Monday, 11 December 2017

power cut

On one of the coldest days we had a power cut.

Evie enjoyed using a lantern but was not impressed with the lights and more importantly the tv not working.

It is all working now although the fusebox has tripped a couple of times already and our sky+ box is throwing a hissyfit!

I will get Evie to check the lights when she gets home from school :)

Sunday, 10 December 2017

today today today tomorrow and Thursday

today we woke up to it snowing

today was supposed to be Evies last tap dancing class before the Christmas holiday and James was going to video it for me, but because of the weather classes were cancelled and they will be held next week instead, but we cant go because Evie has M's birthday party to go to.

today I slipped over (on an icy foot bridge) and because I am now middle aged (working on the assumption that I reach 90 odd) I am wondering what damage I may have done to myself :)

tomorrow I will take Evie to school in her wellies and will take her shoes with us and she can change them when she gets into class.

Thursday was really good...

First we had to break down boxes and re-glue them inside out (and hot glue really does get hot!).

We then had to help the kids make their boxes into fairy tale houses, I helped A, S, J & E.  Evie was helped by a Daddy :) but we cant remember whose Daddy :)

After morning play time it was then time to paint the houses.

And after lunch they then had to put on the finishing touches (making sure they stuck to the plans that they had already done, although I am sure that there was some artistic licence going on :)

I had so much fun that I have agreed to go in on Wednesday mornings starting after Christmas :)

Thursday, 7 December 2017

three things

Some days I have nothing and today I have 3 things :)

Yesterday was Evies Christmas play it went well and was based around strictly come dancing with one of the judges Ceasar being based on Craig :)

Evie said she enjoyed it and she did all of the singing and dancing so that was good :)

I am going in to school today and because I ticked the all day box I have to go in all day (her teacher even told me to bring in my lunch).

I dont think I mentioned but a couple of Evies birthday party invites went to the wrong children, one of them got passed on to the right child and one didnt...

Luckily after I found out I texted all of the Mums to find out that they got the invite and only one other didnt.

I then get a text this morning from a Mum that I invited last year (but didnt get a reply from) the child does have the same name but a different spelling, perhaps she didnt realise that there were two girls with that name, saying that her daughter can come :) I replied back and saud that Evie will be pleased :)

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

our turn today

Evies first show was yesterday... and James will be able to see it today, we have already told her that she might not be able to see us but we will be there watching :)

She is no longer a sheep but is now an ox! :)

Also yesterday some of the Mums were talking about the fairytale house making that is going on tomorrow, sone of the Mums said they asked the teacher, whilst others said that their kids told them they were helping.

I asked Evie if I was going to be helping and she doesnt seem to know so I will try and remember to ask her teacher when I pick her up after school this afternoon :)

Monday, 4 December 2017

I would rather have the pork

On Thursday this week Evies lunch choices are pulled pork in a brioche bun or cheesy bean yorkshire...

...Evie normally has the meat option but a couple of weeks ago she said that she doesnt like it.

So last time she had the vegetarian option minus the beans so a cheesy yorkshire pudding,

I have changed it for this Thursday to the vegetarian option again.

I have put it in my phone each time she has it so that she can tell me which she would rather have.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

a walk in and a phone call

Today at work I had a phone call about booking a conference room, but as I dont know how to get into the booking records so I took her details and someone will call her back.

And then a bit later someone walked in off the street and asked what they did there and I sent him off with some leaflets about the place :)

I must admit I did look around later to make sure that he wasnt hanging around...

I have left a note of the 2 things for my boss :)

And the kids are still enjoying filling the drip trays on the water cooler!  Although this time one also had milk added to it also!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

volunteering again

We had a letter thorough from Evies school about wanting parent helpers for fairytail house building...

...they want helpers for all day or morning or afternoon so I have ticked all three :)

They have also asked for cardboard boxes so we picked up a load yesterday form Sainsburys so I will take them in later (otherwise Evie will have to carry the bag in across the playground).

We have parents book look this afternoon too :)