Friday 28 February 2014

demanding demand

Evie has now started demanding tv programmes that she wants to watch...

We have either Show Me Show Me, Same Smile or Mister Maker ;o)

Thank goodness for on demand tv.

I know that some Mums out there dont like to let there little ones watch too much tv, but she is learning stuff, and she watches stuff for pre schoolers ;o)

Thursday 27 February 2014

its all in the genes

The other day I was eating a huge bag of roast beef monster munch I probably had about a third of the packet ;o)

So I put them to the side and a while later Evie picked up the opened packet and was sitting on our sofa and eating them - so I ended up sharing them with her ;o)

I remember loving monster munch from when I first bought them at the age of 7 from the little sweet shop (cant remember its name though) in Pilgrims Hatch ;o)

On Tuesday we were on our way into town and Evie was saying Monster Munch so while we were in Tesco I had a look to see if they had any of the huge bags but they didnt.

So we had a look in Sainsburys yesterday and they didnt have any of the huge bags either so we ended up getting a six pack of them instead ;o)

And Evie ate a bag while waiting for her spaghetti & meatballs to cool down ;o)

Wednesday 26 February 2014


The other day James found his old personal cd player, and suggested that Evie could listen to cd's with it.

So yesterday I looked in hmv to see what childrens cd's they sold, I saw this one (interestingly enough the actual cd was only £5.99 but the music download is £12.99!).

It then reminded me of all the podcasts that I have been dowloading for Evie, so I dug out my old player and have charged it up and will play it on my docking station this morning while she is having her breakfast ;o)

Sunday 23 February 2014

ooohhhh laaaa laaaaa

On Friday we received our copy in the post of City Life (a free newspaper for the residents of Chelmsford ;o)

James was reading through it and said that the Tour de France is going to pass through Chelmsford!

Just reading the BBC article I see that they are going to pass through Braintree and Epping Forest too ;o)

Perhaps while in Braintree they may pop into Freeport for some bargains ;o)  But make sure you put locks on your bikes first in case they get nicked!  And get sold on Ebay as "gen-ewe-ine tour de france memorabilia"

I havent been to Epping Forest since I was a kid when my Dad took us there, if I was one of the riders I would be worried about Dck Turpins ghost ;o)

I booked the panto tickets and they arrived Saturday, not only did the thieving b@stards charge a £1.50 booking fee but they also charged 60p for the postage too!

I know that I could have saved £2.10 by going to the box office in person but I really couldnt be arsed ;o)

Oh and it looks like I havent been picked as a giver this year for World Book Night - oh well...

Friday 21 February 2014

she screamed in all the right places

Yesterday me & Evie were enjoying our skinny latte and babyccino when we spotted a  pantomime dame and who I now realise was Dick.

We saw a load of kids sitting on the floor surrounding the stage and then just before 12 the panto started, and when the children were screaming Evie did a scream too.

Because we were meeting James he held Evie while standing up so that she could watch - she really enjoyed it.

I shall make sure that we book up to see a pantomime this year ;o)

I have just looked and the Civic Theatre are doing Peter Pan So Im just asking James if he thinks that we should book it up.

Or I may just book it for me & Evie if he doesnt want to go ;o)

Thursday 20 February 2014

knowing when she is really finished

When Evie has had enough to eat she says "all done"...

If I am silly enough to say "you can do so and so after you have finished" then she will say "all done" and when you then give her more of her food she will eat it!

Like this morning Evie wanted to cuddle her toy lion, I said you can cuddle him after you have had your breakfast and so Evie said "all done" so I gave her some more spoonfuls of honey nut cornflakes and she finished the lot and then handed me the empty bowl and said "all done" ;o)

Evie saying "all done" is my preferred method but hers is simply pulling the food out of her mouth which she will do if I still carry on trying to feed her!

Tuesday 18 February 2014

once bitten...

Last night me & Evie were sharing a packet of blueberries...

...I had the packet on my lap and Evie would come over and take one and would then run off again and then come back for another one.

She was in the throes of doing this when she suddenly started crying and came over to us with her hand out :o(

She had bitten her finger so we or rather James (she is becoming a Daddys girl) rubbed it better and gave her a hug.

Then once she had calmed down she sat on my lap but didnt want to eat anymore blueberries so I ended up popping them in her mouth for her (whilst making sure that she didnt bite me) ;o)

Hopefully she will be alright eating her toast this morning, if she isnt I wont be hand feeding her, I will try to explain to her about being careful of her fingers...

Monday 17 February 2014

an activity free week

As its half term this week...

...we have no tumble tots or swimming lessons!

One day I may take Evie to Chelmer Village Retail Park onto the Costa for a babyccino and we can have a looksie in the big Next store that opened in November ;o)

Sunday 16 February 2014

mums night out

Last year us Mums from my antenatal group organised a night out for us girls and last night was the night ;o)

One Mum couldnt make it as she wasnt feeling well (so that is a great excuse for us to arrange another night ;o))

We went to 59 New Street it was really nice ;o)

I didnt have a starter so that I could have 2 desserts effectively (well one dessert and a dessert cocktail ;o))

I started off with my main course of duck breast and because I dont like cooked carrots I was a fusspot and asked for leeks instead which they did for me ;o)).

the for dessert I had the cinnamon donuts

AND a warm cinnamon & blueberry martini ;o)

James was in charge of putting Evie to bed last night and when she woke up this morning she still had her hair in bunches (although one of the hair bands came off in the night) and one hairgrip in!

