Thursday 29 May 2014


The other day James bought Evie a frisbee...

here is Evie bringing the frisbee back to me ;o)

the frisbee is as big as Evie

I even did another "on the hip" photo ;o)

Evie marching
Evie is wanting to play "march march cuddle" ;o)

here is a video motion picture of us playing with the frisbee ;o)

Wednesday 28 May 2014

as much as I love useless knowledge

I love useless knowledge, so I have a widget with it in my side bar ;o)

I glanced at the one while checking my blog for any new posts and saw this piece of calorie burning advice!

I will not be trying this especially as Evie is bound to try and copy me too!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

hippy photo

This weeks project flickr project is from the hip...

I have been trying to think of different hip level photos that I can take ;o)

I decided to do one of Evie in her cot when she had just woken up ;o)

Sunday 25 May 2014


Evie is now in her 2-3 age clothes ;o)

I have yet to buy her any knickers (and will wait til we start potty training before buying some).

We dont have many pajamas either and all that I can find are the short ones (and the nights arent warm enough for short ones yet) so I have been on the lookout for long sleeved ones.

I decided yesterday to go the the largish Next near me...

...we got the store and I looked throughout the girls (and the boys area) of the store for some pajamas but couldnt find any... I asked a girl who was putting stock out and she offered to look in the stockroom for me ;o)

a short while later she came back with 2 multi packs of pajamas (1 aged 2-3 and the other aged 3) I bought the 2-3 ones - they have bunnies on but cant find a link to them on the website :o(

I have e-mailed Next to say how helpful the person was who helped me ;o)

Last night I asked Evie what pajamas she would like to wear - she had a choice of Merida ones or doctor ones and she said that she wanted Postman Pat ones (I still have to do a search for some!) she wanted to wear the Merida ones ;o)

Friday 23 May 2014

do they come with free recipe cards?

Yesterday James & me went for our eye tests... was done in three parts (with the other person looking after Evie)...

...part one was the puffer test James one was ok but I kept on jumping back and they couldnt get a reading , so they ended up doing it again (during part three of the test).

...part two was the eye chart and looking into the back of the eye, interestingly enough the optician had an eye phone (get it) and was able to bring up the eye chart with her phone ;o)  I wonder if its an app that has to be paid for?  I have just looked on google play (as I have an android phone) and have found this free one (I am going to install it ;o)

...part three was the field of vision test (and they redid the puffer test too) I told the person doing it that they should use a head restraint and that would stop me from moving ;o)

During part two (the actual eye test) I was told that the vision in one eye had improved and the vision in the other eye had got slightly worse...

...and wait for it!

I need to wear READING GLASSES!

The lady doing my eye test also mentioned the white patches under my eye which is a sign of high cholesterol - I had completely forgotten that I had the health check done two years ago, so will have a look online to see what foods are low in cholesterol and will try and talk James into getting some Benecol

hee hee I have just downloaded this app ;o)

the eye test app in my phone directory

the eye test app

Does needing reading glasses make me officially middle aged?  I certainly dont feel or act middle aged! which I suppose is the main thing ;o)

Thinking about it I have (even in the past few days) taken photos of things that I cant make out the writing on so that I can zoom in better!  I know its just a modern taker on a magnifying glass.

Now it was time to chose my glasses (as I need two pairs now) they did have vouchers for £90 off the second frame (so that was going to bring down the cost a bit).

I was told that because of my high prescription to stick to small frames...

I then found the Heston Blumenthal frames and even better they were 2 for 1 ;o)

So I have picked these for my main pair and these for my reading pair ;o)

I must practice saying "sorry, I havent got my reading glasses on" to stop the annoying market researchers and "Ive just got to put my reading glasses on" when looking at menus or the like.

Then I had to chose how much I wanted to spend on the lenses I had a choice of three...

...I could stick with the lens thickness that I have already which has come down slightly in price, or I could go for a thinner version for the price I had paid last time or go for the super duper extra thin lenses that the shop has never ordered before!

I decided to stick with the cheapest option as I was happy with the thickness of them ;o)

James never showed me the frames that he went for but I did see him trying on some Ali G type frames (I hope he was just trying them on just to show Evie ;o).

