Monday 31 October 2016

happy halloween

Last week we bought a pumpkin to carve...

my first pumpkin carve :)
...considering its my first time doing a pumpkin its not too bad :)

evie is saying this is nothing to do with me
happy halloween :)

all by herself

Evie got up just after me this morning, and did her usual (lying on her bed until I told her it was 7 am (breakfast time)), then at 7.20 I had to go to the loo and she told me that she wanted to get dressed downstairs, so she bought her clothes downstairs.

She then put on her polo top then her dress and next it was her tights, so I asked her if she wanted to give them a try and she said for me to do them so she then started putting them on and did it all by herself - so I have done a "wow star" for school.

her wow star
I have Evies  PE kit and bookbag by the door (I shall have to try to remember to bring down a pair of socks to put in her bag incase I forget to put her in trousers on PE day) :)

and happy birthday Eileen :)

Sunday 30 October 2016

so many rsvps

I would like to say that I have had so many rsvps that my sms text messages have stopped working :)

Well I have only had one response and that was a "no" "F's great grandmother is 90 and they are having a party for her".

In reality I have only sent nine invitations so far with one acceptance and two declines.

I shall go trough the list in the week with Evie and decide who else to invite (and hopefully I will have had a few more replies by then).

Its back to rushing about again from tomorrow...

Friday 28 October 2016

reaching the postbox

Yesterday we sent out our first invitations (to my antenatal friends)...

...on our way to the post box I asked Evie who was going to post the invitations.  Was it going to be me or her.  She said that she would do it and I would lift her up :)

So we got to the post box and I asked Evie to see if she could reach it...

...and she could (so there was no lifting needed :)) so I handed her each invitation and told her who it was for and she put it in the box (there were only five to do :)).

We have another one to post this morning, so I will let Evie post that one too on our way to the play date that we postponed earlier in the week.

Tuesday 25 October 2016

more excited than Evie

I have booked Evies fifth birthday party :)

Its going to be at a soft play place, as Evie doesnt really join in that much at the parties we have gone to with a disco etc, and we know she will enjoy herself more doing soft play :).

We are now deciding who to invite (and there is a set of twins in her class so I dont want to invite one and not the other :)).

we need a minimum of 16 kids, so we will be inviting our friends kids first and then decide who else to invite after that :).

As its just before Christmas I know that not everyone will be able make it.

Monday 24 October 2016

postponed play date

Ive just had a text from my friend, her daughter isnt well, so were going to meet the Friday instead.

soft play date

We are going to a soft play place today with a friend from Tumble Tots.

Evie has already said she doesnt want to go :)

But I know she will have fun once we get there :)

Sunday 23 October 2016

lunches booked to Christmas

Evies school lunches are on a four week rota.

As she has now done five weeks (and its half term) I have booked all of Evies lunches up until Christmas (which is as far as they will let me do it anyway).

Every day I have asked her if her lunch gets a tick or a cross and she always says a tick so apart from the first day when she said that she wanted pepperoni pizza and not cheese and tomato we have stuck to our original choices.

I will now put a reminder in for the start of the Christmas holidays :)

no new negatives

On Thursday I had our first school parents evening...

...a friend had already told me to look out for the pictures that the kids had done of themselves on the wall outside

So I got into the classroom and found Evies books

there was her learning journal which had pictures of her and what she had been getting upto :)

maths - which was all things numbers

literacy - which was all things words :)

then came to the chat with the teacher...

...he told me that she was very quiet at first and not joining in but just hovering and that she doesnt hover so much anymore but she still isnt really playing with the other children yet.

I told him that she has told me that she has made some friends and he said that it was good that she was talking about other children.

He also mentioned that she was slow eating her lunch and that she doesnt have time for a play after (she has told me that she does have a little play after her lunch) he said that it was important that she eats her lunch and that as she spends so long in there its hard to know how much she has eaten - I said that she doesnt come home starving so she must be eating enough at lunchtime.

He then said that she is slow getting dressed /before/after PE, I told him that she does take a long time - he then said which did annoy me that he thought she had trouble putting her PE kit on (its a t-shirt and shorts) so I said she can get dressed she just takes "a hell of a long time" he thinks that I should get her to practice!

