Friday 30 June 2017

interview #9 a good but no cigar

The e-mail I received from the school said to get there for 9.45 and my interview would be at 10.45... it wasnt worth returning home I went there straight from dropping Evie off at school.

The receptionist kept on telling me that I was there so early (I did tell her that the e-mail said to get there for 9.45 but still).

Just after 9.45 T showed me around the school telling me all the things about the job and that most term day night I would be expected to work until 10.30 pm (just to let me know).

I watched 3 men go in for their interviews before me, and then it was my turn.

They asked me questions (no curve ball ones luckily) and I think I answered them well, I was then told that they would either let me know yesterday or today but I would be told either way so thats good.

They also asked if I would be able to work at weekends and school holidays (in teh evening in the school holidays) and I said yes I would.

Anyway yesterday just as I was leaving to pick Evie up I got a phone call saying that I hadnt got the job but it was a really good interview (so that was good) and they deliberated for 2 hours as to who to go for...

...but they went for someone else - but they would keep my details and let me know if any other jobs came up at the school :)

He also said that 7 people applied and I think they interviewed all applicants so thats nice :)

I dont mind as at least it means that I wont be missing Evies bedtime so thats good :)

Thursday 29 June 2017

interview #8 the clue was there

After dropping Evie off at school I went straight into town for my interview,,,

..I got there bang on time, then 15 minutes later the ladies supervisor came down to say that the person doing the test wasnt in yet as there were cows on the line :)

And that I should get myself a coffee while I was waiting.

Meanwhile another lady turned up (the person after me) and while we were walking up the stairs she asked the other lady where she came in from and she said "x" and she said "so you are near to the music school them" my ears pricked up as the reason I applied for the job was because I thought it as in Chelmsford, so I asked her if the job was in "x" and she said "yes" so I said oh ok it did say Chelmsford as the location, and she said yes this is their head office.

The lady eventually turned up and I did my test first (it was looking at a spreadsheet and answering questions and then on another tab working out the hours that each teacher was working) I didnt manage to finish it but I did pass their end test by knowing how to save the spreadsheet :)

I had my interview and they asked me 8 questions... of them was how I would promote the music school?

so I reeled off a load of suggestions - one of them being having a mini concert in town, to so prospective clients how well the students play :).

I will find out next week :) I am not sure if I will get it as I am quite a way away from the music school :).

I might as well see what happens.:)

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Growth spurt plus

A few weeks ago when doing the washing I forgot to take evies swimming costume out before putting it in the tumble dryer...

..i couldn't immediately tell if it had shrunk and it is age 6 anyway so should be ok for the time being.

Yesterday at luck up time one of the mum's who help with swimming (they still haven't told me when they need me to help btw) asked if evie has another swimming costume as her one is a bit tight!

I laughed with her about putting it in the tumble dryer :)

So after my interview today I will have a look for a suitable swimsuit in Primark otherwise I will checkout the supermarkets later in the week.

I will get an age 7 and will keep it out of the tumble dryer :)

Tuesday 27 June 2017

interview #9

A few weeks ago on parentmail we get sent a vacancy at the local comprehensive school... was for a key holder - in term time 5pm to 8pm.

As well as making sure the school is secured at the day the job is also to prepare the school for events (the next day) and clearing up afterwards.

And surprisingly enough I have been shortlisted and have an interview on Thursday :)

I had to e-mail back to confirm tht I would attend the interview and my sill smartphone inserted Mr instead of Ms (I didnt spot it until it was too late but I e-mailed back apologising for my phone :)).

Hopefully I havent put her back up before I have even got to the interview :)

Sunday 25 June 2017

better than I was expecting

As I was half a stone away from my target weight I have lessened my dieting (still trying to keep to under 2000 calories per day), and am now only weighing myself at the end of the month.

So after having some breakfast in town (whilst James was taking Evie was taking James around Flying Tiger) I went and weighed myself.