It then came to paying for the glasses and because my prescription has now gone past a certain level I got my eye test for free, and I also got £14.40 off of the price of my reading glasses ;o)

Our glasses should be ready in two weeks ;o)

Thursday 22 May 2014

eye tests

Today me & James have our eye tests...

We are going to Vision Express and whilst you can earn nectar points on getting the eye test and buying glasses, which no doubt we will both need - my glasses are seven years old and James ones are eight years old, you cannot use your points to pay for new ones!

I know that you would need a serious amount of points especially (if like me) needing to have the super duper nasa enabled thinned down lenses (I was only joking, but they have engineered something!).

Evies eye appointment has come through too, it is for when James will be working from home, so at least we can both be there.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

a bit of wee

I was changing Evies nappy this morning and asked her if she wanted to use the potty and she said yes... I sat her on the potty and she sat down for two seconds (like she normally does) and when she got up I saw there was a drop of wee in it, so I sat her down again and she did a bit more ;o)

I dont think that she even noticed that she was doing it!

I even took a photo for prosperity ;o) and to show James ;o)

We then tipped it down the toilet together and flushed the toilet (I then washed it out too)

a watched lamp...

I dusted the lamp base yesterday morning (half expecting a genie to appear ;))

I went to bed last night after putting Evie to bed (it gives me a chance to listen to my mp3 player), but I kept on watching the lamp to see if it would turn up the brightness and it didnt - whooppee dooooooooo ;o)

I will have to see how the lamp is tonight....

Tuesday 20 May 2014

little boy tongue out

A few weeks ago while we were waiting for the previous session to finish at Tumble Tots a little boy (who I shall call Joe) was sticking his tongue out at Evie ;o)

So Evie stuck her tongue back out at Joe - and ever since now, when I say that we are going to Tumble Tots Evie says "little boy tongue out" ;o)

At the end of yesterdays session they were handing out certificates to the children moving up to the three-five year class and Joe was one of them!

So as Joes Mum was sitting next to where our bits were I told her that we were going to miss Joe and how Evie always says "little boy tongue out" ;o)

So I said to Joe that we like him sticking his tongue out (so he stuck his tongue out at us again and Evie stuck her tongue out too) and that "I bet not many people say that to you" and he laughed ;o)

So I told his Mum that we will see them in January as that will be when we move up to the next class ;o)  She said that his birthday isnt until July (so I guess that they are moving him up early to make room for the little ones coming upto being two).

With regards to my lamp the brightness went up again twice yesterday in quick succession - so I have tried wiping the base with a moist toilet wipe and will see if that helps ;o)

Monday 19 May 2014

mysterious goings on

A few years ago James bought me a lamp that you touch on and off and it has three settings (low, medium and high).

On Saturday night I noticed that my lamp had gone from low to medium (I thought that James had come in without me seeing him and turned it up), so I turned it back down to low again, and a while later it had gone up to medium again!  I was watching the lamp at the time and it definitely did it by itself :o(

I told James about it yesterday morning and he said that the lamp was on when he came up to bed (I know that I had definitely turned it off when I went to sleep) and then it was on again when he woke up.

It happened again twice last night...

Sunday 18 May 2014

wanting to go on the dodgems

This weekend the funfair has been in Chelmsford...

...we decided to go to it yesterday afternoon as it said that it included "magical rides for younger children" so we were hoping that it would include some rides for Evie to go on.

The only ride that she was able to go on was a carousel with cars on it - the video motion picture is here ;o)

They had an inflatable slide that looked good but James thought that it was too high for her, I think that she would have been ok if she was sitting on one of our laps, the age restrictions said three and over so chances are the attendant running it would have said that she was too young as she is small for her age.

We were walking Evie around the funfair so that she could look at the rides, and she kept on wanting to go back to look at the dodgems I think that she wanted to go on them, but we both thought that they were too scary for her.

Perhaps she can go on the dodgems in a couple of years time, but no doubt she will be looking at the even scarier rides by then ;o)

Friday 16 May 2014

back to Rhyme Time

As we no longer do swimming lessons on Thursdays, I finally took Evie back to Rhyme Time at our library ;o)

Because Evie is that bit older now she was singing away (I could hear her singing anyway) and dancing away to the nursery rhymes ;o)

And while I was in Vision Express booking back to back eye tests for me & James, incidentally they have a good deal on Childrens glasses so we may end up coming here for Evies glasses, Evie was singing big red bus ;o)

Thursday 15 May 2014

extremely long sighted

Yesterday we had an eye appointment for Evie.

