Sunday 31 August 2008

So, I can Have my Chips and Eat Them...

The turkey bolognese went really well again...

I was going to tell you what I did, but its exactly the same as before and didn't want to bore you too much (or should that be no more than usual ;o)).

Somebody else has voted on my poll, so thank you ;o), that's two people now...

On last weeks episode The Hairy Bakers were making cakes for the Henley Royal Regatta. At the end of the episode I had cravings (not those sort of cravings!) for Victoria Sandwich and Bakewell Tart. So while shopping this morning I bought some Bakewell Slices and Victoria Slices (and they were a bargain too at two for £2.00 ;o)).

Yesterday we were in Sainsbury's having a cup of tea in their cafe and decided to have a look around the store at the bits we don't look around whilst doing our "weekly shop" (after we had our drinks, not during ;o)).

Anyhow, we were looking around the Electricals and saw a Prima Power Juicer reduced down to £10.00. James has continually suggested buying a juicer when we have seen them reduced down to prices going as low as £15.00 and I have always said "no thanks" as they have never quite been cheap enough, but seeing one for a tenner finally hit my threshold ;o).

I have a carton of fruit juice in the fridge that I shall start after finishing this post and next week I shall buy a selection of fruit and see what concoctions I can create ;o). The question is Can you give yourself food poisoning with fruit juice?

Today I weighed myself and hadn't expected to lose one iota of weight considering I had chips last week and half of the Strawberry Clotted Cream Cheesecake and last night I even had some Apple Strudel from the Farmers Market (not the official one) in Chelmsford on Saturdays. Sorry I've gone way off... back to the 200 grammes (now I've given the punchline away ;o)), yes I lost the 200 grammes I put on last week - I was well chuffed and even did a little "I've lost 200 grammes dance" after I got off the scales.

I'm not quite sure what the guys watching the CCTV cameras would have thought, especially as I was on my own (James had gone off to have a look around the Pound Shop).

I'm not cooking anything special this week but did buy some more Saltmarsh Lamb steaks (I had some last week and they were really nice), I couldn't decide between those or the Pork Loin steaks and decided to buy both ;o).

Sees you next week.

Monday 25 August 2008

Yummy Curry

The Thai Green curry was really nice...

...first of all I browned the chicken then added the thai green curry sauce and added chopped up leeks, spring onions, mushrooms and a can of chickpeas.

I then served it with pasta and potatoes. I had it over two days (so as not to be too bad ;o)).

I hear you ask "so, what did it do to your weight?" Well, I put on 200 grammes.

I'm not too surprised as I've had a few naughty bits this week...

On Monday I met my friends for lunch and had a baked potato (not too bad) topped with sausage casserole. And as if that wasnt bad enough that evening I had a
krispy kreme glazed chocolate cake donut.

On Saturday, I had no fewer than four drinks in
Starbucks, split into two nonfat lattes and two frappaccino lights.

And as if that little lot wasnt bad enough...

I then had a quarter of a strawberry clotted cream cheesecake! The old me would have had the whole lot in one go but the better me has split it into four and had a quarter each night ;o) I even got James to have a quarter of it last night ;o).

Last Monday saw the return of the
Hairy Bikers with their new series The Hairy Bakers. Throughout the show Dave Myers was getting Si King to do the kneading for the bread. Dave then says to "get a passing blundering buffoon to knead the bread for you..."

...Poor James with a look on his face not dissimilar to
Lord Percy Percy from Blackadder II when Edmund tells Lord Melchett that only idiots get kidnapped ;o).

Today me and James went to
Southend. Its amazing how whats endearing about a place when your younger just seems full of chavs when your grown up!

We got to Southend at about 8 am hoping to have a drink and some breakfast in our beloved Starbucks (but they were both shut!). We ended up going into
McDonalds to have a coffee before the shops opened. Most of the shops didnt open until 10 am so we had two hours to kill. We ended up having a coffee and a pastry in Costa Coffee (I do hope our mates in Starbucks dont find out).

My main purpose for wanting to go to Southend was to eat a portion of chips on the Seafront. Yes I know "little things please little minds" ;o) and to that end Southend was not a disappointment to me.

When I was a lot younger me my Mum and my Brother would always eat a portion of chips on the seafront everytime we went to the coast.

With today having typical Bank Holiday weather (and me finally being a fully fledged grown up - it had to happen eventually) I now know that we would have a portion of chips to keep the cold out ;o).

I guess your wondering so whats she going to have this week?

Well, I shall stop your anticipation...

...its back to
bolognese, this is what I've bought...

