Friday 15 December 2017

Wobbly teeth

The other week.i noticed thst evie had adult teeth growing behind her baby teeth.

In the same place that her first teeth came through.

Now those 2 baby teeth are wobbly.

I have told evie tbat if they come out at school she should tell her teacher so that her tooth can be wrapped up and be left out for the tooth fairy that night.

A"s mum has aleeady set a precedent of 20p per tooth so thats good :)

Thursday 14 December 2017

three in two

power cuts that is in days...

...following on from Mondays post...

...when I picked Evie up from school I told her that as the power was back on I would need her to test that the lights were still working.

But we got in and the power was off again!

So I called UK power networks to report the power cut and the guy I spoke to said that there were four other calls about it.

There was a problem with a cable and they tried to repair it but it hadnt worked

As we had no idea when the power would come back on I took Evie to The Harvester for dinner.

And as it was the power didnt come back until 10 PM.

So the next day we had power, as I left I saw a van and some men digging up the path and I thought to myself oh no not another one.

As we came home I pointed out the men digging and told Evie that they were the ones hat had fixed our power yesterday, the man then said "its off again love".

I was hoping that it was someone elses turn for power cut!

I then saw our neighbour who told me that the whole road was out and he hadnt had power for 2 days and had wasted £100 on getting an electrician in.

So we rang up gain to find out what was happening and this time they told us that the eta for power to be returned was between 5.30 PM and 6.30 PM.

Evie had had such a nice time going to The Harvester that she wanted to go again, we told her that we could all go during the school holidays, and Evie wants to show James the salad bar :)

Luckily we got our power back at 6 PM so that was good.

They replaced the cable so hopefully it will all be good for a while :)

Monday 11 December 2017

power cut

On one of the coldest days we had a power cut.

Evie enjoyed using a lantern but was not impressed with the lights and more importantly the tv not working.

It is all working now although the fusebox has tripped a couple of times already and our sky+ box is throwing a hissyfit!

I will get Evie to check the lights when she gets home from school :)

Sunday 10 December 2017

today today today tomorrow and Thursday

today we woke up to it snowing

today was supposed to be Evies last tap dancing class before the Christmas holiday and James was going to video it for me, but because of the weather classes were cancelled and they will be held next week instead, but we cant go because Evie has M's birthday party to go to.

today I slipped over (on an icy foot bridge) and because I am now middle aged (working on the assumption that I reach 90 odd) I am wondering what damage I may have done to myself :)

tomorrow I will take Evie to school in her wellies and will take her shoes with us and she can change them when she gets into class.

Thursday was really good...

First we had to break down boxes and re-glue them inside out (and hot glue really does get hot!).

We then had to help the kids make their boxes into fairy tale houses, I helped A, S, J & E.  Evie was helped by a Daddy :) but we cant remember whose Daddy :)

After morning play time it was then time to paint the houses.

And after lunch they then had to put on the finishing touches (making sure they stuck to the plans that they had already done, although I am sure that there was some artistic licence going on :)

I had so much fun that I have agreed to go in on Wednesday mornings starting after Christmas :)

Thursday 7 December 2017

three things

Some days I have nothing and today I have 3 things :)

Yesterday was Evies Christmas play it went well and was based around strictly come dancing with one of the judges Ceasar being based on Craig :)

Evie said she enjoyed it and she did all of the singing and dancing so that was good :)

I am going in to school today and because I ticked the all day box I have to go in all day (her teacher even told me to bring in my lunch).

I dont think I mentioned but a couple of Evies birthday party invites went to the wrong children, one of them got passed on to the right child and one didnt...

Luckily after I found out I texted all of the Mums to find out that they got the invite and only one other didnt.

I then get a text this morning from a Mum that I invited last year (but didnt get a reply from) the child does have the same name but a different spelling, perhaps she didnt realise that there were two girls with that name, saying that her daughter can come :) I replied back and saud that Evie will be pleased :)

Wednesday 6 December 2017

our turn today

Evies first show was yesterday... and James will be able to see it today, we have already told her that she might not be able to see us but we will be there watching :)

She is no longer a sheep but is now an ox! :)

Also yesterday some of the Mums were talking about the fairytale house making that is going on tomorrow, sone of the Mums said they asked the teacher, whilst others said that their kids told them they were helping.

I asked Evie if I was going to be helping and she doesnt seem to know so I will try and remember to ask her teacher when I pick her up after school this afternoon :)

Monday 4 December 2017

I would rather have the pork

On Thursday this week Evies lunch choices are pulled pork in a brioche bun or cheesy bean yorkshire...

...Evie normally has the meat option but a couple of weeks ago she said that she doesnt like it.

So last time she had the vegetarian option minus the beans so a cheesy yorkshire pudding,

I have changed it for this Thursday to the vegetarian option again.

I have put it in my phone each time she has it so that she can tell me which she would rather have.

Sunday 3 December 2017

a walk in and a phone call

Today at work I had a phone call about booking a conference room, but as I dont know how to get into the booking records so I took her details and someone will call her back.

And then a bit later someone walked in off the street and asked what they did there and I sent him off with some leaflets about the place :)

I must admit I did look around later to make sure that he wasnt hanging around...

I have left a note of the 2 things for my boss :)

And the kids are still enjoying filling the drip trays on the water cooler!  Although this time one also had milk added to it also!

Thursday 30 November 2017

volunteering again

We had a letter thorough from Evies school about wanting parent helpers for fairytail house building...

...they want helpers for all day or morning or afternoon so I have ticked all three :)

They have also asked for cardboard boxes so we picked up a load yesterday form Sainsburys so I will take them in later (otherwise Evie will have to carry the bag in across the playground).

We have parents book look this afternoon too :)

Sunday 26 November 2017

christmas sheep

Last week we got details through of Evies school Christmas production...

...they are doing Lights Camel Action! and Evie is a sheep :)

We are only allowed 2 tickets so grandparents cant come too, they are doing 2 shows one on the Tuesday and the other on the Wednesday but we are only allowed to go together to one show.  I will explain to Evie that she wont see us on one of the days.

Yesterday Evie did her letter to Santa and she is still asking for a chocolate lolly maker (it was the only thing that she asked for) and James has already told her that she isnt too young for it.  I was hoping that we could put off buying it for another couple of years :)

Work was ok again today apart from the kids deciding it would be fun to fill the drip trays in the water coolers! :)

Nothing else interesting has happened, hopefully I can blog more this week :)

Sunday 19 November 2017

a no issues Sunday

After last week I was expecting more issues at work...

...and luckily nothing got knocked into :)

Although I couldnt find the lights for the toilets (I had to call my boss to find out which set I needed to turn on for them) .

I dont turn them all on otherwise the kids will run all over the place.

Friday 17 November 2017

doing her own thing

The theme for Children in Need is do your own thing...

Evie chose her outfit this morning :)

She has £1 in her bookbag :)

LOL she wouldnt wear the pudsey dress I bought for her! She said that she will wear it when James is at home.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

books and misscommunication

Yesterday I was in town and I got a text message about the interview assesment centre that I was supposed to go to.