He also said that he thinks she had difficulty moving - I told him she can move but she just does it in her own time.

He said that they will work on getting Evie to play withe the other kids more, and I said that she has always don activities with other children such as Tumble Tots and tap dancing and swimming lessons.

But he was impressed that she knew all of her shapes so that was good :)

And that she is now going to the snack table to get herself a snack too :)

Her next parents evening is in March - so hopefully she has improved a bit :)

Thursday 20 October 2016

parents evening tonight

We have Evies very first school parents evening tonight :)

Unfortunately we cant take Evie with us (as they say that they have no facitilites for keeping the kids entertained - and the kids know how they are doing anyway) so I will be going alone...

...I asked James if he wanted to go instead and he said "no!".

I looked in Evies bookbag yesterday and she has done P

we tried the peter piper tongue twister but Evie found it too hard, so we went for Paul picked posies and had pizza and punch :)

So Evie can now write past, taps, pats and spat :)

Wednesday 19 October 2016

noT A boyfriend

On our way home Evie wanted to play in the playgound that we walk past, so we went in.

Evie then pulled a picture out of her pocket and told me that J had drawn it for her.

Evie did the scribbles in felt tip

So I asked her is J your boyfriend and she said "no I dont have a boyfriend I only have girlfriends, A, S & F"

So I asked her if she drew a picture for J and she said no, so I then asked if J drew a picture for anyone else and she said no.

When we got home I looked in her bookbag and she had more homework... we have come up with Toby the toad trod on the trampoline and had teacake and tea for his tea :)

Evie can now (if she wants to) write the word "sat"

Sunday 16 October 2016

calorific weeks

I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost another 3 lbs - so thats 13 lbs (almost a stone) in 8 weeks :)

I probably wont be weighing myself for a few weeks now as I have a few calorific weeks coming up.

Im meeting up with friends for lunch next Saturday and lunching with James' family one lunchtime during half term week.

And Im meeting a friend for a playdate probably at a softplay place on the Monday too.

Thursday 13 October 2016


On Tuesday Evie had S to learn and yesterday it was A

we came up with Abigail the ant ate asparagus, apples and apricots while ascending down the avenue :)  Hee hee James pointed out that you ascend up!

So if she ever wants to she can write the word as :)

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Liebster Award

Yay I have been awarded the Liebster Award from Captain Kirt :)

thanks Kirt

What I like about Kirts blog is that he is honest and writes about his homelife with his daughters and his wife and his job and manages to fit star trek/star wars in it too :)

One of the things that I have to do is write a short essay about someones blog that I like...

...well Im going to go for Eileen and her blog Yet Another Coffee To Go, she writes honestly and candidly about her homelife with her husband and their adorable rescue dog Annie, and the things that they get upto whether good or bad and the friends (mainly with 4 legs) that they meet along the way, and their visits to the park and the beach (when out of season), and showing us the dog friendly cafes that she finds so she can of course have her "coffee to go" :)

She is like a second Mum :) and I have great respect for her and her family because of all the kind things that they do for dogs.

I also have to answer the 10 questions that Kirt has asked...

1- why did you start blogging? it was to write about my diet experiences - I had just lost 4 1/2 stone in wight :)
2 - if you were a time traveler would you go forwards or backwards? oh definitely backwards (but making sure that I didnt effect anything).
3 - what is your idea of a great evening? Getting Evie to bead early and having a nice relaxing time watching tv :)
4 - who would you love to be stuck in a lift with? a tricky one mmmmmmm Gary & George from Australian Masterchef I think
5 - what scares you - I mean really scares you? crossing the road - I got knocked down when I was 20 (and I still hate crossing the road even now).
6 - if you were a cartoon character which one would you be? Bob Goblin from Wallykazan
7 - If you won the lottery (or came into a large sum of money) what would you go out and buy first? a new house with lots of room and a huge garden
8 - When you're in the car alone (if you don't drive then think of a similar circumstance where you're alone with a radio) what would you turn the radio on to? Mark Kermodes Film Review show
9 - star wars or star trek - it has to be star wars
10 - gravy or no gravy - has to be no gravy.

gosh now my questions...

