Tuesday 31 July 2018

tea for four

Today me & Evie are meeting up with a couple of my friends...

...we are going to a tea shop, Evie has already told me that she is going to have a tea cake and a hot chocolate :)

Although I am not sure that she will like the tea cake :)

I am sure that there will be something yummy that she will chose :)

Sunday 29 July 2018

euroMillions confusion

Whenever I get an e-mail telling me that my lottery ticket has ran out I leave it in my inbox until I have renewed it :)

The other day I received an e-mail saying "you cant win EuroMillions without a ticket!"

I was sure that I had already bought my ticket with my full proof system LOL :)

So when I went online this afternoon the first thing I did was check that I do have my ticket and phew I do :)

So I have forwarded the e-mail to national lottery in case it is spam...

Wednesday 25 July 2018

do you EVEN want the appointment?

Yesterday morning just after 9 am I called the place to book Evies apointment, I was told that the pediatrics team were busy and someone would call me back later...

...as I still hadnt been called back by 4 pm I called again and this time was told that I would be called either today or tomorrow.

At 7 pm I then get a phone call :)

It was the place I called earlier and the first thing the lady asked me was "do you even want the appointment?" I said that yes I did (I mean why would I have called to book the appointment otherwise?) she said it was because the doctor who referred us said that we didnt have any concerns, and they expect the parents to have the concerns in the first instance.

So I told her that I did want the appointment just to get the teachers off of our backs :)

We have an appointment booked for the end of August and we will get the bus there :) ironically there is a place just down the road from us but there were no appointments there and she said that there is a timescale that they are supposed to see kids in, so we are sticking with the appointment as it is in the school holidays.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

cathedral picnic

Yesterday me and Evie had a picnic in the grounds of Chelmsford Cathedral :)

We got our lunch from McDonalds (Evie had a chicken nugget happy meal) :)

We found somewhere shady to sit

Evie eating a chicken nugget

As it was so hot and Evie was getting tired we went for an iced drink before heading home :)

Evie drinking an iced chocolate drink with cream
Then we headed home via the park :)

on the swing
When we got home I found a letter about Evies appointment and there was no date but said to call a phone number to book it.

I hope that there isnt a long waiting list and she can be seen in the school holidays.

Monday 23 July 2018

yesterday was a Daddy and Evie day

While I went to work yesterday James and Evie went to Southend :)

They had a great day...

...Evie told me all of the fun things they did...

..she had a smoothie and a bacon roll in Costa, played in the arcades, and went of loads of rides at Adventure Island and she had sausage in batter and chips for her lunch :)

Today she wants to have a picnic with a McDonalds happy meal :)

We have to go into town anyway today :)

Friday 20 July 2018

until September

Today is the last day of rushing until September :)

There was a note in Evies bag yesterday saying that they think that she will still get something out of gym trail so that starts again in the middle of September.

I think that Evie is ready for the break now:)

Thursday 19 July 2018

I got a thank you present

When I got into Evies class yesterday there was a wrapped present and a card waiting for me :)

a scented candle and card
The first thing I had to do was filing away the work from the previous day.

Then I had to glue in their farm booklets that they had made.

And then I was labeling the words and sounds folders for the children joining year 1 in September and their reading records too :)

Their birthdays have already been put up on the board.

I then helped to take down the houses the children had to decorate as their summer homework :)

Mrs D said that she was going to miss all of my help next year (Im sure she has said that to all of the helper Mums) and that she will really miss this class as they are all lovely children, and it has been the nicest class she has had for years :)

I took the presents in with me yesterday afternoon and Miss B said thanks to Evie :)

Wednesday 18 July 2018

last day helping in year one

Today will be my last day of helping in year one...

...at the end of last week the kids were asked to bring in a large carrier bag for their work - I gave Evie a recycle bag :) which is still in her bag!

I wonder if I will have to start bagging up their work or if it will be left for J's or A's Mums (as they are helping tomorrow and Friday)

The teachers and teaching assistants presents and are ready and I will take them in this afternoon :)

Tuesday 17 July 2018

health check

A couple of weeks ago me & James both got letters about having our health checks, so I have organised mine for today (before the summer holidays start).

Last time I had to go to the hospital and have a blood test and take in a urine sample, but there is none of that this time.

I even went into the surgery to book it so that they could give me a blood test form and anything else.