The text message said that I had apparently not turned up! I found the e-mail on my smartphone and texted her back saying that I had e-mailed her colleague on 3rd November.

When I went to pick Evie up from school I saw a table outside selling the leftover books from yesterdays booksale

I saw a couple of books which I thought that she might like this one and this one (although it is only the Rapunzel one and not Belle hat she has got).

And when I picked Evie up I asked her what book she chose and it was this one.

She has already told me that she isnt going to read them!

Tuesday 14 November 2017

book sale

Evies school has a second hand book sale on, I have put 50p in her bag (last time I forgot to tell her it was in there and the teacher didnt notice it either!).

Last year Evie got a great book, I will have to see what she chooses this time :)

Monday 13 November 2017

odd socks

At Evies school it is anti bullying week and the theme is all different all equal...

...the kids are being asked to come into school today wearing odd socks :)

the socks ore rarity and flutterby

The kids arent being asked to make a donation as on Friday it is Children in Need and the kids can go in in non uniform (or home clothes as Evie calls it) :)

Sunday 12 November 2017

first day on my own

Today was my first day at work setting up on my own... went ok apart from not being able to get in!

...the were running around (like they normally do) and knocked over a reception desk thing and a shelf in it broke off.  I have left a note about it.

And Evie made me this trick or treat bag which I thought was a bracelet :)

Friday 10 November 2017

didnt work and low battery

I popped into work yesterday with my ID card to test that it worked for Sunday and it didnt...

...the other new girl P's didnt work either!

I have a temporary pass that I can use so thats ok.

Way back in 2011 (pre Evie) I was sent a secure key from my bank, it is now saying low battery and I cannot see anyway of changing the battery in it.

I had a look at the website to see how you order a new one and they suggest having a digital secure key!

I dont like the idea of a digital one so I am going to pop into town today and ask if they can order me one/give me one from stock (if they have a stock of them)

my digital secure key
Or I may just have to download a banking app on my phone!

Wednesday 8 November 2017

my first ever work ID card

On Sunday when I went into work my boss gave me a form for my work ID card...

...I had to go to a photo session (they are on for an hour a day) and then either pick up my card or they will send it to my workplace.

I picked mine up

I like how the light reflects off of my glasses :)

It is multi-functional and opens the doors and allows me to operate the photocopier, I dont know if it works yet though :)

Sunday 5 November 2017

bacon, sausage & butterfly treats

As last week the teachers had exam things to do, today was the first day of James having to take Evie to tap dancing on his own...

...mind you I did sort out all of the bits that she would need before I left :)

Work went well again today and I remembered most of what I had to do so that was good :) Next week I will be doing it on my own.

I met up with James and Evie once I had finished work and I had a bacon roll for my lunch :)

After we had finished Evie wanted to look in Paperchase at the Christmas Tree decorations, but I told her that they also sold them in John Lewis so we looked in there.

I got a cute sausage dog decoration and Evie got a butterfly one, James didnt want one.

As I am able to have the Sunday after Evies birthday off I spent today writing out the invitations for her birthday party :)

Friday 3 November 2017

thanks but no thanks and leggings with a charm on

The other day I got a phone call about the insurance job offering me an invite to their assessment centre... would involve an activity and an interview with an interview panel.

Yesterday I then got through an e-mail about it and the activity is a role play activity!

I chatted to James about it (as it involves him too) and we both agreed that my current job suits us better, and the interview process sounds quite stressful (so far I have only had what they call "informal chats") so I have respectfully declined their offer.

As the weather is getting colder and Evie is still a slow coach at getting dressed, I decided that Evie should wear trousers on PE days (Tuesdays and Fridays) yesterday just before bedtime (and this morning Evie was crying saying that she didnt want to wear trousers) so I asked her some questions (as she likes wears leggings...)

1 - do trousers have zips? yes
2 - do leggings have zips? no
3 - do trousers have buttons? yes
4 - do leggings have buttons? no
5 - do trousers have belt loops? yes
6 - do leggings have belt loops? no
7 - (holding up her school trousers) are these leggings or trousers?

we are now calling them leggings with a charm on and she is wearing them :)

Wednesday 1 November 2017

a lovely lunch

I arrived at Evies school just before the time that we were told to get there...

...the reception area was heaving...

First the Parents from Mrs Q's class were told to go through and once they were all seated it was Evies class...

I looked down the line for Evie but I couldnt see her...

...then a couple of minutes later she joined the queue with the last of the stragglers.

We tehn went into the lunch hall and had to be ticked off the list.

We then queued up to get our lunch Evie got our trays, cutlery and cups for us (it was nice for her to look after me).

We then got our sausage casserole (Evie had one sausage and I had two), we both had mixed vegetables and I had rice and Evie had two potatoes, we both had iced sponge with sprinkles for our dessert :)

It was lovely eating lunch with her, although I think that I was a bit of a distraction as we were still in there up until one of the MDA's said that there was only five minutes left before the bell.

A couple of her friends came and said hello to me too which was lovely :)

It was the time for me to go and Evie was upset that I couldnt stay.

Tuesday 31 October 2017

year 1 lunch day

Today we have our Year 1 lunch at Evies school :)

I am sure that Evie has already decided where we are going to sit in the lunch hall :)  She has also decided that she is going to have a yoghurt for her dessert.

And happy birthday Eileen and happy halloween :)

Monday 30 October 2017

back to normality

Today is the first day back to school after the half term holiday.

Evie is still getting dressed...

...I have told her that as its getting cold she will have to wear trousers and socks on PE day (Tuesdays and Fridays) as she still takes an absolute age to put her tights on.

Sunday 29 October 2017

first day

Today was my first day back at work after an almost six year break :)

I was shown all of the bits that I have to switch on and switch off again at the end of the day.

The group that I am looking after are friendly so thats good.

Next week my boss will be in again and will let me do everything so hopefully I will remember most of it :)

Tap dancing wasnt on today so James took Evie out on a daddy/Evie day to Southend :)

When they came to meet me Evie told me that she didnt miss me at all :)

Its back to school for Evie tomorrow too.

Thursday 26 October 2017

start date

We got home from the dentist yesterday.

I was just about to do the washing up and my phone started ringing... was about my new job :).

It was good news, they now have a start date for me... manager wants me to start as soon as possible so I start on Sunday!

I am nervous already...

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Braver than mummy

Me & evie had our dentist appointnents this morning.

Since my wusdom tooth filling i have been really careful and try to clean that tooth also.

Evue had her turn first...

...our lovely dentist was telling the nurse which teeth she has and then said that she had a chipped tooth!

She then told me that she would have to put some plaster onto it, apparently its common with baby teeth.

I asked if evie would have to ve careful about eating but said that she would be ok.

Sge told evie thst she was braver than mummy :)

It was then my turn and luckily i didnt need anything doing apart from a clean and polish but she couldnt because the cimpressor is broken.

I asked evie later if it was ok when the dentus put the plaster on and she said tgat it hurt a but but was ok now.

