Sunday, 25 June 2017

better than I was expecting

As I was half a stone away from my target weight I have lessened my dieting (still trying to keep to under 2000 calories per day), and am now only weighing myself at the end of the month.

So after having some breakfast in town (whilst James was taking Evie was taking James around Flying Tiger) I went and weighed myself.

I visualised a weight loss that I would be with (1 lb) and weighed myself and was really happy to have lost 3 lbs.

So that is 3 stone 10 lbs or 52 lbs in total :)

Friday, 23 June 2017

non uniform day for tombola present

On Sunday Evies school has its inflatable day, and as a way of getting presents for the tombola stall, they say that you can dress in non uniform in return for a wrapped donation for the stall :)

Evie chose to wear her flamingo dress
As she has PE today we had to chose something that was easy for her to get off and on again :)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

interview #8

Yesterday I went into town (after dropping Evie off at school), I was sitting there colouring in my book drinking an iced latte and I heard my phone ringing (it was on my lap).

It was a lady telling me that I had been shortlisted for a job that I had applied for :)

It is for an admin clerk for a music school.

It is Saturday mornings 8.30 am to 1.30 pm in term time.

I have to do an excel test before my interview... I am going to do a search online for excel tests and do some "playing about" on excel, as I havent used it properly (apart from my food diary and Evies birthday party) for over 5 years.

My interview isnt until Wednesday

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

sports day

There is only really one picture that I can upload onto my blog (as flickrs editing software is being updated), and the school has said that you cant share any photo including other children (which is fair enough).

Evie eaiting for the activities to start

The sports day went really well... was set out around the running track.

Evie tried her best at all of the activities...

...her favourite activity was loop the hoop and her least favourite was target buckets.

and when they tallied up all of the points her house won :)

and all of the kids got ice lollies too :)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

an energetic day

Today not only has Evie got Gym trail and her swimming lesson but its also sports day day :)

Her green t-shirt is in her bag and a named bottle of sun cream (that her teacher said that they will apply after lunch) :)

here is the activity list

Evie is starting where it is highlighted in green :)
I was hoping the water hole was something like a paddling pool, but its somewhere for the kids to have a drink of water :)

It is much more interesting than when I was at school...

...I was down for the flat race but I wasnt allowed to do it because I had a heart problem (I got a prize for it anyway :)).

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Charlotte Pinky-Pie has grown

Evies sunflower Charlotte Pinky-Pie is now a sunflower :)

in full bloom

Thursday, 15 June 2017

totally awesome skinny legs

Yesterday while I was waiting in the Early Years Playground for Evie to go in to her class Z's Mum said to me "look at you with your skinny legs" I was wearing shorts... made me feel really happy :)

I went in to town to get Evies sports day t-shirt and managed to get her this set so she is all sorted :)

And because I got them for her in age 6 she can hopefully wear the same t-shirt again next year :)

And then at pick up time another Mum said to me about my skinny legs too :)