Sunday 30 March 2014

almost bang on

As we were almost out of Reeces Puffs (our recently refitted Tesco sells them at £5 a packet) currently Evies favourite cereal although saying that this morning she turned her nose up at them!  I decided to weigh myself while I was in there (so that I could be at my lightest before eating something) so I marched up to the pharmacy area at the back of the store and shock horror they dont have the scales anymore :o(

Having got a few bits I decided to pop into the side entrance of The Meadows (they tend to open the side doors for the staff to get in early) so I went to go in and my side was locked (I really couldnt be bothered to walk all the way around to the other side) so I went to find James & Evie and get something to eat and drink ;o)

After having our breakfast and getting some other bits of shopping I finally got myself weighed and was well surprised to see that I was only 3 lbs heavier than I thought that I would be ;o).

Happy Mothers Day Mum ;o)

James got me an mp3 Jackson 5 album ;o)

Friday 28 March 2014

operation date

Yesterday I got through the date for my operation... is set for the middle of June.

I have a health questionnaire to complete asking about past medical history and who will be looking after me when I get home and stuff like that.  It also asks for my weight I have a ballpark idea but will have to get myself weighed in Boots next time I am in there!  It may even kick start me into losing weight again ;o)

The letter says that you have to return the form within 48 hours of receipt but only gives a fax number or an address they should really include an e-mail address too!

Anyway the operation is a week before the 3 foot people festival so hopefully I will feel will ok enough to go - either way James will be able to take her ;o)

Still I shall get our tickets when they are available to purchase ;o)

Thursday 27 March 2014

which one to go for

This weeks project flickr is vegetables...

so yesterday morning I took a photo of all of the vegetables in the fridge saying "which one do I have tonight" ;o)

I decided in the end after much deliberating to go for the beans ;o)

Tuesday 25 March 2014

wet trousers

Yesterday me & Evie were having our breakfast, toast in my case and toast and cereal for Evie...

...Evie likes to drink the milk after off of her spoon (her co-ordination skills are getting better with about half of the milk going into her mouth ;o)).

Evie had decided that she had had enough of the milk also so I took the bowl away from her and put it in the kitchen and Evie said "trousers wet" ;o).

I told her that she was a good girl for telling Mummy, and I took them off and she put them in the washing machine ;o).

She even told James when he got home from work too ;o)

Monday 24 March 2014

Mummy cuddle

Normally when James is home (in the evenings and at the weekends) Evie says "Daddy do it"...

...last night Evie was getting tired and James asked her if she wanted to go up for a lie down and Evie said "Mummy cuddle" so James asked her again and again she said "Mummy cuddle" so she sat on my lap and fell asleep on me ;o)

I then took her upstairs once she had fallen asleep ;o)

Sunday 23 March 2014

gruffalo good fun

Me & Evie had a great time at the gruffalo trail on Friday ;o)

As it was lunchtime by the time we got there we headed first for the picnic area ;o)

In the picnic area there was a carving of a squirrel....

and here it is from the side where you can see him in his rodent greatness ;o)

we followed the trail

Evie was getting tired by the end of the trail and wanted to get in the buggy

Friday 21 March 2014

going on a gruffalo picnic

Me & the other Mums are going on a picnic today at the Gruffalo Woods in Thorndon Country Park ;o)

As I was intending to take Evie to her swimming lessons yesterday I got James to get me & Evie some lunch for me to take with us ;o)  The things he got for Evie is stuff that she had gone off when she last had it a few weeks ago - but whenever I say stuff like that to him he accuses me of being negative!

I have also heated up some sweetcorn fritters to take as I know that Evie will eat those ;o)  And I shall take some monster munch and some blueberries also ;o)

I also bought Evie a pair of wellies on Wednesday for the purpose of today and for when we go to the 3 foot people festival they are a size 5 and her feet are 4 1/2 at the moment so they will still be the right size ;o)

Thursday 20 March 2014

another missed lesson

It looks like we are going to miss another swimming lesson as Evie still has a bit of a runny nose :o(

I asked James what he thought in case I am being over cautious and he agreed...

twinkle twinkle big wolf

Evie loves it (for some reason) when I sing to her ;o)

...yesterday when we were having breakfast Evie (who also loves feeding her toys) wanted the big wolf that my Mum got her from Holland to sing twinkle twinkle little star ;o)

So I made my voice gruff and sang it to her and she loved it so much that she had me singing it through her dinner too and then she wanted big wolf to sing baa baa black sheep :o)

I havent videod motion pictured that yet! ;o)

Tuesday 18 March 2014

I didnt look too much like riff raff

I had the appointment yesterday afternoon...

...when James got home from work I made sure I changed out of my t-shirt and jogging bottoms into something a bit more smart (after all I was going to a private hospital).

So I got there 15 minutes early and found the waiting room and no sooner had I sat down then I was shown into the consultants office.