Tuesday 24 October 2017

no sticker and no toy

Yesterday Evie ad her latest eye appointment.

Normally she gets seen by one of the nice ladies, but yesterday it was with a man, and he wasnt as child friendly as the others are.

He only got her to look at a couple of the letters with each eye (they normally do loads of letters gradually going down in size) and he didnt give her a sticker after either.

We have to go back for her next appointment in four months time.

We also got the next newsletter from tap dancing - they have said that they dont want the pre school children (or the older ones) taking in toys cuddly/flashing/singing, we always told Evie any toy she took in had to be something that wasnt noisy,

Im guessing that someone took in something that was literally all singing and dancing.

I have told Evie that she cant take in anymore cuddly toys, so she said what about a hard toy and I told her that she cant take one of those with her either.

Sunday 22 October 2017


Friday was the first day of Evies half term holiday...

...we decided to go to a trampoline park.

Everything was going well :)

We were jumping on the trampolines (I was exhausted after 10 minutes :)) and Evie was going on the bag too (its like a bouncy castle base that you can jump onto from a trampoline).

We went back onto the trampolines and then 10 minutes from the end Evie was crying saying that she wanted to go now... of the marshalls came over to make sure she was ok, Evie told her that she had hurt the back of her knee.

They then got a first aider to come over to check Evie over (he got her to bend her legs, wriggle her toes and to bend her ankles.

Luckily everything moved ok.

He said that he though that she had stretched a tendon and for her to rest up for the rest of the day and if she was still in pain on Saturday to take her to the doctors to make sure that it was nothing more serious.

I had to sign their accident book too

After we got out shoes on we went upstairs to the cafe (Evie was able to walk upstairs so that was good) and she had a chocolate muffin and a strawberry slushy, and then we headed home.

We had some lunch and she was feeling much better.

I asked her every now and again about her knee and she said that it was better :)

So that was a relief.

We now have the rest of the week to get through...

Friday 20 October 2017

y1 parents evening cords and jumping

Yesterday I had Evies first year 1 parents evening.

There was table in front of the teacher with folders on and the timetable in order that parents can look at the English and Maths books first for 10 minutes.

She said that Evies letter formation isnt very good...

she doesnt start writing at the top of the page (she teds to start in the middle)

she doesnt follow instructions too easily

she is unco-ordinated (and wants me to get her to practice jumping jacks with her)

She isnt very good with numbers of objects..

There was a positive too that she is a sweet girl :)

I thin went to her classroom to look at her other books... was quite funny seeing the comments that her teacher was writing in the books.

The funniest one was a maths thing she was doing and she had to put in certain numbers (7+3) that added to 10, Evie decided to use different numbers, (I cant even remember if the numbers she used added to 10 anyway) but the teacher wrote that she was supposed to use the numbers that they wanted her to use :).

When I went for my interview (the job that I got) I asked what the dress code was and the guy said smart/casual, so yesterday after I went in to fill out a whole load of paperwork (I still have the handbook to read) I treated myself to some grey cords.

And as its the first day of the half term holiday Im taking Evie to a trampoline place (there were only 3 places left for the 12pm time slot) I really wanted 11am but they were already sold out, I have booked online and we will have lunch in the cafe upstairs after :).

Thursday 19 October 2017

phone call and interview #16

Yesterday I rushed back from taking Evie to school (sorted out my buts to take with me into town) and waited for my phone call.

The call came and the job is something that I have loads of experience with, so she is going to send my details through to the relevant team and I will have to see if they want to see me for an interview.  I told her about the interview I was having that day but I didnt mention the job offer.

I then went into town for my interview...

...the job is debt collection, to be honest I dont think that it is something that I will be any good at.  I didnt tell them that, but I did mention the job offer (especially as it is for the same company) :)  They did ask me if I would still do teh ther job if I got offered this one and I said that I would have to think about it.

I will have to see what they say :)

Wednesday 18 October 2017


Yesterday I as in town and I got a phone call...

caller: hello is that Clare?

me: no, its Amber (thinking that they may want to speak to me anyway)

caller: oh ok sorry about that..

five minutes later...

caller: hello is that Amber?

me: yes

caller: oh sorry about earlier your number came up on our system first, congratulations we want you to come in for an interview :)

The only time they could make it was just before I am supposed to be having my HR phone call so I have pushed that forward an hour, and that means then that I can head to my interview after I have finished the phone call :)

Then last night while Evie was reading her book, I got another pone call :)

Offering me a job that I went to interview #15 for :)

I told the guy that I have an interview today anyway (as it is the same company that I have the interview today for)..

James had the cheek to say that it means that he cant do anything on a Sunday now so I pointed out that this job means no childcare costs :)

I have to go in on Thursday and fill in the registration bits, I have already put together the bits that I need to bring with me, I will then find out my starting date :)

There are lots of pros to the job like no childcare costs, and I can still go to things like book look and sports day, christmas show and school trips (if they chose me to be a helper) without having to use up holiday :)

The only con is that I cant watch her tap dancing lesson during watching week (and there are only 2 of those a year) and James will video it anyway :)

Tuesday 17 October 2017

another HR phone call

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the HR lady that I spoke to a few weeks ago.

This time she wants to discuss the role, salary and my experience...

She is going to call me tomorrow (I wanted to get the phone call done before the school holidays start on Friday) so I will have to see what (if anything comes out of it) :).

Sunday 15 October 2017

dig into gap

After Evie got all of her spellings right the other week I thought that we were on a roll :).

So on Friday when I picked Evie up I looked in her bag and found the new list of words and at the bottom I saw that she had got seven right...

...all week we were already practicing the word dig, as that was the only word that she seemed to have trouble with.

She was still getting dig wrong together with into (her longest word so far) and gap.

She doesnt seem to have troubles with this weeks words (there are a few two letter words), so we will keep practicing as well as with sit too.

Thursday 12 October 2017

flu jab

As Evie is due to have her flu nasal spray done on Monday, I decided yesterday as I was in town to get my jab done (so as not to be too ill for Evies birthday).

I have also had my appointment through for Evies first Year 1 parents evening (its next Thursday), in EYFS the meeting was in one classroom and her work was in the other classroom, but from Year 1 onwards the meetings are held in the school hall and you get 10 minutes before your meeting to look at the maths and English work (again in the hall) and you go to the classroom to see her other work.

Evie cant come with me so she can stay at home with James and I will go by myself.

Tuesday 10 October 2017

interview #15 and brown paper bag

I got to the interview, and whilst telling me the details of the job he said its a fixed 22 hours per week but you have to be flexible with your hours, some days you will need to be in for 7.30 am!


...I told him that I thought the job was 5 hours on a Sunday, he then looked again at my form and saw that I was there for the Sunday job :) I thought that the recruitment company messed up again like they did with the location.

The job is to be on hand when a church hold their weekly meeting in case their are any issues and to clear up the room after and to arrange the rooms for the next day.

I think it went well and will find out by the end of the week.

