Thursday, 12 October 2017

flu jab

As Evie is due to have her flu nasal spray done on Monday, I decided yesterday as I was in town to get my jab done (so as not to be too ill for Evies birthday).

I have also had my appointment through for Evies first Year 1 parents evening (its next Thursday), in EYFS the meeting was in one classroom and her work was in the other classroom, but from Year 1 onwards the meetings are held in the school hall and you get 10 minutes before your meeting to look at the maths and English work (again in the hall) and you go to the classroom to see her other work.

Evie cant come with me so she can stay at home with James and I will go by myself.


Eileen said...

I've booked our flu jabs as I heard there may be a nasty strain this year.
It's better to have the parents evening without the littlies being there :)

Jules said...

School sent the permission form for the flu spray home last week. Lily wont be having it. It would be far too stressful for her.
Parent and teacher meetings on the horizon here too. Should be fun! 😆

chocolat lover said...

Eileen - hopefully we will all avoid it :)

I do like the expression "littlies" :)

Jules - The first flu spray Evie had (at 3) she didnt like it at all and when she had it done last year at school I was quite surprised that she let them do it. Im hoping she lets them do it on Monday too (I will be explaining to her about it on Sunday night and Monday morning).

As her Mum you know whats best for Lily :)