I told him about the hernia and he asked why I left it so long so explained about the c-section and the pooled blood and Emma and how it just went on the back burner so to speak.

He then asked where the hernia was so I showed him and he got me to lie on the couch so that he could have a look at it...

...he prodded it (like the doctor at the surgery did) and then he started trying to push it back in!

He said that at the moment it is just fatty tissue coming through the hole but over years it will get bigger and then bowel could come through and thats when the problems start so its better to get it sorted out before that happens.

I was then asked what I wanted to do about it and I said to get it sorted out.

He then asked me if this was being done through private medical cover and I said no its through the NHS he said oh yes it says it here, and then he said that the hospital will write to me giving me the date of the operation and the latest date that it will be will be 1st July.

While I was there I picked up a leaflet hat had the costs of various operations and for a hernia it said that its from £1935 Im not sure how much I expected it to cost...

It all seems a bit more real now!

Monday 17 March 2014

hernia appointment day

This afternoon I have my appointment to see the consultant about my hernia.

We went down there yesterday so that I could see where it was and it was further away than I thought, so I shall get a lift down there and will probably walk home (depending on what time I am finished).

As anyone who knows me will know that I have a terrible sense of direction and my smartphone has navigation on it so it can tell me how to get home (if I need it to ;o)).

Sunday 16 March 2014

too or instead

James had decided that he wants to come to Evies swimming lessons too especially when he realised how much fun she is having.

I had heard about these lessons from a friend that run at the weekend meaning that James can come too ;o)

On Friday I booked up our lessons and yesterday I got an e-mail with the dos and donts...

one of the things that they recommend it that you use a reusable swimming nappy (that supposedly stops any leaks) I asked my friend what she uses and she said that she uses normal swimming nappies (so we will stick with what we have too).

Because of the pool size it looks like we can only both go in with Evie on a rota (there are 10 kids in the class and only 2 kids each week can have both parents in with them) so we shall take turns on going in with her, although it will more than likely be mainly me!

Friday 14 March 2014

mega nap

As the morning wore on I kept on checking Evies nose and it was still runny so I decided to give her swimming lesson a miss.

Evie ate her lunch and after some messing about on her part she ended up going down for her nap at 12.45.

If we had gone swimming then I would have had to get Evie up again at 1.30 (meaning that she would have only had 45 minutes) but I let her carry on sleeping and she slept through until 3.15 ;o)

I thought first of all that she had had an hour and a half nap but realised (when I got my brain working) that she had a two and a half hour one ;o)

Thursday 13 March 2014

I will have to see how she is

As Evie is still sniffly and has a runny nose (well she did yesterday), I will have to see how she is today as to whether we go to her swimming lesson or not.

Evie has just got up and her nose was crusty so I will keep an eye on her.

We will stay in this morning assuming that we are going to go and I will see how she is after her afternoon nap that she has after her lunch.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Looking like a nutter from behind

I have always known that I look like a nutter ;o)

I have always attracted fellow weirdos who want to talk to me!

This morning me & evie were going to town and a bloke in an argos delivery lorry shouted out the window to me that it was a nice day.

I was wearing jogging bottoms and a hooded fleece so I dont think that I was dressed innapropriately or anything.

a better nights sleep

As Evie had such a terrible nights sleep (as well as me as I woke up each time she coughed) on Monday night, I decided against the piriton but rubbed some vapour rub into the soles of her feet!

And it worked we have both had a good nights sleep... much so that I fell back asleep after James had left for work and instead of my cup of tea being at a drinkable temperature it was luke warm!

We ended up staying in yesterday and I will see how she is this morning ;o)

Tuesday 11 March 2014

fourth station meltdown

Yesterday morning me & Evie went to Tumble Tots...

...because of the nice weather I had taken off the top section of her snuggler but Evie had managed to grab hold of the bottom of it and was pulling it up towards her face whilst holding her muslin cloth to her face.

We got there and Evie happily did the first three stations...

there was foam frisbees (but Evie kept on trying to run off to the next station)
walking along a high plank and then crawling through the rungs of a ladder
pulling herself up a slide with a rope! and some other bits that I cant remember

...then we came to the fourth station...

she had to pull herself on her tummy under a pole then had to crawl over a "hill" had to do a roly poly then go down the other side of the hill then go through a tunnel (which she absolutely loves)...

...she did it the first time around allbeit I had to push her under the pole and up the hill and she wouldnt do the roly poly so she went down the hill on her tummy...

the second time around she started really crying so I ended up sitting at the side with Evie on my lap until the end song (she only missed about five minutes so it wasnt too bad).

The lady running the fourth station is a nice Welsh lady and after she asked me if Evie was ok and I said that she was a bit tired and she had been ill at the end of last week so it could have been the aftermath of that too.

We did the end song and it was a long version of Im a little teapot and Evie was happily doing the actions then she got her sticker and I got her in the buggy and laid her back so that she could go to sleep...

