Friday, 10 August 2018

back to the bank

This morning I went to check that I had been paid and as I put in my security details wrong 3 times I have been locked out!

So I did the "reset" bit and the 3rd and last step was to get a code from my secure key but when I went to turn it on it wont switch on!

I know that its the new one as it has the plastic cover on it.

So I will pop to the bank today or tomorrow to get a new one :(


Jules said...

That's a nuisance, but reassuring the security measures work. I hope it's soon sorted for you. X

Eileen said...

I hope you get it sorted. Annoying when these things happen :(

chocolat lover said...

I have a new one to activate now :)

The Captain said...

It's all great when it work but a real pain when it fails .