Wednesday 30 April 2014

three foot festival tickets

I am typing my post whilst waiting for 7 am and for the tickets to go on sale ;o)

As Evie had such a fantastic time last year I want to make sure that we go again this year ;o)

As my operation is the week before I am hoping to get tickets for the Thursday, and James' Mum & Dad are going to come with me and so can do any of the lifting required ;o)

Off to download some podcasts now as it is still 6.38 am

Its 6.40 am now so have just taken a photo of my blog for project flickr as this weeks subject is work/chores

Its still only 6.52

Its 7 am and I am now waiting in a virtual waiting room!

7.09 am just went to the toilet and I am still in the waiting room!

I ended up trying again (as was still in the waiting room) and managed to get to the tickets booking screen but then wasnt able to get any further than the credit card payments screen...

...I ended up trying a further three times and then tried via Internet Explorer (as I was and am using chrome) and it worked.

We now have booked our tickets ;o)

Tuesday 29 April 2014

spilt water

Yesterday when James got home from work Evie followed him upstairs so that he could get changed...

...about five minutes later James was calling down the stairs that Evie had done a wee on our bedroom carpet!

so I went upstairs with the bits to clean our carpet and James told me what had happened...

...James was going to the toilet and sat down hoping that Evie would sit on her potty for more than the usual one second that she will sit down for... he took off her nappy and she sat on the potty (he said that she did sit for a bit longer than she normally does so that was good) and then she ran onto our bedroom and then told James that she had spilt some water.

We both told her that she had a wee wee and that it "doesnt matter" and its "just one of those things" ;o)

Hopefully now that she knows what a wee wee is she will let us know when she wants to have one ;o)

She does tell me when she has done a poop so that is the first stage in the run up to potty training ;o)

Sunday 27 April 2014

sand mahal

We were in town yesterday afternoon and James pointed out to me a sand sculpture being made.... is being done by a travel agent to advertise Asian holidays ;o)

Thursday 24 April 2014

a happy and contented child

Evie had her two year review yesterday...

...we got there slightly early so at least we werent late ;o)

Typically the Health Visitors electronic notebook wasnt working so she had to go back to a paper copy ;o)

While she was getting herself ready I asked Evie if she wanted to sing a song and she duly sang baa baa black sheep ;o)

Evie was given a piece of paper and a pencil and was asked to copy what she had drawn (a line and then a circle) but she just scribbled on the paper ;o)

Evie was then given a shape sorter puzzle to complete (she managed to put the triangle one in).

I was then asked a whole load of questions...

does she cuddle her toys - yes
does she bring over a toy when she wants to play with you - yes
does she have temper tantrums - yes

and loads more besides...

she was then weighed and measured

When we were discussing tantrums she told me that the naughty corner doesnt really work until Evie is three and to just sit her down and distract her/calm her down.

I was even given advice on potty training - Evie tells me when she has done a poop and I have been getting her to sit on her potty every time I change her nappy (she sits on there for a second and then says she doesnt want to do anything).

All in all she said that Evie is doing satisfactorily and that she is a happy and contented child ;o)

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Happy St Georges Day

How terrible...

...I completely forgot that its St Georges Day!

LOL it must be the lack of it being a public holiday :o(

I remember playing the princess when at Junior School (I must have been 8 or 9) we did a puppet show of George & The Dragon and a friend who was playing St George ad libbed and offered to make her a cup of tea ;o)

Isnt it funny the things we remember ;o)

playing in the garden

Yesterday I was getting the buggy out and I asked Evie if she wanted to stay at home (because the weather was rainy) or if she wanted to go into town...

...Evie then said that she wanted to play in the back garden ;o)

So we played outside

Evie walking in the garden

Evie holding a beach ball

Evie about to jump (although she cant actually jump yet)

Evie watching the bubbles

Evie waiting to catch a bubble

Evie caught a bubble ;o)

Later this morning we finally have Evies 2 year assessment (I asked about it when I got Evie weighed in January!)

Monday 21 April 2014

good friday

For the past few years (well ever since I realised that the parking was free on Southend seafront on Good Friday) we have gone to Southend on Good Friday.

Evie had a great time and walked all the way to the bottom (or rather top) of the promenade ;o)

Se had a ride on the Bob The builder kiddie ride ;o)

and we even sat on the sea wall and shared a portion of chips together ;o)

Here are some flower arrangements that they had on the promenade

Sunday 20 April 2014

a few me hours

James has taken Evie to his Mum & Dads today so I have a few hours of me time ;o)

Happy Easter ;o)

Wednesday 16 April 2014

big girl style

Yesterday afternoon while Evie was climbing up the stairs I noticed that she was actually putting her foot on to the next stair as opposed to her knee... I asked her if she would like to hold Mummys hand and walk up properly and she said "hold Mummys hand" so we walked up the stairs.

After I had changed her nappy she then said "hold Mummys hand" and we walked downstairs properly too.

When James got home from work I told him and he then walked Evie up and down the stairs too.

We have told her that she can only walk up and down properly holding mine or James hand as it is dangerous and she seems quite happy to at the moment ;o)

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Princess Daddy

It was James birthday yesterday ;o)

Evie picked out this card for him (I was secretly hoping that she went for this one too ;o))

Monday 14 April 2014

Happy birthday James

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear j-aaaaaaaaaaa-mmmmmmmmm-eeeeeeeee-s
happy birthday to you

Sunday 13 April 2014

reading on me kindle

Just after I had downloaded my kindle app, I remembered how I was moaning that my colleagues all had kindles and that I was feeling the odd one out ;o)

Yesterday while James was taking Evie out for a walk I sat in the coffee shop and had a read of my free book ;o).

