Wednesday, 14 February 2018

two birds with one stone

*disclaimer no birds were harmed in the writing of this blogpost* :)

Following James and Evies factfinding mission to Southend on Sunday, every afternoon or evening we have done bits of her homework.

We (or rather I mentioned it and she liked the idea) decided to do it on the pc and combine it with her using the computer more :)

I have just e-mailed it to her teacher as the year 1 teachers included their e-mail addresses on the slip of paper with the homework details on, and they did say that if it was easier then you could e-mail it to them.

LOL I made sure that I used the correct grammer in the e-mail to her teacher too :)


Eileen said...

I'm astounded that you can email homework to the teacher :)

The homework sounds so much fun and involves the whole family :)

chocolat lover said...

on the school website it tells you the teachers e-mail addresses...

...its the first time I have e-mailed any of her teachers. But from what I have heard from other Mums they dont tend to reply back!

It was good fun and Evie enjoyed typing the words :)

Jules said...

That's an easier way of sending homework in. Much less chance of it getting lost too.
This half term we've had reading, writing and a sheet to fill in to say what Lily has done this week. X

chocolat lover said...

Jules - it also means that you cant us the phrase "the dog ate my homework" I suppose you would have to say " the dog ate my router" or "we aint got no internet" :)

The Captain said...

A lot of secondary school homework is either done online or we have to save it to a memory stick.