Sunday 27 February 2011

I hate crowds

James wanted to go back into Chelmsford yesterday afternoon... we went back into town (they had a french market on), they were set up in the middle of the high street and it tends to make the idiots who already walk slow walk even slower! I really didnt think that was possible!

I get very frustrated at slow walking people (one of the many reasons as to why I hated working locally) so I yanked James arm (almost out of its socket no less) so we could get away from the crowds, but he whinged that I was hurting him (the big wuss) - so I went hurtling through the crowds and then waited (for what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably only 3) for him to catch up with me.

We never had the cup of coffee that he wanted to have in town because I was annoying him with my constant talking...

LOL I wanted to ask him what he meant by that but though better of it ;o)

FYI - weather alert it has just started hailing - and I managed to get James to go out there to dance in the hail ;o)

Tuesday 22 February 2011

I'll have a pint of tea please

Me and James had yesterday off and decided to go to Lakeside despite it being Half term this week...

...we got there just after 9am (it opens at 10) so the little rascals were still in the land of nod (I am sure that if we had gone later in the afternoon then it would have been a different matter).

Anyway we were looking in Robert Dyas and saw this mug reduced down from £8 to £3 - I was on the lookout for a bigger mug after the cleaner accidentally broke my other mug as an early Christmas present.

Here is my brand new mug with its inaugural drink ;o)

Sunday 20 February 2011

impatient in the post office

(no not me this time...)

I went to the post office yesterday, the one in Chelmsford is located in W H Smith :o(

The post office was due to open at 9 am I got there at 8.50 and was the fourth person in line and more people joined the queue behind me...

9 o'clock came and still there were no staff to serve us, at 9.01 they slowly started going to their cashier stations so they could get ready to start their day, but they were clearly in no hurry...

The person at the front of the queue was being quite sarcastic by saying "can I chose which cashier to go to?" and I dont think that hurried them along any faster either...

Now onto the impatient old bag biddy...

...there was an old woman about eight people behind me who was getting quite impatient (it must have been 9.05 at this point) and she was shouting or rather speaking loudly what with British reserve and all of that cr@p), saying that it was unfair to say that they are open at 9 when they werent even ready to serve us...

At 9.10 they finally started to serve us and I took my parcel to the counter, the lady serving me said that the parcel should get there in three days, my Mum will be attacking the postman when she sees him with her package as LOL she loves marmite as much as I do ;o)

Tuesday 15 February 2011

ever expanding London

In todays metro there is a huge spread on the Olympics, and where the various events are being held...

...if you exclude the football or soccer to my US friends then London encompasses Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire to the North and Dorset to the West...

...ok admittedly Essex, Herts and Bucks are part of the Home Counties, but Dorset that is nowhere near London!

LOL I see a bit of artistic license at work ;o)

Monday 14 February 2011

happy valentines

May your postman get a bad back from delivering all of your cards ;o)

It will be fun seeing all of the men congregating in Godiva and Hotel Chocolat...

...LOL I will be going in Hotel Chocolat tomorrow to look at their Easter goodies ;o)

Me and James stopped celebrating Valentines ages and ages ago...

...what really makes me laugh are the cards that say to my husband or wife or fiance...

...isnt the idea supposed to be that you get a card from a secret admirer?

Sunday 13 February 2011

heart shaped containers

How can you make something "Valentines" related? sell it in a heart shaped container ;o)

LOL I have only gone and encouraged this trend with these two buys ;o)

What is the worst valentines item that you have come across?

Friday 11 February 2011


As you may recall my Christmas Chocolate box was late (in fact it didnt arrived until 30th December).

Last night when I got home I had a letter from Hotel Chocolat (apologising profusely for the lateness of some of the boxes) giving me (in fact it was everyone who ordered a chocolate tasting box - did you get one Natalie?) a £5.00 voucher that I can use against any seasonal product, so I have used it against my Easter Egg ;o)

I was flicking through Metro this morning and I have decided that I want this alarm clock...

...LOL I wonder if it comes with a toaster attachment so you can have the perfect bacon sandwich ;o)

damn it I fancy a bacon sandwich now...

Thursday 10 February 2011


After yesterdays post I had a look on flickr and we do stand on the right and pass on the left...

I really shouldnt think too much ;o)

Wednesday 9 February 2011

not noticing which side I stand on

Joe did a post yesterday regarding escalator etiquette

…he asked me (directly I may add) if here in the UK we mirrored our driving side by standing on the left and passing on the right (in The States they stand on the right and pass on the left), I immediately (as fast as my little fingers could type but before my brain got into gear) said no we stand on the right and pass on the left.

