Sunday 26 July 2009

Why didnt I think of this earlier?

While I was in Marks & Spencer yesterday, I hit upon my most brilliant idea... get a low calorie dessert for Saturday night and a high(er) calorie one for Sunday night (to have after I have weighed myself).

Okay so Im only fooling myself!

The Count On Us toffee muffin dessert was really nice, and I will definitely get it again, it was toffee sauce, toffee muffin and toffee mousse mmmmmmmmmmm. The unhealthy (or rather the anti toffee muffin dessert) dessert I got was a Chocolate Overload, and that is super scrummy too ;o).

While waiting for the train on Wednesday morning, I saw three old ladies come up in the lift with a middle aged bloke (who appeared to be in charge), the old dears all had suitcases with them. They went to sit down on one of the benches and I thought to myself at least they wont disturb me...

...then a few minutes later another intake of oldies came up in the lift. Again three old ladies (and again with their suitcases) and the bloke got up to talk to them. I thought well at least they will go and sit down too. But no, the second lot decide to stand behind me and were wittering on about "Mr Smiths gammy leg" and "how Marys son still aint right" and worse than that someone was wearing "eau de Fairy Liquid"

Why on earth would someone knowingly buy bathing products that smell like Fairy liquid. Unless that lady had ACTUALLY bathed in Fairy! You can just hear her reasoning, "if its good enough for me dishes then its good enough for me - look Vera it says it cuts through grease too" Luckily they got on the train to Norwich, as I just know that if they had got on my train then they would have sat behind me!

On Thursday I was greeted by a poster saying that there may be a train driver strike on Thursday and Friday this week, with further ones planned on subsequent weeks! At least they havent got them planned on the Bank Holiday weekend. Mind you they dont want to upset the passengers too much do they. Oh well with a bit of luck they wont be going ahead. Or I may be having a long weekend!

You will be please to know that my brilliant idea worked, well sort of anyway. As I well well chuffed that when I weighed myself this morning I have lost 200 grammes.

Sunday 19 July 2009

you dont say...

It stands to reason that if I take my camera with me to work each day, then I will end up taking more photos, and that is exactly whats happened ;o).

For those of you who were worried about the lack of Vegpots last week, you will be pleased to know that Sainsbury's were back to having the full range ;o). So no more manic searching (read frantically ordering the poor girl who was shelf stacking to go out back to look if they had any more) by me this morning for an alternative! Talking of alternatives, the Bombay Potato I had last week was nice but not filling enough!

I must look like someone who knows where theyre going (or perhaps just not as insane as everyone else ;o))...

... as someone actually asked me the way to Liverpool Street Station on Wednesday evening, as I was hurtling towards the station anyway (I can walk fast when I want to get home ;o)).

I was in Marks & Spencer yesterday deliberating about what yummy dessert to get, and eventually decided to go back to the white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake slices, I had forgotten just how nice they were ;o). Poor James can normally get the rest of our shopping while Im still looking ;o).

see my all my flickr pictures

I weighed myself this morning and have put on 100 grammes! As James pointed out I have walked home every night last week, so its probably muscle. And Im sticking to that ;o)

Sunday 12 July 2009

Go with the flow

The sign I mentioned in last weeks post has since been removed from the window! Quite spooky if you ask me (perhaps someone in Lush reads my blog ;o)).

Friday saw the final of Celebrity Masterchef I think the trophy would have been more in the spirit of the programme had it been edible. I was thinking something like a giant cookie (I could so eat one of those!) James was thinking more of a funnel cake.

If any of you have wondered what half a lamb sandwich looks like, here it is in all its glory ;o)

the flickr picture is here.

I went to the hairdressers yesterday to get my grey coloured in. I was asked the usual questions...

Do you want to go for the same colour? me: yes

Do you want to go for the same style? me: before I contemplated what I was going to say, I blurted out that I fancied going for something different! She then got really excited and handed me three hairstyle magazines.

I then looked through them while I was getting my hair coloured. Looking for styles that wouldnt take much maintenance so to speak. Remembering that my hair has a natural kink in it, I opted for a style that is flicky (as my hairdresser put it ;o)).

I had her in fits of laughter while recounting the story of the Holland & Barrett lady when I got my hair done last time. She then said is that what made you start blow drying your hair? I admitted it was ;o).

You will be pleased to know that the hair wasnt so radical that James didnt recognise me.

I was in Sainsburys this morning doing the big weekly shop, I was down the ready meal aisle, to look for my vegpot and shock horror the only one they had was Spicy Chermoula Tagine, I even made the shopworker who was down the aisle look to see if they "had anymore out back" which THEY DIDNT! What was I going to do? I was at a loss, so decided to look at the other vegetable things they have there and settled for a tub of Bombay Potato. I will let you know next week if this was an acceptable substitution ;o).

I weighed myself this morning and was well chuffed that I lost one pound. Hopefully I will lose a bit more next week as I will be walking home in the evenings as James' good deed has resulted in him having to work til 6pm for the foreseeable future.

Sunday 5 July 2009

so proud

Im so proud of James, he started his new contract job last Thursday...

Talking of jobs (or rather lack of them) I saw this sign in the window of Lush I think this shows just how bad the job market is here in the UK :o(.

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I have been taking my camera to work with me in the hope of being able to film some more people playing the Street Pianos, incidentally I was able to upload the video onto flickr eventually with the help of James ;o). Ironically I havent seen anyone playing the pianos (its like they know!!!).

I took Als advice and had a little tinkle on the piano (even though I cant play), the first time I ran my finger across the keyboard (someone I used to work with was walking past at the time and called me a hooligan ;o)). The next day I was feeling more defiant and gave the keyboard three bashes as I was walking past. The next thing I knew I heard someone else doing the same thing (he gave it one bash ;o)) its good to know I inspired someone ;o).

I found another piece of Innocent Vegpot reading, this time it was on the Spicy Chermoula Tagine

"power lunching

When did you last get genuinely excited about lunch? Was it when Jean Claude Van Damme came over and Brevilled you up a nice ham and cheese number? Were guessing it probably was. But we think we can provide even more lunchtime excitement. Right here, inside this pot. 3 of your 5 a day quick as a flash to heat and eat. Admittedly there will be no Belgian high kicking. But there will be vegetables, good health and good taste. And as JCVD once said "God gave me a great body and its my duty to take care of my physical temple" So please let this pot worship your er physical temple" ;o).

On my train line we normally get air conditioned trains, but shock horror on Tuesday there were problems and I had to sit on a non air conditioned train, it was horrible!

In my bid to get the word chocolate mentioned more on this blog see my wordle, I had today a piece of chocolate with Chili (there are three more pieces in the bar I bought) , it was really nice, the chocolate had a really hot flavour to it - I will most definitely buy that one again).

I weighed myself this morning and was well gutted that I put on two pounds, I cant put it all down to meeting my friends for lunch as I only had scrambled egg on toast, oh well I will see how I do next week.