Tuesday 31 July 2012

a date not a year

Yesterday I had my dentist appointment.

I had a raging headache as I was walking into town (but I put that down to nerves).

We got there and I used Evies lightweight buggy as I had to lug it up a flight of stairs.

So we got up there and I gave them my name and had to fill out a new patient form (the dental assistant saw that I had Evie with me and asked if I needed a hand I told her that I was ok ;o)).

So after I filled in the form I was called into the examination room and sat down on the examination seat, Evie was in her buggy in front of me so that she could see what was happening.

When the dentist lowered the chair this would be the telling sign if Evie was going to "kick off" luckily she was ok ;o)

I was then asked a load of questions about my health and if I had any pains (well nothing except for James of course ;o)), and then came the "when was the last time you had been to the dentist" so I said 1986 the dentist then said to her assistant "you are going to have to work that one out" so I said it was 26 years, and the dentist then said that she was expecting a date not a year.

Then the dentist started checking my teeth telling her assistant what teeth I had and which ones had been removed and that the gaps had closed up, then she said that they would do some x-rays just to make sure that nothing evil lurked within and if nothing came out of it all that I would need was a clean and polish.

They had to take Evie out of the room while they did the x-ray (I was asked if I was ok with this and I was) the dental assistant stayed in the corridor with her ;o)

The clean & polish was then done (I was quite nervous when the dentist and her assistant got out the eye protection ;o)  I know that I said that I had had a bad experience when I was 14!

I then rinsed out my mouth while they checked the x-rays and they said that they were all ok ;o)

And that I was lucky that all that I needed after 26 years was a clean & polish and that I must be doing something right ;o)

I was then told that I could leave but if I wanted to experience having a filling then I was more than welcome!  Er no thank you you are alright on that one ;o)

I had to book James another appointment because his teeth are still giving him some gyp.

Throughout the whole appointment I kept on thinking to myself be brave for Evie you dont want to freak her out, but luckily it went better than I had expected ;o)

Both the dental assistant and the receptionist asked if I needed a hand going back downstairs (I had already accepted the offer from the dental assistant and she gave Evie a cuddle when we were downstairs (she has a little boy whos first birthday is tomorrow).

Monday 30 July 2012

big baby little baby

Last night we decided to move Evie into her cot, as she is now almost filling her moses basket.

We washed her bedding at the weekend so the smell would be familiar for her.

I tried putting Evie into the cot yesterday after her afternoon nap just so that she would familiar with it but she just wanted to be fed.

So last night after her last feed at 9pm I got her off to sleep and then put her in the cot I then switched on the baby monitor and went to sleep myself (hee hee I cant do late nights anymore ;o)).

She looks so small in her cot now, we kept on checking on her in the night and she was stretched right out (which is something she couldnt do in the moses basket anymore) and slept right through to 5.30 am.

She woke up and had a little whinge but whether that was because she had just woken up or not I dont know.

Anyway she is sleeping again in her cot ;o)

Sunday 29 July 2012

thank you Evie

Thank you Evie for being born and not making Mummy go to work during the Olympic Games.

I just know that travelling into London on the train would have been a complete nightmare especially as all trains stop at Stratford (where the Olympic Park is).

Evie decided to cheer on Team GB on the day of he opening ceremony ;o)

Thursday 26 July 2012

Babies in the office

Last night I finally got to watch Babies in the Office as I had sky+ it ;o)

I can see the whole concept of taking Evie into work with me as being both great and stressful.

LOL when I told my bosses that I was pregnant they said that they would work out where to put the creche, so I e-mailed them saying that I could set up a playarea at the back of the office for Evie...

...for some reason I havent had a reply yet ;o)

Wednesday 25 July 2012

tooth hurty

For the past few days James has had bad toothache...

...last night he was in absolute agony.

Neither of us has been to the dentist in years - for me I havent been back since they took my braces out when I was 16!  I had a bad experience when I was 14 - they had to take out some teeth  while I was awake (because I have a small mouth and hearing my teeth crunching really freaked me out).

As Evie is now on the scene I thought that I might as well register myself with a dentist at the same time as getting James done.

James has an appointment today at 12 and I for my troubles have one on Monday at 10.30 am.

I am absolutely dreading it!

Sunday 22 July 2012

they are calling them Summer opening times

We were in Marks & Spencer yesterday and saw a sign about their Summer Opening times, this must be the relaxing of the Sunday trading law that i heard would be happening.

So with this tidbit of information I decided that we should see if Sainsburys would be open earlier too, lol I even made James go home via there yesterday ;o)  There was nothing on the door and when I asked at customer services they said that they were open at the normal times 9.30 am to 4pm but you cant buy anything until 10 am.  I really think that Sainsburys are missing a trick here especially with their locality to Stansted Airport and the people who are going to fly to that airport thinking that its in London!  Sorry that is one of my many bugbears.

We are now in the Summer Holidays and six weeks of there being no activities for babies!  Its not like babies dont ever get bored is it?  I popped into the cinema to ask about the Newbies screenings and they told me that they arent being shown during the school holidays as they cant fit them in!  Thats total rubbish and just because with the few people that attend they can make more money out of the school kids - just be honest about it!  They did suggest that we go to see the kids club films instead and they are showing every day during the school holidays.  So I had a look at this weeks offering and it is Diary of a Wimpy Kid which I dont really fancy.

Friday 20 July 2012


I got an e-mail yesterday from Race For Life saying that our event has been postponed until 16th September because of the weather (the car park is waterlogged).

I did a search to see if there was another one that I could go to instead but all of the other ones in our area have already taken place.

At least with it now being in September it means that Evie will be that little bit bigger for when my friends see her ;o)

Hopefully the weather will be ok that day.

Thursday 19 July 2012

eating better

It has always been a struggle getting Evie to eat very much...