1 - what is your favourite chocolate bar?
2 - what colour eyes have you got?
3 - do you prefer cats or dogs?
4 - drink in or take out?
5 - who is your favourite band?
6 - what colour describes you best?
7 - what is your favourite smell?
8 - describe the cup you drink your first cuppa from?
9 - what do you collect?
10 - what socks are you wearing?

Now I have to do my own nominations (I am supposed to do between 5 and 10 (but I honestly dont follow that many)...

I know that Kirt has already done Eileen (so I wont do her)

The only one who blogs (and doesnt already have an award) is Timothy aka Agent 54 he has a great sense of humour and is totally wacky :)

As I have only nominated one person - if you chose to accept please read the rules (there is a link to the top of the page)

I hope that I have covered everything...

And if anyone else wishes to answer my questions, please feel free to comment :)

first homework

I opened Evies bookbag when we got home from school and I found homework in ther for us to do :)

we practices them in the bath last night

the silly stinky spider wore socks and skates and had sausages for her supper and she slid and slipped down the slope :)

Tuesday 11 October 2016

school picture day

Today Evie has her school photo done :)

I have written her name on her hairbrush and will pop it into her bookbag (for if they need to do her hair).

It will be the first time that I havent been with her for her photo being done.

I remember when I was at school my Mum would always tell me to make sure I took my glasses off for the photo (but I dont think I ever remembered :)).

Sunday 9 October 2016

booksale book

When I picked Evie up from school, I asked her what book she had bought and she said that she had bought a book about princesses :)

So when we got home I opened her bookbag and found the book...

LOL some of the things are quite hard to find.

it took a while to find the crown (even with my new glasses)

And everytime I try to look in the book Evie takes it off of me.

this was as far as I was allowed to look!

Friday 7 October 2016

new glasses

Here I am wearing my new glasses :)

my new glasses
Theyre good but its blurry if I look out of the side of the lens, I have been told to go back in 2 weeks if it hasnt improved by then (so I get used to my new prescription).

error of the human kind

When I got my eyes tested I was told that my glasses would be ready in about 2 weeks... on Monday I rang the opticians and were told that one pair was in and the other pair would be in later in the week, amd that they would call me when they were in.

Yesterday I still hadnt got a call so I rang them, I spoke to B and she told me that my distance glasses were in but my reading glasses still werent in and she looked at the date that they were ordered and said that she would chase them up for me, and she would call me back at some point.

I finally got a phone call and was told that it wasnt good news... lenses hadnt passed quality control due to human error (by the people who do the lenses) and that it would be another 2 weeks before my reading glasses are ready!  till she did say that she was sorry.

Im going to go into town today as I want to pick up my glasses and I dont really want to have to wait another 2 weeks before getting them.

Today Evie's school has a second hand bookstall so I have put 50p in her bookbag, it will be interesting to see what book she chooses :)

We also have a parents evening coming up in a few weeks and the school doesnt trust us to do it electronically and we have to fill out a form with our first, second and third choices of time slots.

Also we cant both go as we cant take Evie with us which is a shame.

Tuesday 4 October 2016

job application


...I have applied for a job :)

As a Lunch Time Assistant (a posh word for a dinner lady), at Evies school.

Perhaps I should watch dinnerladies so I can know what to expect :)

Sunday 2 October 2016

school cold

On Friday morning Evie did a few sneezes and when she was queuing to go into her classroom I noticed her wipe her nose on her sleeve...

...I did offer to blow her nose for her but she didnt want me to.

She came home at the normal time and definitely had a cold.

On Friday night she went to bed early (she wanted to go to bed after she had finished her dinner) and she woke up at about 1.30 am and had a temperature so I gave her some medicine and she went off to sleep.

She has had a cough and didnt feel upto doing her swimming lesson or tap dancing.

I think she is hoping that she "can not feel upto going to school" too tomorrow so that will be fun :)

The new John Lewis has opened in town, so I went there on Friday and bought some of my favourite bodywash although I havent tried that flavour yet :) and Hotel Chocolat has opened too :)

I weighed myself yesterday and have lost another 3 lbs, so that 10 lbs in 6 weeks :)