Then a couple of hours later (it takes me that long to get my brain working especially after having an Advil PM last night) I then realised that I don’t think we stand on the right after all…

…then a bit later while making the 10 am cup of tea (which I was making at 10.30) it then struck me that no we stand on the left and pass on the right (there are even signs on the escalators saying “keep left”).

LOL its amazing what you don’t notice throughout the day…

Tuesday 8 February 2011

12 mid morning snacks

The other day I was in Tesco and saw that they had a half price deal on Cadbury Creme Eggs so I couldnt let an opportunity like that pass me by...

Monday 7 February 2011

does this mean that I can count chocolate as 1 of my 5 a day?

I saw this article in Metro, and wondered if it meant that I could count chocolate as one of my 5 a day ;o)

LOL this is just the research that I have been waiting for...

...perhaps tomorrow there will be an article stating that working is bad for your health!

I know I know but its worth a thought ;o)

Sunday 6 February 2011

having my cereal and eating it

Last week and this week (come to mention it) the bananas in the supermarket were well manky looking (they were far too green for my liking), so I opted to cadge (Kelly sorry this wont be in the book I sent you either) some of James cereal...

...I ended up having honey nut cornflakes (and yes he did know that I was eating it) ;o),  I even had to sign a disclaimer offering my Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg as collateral to ensure that I didnt "accidentally" eat any of his other cereals!

Yesterday I delved into the abyss of under the bed in search of the missing ball bearing, could I find the stupid thing?  No!  Could I be arsed to look through every box/bag?  No!  As I had slept through the alarm a couple of times (only to be woken up by James yelling "are you up yet?") I decided to cut my losses and to go back to my other alarm clock, and James is well pleased because he doesnt have to hear the other one ticking anymore either ;o).

I weighed myself this morning and managed to lose another pound ;o)  Yes that is with eating cereal for my breakfast for the past week and I even had a lunch a couple of weeks ago too ;o)

LOL I let James treat me to a "I have lost a pound" present too ;o).

Friday 4 February 2011

one ball bearing MIA

Last night before I went to bed I went to set my alarm clock and accidentally set off the ball bearings!

I watched in slow motion (as most tragic things seem to happen that way) as one of the ball bearings rolled off of my bedside cabinet and promptly rolled under the bed,

So I go on my hands and knees to see if I could find it in the black hole that is down there...

...I couldnt immediately see it

There are two ball bearings on my alarm clock one that does a long roll and a cockledoodle doo (I made sure that was the one in its correct place), and the other one doesnt do anything at all (or so I thought).  So my alarm goes off this morning the ball bearing that does the long roll did its thing but I could hardly hear it over the (imagine a bells only alarm) bell going.  At least it made sure that I actually woke up ;o)

Needless to say tomorrow I will be rummaging around looking for the blasted ball bearing.

Thursday 3 February 2011

chancing agencies

I had a phone call today from an employment agency...

…he asked stated that he had heard that we were looking for someone.

I was perplexed by this and asked where he had heard this titbit of information and he muttered something about hearing it on the grapevine from a colleague of his and that it had filtered down to him!

My bullcr@p alert was going in overdrive at this point…

I said no that as far as I was concerned we weren’t looking for anyone, and no we wouldn’t be looking for anyone in the near future! Just to pre-empt him like!

He then said that if he had someone exceptional would there be an opening…

…my first reaction was “hell no” – if they are more exceptional than me then Im DEFINITELY not interested…

..of course I didn’t say that – I just said that we still wouldn’t be looking for anyone!

I give him credit for chancing his arm like that, and he will probably strike lucky with one place today through his cold calling…

…LOL it just wont be with me! ;o)

Wednesday 2 February 2011

going to the cinema is well expensive

One of my mates e-mailed me yesterday to see if I fancied going to the cinema to see The Kings Speech.

I thought to myself yeah why not I havent been to the cinema in ages and it looks like it will be a good film in spite of all of the Oscar nominations!

I got an e-mail today from another friend who is coming too to say that she had booked the tickets and they are costing us £10.75 each, and get this the booking fee is £2.25 that is over 25% of the price!

How can they justify charging us that much?

Tuesday 1 February 2011

surrounded by kindles

I sit with four people at work and they all (yes thats right all four of them) have a kindle.

I sit on the train in the evening and I always see at least one person with one...

I am beginning to feel like the odd one out!

If I regularly read books then I would get one as they are a really good idea, but I prefer to listen to things instead...

...LOL I think I will accidently kick the next person I see reading a kindle just for good measure ;o)