Evie had a great day yesterday and came out clutching a brown paper bag :)

her brown paper bag with a purse, a wish, a friendship bracelet and a a square that she traced her initials into
you can see them closer here
Evie has her school photo taken today too :)

Monday 9 October 2017


Evie all dressed up for her fairytale off of the page day at school :)

looking forward to being a princess
We are going to put her hair up just before we go :)

Sunday 8 October 2017

I know what Im having

On Friday we got the menu for winter/spring lunches at school, together with an order from for the year 1 lunch that parents can have a lunch experience :).

The menu choice is sausage casserole or vegetarian sausage casserole and for dessert its iced sponge with sprinkles or a muller fruit corner yoghurt :)

Im going for the sausage casserole and the iced sponge with sprinkles so Im really pleased with the choice on offer :).

In Evies spelling test she got 10/10 so it definitely paid off getting her to practice the words that she was finding tricky :).

Of this weeks words the only word that she found tricky was dig.

I also treated myself today to a new shower gel from the Body Shop :)

Friday 6 October 2017

I made the right decision

Yesterday there were discussions from the Mum helpers about whether they were going to dress up for Fairytale day on Monday.... seems the Mums that got picked are the same ones that were picked for Evies trip in Reception Year also.

One of the other Mums said that she got a "thanks but no thanks" slip in her daughters bag.

So Im glad that I didnt say that I couldnt do the interview on the off chance that I would be picked for this :)

Tuesday 3 October 2017

spellings book

Since Friday I have been trying to get Evie to practice spelling the words that she has had trouble with.

So on Saturday we bought her a special book (while we were doing our food shop)  that she can practice her spellings in :)

it has yet to be decorated
some of the words successfully written
It has been hard work trying to get Evie to practice the words that she is having difficulty with, but we are determined to get her to do them after she has read her book when we get home from school.

Sunday 1 October 2017

spelling test

On Friday when I picked her up from school I eagerly looked in her bag for the next words that she needs to be able to spell and the results of Thursdays spelling test...

...I was hoping for just one correct word so was really happy to see that she had gotten nine right out of ten :)

The only word she got wrong was "sit".

She has a new list of ten words to learn but of the ten, four are words with "d" in and she always gets her "d" confused with "b".

So if she gets anything more than six out of ten I will be pleased :).

cakes and advent chocolates

On Friday Evies school took part n the worlds biggest coffee morning...

..LOL I even bought a tub with me so that I could get a couple of cakes for James & Evie :)

In reception year Evie was allowed to eat her cake in her classroom but from Year 1 they make the kids wait to eat their cakes :(  Evie had chosen a butterfly cake :)

the victoria sponge was for me, Evie had the brownie and then I had the cupcake yesterday

Yesterday we were doing our grocery shopping, and in the seasonal aisle I saw that they had advent calendars, so me & Evie chose one each :)

my one

Evies one
We have got to get one for James now (although he will not be having it! :))

Friday 29 September 2017

cake interview and wicked witches

(Ok by the title you have probably already guessed the outcome :)).

I got home from dropping Evie off at school and called the wicked witch guy and he told me that unfortunately they werent interviewing on any other days... my interview is at 11am next Monday... is for 5 hours per week on a Sunday morning :)

Today at Evies school they are holding a coffee morning I am taking in a  shop bought swiss roll and I am also taking in a tub for a cake for James and Evie.  Evie already has a 50p in her bag for a cake to have at school.  She has already told me that she is going to chose a chocolate cake :)

Thursday 28 September 2017

another interview on the horizon

When I got home from doing our mid week top-up shop I noticed that there was a message on my phone... was a voicemail from the council saying that they want me to go in for an interview but its on the day of Evies fairytale day and I have offered to help that day (but as I know from last time I may not get picked) so I will call the bloke today and find out if they are interviewing other days.

Wednesday 27 September 2017

another job not got

To be honest as I hadnt heard back by Friday I guessed that I hadnt got the job... didnt stop me feeling gutted again that I hadnt got it...

oh well... :)

Sunday 24 September 2017

im better talking to a person

After I had got blown out by my friend on Friday I decided that was the time that I could do my video interview...

First I had to download Launchpad Recruits Interview so that I could do it from my smartphone, there was a practice session that you could do as many times that you needed to (to get used to it) in all honesty even if I had done it one hundred times I dont think that I would have been any better as there isnt a person or even an image to speak to...

A question would come up on the screen and then you have 60 seconds to think of your answer. There were six questions in all...

Luckily I didnt freeze but there was some stuttering...

...I just hope that they see can through my nerves :)

I had an e-mail through after saying that my interview was sent through to them, so I will ave to see if they want to see me in person, or I will just end up in deleted items! :)

And I decided against the David Bowie make up :) LOL the tutorial did say to make sure that you were dressed appropriately :)

Friday 22 September 2017


A few weeks ago I applied for a 12 month accounts job contract for a large law firm...

...yesterday I was checking my e-mails and got an e-mail from them saying that they were impressed with my application :)

And as part of their selection process they would like me to do a video interview.

I have until midnight on Monday to do it...

I was supposed to be meeting a friend for a coffee this morning but she has blown me off, so I will do it after I have taken Evie to school.

Hee hee a part of me is thinking of donning David Bowie type make up to make me stand out from the crowd :)

But my artistry skills are rubbish so perhaps not...

Thursday 21 September 2017

the Y1 walk

Yesterday was the year 1 walk...

...I arrived at the school and told the school office what I was there for, and they told me to go around to the classroom.

So I went in and saw a couple of other Mums and one of them told me to find my bits (there were laid out on a table in piles) and there was a sheet to sign to say that I had read the risk assessment (keep the kids safe type thing).

I then noticed the kids sitting on the floor and Miss B was going through road safety :)

She got them all to go to the toilet (in their tables, Evie is orange :)), and then once they all had their coats on they had to line up (with their grown up) our group was me, Evie, I and J.

We were the second to last group with the teaching assistants group being at the back.

We were looking at different buildings bungalows, semi detatched, victorian terrace house, cottages and maisonettes.  We had to talk about the different characteristics of each type.

I even found out that a manor house nearby had been converted in to 3 houses and then into flats :).

I told me that she lives in a flat and they have to go through a tunnel to park.  J told me he lives in a house and was telling me what each car was... reminded me of brother #2 he knew all of the car badges :)

It was then back to school Evie helped me to take off my safety jacket and wanted me to stay, I told her that I want able to stay and she was ok with that.

I didnt have that long until home time so went home had something to drink then it was back to pick her up again :)

Wednesday 20 September 2017

bored enough to read...

...well it was for a bit anyway :)

Yesterday just before bed time Evie said that she was bored... she pulled out one of her comics and was leafing through it, so I said to her shall I look for a story for us to read together, and she said no.

Then when she was doing something else I picked up the comic and found a story for us to read, she read about half a pages worth before saying that she wanted to stop :).

It was probably the most reading that she has done in one go as the books that she brings home from school arent very long (although they can take her anything upto 20 minutes to read them depending on her mood :)).

Perhaps I can get her to read one of my all time favourite books soon and these books too :)

Tuesday 19 September 2017

gym trail morning again

Gym Trail starts again today... that means leaving a little bit earlier than normal.

