Wednesday 31 May 2017


Yesterday afternoon I had interview #7... is in a house that is being used as an office :)

The lady (who runs the company) is really nice and there was one other person there and she seemed nice too.

There is one small room where upto 4 people work, so it would make working there interesting :)

She said that she has other people to interview this week and she should know who is successful by the end of the week.

Sunday 28 May 2017

a weight barrier

Because of my birthday and Evie having Chicken Pox I had a weighing break... when I went to weigh myself yesterday (I do it on scales in a shopping mall) I visualised a weight that I would like to be and one that I would be pleased with...

...I didnt get the one that I would like to be (the chocolate birthday cake that I shared with Evie was the reason for that).

But I did get the weight that I would be happy with :) I managed to lose another 2 lbs so that is 3 and a half stone or 49 lbs so I am really pleased.

Friday 26 May 2017

interview #7 on tuesday

Yesterday morning I got a phone call about one of the many jobs I have applied for... was from an accountant, for an admin assistant/secretary.

I have never been a secretary but I have done admin work, and its only 2 days a week, so would be ideal :)

Its late in the afternoon so will be after James has gotten home from work :)

Thursday 25 May 2017

spotty class photo day

Back in October Evie had her individual photo done at school - hee hee she has a false smile in her photo :)

When Evie came down with chicken pox on Friday my first thought was that she would miss the class photo...

...but she is better and will be one of the many spotty kids :)

Wednesday 24 May 2017

back to school

I decided to take Evie to Boots to see the pharmacist after 1pm (guessing that the kids would have finished their lunchbreak by the time that we waked past) the parade of shops is at the end of the road where her school is :)

We were approaching the school and I could hear that the kids were outside playing so I told Evie that we would walk past fast so that we wouldnt be spotted...

...I then hear A shout "Evie" so we crossed over the road to say hello (as there were now a crowd of them :o)).  There are 5 kids off in Evies class at the moment with it).

One of the teaching assistants came over Mrs H and she said that they missed Evie, I told her that we were going to see the pharmacist, and by the amount of scabbed spots on Evies face you can see that we werent making it up :).

Anyway I saw the pharmacist and explained about the spots that hadnt blistered and she said that as long as they havent got fluid in them then she isnt contagious :)

We walked past the school again on on our way home and we saw the kids were sitting in the playgound, Evie was watching them as we walked past, I felt quite bad that she couldnt go in and join them.

Evie is now in her school uniform and I have written out her fist sick note...

She has PE today so they will see that her spots are scabbed up and there are no fluid filled ones.

I even let Evie have a play in the playground on our way home so she enjoyed that :)

Tuesday 23 May 2017

flower fairy and foxy

Yesterday we painted the ornaments that we bought....

Evie did her one first

Then I did my one, I had a plan all set up on how I was going to decorate it and Evie decided that she wanted to help!

I was (reluctantly) allowed to paint 2 sunshines on :)

And here they both are together

On the chicken pox front Evie had some spots that came up on Sunday but they still havent blistered, so as I am going to take Evie out for a walk after lunch, I will pop into Boots and ask the pharmacist and will see what they say, as I dont really want to keep her out of school any longer than I have to.

Monday 22 May 2017

flower chain

Yesterday Evie decided that she wanted to play in the garden...

I saw some little flowers (not daisies buttercups or dandelions but the other one).

So I started to pick them and was making a chain for Evie...

...once I got it long enough, I checked that it would go over her head before I completed the chain :)

no sooner had I got it over her head she managed to break it so I had to do a quick repair :)

I think that next time we are in the garden I will have to make more chains for her :)

Sunday 21 May 2017

pox pros and cons

Evie has enjoyed the pros of having chicken pox...

...the comics, toys and chocolate cornflake bites :)

but hasnt really liked not being able to go to places (such as going to the toy shop).

We have gone to coffee shops though making sure we sit outside :)

she has mainly got spots on her face back and tummy and as of this morning she has had new ones appear on her legs.

I have to call her school tomorrow so will give them an update.

I was in asda yesterday and bought us a "decorate your own owl" and "fox" ornaments :)  Evie has already decided that she wants to do the owl :)

Friday 19 May 2017

will she lay eggs

Evie finally has chicken pox...

cluck cluck cluck

I told her that she may lay some eggs :)

I called her school and they said to call back on Monday as some children only get a few spots and others get covered.

I will spend today sorting through her clothes and bagging up her old ones :)

Thursday 18 May 2017

electing election lunch

In the weekly newsletter that Evies school send out (by parentmail) it said that the school hall will be used again as a poling station for the general election in June.

Therefore there will be a special lunch order (unless you want to bring in a packed lunch).

The last time they couldnt use the school hall, the lunch they had on offer was either ham or cheese roll or a hotdog - Evie didnt fancy either of those so I made her a lunch.

