Thursday 31 May 2018

homework sent

Every morning after breakfast Evie has done a bit of her homework...

...she has typed it all out and I just inserted the photos :)

And this morning Evie e-mailed it to her teacher :)

I learnt some interesting facts from Evies homework...

...The Chinese Water Deer is the only male deer that doesnt grow antlers, hedgehogs have more than 5000 spines, and most crucially lions do not live in the jungle! :)

Tuesday 29 May 2018

no rushing

Yay its half term this week so no having to rush to school for the week :).

We have a lunch tomorrow with James Mum & Dad and we are going to get Evies feet measured one day too.

I have already bought Evies teachers presents for the end of the school year, and I will get Evie to decorate them and some gift bags too :)

We just need to buy the cards now.

And we still have to finish Evies homework :) We have done the deer already :)

Sunday 27 May 2018

carny omny herby

On Friday when I collected Evie from school I looked in her book bag and saw that there was half term homework...

...she has to pick a herbivore, carnivore and an omnivore and write about what they eat, how they find their food and any other interesting facts that we may find :)

Evie has chosen a deer, a lion and a hedgehog :)

We can e-mail her homework to her teacher too :)

Thursday 24 May 2018

dem trees

Last night I got a text from Sky saying what time the engineer would turn up... time slot was between 1,30pm and 3.30pm...

I told them that it needed to be done by 2pm when I spoke to them on messenger (so so much for the note on my account!).

I left a voicemail for the engineer explaining that I needed it done by 2.30pm at the latest, and this morning got a text message from him telling me that he couldnt change our timeslot and I was told that I would get a timeslot the night before, ans that was that.

So I tested him back and said that I explained the situation at the time of booking the appointment and they said that they would put a note on my account.

The first engineer finally tuned up at 2.15pm just as I was on the phone to the one whose number I have.  I told him that I could stay at the very latest until 2.50, but I would definitely have to leave then.

So the engineer looked at the dish and said that he thought the problem was the trees outside on the slip road that runs alongside our road.

the trees blocking the satellite signal

So they have moved the dish now and it is on a s shpaed pole at the back of our house.

Why the engineer didnt think of the trees being an issue back in February I dont know.

Once Evie had finished reading her books I got her to test the sky Q box and it works ok :)

Sunday 20 May 2018

carrot cake

After we (or rather Evie) had finished the chocolate cake that we got for my birthday, we decided to try the carrot cake..

...Evie took one bite and said yuck so I finished her slice and James is going to finish the cake off (I do like carrot cake too so may end up having some as well) :)

Friday 18 May 2018

glitchy hd

For the past couple of days our sky Q HD has been very glitchy.. I contacted them on messenger and we have an engineer coming to look at it next week.

They have put a note on my account detaila about needing to do the school run, so hopefully he/she will arrive while Evie is at school.

Evie enjoyed her school trip yesterday, and she has decided that next time she would like me to do the packed lunch for her! :)

All she told me was was that they did some experiments (one was making a lava lamp) and they had their lunch outside.

She went to sleep quite quickly last night too :)

Thursday 17 May 2018

wedding quarters trip

Yesterday was helping out in class again ;)

After filing away what the kids had done the day before (letter formations and labeling a stable scene) it was English

The kids are currently writing about a scarecrow wedding (Harry O'Hay is marrying Betty O'Barley), and they were saying about what wedding present that their scarecrow was going to make (as scarecrows dont have money), Evies scarecrow Sally O'Straw was making a necklace out of shells and seaweed :)

All of the other kids were writing about them making statues :)

It was then maths and it was quarters this time...

They had to count the number of objects and then say what a quarter of them were.

...Evie found it a bit of a struggle and inbetween helping J (who always asks me to help her) I was helping Evie.

Im pleased to say that the questions I helped Evie with she got right :)

It was then time for me to go home and Evie was back to being upset again (she had been upset earlier too but that was down to saying that she was going to miss me when I went home), L and T both told me that they would look after her :).

And Evie has her school trip today :) and she is sticking with the packed lunch that the school is providing too :)

Hopefully she will eat enough of her lunch to keep her going :)

Tuesday 15 May 2018

six year olds eyesight

Yesterday Evie had an eye appointment at the hospital...

