Sunday 28 February 2010

cruise booked

Yesterday I booked our annual holiday...

We (or rather I) decided to go for the cruise, I am well excited ;o) (picture me jumping up and down too!). Probably best not to as its not a pretty sight ;o).

So now instead of having one place to read up about I have seven ;o), I will also have to read up on all of the tours we can take/do.

Why do I do this to myself?

It has struck me that I have seen more of the USA than I have of the UK, I do feel bad about this!

As the joke says it rained once over the weekend, it started Saturday morning and finished Sunday evening (ok I am assuming that it will eventually stop).

Friday 26 February 2010

free fairtrade mid morning snack

To commemorate Fairtrade Fortnight I got an e-mail from Starbucks for a free yes free Fairtrade chocolate brownie to be used today when you buy any coffee based beverage.

Not wishing to look at todays gift brownie in the mouth I decided to go for it ;o)

I will eat my brownie as my mid morning snack ;o)

Sunday 21 February 2010

maybe a reason to buy a nice dress

Me and James have been looking at where to go for our holiday this year, and we have narrowed it down to a cruise. Weve never been cruising before.

Ever since I have lost weight I have been looking for a reason to buy a new small(er) size dress. Perhaps if we do book a cruise then this will be my excuse ;o)

It was great having a short week last week, it was good waking up on Wednesday knowing that it was my Friday!

We went to Lakeside on Thursday, we got there just before 9am so we could go to Starbucks, and the lazy people still hadnt opened up at 9.05 (I feel 5 minutes is a long enough leeway), so we went down to Costa instead. It makes me laugh I went to the trouble of asking for our drinks properly, ie a massimo skinny latte and a massimo skinny gingerbread latte, and the barista told the girl doing the drinks "two large skinny lattes one with gingerbread", whats the point in having fancy names for your drink sizes if the staff arent going to use them?

I have come to the conclusion that I maybe a chocolate snob, as I got some free chocolates from Thorntons, and they werent nearly as nice as the ones I get from the Chocolate Tasting Club. That reminds me my latest box arrived on Friday, I will post some pictures once Ive finished the Thorntons chocolates ;o).

Tuesday 16 February 2010

I shouldnt be dressing myself

When I get dressed in the mornings I am usually half asleep...

...yesterday morning was no exception.

I got dressed, had my breakfast of a cup of tea and a banana and went to work. Because its cold at work I put my cardigan on.

At lunchtime I took my cardigan off and put my fleece on to go out to get some lunch (a soup from Pret a Manger and mango fingers from Sainsburys).

I came back from lunch taking my fleece back off (and not putting my cardigan back on because I had warmed up).

I went down to get the mail going into the toilets first, looked in the mirror (this is not something I do very often ;o)), and shock horror I saw that my top was on inside out! INSIDE OUT! I rushed back into the cubicle to put my top back on properly.

I came back with the mail, and phew, nothing was said as clearly nobody was any the wiser!

All I can say is thank goodness it was cold and I was wearing my cardigan throughout the morning, and that it is Winter, as I wouldnt have been wearing a coat and fleece and people would have seen that I cant dress myself ;o)

Yes I have checked, double checked, triple checked and quadruple checked that what Im wearing today is on the right way around ;o)

Happy pancake day ;o)

Sunday 14 February 2010

you can tell theres a recession

You can tell that we are in the throws of a recession, by the amount of dine in for £10 type offers that are on offer in the supermarkets!

I think the in slogan is "eating in is the new eating out". If I could be arsed I would pop down to the pub tonight to see if it is jam packed with "loved up couples" going out for a meal for Valentines Day as has been the usual in years gone by.

Even Harvester are now offering soft drink free refills!

Sorry that this is being a pony post...

In other news Im only in work for 3 days this week as we have Thursday & Friday off, not too sure what we are going to do yet...

Wednesday 10 February 2010

fitter than I thought

I work on the third floor, and when I go to get the mail I have to go down to the basement. I always take the stairs in a bid to be healthy...

Our floors arent numbered when you walk up (or down) the stairs so I have to count the toilets (they alternate first floor gents and second floor ladies etc), the signs used to be slightly different on each floor, but now they are all the same! You can walk a few more steps and see what floor you are on in the entrance to the lifts. Or you can walk through to the offices and see what floor you are on by the suite numbers (I have done that before too normally seeing I am on the second floor rather than the third).

Yesterday I went downstairs to the basement to get the mail and on my way back up I was too busy thinking about chocolate to keep an eye as to what floor I was upto...

I saw the gents toilets and thought I must be on the first floor (and I wasnt feeling particularly tired either - which is normally another sign as to which floor I am at), so I walk up another flight of stairs see the ladies toilets and a bloke standing outside on his mobile (cell) phone - I couldnt remember which floor I normally see him on (which would have been another indicator). So I carry on walking up and suddenly I dont recognise what floor I am on, I walk past the lift doors and see that I have walked upto the fifth floor.

I walked up an extra two flights of stairs and felt no more tired than usual...

...I am definitely getting fitter ;o)

Sunday 7 February 2010

biometric me

My passport (that I applied for last week) arrived on Friday, and its biometric.

I thought that they would require retina scans and fingerprints to put into the chip. But apparently it does contain facial recognition software (Im thinking it should recognise me as long as I look miserable ;o) or should I say :o( - actually Im not supposed to look miserable either - so to have a neutral expression it will be more like :o).

The days are getting longer as in the mornings and evenings its not so dark ;o).

Did I say before that I have ordered my Chocolate tasting club Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat - I ordered the mixed egg and its now sold out - Im so glad I ordered it when I did ;o) I had one last year and it was REALLY nice ;o)

Thursday 4 February 2010

98 days...

I had a look at my countdown yesterday, and I have only 98 days left of being 30 something :o(

I dont want to be old!