Sunday 27 July 2008

A Donut Too Far

Well this is my first blog and my first post (ever) so lets hope its not too rubbish ;o)

I've had a couple of bad weeks...

Having had a Chinese takeaway two weeks ago. I thought I would be reasonably good and have steamed rice with beef with ginger and spring onions. What I really wanted was pork fried rice.

Then last week we went to Smollenskys in Canary Wharf, I had the slow cooked lamb shank for my entree and chocolate mudcake for my dessert. I really wanted the Grandma Smollenskys peanut butter cheesecake but they didn't have any left (a good excuse to make sure we go back again in my opinion ;o)).

And if that wasn't naughty enough I also had two chocolate iced krispy kreme donuts (over two days I should add).

Oh, we also stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Docklands where we had an all you can eat buffet breakfast, so I went completely over the top and had two (yes two) loads of full English breakfast (a total of four sausages, three pieces of fried bread two fried eggs, two slices of bacon and loads of mushrooms), I then thought I better "even" this out with some fruit and had a token bowl of kiwi fruit, a chopped up banana and a chopped up peach (yes, that will definitely even out the bad stuff I ate ;o)).

Anyhow I weighed myself in Boots this morning and have (not surprisingly - I hear you say) put on two pounds.

I shall weigh myself again next Sunday and hopefully I will have lost something (if only the 50p it costs ;o)).

Hopefully this post hasn't been too bad ;o)

See ya all real soon