Sunday 29 March 2015

"we" remembered

We or rather James remembered to change the clocks last night before we went to bed ;o)

Mind you I would have been apparent that the clocks have changed as opposed to the car park being empty it would have been full when we went to do the food shopping this morning.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

undressed and dressed

Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom before having a shower and in waddled Evie with her pull-up nappy and her pajama bottoms around her ankles ;o)

So I quickly finished and let Evie use the toilet.

When I got her dressed I kind of managed to get her to take her pajama top off.

So last night after dinner I decided to try and get her to undress and then dress herself...

...first I got her to get hold of the arm of her Tumble Tots t-shirt and she pulled her arms through and pulled it over her head.

Then came her long sleeved top and she managed to get that off.

Then was her trousers I had to help her slightly with those because they are skinny ones (but she got them off albeit inside out) ;o)

Then came getting her pajamas on...

She had a bit of trouble pulling it over her head (because she is still in her age 2-3 things) and I held out her sleeves for her so she could get her arms through easier ;o)

Then she pulled on her bottoms ;o)

So that was a really good result and Evie had a huge smile on her face ;o)

Talking of Tumble Tots I tried to get Evie to use the toilet before it started but she couldnt go, so before it started I told her to let me know if she needed to go.

Because it is the last week before Easter they had a circuit to go around rather than individual stations and Evie kept on running over to where I was sitting so I would ask her if she needed to go and she would say "no" ;o)

Then at the end after she got her sticker she told me that she needed to go so that was good too ;o)

Sunday 22 March 2015

phone cases

On Thursday I decided to upgrade my phone as my previous phone was really not very good.

With my new phone in my hand I decided that I would have to treat myself to a new phone case as my other one isnt big enough.

So we popped into Claires Accessories and I bought myself this one.

Mummys phone case

Evie saw it and decided that she wanted to cuddle it ;o)

So today I took her in there and let her choose one and she decided on this one.

Evie wasnt sheepish about choosing one

And here they both are together.

Evie has already had them talking to each other ;o)

I dont mind if she wants to swap them ;o)

Thursday 19 March 2015

she came home in wellies

On Tuesday James was saying how fantastic it was that Evie had been dry for almost a whole week...

I thought that it was fantastic too, but also knew that the next setback is only around the corner.

Yesterday I took Evie to pre school wearing her sparkly plimsolls ;o)

Then when I went to pick Evie up at lunchtime (I was looking through the door window and saw that not only was she wearing a different pair of leggings but also a pair of wellington boots!

When I came to signing her out they told me that she had had a big accident and they had to also change her socks and shoes too, but she did have a proper wee a bit later too.

In Sainsburys for the next two weeks they are allowing nectar card customers to double up the value of your points on specific sections of the store ;o).

We converted £30.00 in points for clothing (I did £20.00 and James did £10.00) to £60.00 in vouchers and bought a load of summer clothes for Evie as well as some new trainers (as the plimsolls went into the bin as they were soaked through!).

Tuesday 17 March 2015

a dry tumble tot

We got to Tumble Tots in plenty of time yesterday.

So I took her into the disabled toilet with her foldable toilet seat sat her on the toilet and she did a wee ;o)

I kept on saying to Evie before we went in that if she needed to go to the toilet while she was doing Tumble Tots to let me know and I would take her to the toilet again.

I kept my eye on her (and the toilet seat close to hand) the entire time just in case but she was fine.

Afterwards I asked her if she wanted to go to the toilet and she said no, and she then fell asleep on our way home and when she woke up I got her to go to the toilet.

So yesterday we had another dry day ;o)

Monday 16 March 2015

hopefully a dry tumble tots

Today we have Tumble Tots again, I am hoping that this session is drier than last weeks was ;o).

LOL I even asked her this morning if she would tell me if she needed a wee wee when doing Tumble Tots and she said "no"!

We will have to see...

Sunday 15 March 2015

little red (nose) riding hood

On Friday it was Red Nose Day and Evies pre-school said that the kiddies could dress up for £1, the theme was something furry.

So when I woke Evie up I told her that it was a special day and that she could dress up, so I got her outfits out (including the piggy onesie that my Mum had got her) and Evie decided that she wanted to wear Little Rid Riding Hood ;o)

the only photo I got of Evie wearing her nose

I had brought me & Evie a red nose each (when I opened them I was hoping that we would have a different one each so that she could chose which one she like) but we both had the astrosnort one ;o)

a nose each
me wearing my nose

Today here in the UK is Mothers Day - so happy Mothers Day Mum ;o)

Evie had made me a card at pre-school - when I said to her "you made me a lovely card" she told me that it was "for Daddy" ;o)

2 cards for Mummy - James drew the glasses on the bottom card to make it look more like Evie ;o)

Thursday 12 March 2015

one accident and then another one

So yesterday I took Evie to pre school in her knickers, as I dropped her off I told the lady signing the kiddies in.

I kissed her goodbye and told her to tell the ladies if she needed the toilet.

When I came to pick her up I spoke to the lady signing the kids out and she told me that Evie had one accident (I had half expected her to have gone through all of her outfits) but hadnt done any wees when sitting on the toilet and that she was in the toilet now.

I picked up her bag and checked her drawer and waited for her to finish.

At least with her having tried before we left meant that I didnt have to take her in myself ;o)

Evie fell asleep on the way home, and I left her in her buggy in the hall and kept an eye on her to see when she woke up.