Even though I was reading it on a small screen it was still just about the right size for reading which was good, and Im guessing that all that is built into the app (how clever is that ;o))

Friday 11 April 2014

balloon cat hat

Yesterday we were in town and there were two blokes dressed like clowns... of them stopped me and said that they were doing hello kitty out of modelling balloons for £1.50 if I would like one for Evie ;o)

So I sad yes ;o)

Here is Evie wearing her hat (she wore it most of the way home until she was so tired that she wanted to go to sleep ;o)).

Evie also fed the cat some of her dinner, cuddled it and gave it some of her water too ;o)

Thursday 10 April 2014

dressing herself

I was just about to do the washing up after doing our breakfast and Evie said she wanted me to get her coat down.

So I watched her start to put her coat on and noticed that she was doing it the wrong way around, so I went and grabbed my camera* ;o)

*parts of this photo may have been recreated due to coat being taken off by the time Mummy got her camera out! ;o)

Tuesday 8 April 2014

downloaded my first book

I managed to download the kindle app on my phone ;o)

So I just had a look on Amazon and looked under the humour and found this book of short stories ;o)

here is the first page

and it was free ;o)

Super IT man to the rescue again

For the past few months my phone has refused to show my new e-mails because of "low storage" when I checked on the phone the biggest thing on my phone was e-mail taking up over 20% of its memory...

...admittedly I did have over 10,000 e-mails in my inbox!

So I have gradually got them down to the ones that I actually need.

Yesterday I had finally got rid of most of them, but still my phone was saying that it had "low storage"

So I had the bright idea of deleting my account and then re-adding it... I tried deleting it "are you sure you want to delete account" "yes" but still it said there was low storage....

...then it said that there was "no storage" and when I looked it had it said that the e-mail was taking up even more space!

so I switched off my phone (as this sometimes works), left it off for a few seconds and switched it on again and it was still saying "no storage" so I then deleted off all of the apps that I had added to free up some space, and it worked it was back to saying "low storage" ;o)

So I tried deleting my account again and again it came up "no storage" when I looked this time the e-mail was now taking up over 25% of its memory!

I then had another bright idea of taking out the battery ti see if it would "make me" put in the settings for the e-mail again to set up the phone... I took out the battery for 1 minute but when I switched the phone back on again it showed the correct time so I knew that I hadnt left it long enough.... I took it out again and this time I had left it out for half an hour (well until Evie had woken up from her afternoon nap anyway).  When I put the battery back in the phones time was 00.01 so I went into the "set up wizard" but whilst it asked for my gmail account it didnt ask for my other one!

I then put the pc back on so I could look at the user guide, but Evie started messing about with the "mouse" so I couldnt use it so I logged back off again with the view of having a look this morning.

When James got home from work I asked him if he could have a look at my phone for me as it was going "bonkers" and explained to him what had gone wrong.

And after lots of moaning on his part he fixed it for me ;o) and the e-mail is now less than 1% of the memory ;o)

I then spent last night putting my apps back on and today Im going to try to add the kindle app as my phone previously hadnt had enough storage left ;o)

Monday 7 April 2014

spot the error

I have just been watching Coronation Street from Friday night (incidentally only the first episode was on demand when I downloaded it this morning so have set the planner to record the second one this morning).

Anyway Peter was looking at his phone and saw that he had 16 missed calls from Tina (his bit on the side), so I paused the tv (as I like to look at the finer details) and saw this glaring error!

and here is a close up for you ;o)

the recent phones that I have had have always been intelligent enough to know the day from the date!

Sunday 6 April 2014


Evie has very kindly shared her cold with me...

...James yesterday (after spending the afternoon in bed because he was bored) had the cheek to say that me having a cold (as well as women problems) meant that he couldnt be ill! I say "diddums"!

Thursday 3 April 2014

yet another cold...

On Tuesday night Evie kept on waking up moaning so I would go in there and stroke her back (I think that this happened three or four times) so we guessed that Evie might be coming down with another cold.

Yesterday she was snotty but still her normal self, she didnt eat her normal amount of food but what she did eat she kept down which is always the main thing.

Last night we gave her some Calpol before she went to bed and I rubbed some vapour rub onto her chest and the soles of her feet, but she was still coughing during the night :o(

We have our last swimming lesson today and should be starting her new ones on Saturday so we will have to see how she is.

Im thinking that today is doubtful but hopefully she will be snot free for Saturday ;o)

Wednesday 2 April 2014

machine washable shoes

For the Past few days Evies right shoe has felt a little bit tight, so yesterday we went into the shoe shop to get her feet measured...

...they measured her feet but they were still measuring the same size so I told the lady how her right shoe was feeling a bit tight so she had a feel of Evies toes and said that her foot must have grown a fraction.

She then showed us the fabric shoes (as it is now nice weather) and she bought out all of the shoes in Evies size.

Evie ended up choosing these ones ;o) and the lady told me that they are machine washable ;o)

Tuesday 1 April 2014

ow posh they ave an outside fridge

Yesterday me & Evie were going to our last Tumble Tots session before the Easter Break (the two week school break is before Easter this year for some reason!), and we saw this!

We were wondering if it was to store their food for when they are having a bbq ;o)