Tuesday, 4 December 2018

knot sew good

I was asked to go on yesterday rather than my normal Wednesday morning to help the kids sew christmas stockings.

I arrived for 1pm and the teacher was showing the kids on the white board how they were to sew their stockings, she said that the threads had to be split into strands so tat they could be threaded through the eye of the needles (my heart sank - I knew that I was going to be no use).

The threads were getting knotted up too as we were trying to split them.

Thankfully F's Mum and H's Mum were helping too so they managed to thread the needles (I did manage to thread one so I was happy with that :)).

I did tell the teacher that I wasnt any good at threading needles and she said that she wasnt either (although she was just being kind).

I think the kids have cushions to sew later in the year too (I will make see I tell her teacher how useless I am :)).

Evie said that she was happy that I was in class yesterday so tat is good.


Jules said...

I did some sewing at he weekend and have noticed my eyes are definitely not as good as they used to be. Needles are really difficult to thread, so don't be too hard on yourself. It must have been lovely just to spend that time in class at this time of year. X

Eileen said...

You gave it a good go that's the main thing. Evie was pleased you were there which is lovely.

chocolat lover said...

thanks :) and not everybody can be good at everything :)