I visualised a weight loss that I would be with (1 lb) and weighed myself and was really happy to have lost 3 lbs.

So that is 3 stone 10 lbs or 52 lbs in total :)

Friday 23 June 2017

non uniform day for tombola present

On Sunday Evies school has its inflatable day, and as a way of getting presents for the tombola stall, they say that you can dress in non uniform in return for a wrapped donation for the stall :)

Evie chose to wear her flamingo dress
As she has PE today we had to chose something that was easy for her to get off and on again :)

Thursday 22 June 2017

interview #8

Yesterday I went into town (after dropping Evie off at school), I was sitting there colouring in my book drinking an iced latte and I heard my phone ringing (it was on my lap).

It was a lady telling me that I had been shortlisted for a job that I had applied for :)

It is for an admin clerk for a music school.

It is Saturday mornings 8.30 am to 1.30 pm in term time.

I have to do an excel test before my interview... I am going to do a search online for excel tests and do some "playing about" on excel, as I havent used it properly (apart from my food diary and Evies birthday party) for over 5 years.

My interview isnt until Wednesday

Wednesday 21 June 2017

sports day

There is only really one picture that I can upload onto my blog (as flickrs editing software is being updated), and the school has said that you cant share any photo including other children (which is fair enough).

Evie eaiting for the activities to start

The sports day went really well... was set out around the running track.

Evie tried her best at all of the activities...

...her favourite activity was loop the hoop and her least favourite was target buckets.

and when they tallied up all of the points her house won :)

and all of the kids got ice lollies too :)

Tuesday 20 June 2017

an energetic day

Today not only has Evie got Gym trail and her swimming lesson but its also sports day day :)

Her green t-shirt is in her bag and a named bottle of sun cream (that her teacher said that they will apply after lunch) :)

here is the activity list

Evie is starting where it is highlighted in green :)
I was hoping the water hole was something like a paddling pool, but its somewhere for the kids to have a drink of water :)

It is much more interesting than when I was at school...

...I was down for the flat race but I wasnt allowed to do it because I had a heart problem (I got a prize for it anyway :)).

Sunday 18 June 2017

Charlotte Pinky-Pie has grown

Evies sunflower Charlotte Pinky-Pie is now a sunflower :)

in full bloom

Thursday 15 June 2017

totally awesome skinny legs

Yesterday while I was waiting in the Early Years Playground for Evie to go in to her class Z's Mum said to me "look at you with your skinny legs" I was wearing shorts... made me feel really happy :)

I went in to town to get Evies sports day t-shirt and managed to get her this set so she is all sorted :)

And because I got them for her in age 6 she can hopefully wear the same t-shirt again next year :)

And then at pick up time another Mum said to me about my skinny legs too :)

Wednesday 14 June 2017

unlucky 6 and house colour t-shirt

I finally got an e-mail about the interview I went to in May, I already knew after this time that I hadnt got the job, but it was still a bit of a bummer to see that I hadnt got it...

...oh well...

On Tuesday next week Evie has her very first sports day (James has booked the afternoon off too), I saw an e-mail (form one of the other Mums)saying that in previous years the kids have needed a t-shirt in their house colour... I have the perfect excuse to go into town today to get Evie a green t-shirt :)

and an iced skinny latte :)

and perhaps a strawberry cream muffin (as I got an email about it) musnt musnt musnt

and I also have a free six inch sub (from Subway) they have given me 500 points on their app (Im giessing because I havent been in there for a few weeks and they are trying to lure me back) and I have until Friday to use it :)

Tuesday 13 June 2017

mummy & Evie 5k

I have just signed me & Evie up to do a Farleigh Hospice Bubble Rush :)

Im hoping that she wont get too tired walking 5k (but Im sure that I will end up giving her a piggy back ride at some point :)).

