Thursday 31 January 2013

Evies first (magna) doodle

Yesterday I bought Evie a magna doodle type toy ;o)

So I showed Evie how to use it (whilst doing another photo for Project Flickr in the process ;o))

and this is Evies first doodle ;o)

We are very proud of it ;o)

Wednesday 30 January 2013

helping to sort out the laundry

Ever since Evie was tiny I have had her lying on the bed to help me do the laundry (after it has dried)... started with her just lying there then she started watching what I was doing and then she started grabbing hold of whatever was within reach and has graduated to this ;o)

Tuesday 29 January 2013

the wrong Mummy

Me & Evie were at Gymbabes yesterday and one of the other Mummies was kneeling on the floor...

...Evie crawled upto her and started rubbing her legs and tugging at her t-shirt ;o)

At least she was doing it to someone that I am sort of friendly with rather than a complete stranger ;o)

Sunday 27 January 2013

father & daughter moments

We went back into town yesterday afternoon as James tends to get bored if we stay in.

So we went and had a coffee... Evie was getting restless James gave her his mobile phone to hold ;o)

We think that she was tweeting "in bux with the crustyz lol" ;o)

She managed to establish that phones dont bounce no matter how hard you throw them!

James went to Poundworld (apparently just having Poundland in Chelmsford wasnt enough!).

When James got back I told him that Evie had put his phone through horrors that no phone should ever endure ;o)

Evie then got tired and fell asleep on James...

...he then used the peace & quiet to do some texting of his own ;o)

Thursday 24 January 2013

not chunky enough

Since sorting out her clothes Evies babygrows (from Tesco & Next) are hindering her crawling :o(

The problem is that she isnt chunky enough and her legs get caught up in the body!

So yesterday I bought her six pairs pf pajamas these, these & these and I bought this too because it was really cute ;o)

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Im glad we went

As we still have snow I was umming and ahhing about whether to go to Gymbabes.

As James had said that it wasnt icy I decided that we might as well go especially as I had already paid for the sessions up until half term (and they dont refund or credit for missed classes).

When we got there we saw that there was a tunnel (with the ends elevated) with balls in the middle ;o)

I thought to myself right we are definitely going to do that...

...especially as the ball pool just before Christmas was commandeered by three kids who have since moved up to the next class (as they are now walking).

So when we were told that we could start we went straight for the tunnel...

...Evie absolutely loved it but I took her out after five minutes because this other boy was trying to push her out of the way (and there was already someone in the other end).

The ball tunnel was finally free about five minutes before the class was about to end so I put Evie in there and she loved it again, so much so that I couldnt get her to come out and I had to go in head first to pull her out ;o)

She was then crying because she wanted to go back in...

Sunday 20 January 2013

a lot of fine snow

It started snowing on Friday but me & Evie were staying in anyway.

Friday night we had a bit of snow and it had settled and yesterday we had some more snow too.

And today it has been snowing since 9 am...

...we really dont have a lot to show for it...

It is actually snowing in the photo also!

Friday 18 January 2013

sorting out her next load of clothes

Evie has had a bit if a growth spurt and I have had to put a lot of her babygrows into my bag for a friend who is having a little girl in March.

I tend to buy her stuff in the sale or from supermarkets and just buy bits and bobs as I see them and it soon adds up ;o)

Yesterday I spent a good hour taking off the labels of her next lot of clothes - she will now be into her 9-12 month stuff.

One of the other Mums said that her daughter who is 4 days younger than Evie is still in her 6-9 month stuff so I dont feel too bad about it.

And when you look at how chubby her fingers are you know that she is doing ok...

Anyway the second lot of washing is now on and Ive got to do Evies breakfast.

I think that I still have another couple of loads to do too!

Hee hee and now I can start looking at 12-18 month stuff ;o)

Wednesday 16 January 2013

just a clean & polish

Me & James both had dental check ups yesterday...

I have always hated going to the dentist hence my 26 year wait last time!

James went in first and needed to have a filling...

...I then went in and the dentist told me (as she could see how tense I was) that I could relax as she couldnt find anything ;o)

She just gave me a clean & polish ;o)

At least thats over with for another 6 months.

