Thursday 28 March 2013

still not quite there

For the past few weeks it has been getting hard to put Evie into her rear facing car seat because her legs are now quite long... a couple of weeks ago I asked one of the sales assistants in Mothercare and she said that Evie has to be at least 20 pounds!  When I got her weighed in January she was a tad under 17lbs so not even near to the magic 20.

I decided to take Evie to get weighed again yesterday thinking or rather hoping that she would have put on three pounds in three months.

She is now nearly 19lbs so is doing better than I thought she would but still not quite there.

Also I dont need to get Evie completely undressed when I get her weighed anymore either ;o)

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Evie leading Mummy

Yesterday was our last session at Gymbabes before the Easter holiday...

When we get there I let Evie have a crawl around and I follow her to make sure that she doesnt make an escape ;o)

She crawled straight to the swing ;o)

As the little ones arent supposed to play on the stuff until after the "song", I will normally let her play on whatever she has crawled upto but I couldnt exactly say that she had "accidentally" got lifted up and then strapped into the swing could I? ;o)

So when the session had officially started we went straight for the swing and then she went to the swing again just before we were finishing ;o)

Sunday 24 March 2013

Test ftom my smartphone

I got myself a smartphone last week and have just downloaded the blogger and flickr apps.
Cant believe I am being so technological

spring snow

Yesterday was the first day of spring...

...and thanks to global warming or should that be cooling we had snow yesterday!

It is still snowing today but its very light...

Thursday 21 March 2013

she is eating it

Yesterday I bought some raisin and cinnamon bagels for Evie to try...

...this morning I toasted one for our breakfast.

Evie is eating a quarter of a toasted bagel with butter on ;o)

Wednesday 20 March 2013

a man who can eventually

The other week James noticed some damp patches on our lounge ceiling so he went upstairs to see where they were coming from...

...he then came back downstairs to say that there was a pipe leak in our airing cupboard :o(

As we have a homecare agreement with British Gas James called them out and because of having Evie we got an emergency appointment.

The bloke turned up and looked in our airing cupboard and said that he didnt have the valves that he would need but would be back on Wednesday and would do the boiler service too.

So on Wednesday I made sure that I got dressed when I got up (we didnt want to frighten the poor bloke with me still being in my dressing gown or anything ;o)) and did Evies bath quickly (she wasnt too happy about that I can tell you).

The bloke then turned up just as we were coming downstairs (so I was glad that we were ready) so I left him to do his stuff while me and Evie played in the lounge...

...about 5 minutes later he tells me that he cant get up into the loft on account of there being so much stuff up there (hee hee it was 50% that and 50% him being overweight) and that we would have to clear a path to the tank for him and that he would be back next Wednesday at roughly the same time.

He then did our boiler service which was all fine and dandy ;o)

James cleared a path in our loft so he could get through next time.

So the next Wednesday came and again I got dressed early and Evie had a quick bath and again she  wasnt happy about it...

...the time that the engineer was supposed to turn up came and went and there was no sign of him at all.

Then it got to Evies lunchtime (so I thought of Murphys Law and that he would more than likely turn up now) but there was still no sight of him.

I eventually called them to find out when he would turn up to be told that they had called me 10 minutes earlier to say that the engineer has been busy and that the appointment would now be in the afternoon!

Why they didnt bother to leave an ansafone message I dont know so not trusting them I rang 1471 and sure enough they did call!

Then an hour later they called back to say that they would have to reschedule the appointment for yesterday morning.

So yesterday I got dressed early again and there was no having to do the quick bath either as we dont do the bath on Tuesdays.

Like last Wednesday the bloke still hadnt turned up by lunchtime so I e-mailed James (as he said that he would chase them up if I needed him to) and told him that if they didnt turn up today then I wouldnt waste another day waiting for them and he would have to get him Dad to come around.

James then came back to me and said that we were the next call and we should get a call in the next 45 minutes... hour later still no sign of anyone.

So James called them back and they said that they couldnt get hold of the engineer and they would call him back.

I then get a phone call saying that the engineer would be with me in 20 minutes.

And yes he did turn up and our leak is now sorted.

He then said that we have a really old boiler (we have been in the house from new for 18 years) and that they dont make parts for it anymore and that they may not be able to fix it next time, and has arranged for someone to give us a no obligation estimate for a new one.

I know that its going to be expensive as the bloke said that British Gas are giving £450 off at the moment!

Monday 18 March 2013

now you see her now you dont

While I was giving Evie her dinner last night we were playing a game...

now you see her

now you dont ;o)

I wonder how long she will let me play games with her like this ;o)

downloaded downloads

Last night I started listening to the last of the downloads that I would be unsure about...

I knew that the Confessions podcasts would be good and they didnt disappoint ;o)

I was laughing so much listening to one of them that I thought that I might wake Evie up ;o)

Last night listened to all three of the other ones...

Letter from America will be deleted as it wasnt my thing - but at least I gave it a try ;o)

Excess Baggage I will definitely be listening to the remaining 84 episodes ;o)

And I am halfway through Kitchen Cabinet I am still unsure about whether to listen to the remaining 16 episodes...

Sunday 17 March 2013

silent treatment

James is currently not talking to me at the moment ;o)

It reminds me of a few years ago in my last but one job ;o)

I mentioned about going to lunch with my new team which meant that I wouldnt be able to go with my old team for "chips Friday" (we would go to the chip shop and buy a portion of chips each and would sit in Mitre Square and eat them).

My friend decided to give me the silent treatment by sending me blank e-mails and when I phoned her to say her e-mails were coming through blank her colleague e-mailed me saying that she was giving me the silent treatment and that I shouldnt encourage her!