...usually if we are out then she is too distracted by whats happening around us and will only eat a few spoonfuls before she starts crying.

On Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes we were out and on both occasions she ate most of what was in the little pots of food that I had prepared ;o)

She is also eating here a lot better too ;o)

Monday 16 July 2012

adding some meat

While out getting the food shopping yesterday I bought some meat that I will be able to add to Evies food.

I bought some chicken thighs, pork shoulder steaks, and lamb rump steaks.

Last night I had 2 chicken thighs, asparagus, sprouting broccoli, sugar snap peas and potatoes for my dinner, so I saved a tiny piece of chicken, a potato, a sprouting broccoli, and an asparagus spear  for her to have for dinner tonight.

I whizzed it up in the mini blender and added some mango to give it some sweetness.

Hopefully she will eat it ok ;o)

Sunday 15 July 2012

I ordered the wrong size anyway

In April me & my friends entered Race for Life in honour of our friend Emma.

We each bought a t-shirt to wear for our event (which happens to be next Sunday) but none of them turned up.

I asked for a refund of mine and one of my friends tees (as I had registered both of us together).

So this morning I went into the Cancer Research shop in Chelmsford High Street and found the size I had ordered (but when I held it up it looked too small) so I bought the biggest size that they had (hee hee Im blaming it on the baby weight ;o)).

My other friend had re-ordered her one and it arrived a week later (it was cutting it a bit too fine for me to do the same thing).

But at least I have it now ;o)

Wednesday 11 July 2012

something she actually liked

It has been a real struggle to get Evie to eat more than a few mouthfuls most of the time.

Yesterday I was doing Evie a batch of apple puree and decided to add some to the half a potato and a couple of thin asparagus spears that I had saved for her from my dinner last night.

When I gave her her dinner (of this concoction) last night she really enjoyed it.

I shall have to make sure that I start adding some fruit to all of her meals as that may mean that she  will start eating more

Although one of the NCT Mums said that she read that "food under one... just for fun".  I know that I shouldnt really obsess about how much she is eating as she is putting on weight ok and is still her normal happy self ;o)

LOL the concoction that I gave her yesterday reminded me of the "recipes" as me & my brother would call them that Mum used to make when we were kids - I cant exactly remember what they were (and probably werent weird at all) but I am talking thirty years ago now...

...I feel mega old now thinking that it was that long ago ;o)

Tuesday 10 July 2012

a local food bank

The other day James picked up a leaflet about a food bank opening in Chelmsford and that there is a donation point (for this week only) in town.

Anyway yesterday I made sure that I left early enough so that I could pop into Tesco to buy some food for the food bank.

There seems to be several different lists of what stuff they need and one of them mentioned nappies and baby formula - so I bought a packet of nappies (size 3 that Evie wears) and a freebie carton of formula (its a different make to what we normally use).

I think that these food banks are a great idea and I am sure that it is something that my Mum would  have needed to use (when me & my brother were kids) so I am more than happy to donate to them  and to help someone in need.

Sunday 8 July 2012

eating finger foods

When I took Evie to get weighed the other week the Health Visitor told me to try her next on finger foods.

So we have been giving her slices of apple, carrot batons and bits of bread which she has happily sucked on until yesterday.

Yesterday I cut up a peach to eat and when I realised that it was nice and sweet (the last one I tried to feed her on was under ripe) I gave her a slice to hold and she was sucking on it and when I looked closely she had actually managed to bite gum some of it off and eat it ;o)

Then last night I had done myself some pasta with my dinner and gave Evie a piece to hold and I was really surprised that she managed to bite gum some of that off too, I took the pasta off of her after that as I am not too sure if she is able to have it yet.

So I gave her an asparagus spear and saw that she had again bitten gummed some off and when I came to undress her she had loads of it around her neck (but I couldnt see any of the earlier peach or pasta).

I shall ask the health visitor when I see her on Wednesday - James thinks that if Evie is happy to eat it then to let her ;o)

Thursday 5 July 2012

cashing in

I was in Starbucks yesterday after going to the cinema (we saw Snow White & The Huntsman).

And I saw a sign up saying that on Saturday (as the olympic torch goes through Chelmsford) that our store will be open from 5.15am!  I didnt get a chance to take a photo as I was holding Evie (but it did make me smile that they are cashing in.

It seems that the torch is staying overnight in Chelmsford,  It wouldnt surprise me if it stays in The County Hotel or perhaps if they are strapped for cash then it will be more likely be at The Premier Inn

I doubt that we will see the torch as I think that the high street will be rammed with people and as Evie is now sitting up like a big girl I dont think that she will like all of the crowds!

Monday 2 July 2012

she will enjoy it more in September

I have just called the lady at Tumble Tots but because Evie is unable to sit unaided or to crawl then Evie wont be able to get the most out of it.

So we shall go in September then and Evie will be moving about like a goodun ;o)

why is everything just in term time?

The sessions at the library have ended now until September (a couple of weeks earlier because the library staff are telling the kids to read during the school holidays).

It seems also that the cinema wont be showing its newbie screenings either (if the half term in June was anything to go by).

As Evie has now reached being 6 months old I thought that I would try and get her into going to Gymbabes but again from the literature they e-mailed me through that its in term time again!

Do these places really not think that babies need stimulation during the school holidays too!


Sunday 1 July 2012

trowelling it in

Yesterday James offered to feed Evie her lunch of pureed sweet potato ;o)

I gave him the bowl and hot footed it upstairs before he could change his mind ;o)

When I came back down 10 minutes later James had a huge smile on his face saying that he had cracked "the whole feeding Evie!"

So I watched him and lets just say that he fed Evie in a way not dissimilar to a cavity in the wall being filled!  But on the plus side she did take all of her food and she was smiling ;o)