Monday 14 January 2013

all wired up

Yesterday there was a joint first birthday party for all of the children in our NCT group.

One of the Mums made a chocolate cake and had some cake pops made with the babies names on ;o)

We had hired some soft play too but it was hard for the little ones to play on on their own I think that it will be better to have when they are a bit older.

Evie tried some of my chocolate cake and was consequently wired she had a nap at 7pm and then was awake until 11pm.

I will remember to give her chocolate cake if I want to leave her with any relatives that I dont like ;o)

Friday 11 January 2013

midnight run

Last night Evie fell asleep on me just after 7pm...

...I then took her up just before 9pm to change her nappy just before her last feed.

I gave her her feed and she slept through it and then started to wake up as I was taking her upstairs.

As she was awake by now I read her a book the next book in the pile was Mr Funny and I was doing so well reading it to her that she was laughing ;o)

She then wouldnt go to sleep so at 10.30 I took her downstairs so she could get tired again and left her with James so I could go to sleep.

She was still awake at 11.30 so we decided that we should perhaps take her out in the car so that she would drop off.

We finally got out just before midnight and had a drive to Boreham and Evie fell asleep in five minutes ;o)

I just hope that she sleeps better tonight.

Thursday 10 January 2013

the best kind of gap

I was sitting on the stairs yesterday about to take Evie into town and I looked down and I saw a gap between my thighs ;o)

Yes the gap is coming back ;o)

My knees were lightly touching each other but there was a definite gap which shows that the lady in Sainsburys wasnt just being nice ;o)

I was going to take a photo but my jeans are now in the wash and the gap doesnt show in the track suit bottoms that I am wearing...

Tuesday 8 January 2013

two meeting worlds

Me & Evie were sitting waiting for Gymbabes to start, when I saw that some new people were starting...

...then I realized that I recognized one of them ;o)

She had come with a friend who has a little boy too (I think it was a boy anyway) I didnt chat to her too much so that she could enjoy playing with her Son and I didnt want to put her off from coming.  She did see Evie crawling and climbing up the steep hill ;o)

She really enjoyed it and has signed her little boy up ;o)

It was really great seeing them again and I told James that we saw them when he got home from work and he was pleased too.

Monday 7 January 2013

full of eastern promise

Evies cradle cap has come back...

James bought some shampoo for her over the weekend.

I used it this morning when I gave her her bath and now she smells like Turkish Delight.

I must try to stop myself from getting some and just hope that I can do better than last time ;o)

Sunday 6 January 2013

blaming it on the jabs

Me & Evie met up with some of my friends yesterday...

...we have known each other for over 20 years ;o)

They had birthday & Christmas presents for Evie ;o)

She did really well...

...she got clothes, a noahs ark, my pal scout, and a giraffe ;o)

When it came to them having a cuddle with Evie she wouldnt have any of it and was crying real tears...

...the last time we had real tears she was teething!

Thursday 3 January 2013

bump, jabs & chocolate

Yesterday afternoon (just before we left for the doctors surgery) Evie was sitting on the floor in the bathroom (as I cannot leave her in her cot anymore) and decided to headbutt the side panel on the side of our bath and had a massive red mark on her forehead!

Evie had her injections and she cried during the first one and the crying got worse after each jab but was soon made better when the nurse asked me if it was ok for her to have a chocolate button ;o)

I had just made her have three horrible jabs I wasnt going to deny her that too ;o)

I was all set for a horrible night last night but Evie was ok.

She fell asleep after her injections but we didnt have any grizzling or being unsettled YET.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

ding ding round four

Evie has her 12 month jabs today...

...I know they are going to be bad so have Calpol at the ready as well as a hug ;o)

I just hope that she doesnt bite me now that she has teeth!

Tuesday 1 January 2013

happy 2013

I know that I say this every year but I cant believe that it is now 2013 ;o)

Well last year was mainly highs (with them being Evie related) with one awful low.

As Evie was only 2 weeks old at the beginning of 2012 I will give you 12 months of Evie ;o)













looking back at the photos I cant believe how much she has changed ;o)

Happy New Year everyone ;o)