Tuesday 30 April 2013

I know that im a pain

We were in the post office sending a card to kelly.

There had to be 20 people in front of us, then a lady joined behind me and took exception to me daring to be there (with a buggy) and said very loudly that she was kn her lunch hour and had to be back by 2pm.  So I let her go in front.

Ironically I was served 8 minutes later and I was finished before her.

thank goodness we dont have anything ladderlike

Yesterday we went to Gymbabes and Evie was intently listening when one of the helpers were explaining to another little girls Mum & Dad about climbing on the ladder (upto the slide).

So the lady asked Evie if she wanted a go too ;o)

Evie was actively climbing herself up (unlike the other little girl but then Evie is four months older than her).

We dont have Gymbabes next week because of the bank holiday...

Sunday 28 April 2013

they should have issued a spoiler alert

I have been watching Food Glorious Food - I have two episodes left to watch (the last semi final and the final).

We were in Marks & Spencer yesterday and I saw this (dont look if you havent watched the final yet) on the end of aisle stand and thought "they had that on Food Glorious Food" not putting two and two together!

I then walked down the next aisle to see a huge sign saying what the winning recipe was! :o(

Friday 26 April 2013

she must have had enough

After meeting my friends for lunch on Wednesday I noticed that Evie was the only one still eating sachets of lunch the others were all eating proper food.

So yesterday I decided to do Evie a peanut butter sandwich to eat...

...she ate some of it but just ended up just playing with it after a while so I gave her her fromage frais and a slice of apple.

So I tried to give her some more of her sandwich and she was just playing with it again.

She fell asleep on the way home so she must have had enough to eat.

She also had all of her pot of custard for her afternoon snack and she ate more of her finger foods...

...and slept through the night.

So I shall make her another sandwich today ;o)

Thursday 25 April 2013

suncream for me next time

Yesterday we met with some of the other Mums and had lunch in the park ;o)

Evie was the most behaved (but only because she is the only one not walking yet) and just sat there  eating her lunch (and bits of mine) and I half expected her to crawl off but she didnt luckily.

I put suncream on Evie but didnt bother with me...

...and I got sunburnt...

...so I shall make sure that I wear suncreaam today.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

spring has finally come

Yesterday we had a really nice warm sunny day ;o)

And today and Thursday look to be more of the same ;o)

One of the other Mums said about meeting today for lunch in the park...

...so I have already packed a picnic rug and have to check the suncream (that I bought last year) to see if it still in date.

Oh and bring the world book night books that I have saved for them ;o)

Tuesday 23 April 2013

double tantrums

We were at Gymbabes yesterday and Evie was crawling from one activity to another with two rattles (one in each hand).

She then put one of them down and a little boy grabbed hold of it...

...and Evie (having not yet grasped the concept of sharing) started crying and I had to carry her away and distracted her by putting her in the tunnel on a high bench.

She had stopped crying a couple of minutes later and then it was time to finish and she started crying again because she couldnt play and all of the equipment was being put away...

...so we ended up doing the end song with me holding Evie while I was standing.

I think it was a cross between being tired and not being able to express herself better...

...and she not even two yet! ;o)

Monday 22 April 2013

free e-book

When we do our food shopping in Sainsburys we always get a load of vouchers (either points on our nectar card) or money off or adverts for Sainsburs products...

Last week we got one for a free e-book so I have just downloaded Trust Me Im a Vet.

None of the titles on offer looked that appealing so I went for that one.

Friday 19 April 2013

shadow tears

Yesterday I was watching Britains Got Talent and was moved to tears by this shadow theatre...

Thursday 18 April 2013

registered all twenty

I have spent this morning (in between feeding, changing and dressing Evie) registering all twenty world book night copies of Treasure Island on bookcrossing ;o)

Tuesday 16 April 2013

me booty be ready to collect ;o)

I have just had an e-mail from World Booknight saying that my copies of Treasure Island are ready to collect ;o)

As World Booknight have decided not to issue tracking codes this year then I will have to register them on bookcrossing myself!

Sunday 14 April 2013

Evie clinched it for me ;o)

On Easter Sunday our Starbucks had a colouring in competition...



both me & Evie entered (Evies was in the "under 5" category and mine was in the "much older (you know you want to)" or as I call it "should know better" ;o)).

I didnt think much about it and this morning when we went in as our "post food shopping treat" I saw that I had won ;o)

I think that Evie helping me colour it in was what won it for me ;o)

And yes I will share it with her ;o)

Friday 12 April 2013

now as bad as boots

Yesterday was time to get James prescription so I went into the Chemists all set for a showdown ;o)

They took the prescription and the £7.85 charge and about 5 minutes later the pharmacist came out clutching my bag and when I looked there was only one box so I thought here we go again...

