Thursday 30 April 2015

stumbling e-mail

Just recently Evie has started stumbling over her words...

...she is definitely not stuttering but she is definitely stumbling over what she is saying!

I was going to ask at pre-school about it yesterday but found this article first, so we are just going to see how she gets on.

When I took Evie to the cinema to see the Peppa Pig Movie I sent an e-mail after to the Film Review show, and last night I finally got to the podcast for the week that I e-mailed in and they got to the Peppa Pig Movie in the top ten and Edith says that she has an e-mail from Amber & Evie ;o)  The Peppa Pig bit starts just after 19 minutes in ;o).

I came downstairs and told James (as I was lying in bed listening to it) and he said that he will listen to the podcast and will cut out the segment for Evie to listen to when she is older ;o).  I think that we should keep the whole show for her so that she can hear what else was on etc.

Me & Evie have a dentist appointment this morning too,

Tuesday 28 April 2015

not just my phone

Yesterday we had Tumble Tots, and the photographer was finally in ;o)

I always watch Evie going around in case she wants to go to the toilet or the ladies running it call me over if she has had an accident, about half way through I was looking at her bottom and I was sure that I could see that she was wet but she never came over to say that she had done a wee, and I was never called over either.

So after she had got her sticker she came over to me and I felt her bottom and she had definitely wet herself so we went into the baby change/disabled toilet and I changed her leggings and knickers and we set off home.

Evie fell asleep on our way back so I left her in the buggy, when she woke up I asked her if she needed the toilet and she said "no" and when I got her out of the buggy I noticed that the dry seat was wet!

So I took her upstairs and had to change her top, leggings and knickers, and later on the afternoon/evening I had to change her knickers another two times.

Inbetween the underwear changes I had done a factory reset on my phone (James told me it was the way to fix it) and Acer have since advised it too.  And yes the wifi is working again now ;o)

I never realised that the factory reset would work on Evie also ;o)

So I am now putting all of the apps back onto my phone ;o)

Sunday 26 April 2015


My not so smartphone wont connect with wifi because it says that it is "avoided poor internet connection" even though it says that the signal strength is excellent!

my dumbphone is saying that I cannot connect because of poor internet connection
I do have excellent signal strength though!

And James is now refusing to help me

So I will ask in the phone shop on Thursday when we go into town for our dentist check up

Thursday 23 April 2015

No 47 bus

After rushing to get ready and deciding which bus stop to go to on Tuesday morning, we finally left at around 9.15 am so we could catch the 9.33 bus, it normally takes me around 10 minutes to walk so I allowed an extra 5 minutes for Evie being a slow coach ;o)

Poor Evie tripped over on the footbridge getting to the bus stop so I gave her a quick cuddle so that we could get to the bus stop on time.

grazed knee

We got to the bus stop and I checked my phone and it was 9.31 so providing the bus wasnt early we were there in time ;o)

Every car or van that went by Evie was asking if that was the bus so I told her that we were waiting for the No 47 bus.

After a couple of minutes it turned up and I asked for an adult return to Broomfield Hospital it was £4.00.

return bus ticket

We found a seat on the bus and sat down and I cleaned Evies knee for her, I then asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap (so that she could see out of the window) but she said no and wanted to sit on the seat.

sitting on the seat like a big girl

The journey took half an hour.

We got to the hospital and I made a mental note of the bus stop that we got off at.

We then went into the hospital and I asked Evie if she needed the toilet and she said no.

We then went to get her new glasses and the man was seeing someone else so we waited outside and Evie kept on asking if we could go in yet.

It was then our turn and just as we were about to leave a girl and her Mum from our swimming class was waiting to see the man too ;o)

I asked Evie again after we came out if she wanted the toilet and she said no again.

And then we went to get a drink

We had been sitting down with our drinks for about 5 minutes when Evie said that she needed the toilet so I took my handbag and her toilet seat with us and we went to the loo.