The optician lady had a sheet of shapes to make sure that Evie recognised them, and then she stood on the other side of the room with a flip book first of all showing large and medium sized pictures (which Evie did recognise).  Then when it came to the tiny ones Evie didnt say anything and then only recognised them when she was back in front of her.

We are now waiting for an appointment at the hospital so they can do eye tests with eye drops just to make sure that her eyes are healthy inside and to establish just how long sighted she is.

She said that Evie was extremely long sighted and I am classed as very long sighted!

I was feeling bad about Evie inheriting my bad eyesight and then I thought to myself hang on she could have been born with a hole in her heart and need to go through a VSD closure.

So all in all Im glad that she only needs to wear glasses ;o)

Wednesday 14 May 2014

birthday day

I had a nice day yesterday ;o)

Evie sang Happy birthday to me ;o)

And we had some birthday cake ;o)

Percy pig globetrotting cake
a sombrero and sunglasses complete the look
a slice with the curly tail
I gave Evie a slice of birthday cake but she didnt like the icing!

Tuesday 13 May 2014

older but not wiser

Happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday dear me-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeee
happy birthday to me ;o)

I am 44 now!

Sunday 11 May 2014

wearing glasses like Mummy

A  few months ago James bought home a pair of 3d glasses (like the ones you get at the cinema). Incidentally I have kept the pair from when I took Evie to the newbie showing of Men In Black 3 ;o)

The other day Evie bought me over the 3D glasses (minus the lenses) so that I could put them on her ;o)

It reminds me a bit of Lenny Henry doing Trevor McDoughnut ;o)

Wednesday 7 May 2014


This weeks project flickr is selfie...

me & Evie in the back garden
me holding a giant beach ball

Tuesday 6 May 2014

small potatoes

"small potatoes, small potatoes, small potatoes, small potatoes , small potatoes, small potatoes, small potatoes, s-ma-ll po-ta-toes"

That song is going around and around in my head... is Evies current favourite program but the show only lasts for three minutes so I cant even get on with doing anything while shes watching it as as soon as it has started she is then telling me that the show has finished and she wants to watch another one!

Hopefully when Sky do their next upgrade they will include a feature where you can "loop" a series of prgogrammes to play back to back (if you are reading this you oh so kind technical people)

Poor James has said that its the show that will send him "over the edge" too.

Sunday 4 May 2014

pushing the lawnmower just like Daddy

On Friday I bought Evie a toy lawnmower ;o)

Here is a video motion picture of her pushing it around the garden

pushing the lawnmower just like Daddy
She couldnt play with it in the garden on Friday as it was raining but did enjoy mowing the carpet in the lounge and even mowed the carpet at her Nanny & Grandads Friday evening too ;o)

As it has been in the garden it is now in the garage and I have promised Eve she can mow the lawn again after her nap ;o)

Friday 2 May 2014

should have gone out when I suggested it

Yesterday morning it was raining so we didnt go out.

The rain had finally stopped when Evie was having her after lunch nap.

So when she woke up at 2.30 pm I said "it has stopped raining now, would you like to play in the back garden" and Evie said "no".

When James got home just after 4 pm the first thing Evie said to him was "back garden" but he told her that it was too wet outside so she couldnt go out to play!  I thin said that we could put her puddle suit on but he said that he didnt want to go out.

Not wishing to "jump on his toes" I didnt take her out but I have the feeling that she just wanted to play with him outside anyway.

Hopefully next time Evie will have a play when she gets offered the chance to ;o)

Thursday 1 May 2014

more playing in the garden

Yesterday me & Evie were playing in the garden and as the weather was reasonably warm I even put some sun cream on her and she didnt moan about me putting it on her either (which was a relief) ;o)

On Tuesday we bought Evie a hula hoop ;o)  They use them in Tumble Tots on the agility play station sometimes ;o)

Evie measuring the hula hoop against herself

Evie walking with the hula hoop

Evie placing the hula hoop over her massive beach ball (I suggested it to her ;o))