Sunday, 19 March 2017


On Friday I had my interview.

I think it went quite well...

As well as the usual questions, they asked "if money was no object what would I like to do" so I said to be a chocolate taster for Cadburys :) I didnt say Hotel Chocolat in case they thought that I was a food snob :) and that I would like to travel around the world :)

I will find out by the end of next week if I have got to the second interview stage.

As on Friday it is Red Nose Day and its a PE day, and the theme is to wear something red, and the only things that we have that are red are "button up", I decided to get her something in Primark.

The girls section did not have anything that was red, so I looked in the boys section... I got her this t-shirt, and while I was in there I bought myself a size 14 t-shirt and it fits :)


Eileen said...

You can't prepare for random questions like that, I like your answers.
Nice T-shirt for Evie with the paw prints :)
Size 14, well done (I'm so jealous) :)

chocolat lover said...

Evie likes watching paw patrol so it was a good choice :)

I was expecting the t-shirt to still be too tight so it was a nice surprise :)

The Captain said...

Fingers crossed.

chocolat lover said...