Tuesday 31 December 2013

we will have to wait

Back in May last year (I didnt find out until I tried to get Evie weighed in June) the health visitors moved from the Doctors Surgery (on a Wednesday afternoon) to the library (on a Monday afternoon and clashing with Tumble Tots).

So yesterday (as Tumble Tots isnt on during the school holidays) I took Evie to the library to get weighed (I wanted to go there anyway to get Evie some more books) and there was a sign up on the door saying that 4 Children (they run the childrens activities) werent there from the 24th December to 2nd January *sigh*

So I shall take her back once she has been moved to the 10.30 session.

Monday 30 December 2013

I expected tears

As James had been off work for two weeks I expected Evie to cry this morning when she realised that Daddy wasnt here...

...obviously us telling her that he would be at work helped ;o)

Sunday 29 December 2013

Evies first birthday party

This morning Evie went to her very first birthday party ;o)

Evie had a great time

She even ate loads of popcorn (she wouldnt eat the sandwich quarter I gave her mind) but she did eat the chocolate cupcake and crisps and she didnt touch the cucumber stick ether!

Thursday 26 December 2013

our christmas day

As with Evies birthday presents (which she opened only just over a week ago) she loved ripping off the wrapping paper ;o).

Evie even bought James a christmas present, he let Evie open it for him but she took so long that he ended up having a shower so she gave it to him once he was dressed ;o)  He is even wearing a pair of them today ;o)

The presents that I asked my friends for were all hits as well as some extra ones she got too ;o)

Chrisrtmas dinnerwise I cheated like I normally do ;o)

I bought...

a stuffed turkey joint (despite my Mum telling me that it is dead easy to cook a turkey and all you have to do is calculate the time per pound with the weight).

ready prepared duck fat roast potatoes (and I added another lump of duck fat just to ensure that they ended up crispy) ;o)

and the sage & onion stuffing was ready prepared too ;o)

so all I had to do was stick them in the oven and use my kitchen timer app and even James said that dinner turned out ok.

Evie had some roast potato and stuffing but didnt seem to be enamored with it!

Wednesday 25 December 2013

merry Christmas

merry christmas everyone ;o)

Sunday 22 December 2013

dont they know that Mums talk to each other

On Monday we had Evies second birthday (she absolutely loved opening her birthday presents).

On Monday afternoon we had Tumble Tots I was hoping that Evie would move upto the 2 to 3 age group in the New Year but the class is full at the moment and we have to wait for someone to drop out or move up to the 3 to 4 group.

Tuesday we went to Lakeside and we saw Father Christmas and had Evies birthday lunch at Wagamamas ;o)

Thursday I took Evie to a soft play place and saw a Mum that I have seen at the library, anyhow her little girl (who is 2 days younger than Evie) goes to Tumble Tots too (but in the morning session) and her little girl has been moved up but Evie has to wait!  Its not even as if she has been going to Tumble Tots longer than Evie either as they have only been living in Chelmsford since August.  I can only assume that she got precedence over the place as she is in the earlier session.  Still I shall keep on pestering them ;o)

And on Friday we met up with my Mum who is here on her holiday ;o)

After doing this I will be wrapping up the Christmas presents, but thankfully not this many! ;o)

Sunday 15 December 2013

45 minutes later

For the past few weeks if we have been at home when Evie has had her lunch then I put her in her cot for her to have a nap (providing she didnt fall asleep in the morning).

On our way home from popping into town this morning Evie fell asleep for about 5 minutes (as it wasnt a very long sleep) I put her in her cot (after she had her lunch) to see if she would go to sleep and continue her nap.

I closed her curtains and her bedroom door and put on her monitor and came downstairs (and she was chattering away) she would go quiet for a couple of minutes and then the chattering would start again.

She still hadnt fallen asleep 45 minutes later so I bought her back downstairs.

I hope this doesnt mean that she doesnt want her naps anymore!

Friday 13 December 2013

giggling on the sofa

After having her bath last night Evie was sitting on the sofa waiting for In The Night Garden to start, we kept on looking at each other and Evie would giggle ;o)

So I got out my camera (I had left it on black & white for this weeks Project Flickr project) so I also added this photo of Evie giggling ;o)

Thursday 12 December 2013

Messrs Sainsbury & Tesco were listening

Just the other day (after I had finished my popping candy chocolate orange) I said to James that I hope that Mr Sainsbury will have an offer on the chocolate oranges ;o)

Last Friday James mentioned that the local foodbank was having another collection drive (and their last day of being there is today), as this is something I like to support, I popped into Tesco yesterday to pick up a few bits to drop off and saw there was a buy one get one free on chocolate oranges (so I got myself a couple) ;o).