...the lady said that with her glasses on Evie now has the eyesight of a 6 year old who doesnt wear glasses so tat is good.

She also said that she will now change to 6 monthly appointments to get new glasses (her next one will still be in August as she got her current glasses in February).

And when she is a bit older (not sure when) she will be transferred to the high street opticians (so that will mean no more hospital appointments) :)

Sunday 13 May 2018

birthday workday

Today is my birthday :)

I had to work today (I didnt mind in all honesty) I would ranter save my holiday for something that I need or want to do :)

Yesterday while food shopping we got my birthday cake...

Evie chose it for me
I got some google play vouchers as well

Thursday 10 May 2018

half scarecrow

Yesterday I was helping out in Evies class...

...after doing the filing I had to see if any of the kids needed help with writing about a scarecrow...

Evie called her one Sally O'Straw I am not sure if she got as far as saying how she knew her or what her special talent was or what she liked to say or do or if she was a hero or a villain :)

Then after the morning break it was maths and it was about halves.

First of all on the interactive white board they had blocks of 8 squares and some of the kids (not Evie) had to get up and colour in half of the squares in different ways.

Then afterwards all of the kids had to colour in half of blocks of 6 oblongs, the first one Evie did was 4!  \I didnt get to see how she got on as I was asked to sort out the books in the corridor.

When I asked her about it on the way home she said that she did the rest of it ok.

And this morning she told me that half of 6 was 3.

Wednesday 9 May 2018

no school trip for me

Yesterday when I picked Evie up from school I looked in her bookbag (as I usually do) and found a slip of paper inside... said that lots of parents volunteered to go on the school trip so they pulled names out of a hat and I wasnt successful.

I told Evie and she said that she was happy that I wasnt going :)

It means now then that Evie will have to stick with the packed lunch that school will provide her with (as she already said that she wanted it with a cheese sandwich).

I will ask her again the night before as I dont want her telling me just as were going that she doesnt want the school packed lunch that day.

Sunday 6 May 2018

but you did one last week

Today when I got home from work Evie wanted to play in the garden, so I told her that I needed to fill in my time sheet...

...she said to me "but you filled it in last week!" So I told her that I have to do it every week, a bit like her spelling tests :)

So we played out in the garden blowing bubbles :)

I was blowing the bubbles and Evie was popping them :)

Thursday 3 May 2018

farm book and 18

Yesterday when I helped out in Evies class the first thing I had to do was the filing from work done the previous day...

...I saw in Evies book that she did a word search :) So I asked her later if she liked doing and she said yes, so today I will be going into town anyway to see if I can get Evie a new umbrella (her old ones has a hole in it) :) While I am there I will pop to the market to see if I can get her something cheap :)

Her English work yesterday was to make a book with a contents page and 3 pages, an animal (a chicken in Evies case) and two crops (Evie chose maize and sunflowers).  I asked her after what she could remember that you got from those two crops and she said crisps from maize, I told her that I thought crisps came from potatoes and did she mean corn and she said yes :)

Then after morning playtime it was then maths and each table had to make a poster showing different ways of making up the number 18.

L on Evies table told me that they didnt need my help :)

Tuesday 1 May 2018

No like panini

This morning (as with every morning) I tell evie (or she reads from the menu) what her lunch is that day.

Today it was pork meatballs in a rich tomato sauce served in a panini.  Evie immediately said that the didn't want the panini so i told her it was bread and she told me that she still didn't want it.

So i said that she could then just take the meatballs out of the bread and eat them on their own.  She was happy about that.

When I picked her up this afternoon I asked her how her lunch was and she said that the dinner lady took the meatballs out of the panini for her, but next time she would like vegetarian, so i explained that the vegetarian was just different meatballs (quorn balls) and that if she didn't like those then I could always do her a packed lunch those days.

So when we got home I put all of the meatballs dates into my phone so that she could then decide nearer the time.

I then saw there was an email from school saying that there was a change to tuesdays week 3, lunch is now going to be meatballs with spaghetti and garlic bread.

It seems that the panini didn't go down well.