Friday, 10 August 2018

back to the bank

This morning I went to check that I had been paid and as I put in my security details wrong 3 times I have been locked out!

So I did the "reset" bit and the 3rd and last step was to get a code from my secure key but when I went to turn it on it wont switch on!

I know that its the new one as it has the plastic cover on it.

So I will pop to the bank today or tomorrow to get a new one :(

Sunday, 5 August 2018

mutiny and crash

Dont worry two separate things and in no way connected :)

First the crash...

I went into work and as soon as I walked in though the automatic doors a fascia came crashing down from the internal doors luckily I wasnt near it :)

I called my boss so he knew what to expect as he came in tomorrow :).

and now the mutiny...

James was supposed to take Evie to lunch in Sainsburys as a treat, but at 12.38 I got a text saying that they werent going as Evie had made a huge mess and she had lied!

I asked him what she had lied about and he said "you will have to ask her"

LOL at least I knew what I was coming back home to :)

The lie was that Evie had said that she had tidied up when she hadnt!

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

tea for four

Today me & Evie are meeting up with a couple of my friends...

...we are going to a tea shop, Evie has already told me that she is going to have a tea cake and a hot chocolate :)

Although I am not sure that she will like the tea cake :)

I am sure that there will be something yummy that she will chose :)

Sunday, 29 July 2018

euroMillions confusion

Whenever I get an e-mail telling me that my lottery ticket has ran out I leave it in my inbox until I have renewed it :)

The other day I received an e-mail saying "you cant win EuroMillions without a ticket!"

I was sure that I had already bought my ticket with my full proof system LOL :)

So when I went online this afternoon the first thing I did was check that I do have my ticket and phew I do :)

So I have forwarded the e-mail to national lottery in case it is spam...

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

do you EVEN want the appointment?

Yesterday morning just after 9 am I called the place to book Evies apointment, I was told that the pediatrics team were busy and someone would call me back later... I still hadnt been called back by 4 pm I called again and this time was told that I would be called either today or tomorrow.

At 7 pm I then get a phone call :)

It was the place I called earlier and the first thing the lady asked me was "do you even want the appointment?" I said that yes I did (I mean why would I have called to book the appointment otherwise?) she said it was because the doctor who referred us said that we didnt have any concerns, and they expect the parents to have the concerns in the first instance.

So I told her that I did want the appointment just to get the teachers off of our backs :)

We have an appointment booked for the end of August and we will get the bus there :) ironically there is a place just down the road from us but there were no appointments there and she said that there is a timescale that they are supposed to see kids in, so we are sticking with the appointment as it is in the school holidays.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

cathedral picnic

Yesterday me and Evie had a picnic in the grounds of Chelmsford Cathedral :)

We got our lunch from McDonalds (Evie had a chicken nugget happy meal) :)

We found somewhere shady to sit

Evie eating a chicken nugget

As it was so hot and Evie was getting tired we went for an iced drink before heading home :)

Evie drinking an iced chocolate drink with cream
Then we headed home via the park :)

on the swing
When we got home I found a letter about Evies appointment and there was no date but said to call a phone number to book it.

I hope that there isnt a long waiting list and she can be seen in the school holidays.

Monday, 23 July 2018

yesterday was a Daddy and Evie day

While I went to work yesterday James and Evie went to Southend :)

They had a great day...

...Evie told me all of the fun things they did...

..she had a smoothie and a bacon roll in Costa, played in the arcades, and went of loads of rides at Adventure Island and she had sausage in batter and chips for her lunch :)

Today she wants to have a picnic with a McDonalds happy meal :)

We have to go into town anyway today :)