Wednesday 31 July 2013

Evies first library book

On Monday we went into the library (Gymbabes isnt on now until September) to get Evie weighed.

I took her to the Doctors surgery in June (when Evie was 18 months old) to get her weighed only to be told that they didnt have the health visitors there anymore, and that they were  now at the library!

While we were in there I decided that we should get Evie out a book (using James library card ;o)).

We decided on The Dudgeon is Coming ;o)

We shall go back to the library today and will get Evie another book to read ;o)

Tuesday 30 July 2013

no to butchered fruit

For the past few weeks I have been giving Evie for her dessert (after her dinner) individual portions of Dole Fruit the only one that I can get her to eat is the peach one, as she wont eat mandarins or pineapple so the other flavours were out.

She has only ever been eating a few bits before not wanting anymore... on Sunday I decided to have a look at the bigger packs to see what they have hoping to have less waste in the end.

I found some large 1 kg jars of Natures Finest and got the pear one.

So on Sunday night I asked James to get out a pear slice and to cut it up for Evie... he bought it in and it looked like it had been cut up by Edward Scissorhands!  I had managed to get Evie to eat a couple of bits before she started to cry.

Anyway I decided to try again yesterday but cut up the slice myself and I cut it into small chunks and Evie ate them all up apart from the last one ;o)

Monday 29 July 2013

sneaky raspberries

Evie loves helping me eat my fruit ;o)

Yesterday I had bought some raspberries, so I washed them and sat Evie on my lap so that she would let me put one in her mouth (as they are really soft and she will make a mess otherwise) she knocked my hand out of the way and started to cry (as in she wanted to pick one up herself) so fair enough I went and got her a bowl that she could put one in.

So I let her put a raspberry in her bowl and she just started to smoosh it up and didnt want to eat it.

And was crying when I was eating them as she wanted more to play with.

As I wasnt going to let her smoosh anymore up I just took them back into the kitchen and then popped out there half an hour later and ate them while standing up!

I think that I am going to stick to blueberries in future ;o)

Sunday 28 July 2013

reflections & footprints

Yesterday afternoon we went back into town.

We walked under a mirrrored awning and James was pointing out our reflections to Evie ;o)

Then this morning we were having a coffee and my drink had a footprint in the froth ;o)

Thursday 25 July 2013

horrible nurses appointment

I have a horrible nurses appointment this afternoon...

...the one that is supposed to be slightly uncomfortable (if you know what I mean).

Oh well at least it will be over and done with soon enough!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

another three missed messages

After being chuffed with myself thinking that I had fixed the text message problem on my phone, James told me that I had missed another three text messages.

So I went into the Three shop and pulled out my phone and explained everything that I had done to fix the message problem.

The bloke then starts doing things on my phone and says that it is a bandwidth problem and that he has improved it to 4G, and that changing the bandwidth will help but wont stop the problems.

He then asks where I live so I tell him and he says that he lives quite near me (and I am thinking to myself what has this got to do with my phone) and then he says that they are updating the mobile phone masts and so as not to take them out completely they are restricting the bandwidth which is screwing (my terminology) with the text messages and that he is having the same problems as me.

He also said that this will be going on until November!

Tuesday 23 July 2013

troubleshooting my phone

For the last couple of weeks I havent been receiving all of the text messages sent to me from James (dont know if I have missed texts from anyone else as James is the only person who texts me).

So as I am now on three I went to their website to look at the troubleshooting guide...

...first it said to check the version of firmwear - so I tried to check it but it said that I needed to switch wi-fi on so I switched it on but it still said that I needed to switch it on... I clicked to say that it still wasnt working and then it said to put the phone into airplane mode so I did that and then switched it off and on again.

Then I tried again to check the firmwear and it worked this time saying that I had the current version.

The final step was to send myself a message which I did and it worked

It now says that my text messages are now working and James has sent me three messages and I have received them all ;o)

well so far anyway...

I wish that we had thought of that

Yesterday was our last Gymbabes session before the summer break.