Also Evies PE days are on Gym Trail days too...

I told Evie that she had outdoor PE today and she started crying and saying that she didnt want to do it... I asked her why and she said its because she doesnt like running as it makes her legs tired.

She normally loves running, so I suggested that she skips instead :)

I will ask her later how PE was, hopefully she will enjoy it again :)

We also got the diary dates leaflet yesterday...

...there was so much stuff to put in :)

Hopefully James will book the relevant time off of work (Christmas production and sports day).

There is also a school lunch that year 1 parents can go to at the end of October :)

I cant wait to see what the options are (the current menu that Evie bought home only runs until half term).

Sunday 17 September 2017

the parent helper ladder

On Monday I volunteered to be a parent helper for the local area year 1 walk this Wednesday.

On Friday when I looked in Evies book bag I saw a slip of paper in Evies home school diary to get there for 1 pm on Wednesday to go through the paper work :).

LOL when I got turned down for Evies school trip in July My mum said that you have to grovel to the teachers to even be considered...

My phone call tomorrow is at 11 am, I just hope that I dont get tongue tied or waffle on too much :)

Friday 15 September 2017

Student council

I asked evie who got voted into the student council, as I knew that the elections were today.

And evie told me that h and j got voted in and that she voted for h.

She then surprised me by telling me that she voted for h and he voted for her!

I asked her what she said in her speech and she said that "if you fall over i will help you up"... can't say fairer than that :)

James thought that perhaps the whole class had to do it but she said that only a few people stood for election and reeled off some names.

monday phone call

Yesterday I got an e-mail on the back of a job that I had applied for (at the same place that I had interview #4).

The lady said that she would like to have an informal chat on the phone with me to discuss what experience I have :)

Evie was just watching (yet another toy advert) and piped up that I will have to go to John Adams to buy a chocolate lolly maker for her :)

I remember wanting a chocolate lolly maker when I was little :) we got scalextric instead which was much more playable :)

Thursday 14 September 2017

interview #14 and smartshop

Yesterday I had my 14th interview...

...I think it went well :)

It is a full time fixed 12 month contract working with the protected children team.

Understandably there were a lot of things about confidentiality I would say about what I did in my previous jobs such as shredding expired quotes and not telling brokers information about other clients etc.

I will find out next week.

I got an e-mail yesterday from Sainsburys saying that fast track will no longer be available in our store in three weeks time, but it is being replaced by smart shop... seems that you use your smart phone as the scanning device :) I wonder if they will have one use chargers dotted around the store for you to buy :)

Hee hee you would need to scan it after you had started charging your phone :)

Wednesday 13 September 2017

no reassurance needed

In the leaflet we were given at the end of reception year (about what to expect in year 1) one of the things it said was that the kids are expected (after the first couple of days) to walk from the school gates to the classroom on their own.

I saw a few of her classmates doing it but Evie still wanted me to walk to the classroom with her, so I did it up until Monday.

Yesterday I told her that Miss B would like her to walk from the gate to her classroom on her own and I said that me & Daddy would be proud of her if she did, and then she said that Miss B would be proud of her too and I said that yes she would.

So yesterday I kissed her goodbye after the caretaker had opened the gates and she took her bookbag and walked to her classroom without even looking around at me, I watched her until she was out of sight (her classroom is across the playground and then around the corner) :)

A's Mum was watching him as it was his first time too she was shouting to him to walk in with L as he was dithering about what to do).

I told Evie to let her teacher know that she had read her book twice so that it could be changed and when I checked her bag yesterday it had she had a different book.

LOL they are also expected to let the teacher know if there is a note in their bags now :)

Tuesday 12 September 2017

I volunteered

Yesterday we had meet the teacher the teachers from both classes went through some of the things that the kids would be learning... was supposed to be held in Evies classroom but was in the small hall instead (so no sneaking a look at any of Evies work) :(.

They will be doing fairytales (with a fairytale day when the kids can come in dressed as fairytale characters) and learn how to do things like make candles :)

I have already offered to be a parent helper...

They also said that an estate agent would come and visit and the kids make castles (for a princess) and the estate agent judges which the best one is (whether that is the same day or not I dont know) :)

And they learn about farms and have a farmers market at the end of term (and we get to buy things that they have made) :)

They also said about mastery (I heard about it on my perfect country - this episode) and about teaching the kids about different sounds and the different ways they are spelt.

And about the end of year phonics test and that they spend all year learning the words.

And there is also a walk around the local area next Wednesday (not tomorrow), and they asked for parent helpers who have had a dbs check so I said that I would like to do it :)

Monday 11 September 2017

meet the teacher

This afternoon Year 1 at Evies school has meet the teacher...

...they explain about how they teach the children (so that you can be on board with it too I guess).

It will be held in Evies classroom so I may be able to see if any of her work is up on the wall yet.

The information will be online too for any working parents so thats good.

On Friday I expected to find a list of words to go through the spelling with Evie but there was nothing in her home school book, I tested the other Mums and they said that they give them a week or so to settle in first before the homework starts :)

Sunday 10 September 2017

a later class

Back in July we had to book Evies tap dancing classes for the new school year...

...I spoke to her teacher to ask which class I should book her into and she said that because she is now in school it will be the next class Primary Tap.

Her class now starts at 11 am so means that we dont have to rush now but we dont get into town until much later.

Friday 8 September 2017

birthday weekend sorted

As everything (even childrens partys) get booked up around Christmas time I have booked some bits for Evie...

...on her actual birthday I have booked breakfast with Santa :) Even James is going to do it with us (I was surprised when he said that he would do it too) :)  In the comments section I even put that it was her 6th birthday :)

And the day after I have booked her party at a local soft play place (not the same place as last year).

Today at school Evie gets new words to learn how to spell (for her spelling test on Thursday), yesterday she had her first weekly spelling test and she told me that she had to spell numbers...

...she said that she did well.

The reception year children have their first short session today so it will be lovely seeing them all :)

Thursday 7 September 2017

whatsapp interview and interview #14

I had my registration interview with another agency yesterday by whatsapp :).

I think it went ok...

And I have another interview next week(on Wednesday), its for a full time job in the public sector, so I will have to see how that goes.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

tired and refusing

I was chatting to a Mum yesterday morning at the gates and she said that wellies are not needed in year 1 as they do not do much playing (which makes sense) so I bought the wellies back with me.

When Evie got out last night she was carrying her raincoat also so she doesnt need that either...

On our way home I asked her if she wanted a play in the playground and she said yes so we had a little play until 3.45 pm and when we got home I tried to get her to read her book and she started but wasnt really concentrating or trying to read the words properly.

I was hoping that after she had her dinner she would be willing to try again but no she still flat out refused.

So after her bath she went to bed as we could tell how tired she was, and I told her that if she wasnt going to read her book then she couldnt watch any tv either.

This morning she got up and I asked her again if she wanted to read and she said no, so I told her that she still couldnt watch any tv if she didnt read and she was then happy to read her book

So there are 2 entries in her reading record (1 good 1 bad)...