I am really excited about it :)

Monday 12 June 2017

helicopter train copper

Last Thursday on our way to school I saw an air ambulance....

a stopped train

and a police car with flashing lights

Im glad that I wasnt held up in the delays...

Sunday 11 June 2017

is size 14 a large?

For the past couple of days I have been looking for a cheap mac (the coat not the computer :)).

I looked in a couple of supermarkets yesterday and couldnt find anything.

So today I looked in Primark...

I found a parka that was £9. looked at the hangers to find a size 14 and saw that they had size 14-16 and a L on it for large!

I personally would have said it was a medium size...

Still I bought it and at least I didnt have to buy an XL or even bigger than that :)

Thursday 8 June 2017

non interview and dream job

Yesterday I went to my non-interview to register with a recruitment agency, she just asked me to complete a form saying that I was happy for them to look for a job for me.

We also discussed my salary expectations and what sort of work I was looking for...

...basically Im not too fussy as long as it is local :)

While on my way home (I happened to walk past my favourite chocolate shop), and saw a sign in the window that they were after a sales advisor, so I went in and gave them my CV :) I even mentioned that I was a member of their chocolate tasting club...

...and if by some miracle I get an interview then I will mention the dream that I had 6 years ago :)

That is bound to sway them :)

Wednesday 7 June 2017

interview ready for my non interview

I am all dressed in my interview clothes (I have had to put a belt into my trousers now as I have lost enough weight to make them fall down if I jiggle about enough :o))

I have got my passport, P45 (for my NI number) and DBS check with me :)

Tuesday 6 June 2017

bags by the door ready

Its Evies first day back at school today after the half term holiday...

...her swimming bag and book bag are by the front door ready :)

As she has Gym Trail today I will try to make sure that I take her PE bag tonight (she has PE tomorrow) when I pick her up (as otherwise she will have too much stuff to take back to her classroom as she will be carrying her swimming bag too).

Monday 5 June 2017

she said it was pleasant meeting me

I was checking my e-mails and saw that I got one about the interview I had on Tuesday last week, she said I was unsuccessful and it was pleasant meeting with me., perhaps I will mention it in my next interview :)

I am not too bothered about not getting the job as I think that with upto 4 people working in a small room we would have got to know each other quite well :)

Im guessing that I didnt have enough accounts experience (I worked in the accounts building of a large corporation as a YTS when I was 16),

good job I read what to expect

A week and a bit ago I applied for a job through a job agency...

...the recruitment lady rang me up and at the end of the conversation she said that they would like me to go to their office to register with them.

She sent me an e-mail confirming this and attached was a link to read that would explain what would happen.

I have to take my passport and NI number and my reference details, it also said to dress as if I was going to an interview!

And I may be expected to take some tests as well (but Im not too sure about that one).

It does make sense :)

Sunday 4 June 2017

three DVDs

The other day I downloaded Trolls album, and on Friday I played the music for us on my smartphone before we got up :)

Evie told me that she wanted to watch the film, so I asked her if she wanted me to buy it and she said no..

She also said last week (on Monday) that she wanted to see Sing so I said that we could go and see it at the cinema as it was being shown as a kids club movie (she told me that her baby dolly wanted to see it) then on Tuesday morning she decided that dolly didnt want to see it after all!

Then she told me that she wanted to see Ballerina... today we went into HMV and bought the DVDs we havent watched any of them yet, perhaps we can watch one tomorrow (as her school has a teacher training day).

Thursday 1 June 2017

lunches and school trip

Last week when Evie was back to school after having chicken pox, there was a letter in her bag about her very first school trip :)

It said in the letter that .the trip can be paid for on scopay its the same system that is used to book her (at the moment) free school lunches.

So I asked Evie if she liked all of her school lunches and she said yes, I then told her what lunch the school will provide for her school trip and she said that she would like me to do her a packed lunch :)

The letter also asked if I would like to volunteer to be a parent helper, so I said "yes" :)

All of her lunches have now been booked and her school trip has been paid for :)