So I e-mailed back saying ha ha ha ;o)

Friday 15 March 2013

how can he let this happen

James has been eating his honey nut shredded wheat when I have been giving it to Evie so that it soaks up her milk (the cheek of it)...

...yesterday he left out a box crispy minis and when Evie had had enough of her honey shreddies I then broke them up and added some of the crispy minis and broke them up too making one huge concoction.

I knew that she wasnt overly impressed as she started pulling bits out of her mouth (it was the bits that didnt break down too easily and some of the chocolate chips too).

So I chucked what was left away (still she did have a lot of it ;o)).

I told James that she didnt like them and that we would stick with the shredded wheat and he then said that he didnt think that he had many left!

So on our way home I popped into Tesco and bought a box of bitesize shredded wheat ;o)

Thursday 14 March 2013


As I had stayed in all day yesterday waiting for the gas man who they eventually rescheduled at 2pm (I will blog about this another day) ;o) me and Evie went with James to Sainsburys ;o)

As I ususally do I went to have a look at the Easter Eggs ;o)

And blow me down there was a £2 offer on loads of their eggs ;o)

So James bought a Twirl one for himself, a Yorkie one for his Dad, and I got myself another Butterscotch one ;o)

So I now have three thats right THREE eggs to scoff over Easter...

I can just hear my Mum saying thats greedy and being gutted that she cant come and help me eat them ;o)

Monday 11 March 2013

I wasnt rooting for either of them

Last night was the final of Dancing on Ice...

the Finalists were Beth Tweddle (who won), Luke Campbell and Matt Lapinskas I really didnt have a liking of any of them...

On the other hand had Keith Chegwin and Joe Pasquale (who I once hated with a passion) been in the final then it would have been a different matter.

Evie enjoyed watching it with me too because of all of the dancing ;o)

Sunday 10 March 2013

chucking chin chocolate chunks

When me & James get our coffees we always go for the non fat milk and sugar free syrups ;o)

Evie clearly thought that that was completely wrong ;o)

Yesterday we were having a coffee before getting some bits for our lunches and dinners before doing our big shop today...

James had a chocolate chunk shortbread with his skinny sugar free hazelnut latte, Evie was sitting on his lap and he gave her a piece of shortbread to eat...

,,,I saw a bit fall down and asked him if it went into his drink (Evie must have heard this - what   Kelly said is correct ;o) not that I doubted you) and then she dropped some pieces of chocolate chunks into his drink thus replacing the sugar and fat in one foul swoop ;o)

James obviously enjoyed the chocolatyness as today he sprinkled some chocolate powder into his drink ;o).

Today is Mothers Day and Evie bought me this book and a water bottle with a detachable bottom ;o)

Ever since this years Easter Eggs have been on sale (since Boxing Day I might add) I have been on the lookout for deals on Green & Blacks eggs and today they were on sale for £4 instead of £6.  I didnt really want to pay £6 so am well chuffed ;o)

And yesterday Evie took a step with her baby walker and she did a few more steps today so that James could see also ;o)

Happy Mothers Day Mum ;o)

Friday 8 March 2013

will fit through most letter boxes

I was sitting there licking my wounds yesterday afternoon (we hadnt gone out as it was still raining and Evie is still a bit snotty from her cold) and the doorbell rang... I scooped Evie up to go to the front door (she would have followed mew out anyway) and the postman handed me the post and then said that he had a package for me... soon as I saw the box I squealed that it was my Easter Egg ;o)

We then laughed that on the box it said "will fit through most letter boxes".

So I grabbed hold of my package and have it hidden away until Easter ;o)

Thursday 7 March 2013

rain has stopped play

I have just rang the Virgin balloon flight line and because of unsettled weather the trip has been cancelled.

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed and a bit relieved all at the same time...

Oh well now to decide who to ask to go with me next time ;o)

balloon day

Today (providing the weather is nice) is my Virgin Hot Air Balloon ride day ;o)

What is scaring me most is the landing (and me forgetting what I am supposed to do).

But I have looked at some photos and the people didnt look distressed and they had smiles on their faces...

...ok I know that they arent going to show pictures of a person puking their guts up but still.

I will be calling the flight line just after 12 to see if it is still going ahead...

...I shall keep you posted ;o)

Wednesday 6 March 2013

I knew that it would come in handy

Yes I am talking about James cereal obsession ;o)

For the fast few days Evie has only been picking at her Honey Cheerios I put it down to her cold after only having three of the cheerios I decided to try her on something different Curiously Strawberry and she ate them even picking ones out of her bowl too ;o)

Tuesday 5 March 2013

still going

Poor James has a fear of heights so I was well surprised when his brother and sister in law bought us the balloon ride I asked James if he thought that he would be ok doing it and he said that his fear had gone.

So I booked our trip again asking him before I did it and he said yes he will be ok.

Yesterday he then says that no he isnt ok doing it and doesnt think that he can brave it out.

So I will be doing the trip on my own but if it gets cancelled I will do it with a friend...

Sunday 3 March 2013

stair climbing

On Friday I was getting my lunch out of the fridge and out of the corner of my eye I could see Evie  by the stairs and then she managed to lift her knee onto the stair and pull her other leg up ;o)

Like any good Mum would do I got the camera out and videod motion pictured her going up here and here I bet you thought that I was going to say about getting out the safety gates didnt you?

Well we now have safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs ;o)

I did tell her that she couldnt go up the stairs unless me or James are with her but I dont think that she understood me...

I was checking through my e-mails this morning and there was a world book night e-mail asking me where I want to pick my books up from so I have chosen the library as I am pretty sure that if I had chosen Waterstones then I would have had to collect them from upstairs.