Sunday 31 July 2011

maternity shopping time

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of pairs of trousers for work (2 sizes too big) as I didnt want to buy anything maternity until I was errrrrr more pregnant.

Anyhow the trousers that I bought are now getting tight so I thought rather than buying bigger trousers I would just buy some maternity ones.

The only local shop to buy anything like this from is Mothercare so I went in there yesterday morning, found the maternity clothes (made them unlock the changing room) and bought these trousers these jeans and I couldnt resist this t-shirt ;o)

I even ended up joining my very first Mother & Baby club ;o)

Friday 29 July 2011

half a pork belly sandwich

I had myself all psyched up for having half a lamb sandwich for my lunch...

...I got down to the shop an saw that they didnt have lamb written on the blackboard on the back, so I thought ok if they havent got lamb I will have sausage instead.

So I get to the front of the queue and the owner says to me "we havent got lamb today" so I said "ok I will have a sausage sandwich instead".  Then he said to me "we have in new pork belly" so I decided to go for half a pork belly sandwich (and the best bit is it still sounds greedy) and I have some pork crackling on the top too ;o)

Thursday 28 July 2011

a throw back to the 80's

I was sitting (with my eyes closed) on the train this morning.

The train pulled in to Shenfield Station I opened my eyes and saw a lady (must have been in her early to mid 20's) and she was wearing a mint green jacket and she had her cuffs folded so you could see the lining.

I think that she must have been watching too much Miami Vice ;o)

Sunday 24 July 2011

tiny heartbeat

After having the previous week off and despite having a cold I valiantly dragged myself in to work - making sure that I was sniffling and snuffling loud enough to gain some sympathy ;o)

On Tuesday I had an appointment to see the midwife anyway and decided that as I was still feeling poorly (a great word used by Mummys everywhere ;o)) I would have the day off sick.

So James managed to leave an hour early so he could give me a lift down to the doctors surgery (I was prepared to walk but wasnt going to turn down the offer of a lift), so I went into the doctors surgery and James went off to sort out his prescription.

I arrived got called in by the midwife (I told her that I had a cold hoping that she could suggest a miracle cure but she couldnt suggest anything other than taking hot honey & lemon), then she said "lets have a listen to the babys heartbeat" so I went with her into a little room and I laid down on the bed and she switched on her devise and rolled it over my tummy and yes we could hear a heartbeat ;o).

I told James about this after and he said that he had wished that he had come in with me now - perhaps he can have a listen next time ;o)

On Wednesday & Thursday I was still feeling poorly so had those days off sick too...

...then Thursday afternoon large globs of sleep started building up in my eyes - I showed James when he got home from work and said that it was conjunctivitis!  Great as if I wasnt already feeling bad enough!

So I texted my boss so he at least knew that I wouldnt be in on the Friday either.

So Thursday evening was spent bathing my eyes in cooled boiling water to remove the build up of gunk...

...I then went to bed expecting to wake up not being able to open my eyes...

...and sure enough I woke up needing the toilet (on one of my many wee visits) and couldnt open  my eyes (I managed to feel my way into the bathroom) did my business and sat on the edge of the bath for a while until I could see a little bit of light through my "willed open" eyes and and made my way back to bed.

Then I woke up at 3 am and this time I woke James up and he sorted out the cotton wool wipes and the water for  me.

By the time that James was leaving for work my eyes were fused shut again so I had to clean them AGAIN.

Luckily after that my eyes were just watering.

I rang the midwife to make sure that there was no risk to the baby and she said that there wasnt but she couldnt suggest any treatment and said that I should see the doctor.

So I rang the doctors and got an appointment for 11am I got in there and was seen on time and the doctor said "you have conjunctivitis" and prescribed me some penicillin eye drops (she assured me that they wont effect the baby), I went into Boots handed over my prescription (hoping to be able to tick the pregnancy box on the back) but she never said a word (apart from your eyes look very sore).

Anyway my eyes are looking a lot better now ;o)

Sunday 17 July 2011

a few days in Kessingland

Last week me & James spent a few days in Kessingland in Suffolk, his Mum & Dad booked a place big enough for us, them, James brother his wife and their two kiddies... went ok and luckily there were no murders ;o)

We went there on the Saturday and came back on the Tuesday (leaving the other to come back on the Friday).

We mainly did stuff on the beach (so the kiddies would be amused), and it was good fun ;o)

Although on Wednesday I started to feel grotty and now have a cold (which I cant take anything for!) still I see the midwife on Tuesday so hopefully she will be able to recommend something if I am still no better.

I saw an advert on tv that Next were having a half price sale, so I decided to have a look at the baby stuff (its so much nicer when you are looking for stuff that is actually for you ;o)) I would have waited until nearer the time but thought "well it is on sale" so I ended up buying a few bits in the "new baby" size ;o)

Friday 8 July 2011

emotional & then some

I was sitting there watching Being Erica this morning (it was a Christmas episode if that helps)...

...and by the end of the episode I was blubbing like anything.

It wasnt even as if it was a sad episode either!

Tuesday 5 July 2011

leaving at 4

Yesterday was my first day of leaving at 4pm.

I got to Liverpool Street Station at 4.12, just in time to catch the 4.17.

I found which platform the train was leaving from and sat in the first carriage as the train was mighty close to departing. I sat in a two seater (by myself!) and started relaxing just as a load of German foreign exchange students got on - all yakking very loudly in German.

I knew that they had something to do with my old school and sure enough they all got off at Ingatestone.

I was very tempted to yell out auf weidersehn ;o)

Sunday 3 July 2011

being spotted in Tesco

I had just finished having an afternoon nap yesterday afternoon, and James said to me "come on lets go to the big Tesco" So off we went to the Tesco on Princes Road.

While we were in there we had a look at the toys to see if James could find anything that he could play with, as usual there was nothing there that he deemed cheap enough. I think that he is always secretly hoping to find some HM Armed Forces Night Vision Binoculars marked down to 50p!

I had a look at the clothes to get some pyjamas, I ended up getting a 2XL t-shirt and some bottoms.

Next we hit the cereal aisle...

...I was quite proud of James as he managed to limit himself to just ten boxes as opposed to the fifteen boxes that he bought this morning.

We eventually got to the tills (by way of looking for peanut crackers and rice crackers) and the poor cashier was scanning our purchases and someone comes upto me and says "I should take your photograph" I looked up and it is Andycity63 one of my Flickr contacts.

Blimey O'Reilly it was a good job that I didnt look my normal scruffy self and thank goodness that I had just had my hair done that morning (so didnt posses my normal "witches hair").

Thanks Andy for not saying anything about the large amount of cereal ;o)

LOL it goes to show that if you have internet contacts who live near you then you are bound to bump into them...

...its a small world and an even smaller internet ;o)

Friday 1 July 2011

shorter days

Following on from yesterday my bosses said to me this morning that because Im in early most days and my growing condition then I can start leaving at 4pm…

…I just have to make more drinks!

LOL I said that I would make one at 8am ;o)

The only thing is that it means I cant do so much internet stuff first thing...

hee hee Im not too bothered