...and then she apologised saying that they didnt have enough tablets in stock so I will go back next week to collect whats due...

...its a shame really because that chemists is out of my way.

Yesterday also Evie had her first taste of a sugarfree skinny hazelnut latte ;o)

When I bought over James coffee (in a takeout cup) and the stirrer and sweeteners Evies eyes lit up because she loves to stir things ;o)

So James took the lid off after adding the sweeteners and let Evie have a splash stir of his coffee she then picked up the stirrer and licked the froth off (which is what she has watched James do).

I dont think that she liked the taste of it too much as she didnt want to stir it after that...

Thursday 11 April 2013

her Mums eyes

We took Evie yesterday for her eye test...

The lady doing the test was using toys on sticks to see how her eyes were moving both individually and together.

She then picked up a eye scanner (that had a smiley face on it) and turned out the lights to check if Evie is long or short sighted.

It turns out that she is long sighted like me.

She then said that Evies left eye was slower to respond (when her right eye was covered) but that didnt necessarily mean that she would get a lazy eye.

Anyway we have to go back in four months time.

Her eyesight cant be too bad as she can see crumbs on the floor ;o)

Wednesday 10 April 2013

lazy eye test

Back in January (I think) I got a letter about Evies "first year review" my doctors surgery just sent out a form and then if there were any "issues" they would see you and the little one...

...I then got a call from the health visitors office because I said "yes" to family childhood eye problems and "no" Evie didnt release a small object into our hand after being asked to.

I explained that my two brothers both had lazy eyes and the health visitor said that she would refer Evie for an eye scan.

She then asked about Evie not releasing small objects and as she had since started doing that they were satisfied that they didnt need to see her.

Today we have the appointment for an eye test for Evie...

...I think that I will let James hold her if they are planning to do anything that will make her cry as I know that I will start crying too.

I should have thought to ask my Sister if they did tests on her two boys but it completely slipped my mind to ask but then she does live in The Netherlands...

Tuesday 9 April 2013

put it in the bowl

When I give Evie her finger food before she has her dinner I tell her to put what she doesnt want to eat back into the bowl (she normally starts to throw it onto the floor otherwise!).

Yesterday I was eating my lunch (of pasta chicken potatoes and brussel sprouts) and Evie took a couple of pasta shapes and crammed them straight into her mouth...

...she then decided that she didnt want them and put the spat out bits back into my lunch!

I then fished them out and put them onto the lid - hopefully she will pick up on to do that next time ;o)

Sunday 7 April 2013

the only day I went out

I went out one day last week (because of having a cold) and it started to snow as soon as I had opened the front door!

I thought that if I stayed in then Evie would kick up a stink and a half so we went out anyway and wandered over to Aldi for a schmoozie.

We didnt buy anything and came back about 15 minutes later but at least it got us out for a bit ;o)

Friday 5 April 2013

mummy senses

Yesterday while I was giving Evie her lunch of cheery chicken roast dinner with stuffing (I tell you she eats better than us) Evie started crying as I was feeding her...

...my Mummy senses kicked in and I gave her the spoon to hold and she then put the spoon (all be it  upside down) in her mouth and did this for a few spoonfuls ;o)

We give her a spoon to hold while she is having something to eat and she has actually spooned some in without me making her do it ;o)

Thursday 4 April 2013

porr or idge

A few weeks ago I bought Evie some Express portions of porridge for her to try (as I know that she likes porridge from the baby breakfasts she was having previously).

Yesterday I finally made her some...

As it has to microwaved for a couple of minutes I decided to do it at 7.45 (so that it would have time to cool down enough for her) and made up an entire portion using 180 mils of her milk and microwaved it for 2 minutes (and at about three quarters of the way through it was over flowing out of the bowl) so I took it out and gave it a stir and then cleaned the turntable :o(.

By the time that Evie had finished her quarter of a bagel the porridge had cooled down enough (as Goldilocks would say it was just right ;o)).

She only ended up eating about a third of it so I will make her up a half portion this morning and I am going to use a bigger bowl too ;o)

Wednesday 3 April 2013

ill over Easter

On Friday Evie came down with a cold and then me and James got it on Easter Sunday :o(

On Friday we went to Southend and we let Evie go on the coin operated kiddie rides ;o)

She absolutely loved them ;o)

Happy belated Easter everyone ;o)