...we have also been told that she has outdoor PE on Tuesday afternoons, indoor PE on Friday, spelling tests on Thursdays and new words to learn on Fridays, as well as her reading book to read each night...

Evie ready for school

Tuesday 5 September 2017

dressed and excited

At around 6.30 I heard Evie moving about so I went into her room to tell her that it was back to school :)

Surprisingly enough she got up quickly and I got her clothes ready for her and she got dressed really quickly :)

Her bookbag and bag with PE kit (we were informed by one of the Mums last night that she has outdoor PE today), wellies (not sure if she needs them for year 1 but I bought her some) and raincoat are all by the front door,

I have a skype interview this morning with an agency.

It will be weird not having Evie with me again all day, but it will be good too :)

Monday 4 September 2017

booked and labelled

Since Friday I have been continually checking to see if I could order Evies lunches, then at just after 8.30 this morning it was up :)

So I have ordered her lunches up until Easter (although we only have menus until the end of October) :)

Her PE Kit and her raincoats are all labelled up too :)

Sunday 3 September 2017

one last day of holiday

Tomorrow is Evies last day of the summer holiday...

...Im not sure what we are going to do tomorrow yet...

...but I will have to get her PE bag ready and her raincoat labelled up

I have her book bag sorted already :)

Friday 1 September 2017

I cant book school lunches

In the last newsletter at the end of the summer school term, the school said that school lunches can be booked from 1st September...

...I have tried a few times (as have other Mums) and none of us can book the school lunches.

Evie doesnt go buck until Tuesday but the latest you can book the school lunch is the evening before, so hopefully the system will be up and running on Monday.

Or Mrs W will have to rustle up 400+ lunches without knowing whether the kids want chili con carne or mac and cheese.

Evie will have the chili but will take out the kidney beans :)

Wednesday 30 August 2017

eye check up

Yesterday Evie had her eye check up at the hospital...

...she rattled off all of the letters with no problems with her right eye, but with her left eye she was clearly guessing the letters.

So she is getting new glasses and she is getting an appointment for 8 weeks time (when she is wearing her new glasses) and luckily it co-incides with the half term holidays to see if she can see the letters better.

It takes 2 weeks for her glasses to be made up so I will wait for the text message to say that they are ready to collect.

Tuesday 29 August 2017


Yesterday I applied for a Christmas job at a toy shop...

...a couple of hours later I got an e-mail saying that my application would not be be going forward as they had already had applicants that were better suited!

oh well :)

Monday 28 August 2017

christmas job

We were in town this morning and I saw in the window of a toy shop that they are looking for Christmas staff... I have applied :)

I am not sure how far I will get given my lack of retail experience...

Sunday 27 August 2017

holiday and interview #13

We went on holiday... :)

at the airport before checking in

sandy toes

Evie on the beach
We had one minor hiccup and that was with a show we had prebooked at the travel agents...

...they said that we didnt need to include travel but we did, and because we had booked another trip on the day that the company booked through would do the travel from where we were staying we had to rebook the show (with travel in the resort).

I told the travel agents wht had happened and they asked me to save my receipts and to go in.  I went in the day after we had returned home and someone was supposed to come back to me on Friday...

...but I havent heard anything from them yet...

...and talking of not hearing anything I never heard back from interview #12 - I told the bloke that I was going away the following week for a week so I thought that perhaps he was waiting for me to come back.

And the day after I came back from holiday I had my interview #13 - I knew that I wouldnt get the job when she asked if I would work over Christmas?  I was totally honest and said that I probably couldnt as the after school/out of school holiday club (that Im hoping to use) is closed between Christmas and New Year.

I will keep on applying for jobs :)

Sunday 13 August 2017

a happy Evie

James has his 2 weeks off :) Evie is a very happy bunny, as Daddy is better than Mummy :) He doesnt shout as much as me!

So not too much blogging for the next couple of weeks

Thursday 10 August 2017

Interview #12 - he liked my e-mail address

Yesterday was my 12th job intervew....

...I think it went well.

There were no oddball questions :)

I was asked how my insurance skills would transfer to the job and I mentioned "that I can pick up on discrepancies, run reports, and put empty files on top of a store cupboard"

He also said that because the store had to keep costs down the pay would be the minimum wage and he asked me if I was ok with this, and I said that as "I havent worked for 5 years "I cant be picky and choosie" so its fine" :).

He also said that the job was really popular and that I was in their shortlist of 3 people :)

I will find out on Monday if I have got the job.

Sunday 6 August 2017

bubbles and english test

On Friday I got an e-mail from a fashion retailer asking me to complete (what I thought was an English test).

It was actually 8 scenarios and I had to say what I think is the best/worst way to respond (in English).

I will have to see if they invite me for an interview...

Today me & Evie did bubble rush :)

Evie covered in bubbles from the green bubble pit
Luckily she didnt need me to give her a piggy back ride but she did make James carry her to McDonalds :)

And I have another interview (its with a retail store as an admin person Tuesday to Friday 12 pm to 5 pm) and that is on Wednesday :)

Friday 4 August 2017

Will.i pass

The other day I applied for a job with a value fashion retailer (part time Monday to Friday 3 pm to 7 pm).

I got an e-mail this morning asking me to complete an English assessment:).  I have a week to complete it.

I do hope I pass :)

two macs

Me & Evie went into town yesterday with the intention of buying a rain mac and a t-shirt (for school).

One of the shops that I was still to try was Matalan... we headed there

We found the girls clothes...

...Evie found a raincoat that she liked, but they didnt have her size.  I then found this (for school) and this (for home) and she has promised me that she will wear both of them :).

On the t-shirt front James has ordered three online the only age he could get is 7-8 so he has ordered three (one for this year, one for next year and a spare one :)).

I just have to get her feet measured now and I will do that at the beginning of September and then we will have to buy school shoes and tap shoes.

Her plimsolls, trainers and wellies are already the next size up so I at least dont have to worry about buying those :)

Thursday 3 August 2017

Only James can... evie get dressed after her bath and her knickers are still on skew wiff :)


Me & Evie went into town yesterday...

...I have been buying her school uniform for September (I managed to get the majority of it from Sainsburys school uniform shop).

The only things I need to buy now is a light blue t-shirt for PE (which I think we are going to have to order online) and a raincoat.

The only raincoats that they had when I looked in Sainsburys were either age 5-6 or 9-10 (I even checked the boys sections also), I looked in Primark also and they didnt have her size either.

Back to being in town...

...we were just coming out of a shop and Evie got a hug from our dentist :)  I have to book our next appointment soon.

Today we are going to look in Matalan, I also have Asda to check before I end up getting something online.

Sunday 30 July 2017

no chinese for me

As I was told on Thursday that I would be called on Friday morning I kept my phone close to hand (even not letting Evie play on my phone went I went to get  a drink while we were out).

I eventually got called at 12.45 pm and was told that it was very close but there was someone else with more experience.

So no chinese takeout for me (well not yet anyway... :)).