We got back to our seat and a few minutes later Evie said that she wanted to go to the toilet again so I asked her if she was pretending and she said that she really wanted to go so off we went to the toilet again and I sat her on the toilet and she said that she couldnt go so I asked her if she was pretending and this time she said that she was!

After I had finished my latte and Evies hot chocolate (she only had a mouthful of it) we went to the loo (or rather I did).

We went to the bus stops to get our bus home I was checking all of the bus stops to see which stop our one was going from and it was the very end one.  Luckily there was a bus there waiting, the driver let us on while she popped out for a sneaky fag before leaving.

waiting for the bus to leave with the driver having a sneaky fag

The bus then left and we did our journey home.

Poor Evie was tired and fell asleep on the bus so I woke her up just before our stop and we walked (with me carrying her for a bit) home.

I asked her after if she liked the bus and she said yes and then I asked her if she wanted to go on the bus again ad she said no "it was too far" ;o)

Yesterday the 3 Foot People Festival tickets went on sale, so I bought our tickets yesterday ;o)  I looked at the website this morning and Thursday is almost sold out already!

Yesterday when I picked up from pre school the supervisor asked me if Evie does her poops in the toilet /potty or if she does them in her nappy?  I said that she does them in the toilet if we can get her there in time (but the last time she half did it in her knickers and the other half in the toilet).   She then told me that Evie did a poop in her knickers and when she asked her about it she said that she does them in her nappy!

We have now bought Evie another 10 pack of knickers as we seem to be getting through them ;o)

Tuesday 21 April 2015

catching a bus

Over the Easter weekend Evies glasses broke.

Last night I got a text message from the opticians saying that Evies glasses are now ready to be collecting from the eye clinic at Broomfield Hospital.

The eye clinic is on two days a week Monday in the afternoon and Tuesday in the morning.

So we are going to catch the bus this morning rather than wait until next Monday.

Sunday 19 April 2015

All the way home

On Thursday me and Evie ended up going into town again this time to pick up the World Book Night books that I have been allocated.

waiting to be labelled up

We had a drink before going home as it was close to the time that James finishes work.

So came to meet us and after (getting himself a drink) and going to the toilet we were going to set off home and Evie said that she wanted to walk home!

As our walk home is just over a mile we half expected Evie to start saying that she was tired and wanting to get in the buggy, but no everytime we asked her if she wanted to get in the buggy she said that she was alright ;o)

And she did end up walking all the way home.

On Friday I got a letter saying that Evie is due her next lot of jabs, I have booked them for a Wednesday in May but unfortunately they only do the jabs at my surgery on Mondays or Wednesdays so it would either be after Tumble Tots or pre school so she is having hers after pre school.

Thursday 16 April 2015

James birthday

When I asked James what he wanted for his birthday he said that he didnt want anything... when we were in town (we had to pick up his giant cookie) I decided to buy him a lego minifigure.

chosen by Evie

He opened it up with Evie after dinner and he got the bandit ;o)  Or as Evie calls him the cowboy ;o)

bandit without his gun
we found his gun in the hoover!

When I was buying the giant cookie I was asked if I wanted to enter their free "name the cookie monster" competition - it was an A4 sheet with a list of names and you wrote your name/number by the side of the name you wanted.

There were only 3 names left - so I chose one (but as I was holding Evie - James had gone off and if I put her down she would have wandered off) I started writing my name by a free space - not the one I was going to go for as I realised when the lady straightened the piece of curled up paper for me.

Anyway yesterday afternoon I got a phone call saying that I had won the competition and my prize was either a giant cookie or a box of 24 ;o)

So I have chosen another giant cookie which I shall get for my birthday in May ;o)

As the weather is getting nicer I have had to buy some more t-shirts and shorts to put in Evies changing and pre school bags (incidentally she had two accidents there yesterday a wee one and a poopy one)

Tuesday 14 April 2015

happy birthday James

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear j-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mmmm-esssssssssssssss
happy birthday to you

We have ordered James a giant cookie and Evie decided on the cookie base, words and the colours of the icing too ;o)

Incidentally the photographer wasnt at Tumble Tots yesterday, and she will be there in 2 weeks time instead!

