Friday, 12 January 2018

to q or not to q

For the past few months (since August at the latest) our sky+HD box has been playing up... an attempt to save money I have been putting off the inevitable and either upgrade or get a new sky+HD box...

Yesterday I thought our box had finally given up the ghost as it wasnt letting us watch anything recorded or get on demand to download programmes (it was at least letting us watch live tv so that kept Evie happy).

So I rang sky and the message said to download the my sky app, I then was put through to someone and I explained the issue and I was told that because I am a diamond customer (I have been with them for 18+  years we are entitled to a new Sky Q box, I had already looked at the price and saw that it was £199 (even without the multiscreen package) and that was too much for us, so I was really pleased, he told me that I should download the app and book it through there.

So I went into the app but it still had the £199 one off payment, so I did the chat thing with them and after several hours (I kid you not) they finally told me that the deal was only if you had the multiscreen package!

As we dont need that I then called sky again to get us sorted.

I called again and was given the various options....

....I can either pay £65 and have an engineer come to try and repair the box or £30 and they send us a brand new box.

I have opted for the brand new box being sent in the post, and we have to fit it (the guy told me you just have to plug it in).

Im hoping that James will do it when he gets home from work :)

We have since unplugged the sky box for at least 5 minutes plugged it back in again and we can now watch recorded programmes and download programmes, so hopefully it will hold out until the box arrives next week


Eileen said...

I think the Captain will know about Sky Q as I remember reading his blog about getting it. I'm a Sky diamond member too and I chose not to upgrade when the Sky Q box was free because I had no need for the multi room option which I think you had to pay an extra £12 a month for! I might be wrong about that but I didn't bother.

When I had problems with my WiFi I got exasperated with them on the phone. They wanted me to pay £10 a month to insure their equipment. In the end I paid £65 for the engineer and he replaced everything for me for free, new Sky box and router. I have heard that threatening to leave usually gets a result too :)

Fingers crossed you are OK till the new box arrives. Sky is good when it's all working well :)

chocolat lover said...

yes it is still £12 per month for multiroom and we didnt want to pay it either...

...Im still waiting for the new skybox to arrive.

I am going to give it until Monday and will chase them to see what is happening.