...she fell asleep straight away ;o)|

When she was eating her dinner last night I noticed that she had a runny nose and she has been coughing in the night :o(

So tonight we shall give her some of the piriton that the doctor gave us for her last year.

Sunday 9 March 2014

not just window shopping

Because we had finished having our coffee this morning in good time James wanted to have a look in Poundland (he knows that I hate going in there), and said that I should have a look in the window of Monsoon (encouraging me to look in the window of a high end shop selling great kids clothes is never a good idea ;o)).

Anyway I was having a look and saw this great t-shirt and as Evie loves eating sausage & mash for her dinner I just had to buy it for her ;o).

As the weather is starting to turn nice (well it has been nice yesterday and today anyway) it may be time to wash her 2-3 year stuff and to bag up the 18-24 month stuff ;o)

Friday 7 March 2014

hugless parade

Yesterday was World Book Day, I only knew because I googled last week to see when it was - and typically it was on a Thursday meaning that I wouldnt be going into town because of Evies swimming lessons!

So I looked at the books to see if there was anything that we (or rather James) could get for Evie...

...there were two for two year olds Hello Hugless Douglas and Little Book Day Parade and James managed to get them for us ;o)

Poor Evie wasnt well yesterday...

...she was whiney yesterday afternoon and only ate half of her lunch and made me spoon feed her her milkybar dessert (she normally eats it with gusto) and just lets me get out the bit at the bottom for her.

So she had her swimming lesson (done by a different lady) and after I gave her her snack to eat and she fell asleep about 10 minutes after slept for about 10 minutes and then threw the whole lot up!

She only ate a couple of spoonfuls of broccoli cheese but did eat a peperami and wouldnt touch her monster munch.

I didnt push her with the eating as I didnt want her to be sick again.

James gave her some satsuma which she threw up and then she decided that she wanted to lie down so James laid down with her on our bed.

So a bit later I came up to do her final nappy change and to read her a story and gave her some calpol and she promptly threw up the rest of what was in her stomach (I even spotted the bits of peperami and satsuma in there) we cleaned her up as best we could but I will give her a bath this morning when she wakes up.

She has slept ok apart from a few noises and will see how she gets on with her breakfast this morning.

Thursday 6 March 2014

more monster munch

On Tuesday Evie had her last bag of monster munch... on Wednesdays we do a mid week "top up" I got some more roast beef ones and also got some pickled onion ones too.

So while we were waiting for Evies dinner to cool down I got out a packet of pickled onion ones for her to try.

James was with her and said that she pulled a face and didnt like them (so he got her out a pack of roast beef ones instead).

So I sat with her finishing off the picked onion ones and Evie put her hand out for one (as if Mummy is eating them then they MUST be nice) so I gave her one and she took a bite and then finished off the one she was eating and then went on to eat more of the roast beef ones.

As Evie likes spicy flavours I can see her liking the picked onion ones as well ;o)...

....well eventually anyway ;o)

Wednesday 5 March 2014

still not a fan

So yesterday I did Evie a pancake...

..probably about half the size of a normal one (as she only has a small tummy ;o)), and I left it to cool down for her.

So after her dinner I chopped the pancake up for her into little pieces and drizzled some maple syrup on (just a few drops).

So I bring the delicious pancake into her and she wouldnt even try any... I fed some to monkey and she fed some to monkey but she still didnt want to try any, so I even tried feeding it to Evie while she fed some to monkey but she still wouldnt try any.

She did try some in the end but pulled it straight out of her mouth again!

So I ended up eating it ;o)

James then had the cheek to say that he wouldnt have eaten it either, so I suggested that he make her one then (if I didnt make it properly) he then said that he wouldnt eat it cold and that she might eat one while it is still warm.

So after dinner I made myself a couple of pancakes (James didnt want any) and cut off a piece for Evie and she still wouldnt try any!

Tuesday 4 March 2014

I almost forgot...

I almost forgot it was pancake day today...

...I was downloading a podcast for Evie, and I saw the mention of the word pancake (I love how my brain can pick up that word when I wasnt even "looking" for it ;o)).

I have some ready made pancake batter in the fridge, so will make us some tonight ;o)

Hopefully Evie will enjoy it more this year ;o)  Again Im going to make it when James gets home from work so that it will be cool enough for her to eat after her dinner ;o)

Happy pancake day everyone ;o)

Sunday 2 March 2014

choose and book

Yesterday at 3.45 pm we got our post!

And in it was a letter for me from the NHS so I opened it wondering if it would be my appointment... was a letter saying that I would have to book my appointment myself through Choose & Book, it said in the letter that the booking system was only open until 4 pm at the weekends (so I left booking it until today).

Surprisingly enough the list of hospitals included a private one and as it is only down the road from me (and near enough that I can walk to it) I have booked it ;o) and it is free because its through the NHS ;o)

Its in a couple of weeks time and when James will be home from work so he can look after Evie ;o)  LOL he will also have the fun job of feeding Evie too ;o)