Sunday 28 February 2016

a hole already

One of the tops I bought in Primark I noticed had a hole in it yesterday!

So I took it back today and got my money back on it, I wouldnt have minded so much if it had lasted until after the Summer (as it only cost me £6) but I had only worn it twice :(

Thursday 25 February 2016

Jasper is no better

Back in November I treated myself to a nicer handbag in the hope that it would last better...

...well on Tuesday on our way into town the shoulder strap broke!

So after going into The Enterntainer to change the Lalaloopsy tinies we went into Debenhams.

I chose a bag and asked a lady working in there where I go to do an exchange and she told me that she would do it for me at the nearest till.

So I told her that the bag had broke and that I wanted to exchange it for a new one.

She asked me when I had bought it and I told her it was in November and she went off to check that they could do an exchange and they could ;o)

new handbag

Tuesday 23 February 2016

exchanging duplicates

Evie has got into lalaloopsy tiny dolls mainly down to me seeing them in the penny sale (buy one full price and get one for a penny) in The Enterntainer - I thought that they could go in her treat box ;o)

On Friday James came home from work saying that he got four more packs of lalaloopsy tinies to make use of the penny sale ;o)

He then said all excitedly that he got one with a pirate and a mermaid (I then told him that I got one like that too but they might be different) having looked at the four packets he had got three of them were duplicates, but saying that Evie did lose one of the dolls (the pink one) in Sainsburys (so we will keep that packet).

Sunday 21 February 2016

I want to know which colour to buy

In Sainsburys they have a 25% off clothing on at the moment....

....I saw that they have in the entrance a rail of school dresses.  The dresses hanging up were the button fastening ones but having looked at the website I see they do zip fastening ones too.  I think that the zip ones will be easier for Evie (at the moment).

I want to buy Evie one but still need to know which colour to get her we dont find out which school we get until April!

Thursday 18 February 2016

knickers and nighties

Yesterday I took Evie into town...

We decided to have a look in Primark...

I saw tow nice tops that I liked but couldnt see any bigger sizes so I asked a person in there if they had any bigger sizes and they said that sizes 14, 16, 18 & 20 werent in yet but they will be due in the next couple of days (as we are back in town today to get Evies hair cut I will have a look again today).

We went upstairs to look at the kids stuff and I got Evie 14 pairs of knickers (in age 4-5) and six nightdresses and a lovely daisy t-shirt too ;o)

I am not putting her into her 4-5 stuff yet but will do kt when the weather gets nicer in March or April or as and when her 3-4 stuff gets too small ;o)

Sunday 14 February 2016

flat hair valentine

Yesterday I went to the hairdressers...

...when they do my hair they always use straighteners to smooth out my hair ;o)

when I come home James always gets Evie to tell me that my hair looks nice ;o)

As well as telling me that my hair looked nice Evie also said that it looked flat... I asked her if she liked it looking flat and she said "no I like it when it goes up"

It reminds me of when brother #2 and my sister were little and one of them (cant remember which one) said that when I wore contact lenses that I didnt look like "Amber"!

When I picked Evie up from pre school on Friday one f the ladies told Evie to check her drawer as there were some bits in there and when I looked in there there was a valentines card ;o)

the valentines day card that Evie did for us

Thursday 11 February 2016

she will need to build up her stickers again

On Tuesday I took Evie back to the dance shop...

I explained to the bloke behind the counter what I wanted and he called down a lady from upstairs.

It was a different lady from last time, and I told her what I wanted.

She couldnt have been nicer, she got Evie to sit on a chair while she took Evies shoes off and put the tap shoes on, she then got her to stand on the floor so she could see that they were the right size and then got her to jump up and down ;o)

Evie well enjoyed it and said that she was jumping up and down in muddy puddles, I told her that she couldnt jump in puddles wearing her tap shoes!

I then asked the lady what size the new ones were and she said that they were US 8 1/2 ;o)

Evies new shoes
and her old shoes with all of the stickers
It is half tern next week, so she wont be getting her first sticker on her new shoes for a couple of weeks now.

Sunday 7 February 2016

wellies and trainers but no tap shoes yet

On Thursday I went into the dance shop to see if Evie needed some new tap shoes.

We went into the shop and I explained to the woman that Evies feet had grown and wanted to know if she also needed some new tap shoes.

I told her what size feet she had and was promptly told that they "do not offer a fitting service", fair enough...

I then told her that she had size 8 shoes (I was told that they are US sizes) she then told me they were UK sizes and that she would sell me a size 8 and measured it up against one of Evies tap shoes and (surprise surprise) they were the same size.

I wasnt convinced, and as I couldnt be sure (or be arsed) I didnt measure the tap shoe against her new shoes in the shop.

I did measure them though when I got home and sure enough the new shoes are bigger, so I will go back on Tuesday.

Yesterday we did our food shop, so while we were in there I looked at trainers and wellies for Evie

We bought her two pairs of wellies (one each for home and pre school) and a pair of trainers ;o)

new wellies and trainers

Thursday 4 February 2016

new shoes now tap shoes today

I took Evie to get her feet measured on Tueday...

...her feet hadnt grown since August so we were both well excited when teh lady told me that her feet were now 7 1/2 ;o)

The lady bought out all of the shoes in Evies size so that she could chose some...

...she chose some nice red shoes ;o)

So today we will go into the dance shop to see if she needs some new tap shoes too.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Groundhog Day

I was looking in the TV Guide on Saturday and saw that today on Sky Comedy Groundhog Day is on all day long ;o)

its on all day today