James said that he knew that something was a miss but wasnt quite sure what ;o)

Friday 14 February 2014

Wednesday 12 February 2014

thigh update

So yesterday morning I rang the doctors bang on 8 o'clock and I got the engaged tone so I kept on ringing them and managed to get through at about 10 minutes past.

I was told that the only appointments they had that were left available was the afternoon and at 2.20 pm!  I was asked what I would be seeing the doctor about and told her about the indent in my thigh and she said "oh" so I said to her "its something a bit different for you".

As Evie normally has her nap after her lunch I decided to have my lunch at the same time as her and after I had changed her nappy and done the washing up I put her in her buggy so that she could fall asleep before we set off to go into town.

So I left our house just after 1 pm with Evie still asleep - we were just getting to one of the crossings as we were getting into town and I heard a little voice shout out "green man green man" and I looked down and sure enough Evie had woken up ;o)

When we went to Tumble Tots on Monday we were told that they would have a stand in The Meadows Shopping Centre (sounds much grander than it is) and that they have a prize draw to win a year of tumble tots sessions (so whilst I was passing through I entered the competition doubt I win but you never know) ;o).

So I saw the doctor and told him about the indent and showed him he prodded it and asked if it was painful and I said no and he said that it was just a loss of fatty deposits, and that I should come back if it gets painful, or if there is any swelling underneath it or if the indent turns into a cavern!

So that was a relief ;o)

Tuesday 11 February 2014


On Friday I noticed a dent in my thigh.  I showed it to James when he got home from work and he said that he thought that it had been from where something had been pressing into my leg (I told him that it had been there all day) and he doesnt think that it is anything to worry about.

I googled it (or rather because I use yahoo yahood it) and a few people have said that they have the same thing but no-one seems to know what it is.

But I keep thinking of Emma and the fact that she left going to the doctors too late, and I want to carry on being a bad influence on Evie ;o)

So I am going to call the doctors and make an appointment today.

This weeks Project Flickr is water... it was absolutely pouring with rain I took a photo of the puddles outside ;o)

and then afterwards we got a double rainbow ;o)

Monday 10 February 2014


Yesterday I wasnt able to blog because James was fixing his work laptop for when he has to work from home, so I couldnt really complain!

Yesterday morning I did some toast for me & Evie...

...I buttered my slice (because I dont like the texture of butter and I like it to be all melted in) and I let Evie butter her own slice (with a plastic knife) while sitting in her high chair.

So I am eating my slice and Evie is eating her one and she sticks her hand out wanting my slice, so I gave it to her (thinking that she was only going to take a bite) and she ate most of it, so I ate her slice, and as soon as I tried to eat the discarded bit of my original slice she wanted to eat the rest if it! ;o)

Friday 7 February 2014


Evie was just finishing her breakfast and I called her a little monkey, and she then pointed to her head and said "one fell off and bumped his head"...

...she was singing Five Little Monkeys ;o)

Now we havent sang that song for a few weeks now (and it isnt in our usual repertoire of songs either) so I was surprised that she remembered it ;o)

So another song that I can sing with her now ;o)

Thursday 6 February 2014

raining wisdom

Yesterday as James was leaving for work he told me that heavy rain was forecast, so if I didnt want to come into town that would be ok... yesterday morning I checked on yahoo weather and it said that there was a 40% chance of rain at 1 pm so I checked the 15 minute details and it said that it would start at 1.45 pm.

That meant that if I was really organised I could get home before it started to rain (in theory anyway).

So after Evie had finished her lunch of orzo pasta salad and her milky bar dessert and I had finished my skinny latte we headed home (after I had availed myself of the facilities that is).

We had just left the High Street when Evie said "lie back" meaning that she wanted to go to sleep, so I pulled out her raincover and my pacamac and put them on top of the hood.

And sure enough when we were three quarters of teh way home it started to rain, so I sorted out Evies raincover then put on my poncho ;o)

And I got home at 1.25 pm so the rain was about half an hour early!

Wednesday 5 February 2014

all the way through

Yesterday morning after our breakfast(toast & shreddies for Evie and I just had toast) I was changing Evies nappy...

...and she was singing Miss Polly and I was expecting her to stop at the ratta tat tat bit but she carried on right to the end ;o)

So I tried to get her to sing it all the way through again but she wouldnt, and I tried again when James got home from and she wouldnt then either!

Sunday 2 February 2014


...there will be a Dunkin Donuts opening here in sunny Chelmsford ;o)

Its a shame really that it wont be a Krispy Kreme as they would be our donut of choice (although sometimes all I fancy is a 17p ball donut).

Still I shall treat me & Evie to some munchkins donut hole treats when or rather if they do open ;o)