Wednesday 29 August 2018

new school shoes and tomorrow

Yesterday we went in to town and befitting of a shoes shop a week and a half before the new school year it was packed!

So we got our number (E40) Evie liked that it had an E on it :)

The number on the board was 32 so it wasnt going to take too long...

...we were chatting about who was going to serve us was it going to be a man or a lady (or my suggestion the little boy with the blue glassses :o))

Number 40 came up and it was a man :)

He got the ipad and the feet measurer got Evie to chose her favourite colour (pink) and write her age 6 and her feet are now half a size bigger :)

She chose these shoes, none of the shoes on offer for Evies size were very pretty which is a shame.

Today we are going to get her tap shoes and leotard and this afternoon I will see about getting all of her other footwear in the supermarket.

Tomorrow we have Evies assessment and I am getting nervous about it...

...Im sure it will all be ok :)

I have bought the bus ticket on my phone

Tuesday 28 August 2018

feet measuring

Today James is back at work (so it is back to school holiday normal for me & Evie)...

...we are getting her feet measured today (I am sure that her feet have grown) so as well as school shoes we will need 2 pairs of trainers, wellies, slippers and some shoes (for outside school) if she sees any that she likes.

All of the bits apart from the school shoes will come from the supermarket or Primark :)

Sunday 26 August 2018

holiday and no work today

We have been on holiday

at the ariport at silly o'clock
our hotel had its own yeti :)

we went to a water park

we had slushys

we had rain

and no work today as the church group is at their headquarters :)

Friday 10 August 2018

back to the bank

This morning I went to check that I had been paid and as I put in my security details wrong 3 times I have been locked out!

So I did the "reset" bit and the 3rd and last step was to get a code from my secure key but when I went to turn it on it wont switch on!

I know that its the new one as it has the plastic cover on it.

So I will pop to the bank today or tomorrow to get a new one :(

Sunday 5 August 2018

mutiny and crash

Dont worry two separate things and in no way connected :)

First the crash...

I went into work and as soon as I walked in though the automatic doors a fascia came crashing down from the internal doors luckily I wasnt near it :)

I called my boss so he knew what to expect as he came in tomorrow :).

and now the mutiny...

James was supposed to take Evie to lunch in Sainsburys as a treat, but at 12.38 I got a text saying that they werent going as Evie had made a huge mess and she had lied!

I asked him what she had lied about and he said "you will have to ask her"

LOL at least I knew what I was coming back home to :)

The lie was that Evie had said that she had tidied up when she hadnt!