Thursday, 12 July 2018

meeting Mrs B

On Tuesday Evie said that she told Mrs D that I was in the next day to help and she told Evie that she had lots of jobs for me to do :)

It was loads of filing work away for the open evening :)

I picked Evie up from school and we waited to go in and then we went to her classroom to look at her work - I already knew what was in some of her books (from filing away her work) but Evie insisted on wanting to show me everything anyway :)

Miss B said that the work books were coming home next week anyway (apart from her current English and Maths books) so James will be able to see them also :) He hasnt come to book looks or open evenings.

We then went next door to the new class and Mrs B was speaking to D as he had been on holiday during class swap day.

I then had a chance to speak to Mrs B and Evie told her that she is going to decorate the car template she has been given as her summer holiday homework at the weekend, so I will have to make sure tonight that we do some photos that she might like to use :).

I told her that I am helping on Wednesday morning and could I help again in September and she said yes and that she was making a list :) A's Mum and F's Mumn are on there ahead of me :)

It was really good :)


Jules said...

It's great you are able to help again next year. X

Eileen said...

I'm so pleased you are going to help again next year, yay! :)

chocolat lover said...

thanks me too :)