  • turkey mince
  • one jar of onion and garlic sauce
  • two peppers one green one red
  • one onion
  • one pack of mushrooms
  • one can of chickpeas
Anyhow, I shall let you know how I get on next week (as ever).
ps a big thank you to the person who has completed my poll

Sunday 17 August 2008

Bolognese... Chili... Whatever!

The chili that was made with what turned out to be a Bolognese sauce turned out really well.

First of all I browned the turkey mince, then I added the sauce and the chunkily chopped up peppers and the kidney beans. I left it simmering whilst the potatoes and pasta were cooking - just a handful(ish) of each.

After feeling incredibly greedy the previous week by eating two thirds of what I had cooked, I had the bright idea of eating the chili over two nights. This was a much better serving size.

I know your thinking "so how did this effect your weight?". You'll be pleased to know that I lost the 200 grammes I put on last week and lost an extra 100 grammes. I'm still at the same weight in stones and pounds though.

Anyway this week I'm going to try and do a thai green chicken curry...

this is what I have bought...
  • a jar af thai green curry sauce
  • two organic skinless boneless chicken thighs
  • leeks
  • one tin of chickpeas
  • mushrooms
I shall again cook it with pasta and potatoes, and will let you know how I have got on next week.
I can tell you're riveted ;o)
This weekend Chelmsford has been host to the V festival, I thought my journey home Friday night would be a nightmare, but luckily it wasnt too bad. NXEA in its wisdom won't allow people with cheap day train tickets to travel on trains leaving London between 16:45 and 18:00, hey presto most of the weirdos will ether travel early or late ;o). So glad this has finally worked in my favour.
At Chelmsford station there were about seven coppers and two police dogs. I guess the dogs were sniffing out people with drugs. There were only a couple of ticket touts outside the station too.
Going into Chelmsford High Street early yesterday morning we didn't see any of the revellers, and I had to go into town again yesterday afternoon and the High Street didn't seem any busier then either.
However, this morning Starbucks was overrun by the more affluent festival goers. We still got a seat though ;o)

Sunday 10 August 2008

Meatballs of Mass Destruction

First things first...

The meatballs turned out well...

They were the size of a tennis ball (no exaggeration there I'm afraid), as I really can't do "dainty", mind you I've never tried - and I ain't likely to ;o).

I ended up using all 500 grammes of the mince (as when I tried with half the pack there was more bread crumbs than meat), I also added the remainder of the Italian style herbs (oregano and rosemary) adding them whole (including some rosemary stalks as I couldn't remove the leaves properly ;o)), an egg, the breadcrumbs I used was a quarter of a french stick.

I cooked the meatballs in the oven for 20 minutes then added them to the sauce that I made...

The sauce was one can of chopped tomatoes, three chopped mushrooms and a chunkily chopped red pepper.

I ended up rinsing the can out (into the sauce) with too much water - meaning the sauce was really watery (and I couldnt get it to reduce down).

I then finished the meatballs cooking in the sauce for 10 minutes, and then added them to pasta and potatoes.

All in all they were very nice and more importantly, I didn't give myself food poisoning ;o).

This week I'm going to attempt a turkey chilli...

I've bought...
  • a pack of turkey mince
  • a red and green pepper (two peppers not one)
  • a jar or tomato and chilli sauce
  • oh, and some kidney beans
I shall let you know how I get on next week.

I weighed myself again today (I only ended up putting on 200 grammes) but its probably water retention.

They say one person can express the view of 100 people...

I was walking to Chelmsford train station on Thursday when a lady come upto me and said that I looked really good with all the weight that I had lost and that it made me look years younger.

I must say I was well chuffed all day ;o)

Sunday 3 August 2008

Mmmmm Meatballs...

I know you are extremely interested and are dying to find out if I lost the two pounds that I put on when I weighed myself last week... I shall put you out of your misery and let you know that I lost four pounds (putting my total weight loss one pound shy of five stone ;o)).

When I ride the exercise bike I tend to watch either weight loss shows or cooking shows (yes I know they're either end of the scales ;o)), anyhow I was watching Tyler's Ultimate and have got inspired... make meatballs!

I've just looked at that website and wonder if any channel will show some of the other shows? Lets hope so...

So when we went shopping in Sainsbury's I bought the stuff that I will need...

500 grammes of turkey mince (I will freeze half of it to use for a low calorie chili con carne that I shall attempt next week), one red pepper, a few mushrooms and two cans of chopped tomatoes.

I shall let you know how I got on next week - hopefully I won't be typing the post from the A&E at Broomfield Hospital ;o)

Oh, and an egg to bind the meatballs together.

Well this is the end of my second post and hope it hasn't been too much like number two ;o)

Just remembered I'm also going to use some bread too.