Me & Evie got there at about 1.50 pm (it was starting at 2 pm) only to see the Mums and their little ones eating cream cakes!

LOL they must have all said that they would have a celebration ;o)

I was hoping that Evie would have been moved up to the walking to 2 years class I guess that they will do it when she goes back in September.

Sunday 21 July 2013

from nought to loads

Since buying Evie her pre-walking shoes we have had the first steps and then yesterday she did loads.  She was using her muslin square as a crutch so to speak ;o)

There are a couple of videos motion pictures here and here

First she fell onto her bum

then she started walking towards me

getting nearer

and shes reached Mummy ;o)

busy Friday

On Friday me & Evie had a busy day...

...first of all I had a dental checkup... teeth were really good again and when it came to paying for my appointment the dentist asked me if I wanted my next check up in 6 or 12 months so I opted for 12 months ;o)

So we rushed home and I gave Evie her lunch before we had to get ready to go around to a friends house...

...she was hosting a garden party for us Mums with the kids and she also laid on an afternoon tea ;o)

Evie had a great time and cried when it was time to leave!

Friday 19 July 2013

would you like to use the bag?

Evie loves to help us unpack the food shopping when we get home from the supermarket ;o)

On Wednesday I had the idea of buying Evie a toy shopping bag (that comes with groceries in)...

I remembered seeing one in Mothercare (but couldnt remember how much it was), and then I remembered that Tesco did their own version ;o)

Having looked at the Mothercare one I can now see why it is more expensive.

Anyway Evie loves pulling the bits out of the bag but isnt so keen on putting them back in ;o)

LOL she has wrecked the cookie box and the cheesy biscuit box wont stand up on its own anymore!

Thursday 18 July 2013

giggling Evie

Me & Evie went to Starbucks yesterday to meet with James at lunchtime ;o)

I bought us a packet of blueberries to share on before Evie had her lunch of tabbouleh (she is getting very cosmopolitan ;o)).

I was making Evie laugh by making some silly noises so I got the camera out to take some shots ;o)

Tuesday 16 July 2013


Evie moves around a lot in her sleep ;o)

I went in to check on her after I had been to the toilet and saw her lying like this ;o)

So I went downstairs to grab my camera hoping that she wouldnt have moved again in the meantime and luckily she hadnt ;o)

Sunday 14 July 2013

four steps

Since getting Evie her pre-walking shoes a couple of weeks ago her wanting to walk has increased loads ;o)

Yesterday Evie actually did four steps on her own (and it was in Starbucks ;o)) she hasnt wanted to do any today but we are both well chuffed ;o).

Friday 12 July 2013

paddling in the sea

On Wednesday James had a hospital appointment and his boss told him he might as well take the whole day off (which was nice) ;o)

So we went to Southend on Sea and spent a few hours on the beach.

I also took Evie for a paddle into the sea...

...she was giggling like anything (it may have been because everytime the water came over our feet I was going oooooohhhhhhhhhhh ;o).

Wednesday 10 July 2013

a new bedtime routine

Evies bedtime routine upto last week was: her having her bottle of milk, we would wait for a few minutes to make sure that she wasnt going to be sick.  If she was asleep I would put her straight into her cot and if she was awake then I would read her a story while we were sitting on our bed.

On Monday she got off of my lap (after she had her milk) and started to climb up the stairs herself, so I grabbed hold of a book to read to her and she went into her bedroom, so I read to her while she was lying in her cot.

Last night after her milk she got off of my lap again but this time she was holding my hand (to let me know that she wanted to walk to the stairs), so I grabbed hold of another book and we went up the stairs and again she crawled into her bedroom and was standing up by her cot so I put her into her cot and read to her while she played.

Afterwards she was lying down but fidgeting a lot so I turned out the light and left her to drop off.  But we could hear her chattering away so I went back in and stroked her back telling her to go to sleep and she must have dropped off soon after ;o)

I cant believe how much she is growing up already ;o)

Sunday 7 July 2013

falling for the hype shmype

To say that Evie not walking yet is frustrating for me/us is an understatement...