Friday 28 July 2017

charity interview

Yesterday I had my interview for a paid job with a charity... interview #7 the charities base is in a house (the houses next to it are all boarded up where the whole block is due to be demolished.

There was one really oddball question (the others were to do with addicts).

How would I feel if I got offered the job?

I said that I would say hooray and get a chinese

and then they asked... would I feel if I didnt get offered the job?

I said that I would keep on looking and that this is my 11th interview so Im used to getting rejections now :)

I also said if I get the job I get the job and if I dont I dont.

I really cant work out what answer they wanted :)

I will find out this morning (after they have slept on it)

They also said that there were 70+ applicants so I did well to get an interview :)

Tuesday 25 July 2017

she didnt need a toilet break

Yesterday we got into town in good time to go to the cinema...

...we still (or rather I told Evie that I thought that it would be the better film) decided to see Despicable Me 3.

I got us an aisle seat and one next to it :)

Everytime I looked around at Evie she was staring at the screen and event better than tht she didnt need any toilet breaks (which is a sign of a great film) :)

Evies favourite part of the film was when Gru & Dru were camouflaged, and my favourite parts were when the minions were in jail :)

Evie says that she doesnt want to go again but we will see if anything good takes her fancy :)

Monday 24 July 2017

I forgot the best bit

I was sitting there watching tv after doing yesterdays blog post and realised that I had forgotten the best bit...

...I weighed myself on Saturday and had lost another 3 lbs so that is 1 lb short of my 4 stone target target or 55 lbs in total :)

A little bit later there was a knock at the door so I answered it and it was Evies teacher Mr F saying that he had forgotten (with all of the rush on Friday) to give the kids their leaving presents...

I called Evie to the front door so she could say thank you to him so that was good :)

...Evie got this book :)

Me & Evie are going to the cinema today - we are planning on seeing Despicable Me 3 but it could always change.

Sunday 23 July 2017

tears and interview #11

When I picked Evie up for the last time from the Early Years gate at her school it suddenly hit me that it was the very last time I would be picking her up from there...

,,,she will no longer be in reception year :(

I think that all us Mums got a bit tearful (there was no actual sobbing) and the teaching assistants were getting tearful too.

Her teacher even gave a speech saying how proud he was of all of the kids and how he would still see them about the school and enjoying seeing them grow up.

He even gave each kid a hug on their way out and so did the teaching assistants so it was all really lovely.

I dont remember getting goodbye hugs from my teachers...

...I think they were just glad to see the back of us :)

We went to the playground on our way home and as I usually do I checked my e-mails...

...and there was an invite to another interview...

...this time for a paid job with a charity.

It is 3 and a half hours a day five days a week.

So I will have to see how it goes.

My interview is on Thursday and James will have to leave work a bit early so he can look after Evie as they didnt want to leave it to after he had finished work.

Friday 21 July 2017

one more day of school... more day of sorrow, one more day at this old dump, we will be home tomorrow" :)

Thats what we used to sing at school on our last day of each half term etc :)

It is strange what you remember when you think about it.

Yesterday Evie came home with a bag full of drawings and painting and other craft bits that she has done throughout the year :)

James has taken it into work with him so he can scan them (he has been doing that with all of her bits.

There was also a leaflet in her bookbag about what to expect in Year 1 (basically more structured learning and less playing) and after the first couple of days we arent supposed to walk them to their classroom either, but you do have to go to their classroom to pick them up at home time.

And Im sure there will be more things to bring home tonight too :)

Thursday 20 July 2017

gym trail continues

Yesterday when I picked Evie up from school I asked her teacher if she would carry on going to gym trail in September (after the summer holidays), and he said yes she would continue, apparently she will carry on going until they decide that she cant get any more out of it.

Her teacher also said that he could see the benefits that she is getting out of doing it and he is really pleased how she is getting on so thats good.

Because she has gym trail tomorrow we will take in the sun catchers (that Evie decorated) and the cards that she has written in for the teachers and 2 assistants today.

So it looks like the early starts (2 days a week) will carry on :) I am glad that she can carry on going as she is enjoying it.

Wednesday 19 July 2017

interview #10 - Alison looked the part

Yesterday I had a dinner lady interview at a church school... usual I got there in plenty of time.

Once I was signed in I sat down and there was a lady sitting there (she looked very much like a dinner l was then shown around the school by one of the dinner lady supervisors.

When she took me back to reception she told me that I would be seen after Alison had her interview.

I saw Alison leave and then it was my turn.

There were 3 jobs that they were interviewing for...

..2 dinner ladies and a one on one with a kid with downs syndrome and would I be interested in considering that job also (I said yes I would).

In the Interview was the head teacher another dinner lady supervisor and a SEN leader.

As the SEN lady could only sit in for a few minutes she asked me if there were any games that I would make up to play with children?

So I told her about the sip and guess game that I play with Evie (when Im trying to get her to drink her drink when we are out), basically you take a sip of drink (or mouthful of food as it is adaptable) and then do an impression and the other person has to guess what it is :).

I was then asked by the other 2 the usual questions.

At the end of the interview I was told that they would let me know by the end of the day.

At 8.50 pm I get a phone call...

...I didnt get the job (lack of experience again) but I did come across as a lovely lady :)

Sunday 16 July 2017

a 2 party weekend

Evie had 2 parties this weekend :)

a magic one yesterday and a disco one today :)

She had a great time at both parties so thats good...

and only one week left of school and no having to rush around for 5 weeks yipppppeeeeee :)

Friday 14 July 2017

interview #10 and annual report

I have an interview on Tuesday for a dinner lady mid day assistant job at another school :)

Its the school that I looked at that had the chickens :)

Evies school report was as expected...

...she observes before trying new things :)

He also said that she has some great ideas and that she is now having the confidence to express them :)

He also said that her letter formation needs to improve (although it is getting more readable now) and that she needs to form more friendships...

...although by what she tells me she has a few friends in her year now so I dont think she has such a problem with that as what Mr F thinks she has.

Thursday 13 July 2017

she knew her name

As it was open evening yesterday at Evies school most of us parents hung around (snacks and drinks in hand) until they were ready to let us in... 3.30 they opened the doors and we filed around to the classrooms.

As it was a day for meeting the new teachers as well all the teachers (including Early Years) stayed for the duration :)

Me & Evie found a space on the floor (there arent enough seat for each child/Mum to sit down together and with them being 4/5 year old sized seats too) :)

I got Evies folder with all of her work in.

She enjoyed showing me all of the bits in her work books and everytime a photo of her appeared on the white board she was shouting out (thats me!) :)

Her teacher was talking to the kids too telling them how well they were doing (including Evie he told her how well her writing had improved when we were looking at her writing book).

We then went into her new classroom...

...Miss B was really nice and even remembered Evies name and said about the things they were doing on class swap day and that she looked forward to teaching Evie in September.

We get the annual reports tonight...

...Im hoping it says lots of good things :)

Wednesday 12 July 2017

open evening

Today is Evies schools open evening :)

...not only do we get to see the classroom (although in Early Years the parents evening is held in the classroom anyway) and the book look is in the classroom also.