Monday 13 April 2015

back to our routine

Now that the Easter Holidays are over its back to our normal term time routine...

...Tumble Tots today and pre school on Wednesday & Friday.

I think that the photographer is in this week so will have to remember to not put Evie in her Tumble Tots t-shirt ;o)

Sunday 12 April 2015

wardrobe top ups

Last week I was sorting out Evies next load of clothes.

It made me realise that I didnt have enough long sleeved pajamas for her... today in Sainsburys I had a look at their pjs knowing that the neck holes are on the tight size (allthough the normal clothes are fine - I dont get that at all!) .  The few long sleeved ones they had did have small neck openings so I decided to have a look in Mothercare instead.

While we were in town having a post food shopping skinny latte/hot chocolate with cream (you can hazard a guess as to who had what if you like ;o)), we had a look in Mothercare at their pajamas.

I saw these and got these as well (after seeing Cinderella at the cinema last week), while I was in there I also bought Evie this dress as it reminded me of dungarees I had when I was little ;o)

Friday 10 April 2015

x factor pjs & dress

As I wanted to order James a giant cookie for his birthday next week (which I forgot to do) we went into town yesterday.

As the X factor tour audition was in a shopping centre yesterday I expected it to be rammed but it wasnt...

I found out from James that the (not very long) queue was down the other end (and nowhere near me) so I never got a chance to take photos.

I dd get some of the outside of the booth though ;o)

x factor pod walls
queue this way
they are very hot on making sure you are old enough
Evies favourite pair of pjs is her Merida ones - she would wear them every night if she could!

her favourite pjs
So as Evie is almost out of her 2-3 clothes I have been on the lookout for some more Merida ones, but the "in" movie with all of the clothes is Frozen.

So I had the brilliant idea of buying Evie a Merida dressing up dress...

practicing dancing in her Merida dress
...and it even had a third off of the price too to boot ;o)

Yesterday Evie actually did a recognisable drawing of her monkey Sidney ;o)

you can see the likeness

Thursday 9 April 2015


We were in Argos buying Evie a merida dress (will blog about it tomorrow) and Evie told me that I couldn't sit on a seat because my "bottom is too big"...

...I burst out laughing ;o)

shall I shant I

Today the X-Factor Tour auditions come to Chelmsford...

still undecided whether to go and watch or not

I may just go and have a schmoozie

LOL I wont be singing as I cant sing for toffee (not that that normally stops me).

I was hoping that the judges would be there but they only see the half decent ones in London that the crew pick out at these events.

Wednesday 8 April 2015

as its getting nicer

I am going to start sorting out Evies 3-4 clothes and will bag up (to give away) her 2-3 bits...

...I will try to remove the iron on name tags that I have put on her clothes that she wears to pre-school (as when James ordered them he put my phone number on them!).

Tuesday 7 April 2015

a good easter

I did a post Friday morning and it failed (from my not so smart smartphone!)  So I have uploaded it (again) this morning!

On Friday we ended up going to Lakeside Shopping Centre.

When we got there Evie had already decided that she wanted to have lunch at Wagamama ;o)

After we had a drink when we got there James took Evie for a walk about while I looked in the shops.

James then called me just before 12 to say that Evie wanted her lunch

eating some of Daddys noodles
.After lunch we decided to have a look in Hamleys as the store had recently opened there.

We were quite surprised that the prices were so expensive but I guess that they go with the Hamleys name!

We did see some lego ninja models ;o)

lego ninjas
And we bought Evie a drum kit playmat ;o)

We then headed home as Evie was getting really tired.

On Sunday (as nothing was open) we headed into town and had a drink and then had lunch in McDonalds - and in their Monopoly promotion we won a free sundae ;o)

free sundae

And yesterday we went to Southend ;o)

We played on the beach, and me & Evie shared a portion of chips ;o)

sharing some chips

Friday 3 April 2015

Blooming rain

Because of the rain today we couldn't go to Southend....
We are still deciding what to do.
Evie has already decided that she wants to eat out ;o)