...I know that she will do it when she is ready and that I shouldnt rush her...

But still a couple of friends have said that I should try Evie on some pre-walking shoes, yes I know that I scoffed at the idea back in September when we were waiting for Evie to start crawling.

On Friday I decided to get Evie some pre-walking shoes...

...we went into Clarks and walked through to the childrens section and told the salesperson what we were looking for... I got Evie out of her buggy and sat her on the seat next to me so that the lady could measure her...

...looking at her foot on the measurer made me smile because her feet didnt even go up as far as the number started but the lady said that she thought that Evie was a size 3 and an e fitting.

So she went out to see what shoes they had in Evies size she came back with 3 pairs a pair with flowers, a pair with a bow and a pair of trainers.

I chose the ones with the flowers so the lady put them on Evies feet and checked where her toes were and then I held Evies hands and she had a toddle (as the saleswoman put it ;o)) the lady then decided that Evie will be better off with a size 3 1/2 as one foot is slightly bigger than the other.

So she bought out some more shoes in the bigger size and she put those on and Evie had another toddle - it was then decided that the shoes (that I liked) werent a good enough fit!  I have always had the same problems myself :o(.  I remember the arguments with my Mum because I couldnt have the shoes that I wanted!

So the lady bought out the pair with the bow on and they were a much better fit on Evie ;o)

So we bought them and I let Evie wear them home ;o)

She has now spent Saturday and today while we were out wanting to walk (with either me or James holding her hands) ;o)

Thursday 4 July 2013

I thought that she was finally getting my cold

Evie has still been cold free (touch wood) despite having a bit of a cough.

Yesterday afternoon Evie started to sneeze and her nose was running...

...I thought to myself oh no she is getting my cold after all!

But then later on it had stopped and when she woke up this morning she was snot free ;o)

Wednesday 3 July 2013

the 3 foot people festival

Yesterday me & Evie went to the 3 foot people festival its a festival for pre-school children ;o)

We had to go upto the Civic Theatre to get our tickets (as I had only booked them on Sunday), and there was a queue out of the door of parents with their children picking up their tickets.

They must have sold out for yesterday as the lady behind me wanted to buy tickets but had left empty handed.

We got to the park just before 11 am and when we were given our wristbands I was asked for a codeword (in case we got separated) so I said but she cant talk! and I was told that a word would be written on our wrist bands so I went for "bunny rabbit" ;o)

When we went in there the first thing we did was go to the Gymnastics with Chelmsford Gym Club, Evie especially loved swinging from the bars ;o)

Then we did the Toot Cornetto stories and playtime and Evie got to colour in a seahorse ;o)

I treated Evie to a smarties cookie to eat

Then we popped out to have lunch and then we were back just before 1 pm and we headed for the Baby Sensory tent - I think a lot of them in there were regulars as the other Mums all knew the song and hte signs that went with them.

Then we did the Bug Bazaar by the Fairyland Trust I made a violet ground beetle.

As I hadnt had anything to eat other than half a packet of blueberries I decided to buy some food there from one of the vendors and went for a childs portion of duck noodles it came with four prawn crackers - I let Evie have a prawn cracker and where she was nicely full up she didnt eat any of it.

Finally we did Broadway Babies - Evie wasnt really old enough but I held her up so she could do the stuff like the other kids.

It was coming upto 3pm (and eerything was packing up) so we headed home and Evie fell asleep - infact she slept until I woke her up just before 5 pm so she could have her dinner ;o)

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Evie you cant start yet...

We went to Gymbabes yesterday, we had got there about 10 minutes before it was due to start.

So I got Evie out of her buggy and had her sitting on my lap but she was struggling to get down so I put her on the floor and was following where she was going (as I ususally do)...

...she then crawled upto some softplay blocks with a plank elevated on top of them and had decided to play on there so I had hold of her t-shirt (to stop her from falling off).

We then heard "Evie you cant start playing yet".

I plonked Evie back on my lap but she kept struggling and everytime I put her back down on the floor she would crawl over to something and I would have to stop her from playing!