on the farm :)

After playtime Miss B said that Evie did a challenging part of the jungle gym (in the school field) I think it was to walk along a balance beam and then you had to use a rope, but Im not too sure and Evie got a house point for doing it :)

It was then maths and I was outside sorting the books, the kids had to glue pictures in to their books into the right order from smallest to biggest and back again, dominoes, coins and numbers

Evie being Evie glued them in in the order she wanted to do it (she put the coins in the middle instead of at the bottom), she said that she got some right and some wrong.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

phonics week

This week at school is phonics testing...

...I will have to ask Evie every afternoon to see if she has done it.

I thought that it was a week of spelling tests but from what I have just read it isnt.

I might even see one kid doing theirs on Wednesday when Im helping in class :)

Thursday, 7 June 2018

interesting 100

Yessterday I was helping out in class, and after I did the filing from the day before, the children had been given notebooks, and they had to write interesting facts about their school.

They started in the classroom, then moved into the playground, then the dinner hall, then the computer suite, and then the cookery room.

I didnt even realise they had a cookery room or that the kids had even been in there!

I have just asked Evie why they were writing the facts yesterday and she says that she doesnt know :)

Then after the morning break it was maths and numbers to 100...

I was out sorting the books and when I came back in (after the kids started lining up for their lunch) I saw that the kids had a puzzle (of numbers upto 100) to stick together in their maths books.

Evie was the only one still doing it and Miss B was helping her :)

Monday, 4 June 2018

back to school tomorrow

Today is a non pupil day at Evies school...

...we have Evies PE (for tomorrow)  and swimming stuff (for Friday) ready :)

We have a few things to do in town today and I am going to text James as Evie said that he told her that she could have a happy meal today!