...we also get to see her new classroom and meet with her new teacher Miss B :).

It will be good to see how she is getting on now :)

Sunday 9 July 2017

a shortish notice party invite

Last Friday I opened Evies bookbag and found an invite to J's party... was for today, with an apology for the short notice.

So I quickly sent her a text saying Evie would love to go and checked to see if she has whatsapp so I can see who his Mum is :)

I also asked her what J is into so I can buy him a suitable present and his Mum said cars and football (so last Saturday James got him a present in Tesco) so that got sorted too.

This morning I wrapped up the present and Evie wrote out his card.

Friday 7 July 2017

exploring cars and fairy tails

By Evies behaviour yesterday morning (not getting dressed until 7.50 am and crying saying that she wanted to cuddle James) she was more anxious about her new class than I realised.

By the time we got to school she was fine (so that was good).

When we were waiting for the teachers to open the reception class doors it was lovely seeing the little kids come in for their final transition session :)

I gave Evie a kiss goodbye and told her to enjoy herself :)

When it got to pick up time I saw a few Mums on the grass outside with their kids where they must have just finished their session and were waiting for siblings to finish school for the day.

Just before Mr F was about to let the kids out I saw one little boy run out to his Mum and Mr F went to chat to his Mum - she must have thought that he would be there until the end of the school day! I hope that he wasnt too traumatised by not being picked up with everyone else.

I remember my sister being upset (she must have been about the same age) when my Mum forgot to pick her up from a birthday party and got me to go and get her.

I asked Evie what she did with her new teacher, and she said that she drew a fairy tail character, so I asked her what she drew and she said a witch, I then asked if she had a witches hat and she said no she had a cape.

She also said that they were exploring cars - I will try and get out of her later what she was doing with them.

She said that she enjoyed her day so that is good and she got dressed quickly again this morning too :)

Thursday 6 July 2017

class swap day

Yesterday Evie found out who her new teacher for next year is...

...its Miss B (she is very happy :))

Today she has class swap day... she goes into her new class for the day, and the reception kids have their hour and a half session and the year 6 kids have their first of 2 transition days at the Secondary School :)

The letter from the school said that they swap the classes around in Year 1, 3 & 5, and they keep the same classes in years 2, 4 & 6

Evie has 2 of her friends in her new class so thats good, we have been talking about her having her new teacher today and Evie wants the animal groups to be unicorns and dragons (in reception they are monkeys, elephants and lions and she is a lion *roar* ;)), she wants to be a unicorn :)

Wednesday 5 July 2017

...the search continues

The other day my Mum suggested that I should do a teaching assistant job (or learning support assistant in schools speak)... yesterday I googled how to go about getting a job.

One of the suggestions is getting an apprenticeship...

...I found an apprenticeship at a childrens nursery that I have applied for :)

I will keep checking as well as the job websites that I look at regularly :) as they say "the search continues" :)

Tuesday 4 July 2017

100 mini beasts

At pick up time yesterday I got to school early so I could see the 2 coaches come back from her trip (there was one for each class).

The first coach emptied (from the other class) then it was Evies classes turn, in typical Evie fashion (although I realise now because she was in Mrs S's group) she was the last to get off :).

On our way home I asked her if she had a great time and she said yes :)

She pond fished with a net and got something green :)

And she looked at mini beasts :)

A's Mum asked her how many mini beasts she saw and she said 100 :)

We had stopped at the playgound at that point.

Luckily there were no mini beasts in her lunchbag (that would have been very typical of her :)).

She has also shown us how crickets jump :)

Monday 3 July 2017

school trip day

Evie has her very first school trip today :)

I wasnt chosen to be one of the parent helpers - which is a bit of a shame - hopefully Evie will enjoy herself more if Im not there cramping her style :)

And Evie is having a tantrum because she cant wear her school dress!

Evies lunchbag is by the front door and her lunchbox is in the fridge and an icepack is in the freezer (I just have to do her water :)).

Sunday 2 July 2017

I8 a no go too

On Friday I got an e-mail regarding interview #8... said that unfortunately I wasnt successful...

...I am not too bothered as they fibbed about the location and it would have been difficult for a mornings work.

Friday 30 June 2017

interview #9 a good but no cigar

The e-mail I received from the school said to get there for 9.45 and my interview would be at 10.45... it wasnt worth returning home I went there straight from dropping Evie off at school.

The receptionist kept on telling me that I was there so early (I did tell her that the e-mail said to get there for 9.45 but still).

Just after 9.45 T showed me around the school telling me all the things about the job and that most term day night I would be expected to work until 10.30 pm (just to let me know).

I watched 3 men go in for their interviews before me, and then it was my turn.

They asked me questions (no curve ball ones luckily) and I think I answered them well, I was then told that they would either let me know yesterday or today but I would be told either way so thats good.

They also asked if I would be able to work at weekends and school holidays (in teh evening in the school holidays) and I said yes I would.

Anyway yesterday just as I was leaving to pick Evie up I got a phone call saying that I hadnt got the job but it was a really good interview (so that was good) and they deliberated for 2 hours as to who to go for...

...but they went for someone else - but they would keep my details and let me know if any other jobs came up at the school :)

He also said that 7 people applied and I think they interviewed all applicants so thats nice :)

I dont mind as at least it means that I wont be missing Evies bedtime so thats good :)

Thursday 29 June 2017

interview #8 the clue was there

After dropping Evie off at school I went straight into town for my interview,,,

..I got there bang on time, then 15 minutes later the ladies supervisor came down to say that the person doing the test wasnt in yet as there were cows on the line :)

And that I should get myself a coffee while I was waiting.

Meanwhile another lady turned up (the person after me) and while we were walking up the stairs she asked the other lady where she came in from and she said "x" and she said "so you are near to the music school them" my ears pricked up as the reason I applied for the job was because I thought it as in Chelmsford, so I asked her if the job was in "x" and she said "yes" so I said oh ok it did say Chelmsford as the location, and she said yes this is their head office.

The lady eventually turned up and I did my test first (it was looking at a spreadsheet and answering questions and then on another tab working out the hours that each teacher was working) I didnt manage to finish it but I did pass their end test by knowing how to save the spreadsheet :)

I had my interview and they asked me 8 questions... of them was how I would promote the music school?

so I reeled off a load of suggestions - one of them being having a mini concert in town, to so prospective clients how well the students play :).

I will find out next week :) I am not sure if I will get it as I am quite a way away from the music school :).

I might as well see what happens.:)

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Growth spurt plus

A few weeks ago when doing the washing I forgot to take evies swimming costume out before putting it in the tumble dryer...

..i couldn't immediately tell if it had shrunk and it is age 6 anyway so should be ok for the time being.

Yesterday at luck up time one of the mum's who help with swimming (they still haven't told me when they need me to help btw) asked if evie has another swimming costume as her one is a bit tight!

I laughed with her about putting it in the tumble dryer :)

So after my interview today I will have a look for a suitable swimsuit in Primark otherwise I will checkout the supermarkets later in the week.

I will get an age 7 and will keep it out of the tumble dryer :)