Wednesday 30 March 2016

decorate your own egg

In Sainsburys the other week I bought Evie a Decorate your own egg...

...on Easter Sunday I got Evie to chose which egg she wanted (she chose her buttons egg) then later in the afternoon I heard a bang coming from the stairs and Evie had thrown her "decorate your own egg" down the stairs (as she didnt want to carry it)

No I dont know where she got that habit from ;o) *coughs* ;o)

Anyway yesterday we decided to do decorate the egg.

I got a table ready with newspaper (in case any of the icing went astray) and opened the egg and sure enough it was slightly broken (but not enough to ruin decorating the egg).

Evie squeezing the icing on

and from the side

i managed to capture it dripping out

I tried to do a smily face

evie holding the egg 

the finished masterpiece

the hole from when it got thrown down the stairs

Sunday 27 March 2016

Force fed easter egg

Evie has almost eaten all of her chocolate button egg.

I opened my marmite Easter egg and let Evie try it.  She decided that she doesn't like it.

She keeps telling me to eat one more bit of my Easter egg and when I say I want to save it for later she tells me that I haven't eaten enough of it :)

hoppy easter

Its Easter Sunday...

...and I have a cold.

It hasnt stopped us from doing stuff ;o)

We went to Southend on Friday...

Evie saw a giant teddy

played a 2p pusher machne

went on the beach

and had an ice cream ;o)

Monday 21 March 2016

peaking out

I took Evie to Hobbyrcraft on Tuesday to buy some bits to do in the Easter Holiday

putting her head in the (rabbit) hole

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Evie confusion

Yesterday at the end of Tumble Tots they were doing the birthdays and they asked Evie to stand up... my Evie stood up and one of the ladies asked her if it was her birthday and she said "yes" so they gave her a card and a sticker,  I was just about to shout "its the wrong Evie" when the lady running it said that it was the wrong one.

So they asked Evie for the card and sticker back (why they couldnt have written a new card and got out another sticker is beyond me).

when Evie came running back I could see that she was upset,,, on our way home we went via Asda and Evie chose a card to replace the one that they wanted back.

the replacement card that Evie chose
While we were in there I treated myself to a marmite Easter egg ;o) and Evie chose a milkybar barnyard egg and we treated James to a lion egg to get the 3 for £10 offer ;o)

Sunday 13 March 2016

it wont be long...

Yesterday we were doing some grocery shopping and Evie insisted on pushing the shopping cart ;o)

pushing the trolley

All we have to do now is get her to learn how to read and she will be able to get all of the shopping for us ;o)

Although I have the feeling that the shopping would consist of chocolate and crisps and not much else! A bit like I wish that I could get really ;o)

Sunday 6 March 2016

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Mum ;o)

I got a lovely present that Evie made me at Pre School ;o)

she would still have rathered it went to Daddy ;)
with a lovely drawing
so I know its from her

Thursday 3 March 2016

Evie hasnt been given her voucher yet

Today is World Book Day and unlike last year her pre school has got the tokens and packs to give out and looking at the website it does say that the tokens are valid until 27th March so at least she wont miss out.

Today we will be going into town so I shall pop into Waterstones and buy Evie the 2 pre school books that are available and I will use her voucher to get a KS1 for her for next year (if they are still in store on Sunday).

Last year the bloke serving in the shop actually gave me the vouchers for the books so I didnt have to pay for them ;o)

Tuesday 1 March 2016

ami gami

While looking for arts and crafts to do for the summer holidays last year I came across Ami Gami mini figures but at £5.99 each they were too expensive.

On Saturday we were in Sainsburys doing our food shopping and we were looking at the toys I then saw that they were selling them off for £1.50 each so we bought the butterfly, hedgehog (which we havent made yet) and frog.

So yesterday afternoon after Tumble Tots and having our lunch we did our ami gamis ;o)

Evie did the butterfly one

Evie gave her a strawberry nose

as well as girly eyes and a swirl

and I did the frog one