Tuesday 29 September 2015

parent tour #1 booked

Before our holiday I was looking at the 3 schools near us to see if they had any dates for parent tours, none of them had any details.

Then on Sunday I had another look and one of the schools had dates on their website and ironically one of them was for the Friday that had just gone!

I also saw that one was for this Friday so James has booked the time off work and I have booked us an appointment ;o).

Evie will be at pre school so that is handy as one of my friends was saying that you cannot take kiddies with you when you do the tour.

Sunday 27 September 2015

2 weeks

So on the Monday we went on Holiday to Menorca...

..we had a lovely time, although Evie was not impressed by having to get up early and told the flight attendants and the people on our transfer to the resort "Mummy woke me up" ;o)

at the airport

We spent most of our time either playing on the beach or in the adventure playground.

sitting on the beach
snuggling with me

We did one trip to the zoo in Menorca ;o)

at the zoo with James and the parrot

On Friday I went out with my Mum friends for dinner & cocktails ;o)

the burger was lovely

deconstructed cheesecake
espresso cocktail to finish

Sunday 13 September 2015

she didnt fall in the sink

I know I know the old ones are the worst ;o)

Today Evie went to a taster tap dancing class ;o)

Because it was a taster class I was allowed to sit and watch...

...Evie had a huge smile on her face the whole time and wants to go again ;o)

She was even doing her tap dancing when we went into town ;o)

The pc is having a rest for the next week or so...

...it is going to a spa ;o)  It was looking at having a mud wrap!

Thursday 10 September 2015

First full day

Yesterday I got Evies lunch bag ready while I was doing her breakfast ;o)

I made sure that we had left in plenty of time to get there in time.

We got there and I carried her backpack (with her spare clothes in and toy monkey) and Evie wanted to carry her lunch bag ;o)

So we walked up to the office and she told everyone that she had bought her lunch ;o)

I told her to put her lunch bag onto the trolley (that they wheel in when needed) but she said "no, Mummy" one of the ladies then got her to put her lunch bag on the trolley so that was good.

For the last few days I have been telling Evie that she would be playing in the playground twice before I came to pick her up.

In the afternoon I went to pick Evie up (I had already asked that morning what time I should be there), and by the time I got there there were only a few kids left.

As soon as Evie saw me she ran upto me and gave me a cuddle.

I was told that Evie did well with her lunch but struggled to eat all of her sandwich, I normally give her just half a sandwich at home but did her a whole one in case she was extra hungry with all of the playing.

I checked her drawer and picked up her bag and her fleece and as we walked back Evie picked up her lunch bag and wanted to carry it back to the buggy.

She even insisted on still holding it while she was in the buggy too ;o)

I asked her on our way home if she wanted to have her lunch there again and she said "yes" so that was good ;o).

When we got home she didnt want me to sort out her lunch bag but I did it while she was in the lounge, she ate most of her grapes, most of her radish, all of her courgette and chocolate custard and only some of her sandwich and didnt touch the fruit yoyos.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Lunch bag all ready

Evies lunch bag is all ready ;o)

She has a jam sandwich (cut up into fingers) radish, courgette and a small bunch of grapes all in her sandwich box.

She also has a packet of fruit yoyos and a chocolate custard (and a spoon).

All I have to do now is wait for her to finish her coco pops ;o)

Tuesday 8 September 2015

school visits

Yesterday at Tumble Tots one of the Mums was saying that schools hold open mornings/evenings for prospective parents.

So when we got home I switched the pc back on and did a search for the schools in our area to see if any were saying yet when their days would be (so I can book our places and to see if James can get the time off to come too).

The first two schools I searched didnt have any mention and then the third one said they had a date on 6th October (brilliant, I was just about to e-mail James when I saw a crucial red banner at the bottom saying "proudly produced by Portsmouth City Council!) ;o)

I then refined the search for the school and included Chelmsford and alas that one didnt have any information either...

It reminds me of an ex boss I had (who is very posh think Tim nice but Dim) he rang up a school wanting to put his sons name down and was promptly told that you dont need to put your kids name down for comprehensive schools!  I dont know if he eventually got hold of the right school or not ;o)

Still I shall ask at the school tomorrow about when theirs is when I drop Evie off at pre school - she is getting very excited about having her lunch there tomorrow (she has told me that she is going to feed her toy monkey ;o)).

Monday 7 September 2015

back to getting a wriggle on

As the kids are all back at school this week Tumble Tots is back on as well as pre school ;o)

No more leisurely breakfasts and letting Evie mess about before getting dressed...

I have labelled up her lunchbag, lunchbox and water bottle for pre school too ;o)

I just have to get her backpack ready now with leggings and t-shirts for Wednesday (as I took them all out at the beginning of the school holidays).

Sunday 6 September 2015

too boiled eggy

On Friday Evie was playing by putting a stress ball into a plastic jelly pot and was pretending that it was a boiled egg ;o)

So I asked her "would you like a boiled egg fro your lunch" and she said "yes please", so after I had got us dressed and cleared up from breakfast we went to Asda to buy some eggs ;o)

So we got home with our bags of shopping (yes I did end up buying more than just eggs) I put the kettle onto boil and filled up a bowl with cold water (to cool the egg down quicker).

As I had bought large eggs I boiled one for 5 minutes and put in in the bowl o cold water while the bread toasted.

Then I put some butter on the toast and cut it into thin soldiers and put her egg into an egg cup and brought it into her...

...I showed her how to smash the top of the egg with the spoon and took off the broken shell bits and then removed the top of the egg white and she ate it (she didnt spit it which was our first hurdle ;o)).

Then I showed her how to dip the soldiers and she enjoyed doing that and even eating them with the yolk on (which was our second hurdle).

dipping her soldier

Then she decided that she just wanted to eat the toast so I started spoon feeding the egg to her - she had 2 spoonfuls (one egg white and one egg white and runny yolk) and she told me that she didnt like the boiled egg, so I asked her what she didnt like about it and she said that it was too boiled eggy ;o)

the egg was too boiled eggy
You really cant argue with logic like that I suppose ;o)

Thursday 3 September 2015

lost and found bunny

Yesterday we were going into town and Evie said that she wanted to take her "Guess How Much I Love you bunny" ;o)

So I told her (in true Mummy style - my Mum said it to me & my brother) that she couldnt taker her with us in case she lost her, but she still insisted on taking it...

...so Evie took her with us and wouldnt let me put it in the bag either...

...about halfway into town I noticed that Evie had fallen asleep and when I went to retrieve the bunny it had gone!

And as we were meeting James Mum & Dad I didnt have time to walk back to find it :o(

When she woke up I told her that we had lost bunny but we would look for her on the way back and she was fine with it (I knew that we could buy another one for her in Sainsburys too if need be).

On our way back I popped into The Entertainer to see if they sold them but they didnt.

So on our way home I told Evie that we would have to look out for her bunny...

..I checked all of the walls (and even behind the wall if I could) and the road signs to see if it had been placed on them but it hadnt...

...and then in the road right by the kerb I saw her bunny ;o)

So I picked it up and told Evie that I had found her - and Evie asked to cuddle her and I told her that I would have to give it a wash first as she had been in the road.

So when we got home I filled the sink with soapy water (washing up liquid) and started wiping it with a sponge and Evie insisted on helping to wash it and it got soaked ;o)

The bunny dried overnight and this morning when Evie woke up it was dry ;o)

Evie cuddling her bunny