After James got home from work we popped over to Sainsburys and I saw that they had a buy 2 from £3 offer so I bought another couple and then James decided to get one for his Dad (so I got another one as I wasnt going to sacrifice one of my chocolate oranges)

So I now have 5 of them to eat ;o)

Wednesday 11 December 2013

ears, hearing, feet not grown feet not grown

Not only has Evie got her Dads ears but she also has his supersonic hearing too (okay it may not be supersonic but he can hear things that I cant hear)...

...whenever we hear a police car siren I tell Evie its because someone has been naughty!  We were walking into town yesterday and Evie started saying naughty repeatedly and what must have been a couple of minutes later I heard the siren too (whatever it was didnt come past us so I couldnt point it out to Evie).

I took Evie yesterday to get her feet measured as we got her last pair of shoes 3 months ago...

...the assistant measured her and her feet are still the same size and the same width (and I saw some really nice ankle boots that I liked for her too :o().

I asked when I should bring her in again and the lady said to come back in a couple of weeks (as she made have had a growth spurt in that time).

Perhaps we can get the ankle boots next time ;o)

Monday 9 December 2013

very weird

I have been avidly watching Im a Celebrity (please dont tell me who won yet as I will be watching the repeat on ITV2 later ;o)).

Yesterday I decided to buy/download a Westlife album so I had a look on Amazon and found their greatest hits album for £3 or download for £3.99!

Surely the download should have been cheaper!

I ended up downloading it - so I shall have that to listen to when I next reload my player ;o)

Sunday 8 December 2013

which sausage do I choose

After the sausage lady stopped selling sausages I have had to make do with supermaket sausages (they are ok but I would rather support a small local business).

A week ago I saw a sign for venison chili sausages so I bought a packet of 4 of them and they were nice...

...so on Friday I bought some more and also saw that they had some wild boar sausages (I do hope its not just an angry pig with an inferiority complex! ;o)).

They are taking orders for Christmas so I shall try the wild boar ones before making my choice ;o)

Friday 6 December 2013

if I were the makers of twiglets...

...I would use Alfonso's description (after tasting one for the first time) of "like someone had taken a pretzel, shoved it up their ass then burnt it" as a testimonial ;o)

Twiglets were won in the Dingo Dollar Challenge (I now fancy some twiglets! ;o))  I even bought some crumpets after seeing that they were one of the treats on offer the other day ;o)

Yes I am still loving watching Im a Celebrity ;o)

Here is Evie in her latest Christmas outfit ;o)

As soon as she sees my camera case she wants to play with it!  The zip broke on it the other day so on Saturday I shall get James to get me another one from Poundland and then Evie can play with my old one ;o)

Thursday 5 December 2013

being busy

Me & Evie have a couple of things to do today...

We have to take back the Very Hungry Caterpillar Calendar (and then decided what to spend our £5 voucher on ;o)).

And we have to pick up a coat that my Mum has ordered online ;o)

Yesterday we went to a new softplay place

and James also knocked this up (we have it attached to the zip of her coat) it could work for pets as well...

Wednesday 4 December 2013

the lure of the gift voucher

Yesterday we were in Marks & Spencer buying James present from Evie ;o)

While I was at the counter I saw a sign about their calendars saying "that they had printed the wrong date for fathers day (on calendars bought before the end of October) and you would get a full refund plus a £5 gift voucher as a way of saying sorry"  So knowing that I had bought the very hungry caterpillar family organiser (but wasnt sure when) I rushed home to see if I had one of the wrong calendars.

So I got home (left Evie asleep in her buggy) and quickly opened up the calendar to June and sure enough the date was wrong!

The question was did I really want to keep thecalendar when I could get something else and get a £5 gift voucher in the process...

...the lure of the gift voucher won ;o)

So I texted James to ask him to try and get me another one (or something that I would like) and sure enough they didnt have any very hungry caterpillar (it doesnt even appear on their website now either) so James got me this one instead, so I looked at June and sure enough the date was right ;o)

here is Evie yesterday in a Christmas top with her advent calendar ;o)

Monday 2 December 2013

hands up

if your looking forward to Christmas ;o)

I knew that there was a reason that we should have got James one

Yesterday (after I had done yesterdays post) I decided to get out our advent calendars...

...so being the good Mum that I am I got Evies calendar and started opening the door for her and let her open it fully (so she could see the picture (of a pine cone) and then I peeled the foil (holding the chocolate in) and gave that to her and she ate it ;o)

And then I did my calendar (found door #1) opened the door, peeled the foil, took out the chocolate took a little bite of the star and Evie was looking at it longingly so I gave it to her (hoping that she would take a little bite) but she popped the whole thing in her mouth!

Today I shall make sure that I eat more of my chocolate ;o)


Sunday 1 December 2013

christmas outfit and fisheye lens

The first day of Evies Christmas outfits is here ;o)

Also while doing the big shop this morning I was looking at the "stocking fillers" and found this

the photo from the tv shows the fisheye lens better ;o)

Because the back of my phone has a ridged back then the suckers wouldnt stick to it so I had to use bluetack to stick it on there ;o)

James also got a macro one too ;o)