Im hoping the person I see doesnt say "so your still alive then?" :)

Sunday 15 July 2018

swapped lunches

At Evies school on the last day of the school year the year 6 pupils get to chose the lunch for that day...

...they have chosen pepperoni pizza and for vegetarian quorn dippers, as pizza is the Mondays lunch for that week, the school chef Mrs W has swapped and is doing fish fillet on the Monday and the pizza on Friday.

We have had this by parentmail, letter and on the weekly newsletter saying that if you need to change your selection do it now as you cant change your mind on the day :)

Luckily Evie likes both pizza and fish so not a problem :)

Friday 13 July 2018

end of year report

Yesterday when I picked Evie up she excitedly told me that there was something in her bag for me...

...it was the annual school report!

In lots of things she is behind what is expected of her age, but to get an average you have to have some good and some not so good.  There were a couple of things (I cant remember now what) that she was what was expected of her so that is good.

One thing that I dont agree wit is that she doesnt like speaking to unfamiliar adults, when she is out with me she will often initiate conversations with complete strangers!  Without any prompting from me.

It also says about her letter formation that we are working on (longer sticks on k's, h's etc).

But her writing has definitely improved since the beginning of the school year :)

And she passed her phonics screening test :) she got 35 out of 40 :) The pass mark was 32 :)

The head teachers comments were "that with hard work you can achieve anything" or something like that anyway ".:)

There is a comments section for us to write in too :)

Thursday 12 July 2018

meeting Mrs B

On Tuesday Evie said that she told Mrs D that I was in the next day to help and she told Evie that she had lots of jobs for me to do :)

It was loads of filing work away for the open evening :)

I picked Evie up from school and we waited to go in and then we went to her classroom to look at her work - I already knew what was in some of her books (from filing away her work) but Evie insisted on wanting to show me everything anyway :)

Miss B said that the work books were coming home next week anyway (apart from her current English and Maths books) so James will be able to see them also :) He hasnt come to book looks or open evenings.

We then went next door to the new class and Mrs B was speaking to D as he had been on holiday during class swap day.

I then had a chance to speak to Mrs B and Evie told her that she is going to decorate the car template she has been given as her summer holiday homework at the weekend, so I will have to make sure tonight that we do some photos that she might like to use :).

I told her that I am helping on Wednesday morning and could I help again in September and she said yes and that she was making a list :) A's Mum and F's Mumn are on there ahead of me :)

It was really good :)

Wednesday 11 July 2018

open evening

Its the final chance to look at Evies school work this afternoon and a chance to meet her year 2 teacher Mrs B :)

Im quite looking forward to it :)

Tuesday 10 July 2018

D and W

Yesterday after school we decorated the other 2 letters :)

Mrs W's letter
Mrs D's letter
We just need to decorate Mrs D's gift bag and write out her card then were done :)

Sunday 8 July 2018


Yesterday I decided to start decorating the letters that I painted last week, so I glued a wooden flower on the W to see if it stayed on ok :)

I then showed it to Evie and she told me that I had painted it the wrong colour (coming from the person who didnt want to help me paint them last week).

So to make sure they were painted right and so that the blue wouldnt show through James took Evie to hobbycraft to buy some replacement letters!

When I came back from work we painted the new letters the correct colour :)

And as I had painted the B in the right colour we were able to decorate it :)

for Miss B
Evie has decorated the bag and written out the card also :)

Thursday 5 July 2018

class swap day

Today is class swap day :)

The kids go into their new class for the day whilst the kids starting in reception have their last settling in session for an hour and a half without Mum :)

Yesterday I helped out in class and I did the daily mile with the kids (5 times around the track), helped with their maths (writing down how long it took to do certain things) and in English they had to carry on writing the enormous turnip story (with lots of adjectives).

J's Mum is helping today so I wonder if she will be helping in the new class or the old class (she will have fun whatever :o)).

I asked Evie if she would like me to carry on helping in year 2 and she said that she would :) So I will ask at the meet the teacher session in September :)

Sunday 1 July 2018

teachers presents stage 1

A few weeks ago I bought Evies teachers end of year thank you presents :)

I decided this weekend that we should start decorating them :)

Evie decided that she doesnt want to do them so it has been down to me to do them :)

painted by Mummy
LOL I would like to say that I purposely painted them badly to look like they were done by Evie but I cant :)

When they are dry the stickers are going on...

...hopefully Evie will help with decorating the gift bags and writing the cards at the very least :)