She normally starts chattering away as soon as she wakes up, but not yesterday...

...I saw that she had her legs crossed so I went to get her out and saw that she had had another accident luckily she was sat on her dry seat so the buggy stayed dry ;o).

We are going to go into town today so will have to see how we get on ;o)

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Four of everything twice

That is what I learnt from tumble tots on Monday.

Evies changing bag and school bag each have four complete changes of clothes as even Evies top can get covered in wee too!

Tuesday 10 March 2015

back for sticker time

Yesterday morning I told Evie that she wold be wearing knickers all day (even going to Tumble Tots) and she said "ok" ;o).

We got to the hall and the first thing we did was pick up her foldable toilet seat, we (or rather Evie) chose which cubicle to go in, so I took out the toilet seat and put it on the toilet for her, pulled down her trousers and her knickers and sat her down.

Two seconds later Evie said that she didnt like the seat and didnt want to go and as she was crying I didnt push her to stay on there so I got her off, put away the seat and went myself, no sooner than I was going then I spotted her trousers going dark in colour where she was having a wee!

So I grabbed the changing bag (which I had luckily topped up with extra clothing) and we went into the baby change/disabled toilet and I changed her trousers, knickers and socks.

It was then time to go into the class so I got Evies socks and shoes off and pre warned he ladies that run the class ;o)  She was very pleased with herself doing a wee on the floor and was saying that she was going to get a chocolate button so I told her that she would only get one if she had done it on the toilet!

I was watching Evie throughout the class in case she had another accident or decided that she wanted to go to the toilet again.

Towards the end of the class I saw one of the ladies waving at me so I got up and saw that Evie had had another wee (it was even over her long sleeved t-shirt and vest!), so I grabbed the bag again and changed Evie again and by the time we went back in it was sticker time.

After I had got Evies coat, shoes and socks on I apologised to the ladies, they were very understanding about (I dont suppose Evie is the first or the last one to be so involved in what she is doing to go to the toilet).

I have been sitting Evie on the foldable toilet seat at home so that she gets used to sitting on it and will use it when we are out next time ;o)

Monday 9 March 2015

nappies out

This morning I have taken the nappies out of Evies changing bag and have put in 4 pairs of knickers, 3 pairs of leggings and 3 pairs of socks (she already had a pair of leggings in there as well as a top, pair of socks, 2 vests and a pair of tights).

All the clothes in there are still age 2-3 as I am saving the 3-4 stuff for her pre-school bag (especially as I have to put her name in her stuff) and I dont want to waste the iron on tags that we bought ;o).

Sunday 8 March 2015

accident Friday

On Friday morning (before we got ready for pre-school) Evie was lying on the sofa watching Peppa Pig whilst I was doing the washing up.

I came back in to give Evie some fresh water and saw that she was sitting arkwardly and there was a definite bulge in the back of her pajama bottoms!

So I asked her if she had done a poop and she said "yes" so I carried her upstairs and threw away her knickers and put her in apull up nappy and got her dressed.

Then after we came back from pre-school I constantly asked Evie if she wanted to go to the toilet and she kept on saying "no" and consequently did a wee in her trousers!

Then Friday night Evie was running around and was farting and then she did another poop in her knickers and this time I let James change her/clean her up ;o)

We have Tumble Tots tomorrow and I am still planning on Evie wearing knickers.

Thursday 5 March 2015

we'll have a week under our belt first

Yesterday Evie was at pre-school and I spoke to one of the ladies and told her that Evie had had 2 dry days ;o)

Then I said to her that Evie was still in her pullup nappies and she said to me "so your not putting her in knickers then" so I told her that I didnt feel confident yet to have her in knickers while we are out especially as we have only had 2 dry days so far.

I was thinking about it constantly yesterday, and I will try and have her in knickers all day on Monday, hopefully she will be ok at Tumble Tots ad will let me know when she needs to go ;o)

Our only concern is is that the only way she tells us that she needs to go is that her "bottom is hurting" where she has been holding the wee in for so long.

Tuesday 3 March 2015

first dry "day"

Yesterday was Eves first dry "day" I say day in inverted commas because we had Tumble Tots so I put a pull-up nappy on her from 10:30 am to 3 pm (she fell asleep on our way home).

All of the wees she did were on the toilet and she had no accidents ;o)

She didnt do any poops yesterday, and she still isnt telling us when she wants to go!  But we know that will come.

Anyway this morning I gave her the toy that we bought for her first dry day

Evie had a dry day yesterday ;o)

Evie enjoys brushing her hair

let me know if Im hurting you
Evie wanted us to style her hair

looking all pretty ;o)

Sunday 1 March 2015

Jose and Nelly

On Wednesday I got an e-mail from Evies pre-school saying that they are looking for committee members, as they were looking for replacements as, one is moving away and the others children are moving upto the infant school.

My first thought was "no way Jose" and "not on your Nelly".

On Friday I then took Evie to pre-school and I was stopped by one of the Mums, and she asked me if Evie would still be attending the pre-school in September and I said "yes" and she then asked if I would like to join the committee and that all it would involve is going to a meeting once every half term, she also said that it will be a good way of meeting people.

My first thought was to run to the hills as fast as my little legs would carry me ;o)

I just told her that I would think about it and let her know.