This time they are doing pizza (pepperoni or cheese and tomato) so I told Evie last night on our way home from school and she said that she wants the pizza lunch that day :)

hee hee Evie even got a mention in the newsletter (in the head teachers award) for having improved throwing and catching skills in PE (every child gets an award at some point in the year) :)

And tonight we also have a book look so that will be good being able to see how she is getting on :)

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Third to.last

No don't worry im not talking about blog posts :)

Yesterday while i was waiting to.pick evie up from school I saw that the kids were having an activity in the main playground.

I then watched the kids coming back to the classroom. 

Like I normally do.i was watching for evie (the last time I watched them doing something similar) she was the last child in but yesterday she was the third to last.

So that is a huge improvement:)

Sunday 14 May 2017

birthday and inserview

On Friday I had interview #6 I took J's advice and mentioned that I thought that the jobs I had missed out on were due to my age - and she said that it didnt matter to them andthey prefer having someone with experience.

I also mentioned that I had been approached by my last 2 employers.

I had to do a data input test (it was picking up the differences between 2 sets of letters/numbers etc), I was allowed 10 minutes and you had to average 20 seconds per question...

...I didnt manage to complete the test as you couldnt easily pick out the mistakes without looking properly at the two columns.

I hope that what I had done was accurate enough for them...

...yesterday it was my birthday :)

Evie bought me a spirehoved cutie pie plant

I will get Evie to help me do it :)
Evie helped me chose a birthday cake :)

Evie wanted to make sure I shared it with her :)
and here is my birthday slice of cake :)

happy birthday to me :)
When I had my slice of cake Evie wanted to make sure that it was still yummy (she had her slice earlier) by having "nibbles" of it :)

Thursday 11 May 2017

recruitment lady meet up

This morning I met up with the lady who has arranged my interview tomorrow.

She has given me some good tips such as bring up my age and how I feel that its going against me (so they know that I know), and also to bring up that I was approached by my last 2 employers :)  So they know that I am dependable and hard working :)

She also told me that she thought that I have been very unlucky with my interviews not to have got a job yet.

Hopefully tomorrow they will see what a fantastic person I am :)

Tuesday 9 May 2017

no gym trail this week

We dont have gym trail this week as the hall that they use is being used for SATS, the teacher told me that they are laying on breakfast for the kids (which is pretty cool) :).

I told Evie about the room being used for exams and she asked me if it meant that she would have to have a packed lunch this week.

I told her that it was just in the morning and the hall would be ok again for lunch :)

Evie is definitely super smart :)

Sunday 7 May 2017

chicken pox birthday party

Im not sure how many of the 6 children in reception with chicken pox were invited to the party but only a couple of them turned up...

L was very self conscious and didnt think that she was allowed to play with anyone, so I told her that she was doing a "service" and helping the kids so their holidays wouldnt get ruined :)  I even gave her a "high five" for good measure :)

M went as well and they all seemed to have fun.

The party had a magician and he was quite good :)

Im not sure if Evie interacted with the 2 girls or not so I will have to see if she manages to get it or not.

Friday 5 May 2017

Interview #6 pox party and packed lunch

Yay I have another interview next Friday, it is with a different insurance place from last time, they said that if I am happy to work 9-5 then they will see me :)  As my part time job hunting isnt going too well then I may have to go full time anyway :).

M in Evies class has chicken pox, as well as A, A and L from the other reception class, S in Evies class has her birthday party on Saturday, her Mum said that she was happy for M to come to the party so M's Mum asked us other Mums if we were ok with her going.  I said that we were happy and that M shouldnt miss out :)

So the chicken pox party will even have balloons :)

I picked Evie up from school yesterday and asked her what she at of her lunch, she said that she had ate some of it so that was good.

I was really pleased when I opened her box when we got home that she had actually eaten the roll that I had put in there...

...she also ate her jelly and her strawberry fruit string, I am not sure how much cucumber she ate or grapes, she finished her carrot sticks in the playground and had eaten most of the bacon and only had 1 of the cocktail sausages although it looked like she tried 2 of them (just in case the second 1 was nicer :)

Thursday 4 May 2017

uniform decision

I was sitting in bed this morning with Evie, and she told me that she wanted to wear her winter school uniform (grey dress, blue polo shirt and grey tights).

So I asked her why and she said that it was because her legs were cold.

She is upstairs hopefully getting dressed and not just playing about :)

I am very proud of her making an informed decision like that :)

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Election lunch box

Because of tomorrows local elections, the being used as a poling station.

Evie had a choice of a packed lunch that the school provides (as all infant school children get free school.meals) or a packed lunch that we provide.

Evie wanted a packed lunch that we make for her :)

So we are popping to the supermarket tonight to get bits for evies lunch :)

The lunchbag is ready and I have already put in there a strawberry jelly and a strawberry fruit string.

I will do the rest of it tonight and put it in the fridge, and must remember to take her lunch with us tomorrow :)

from beaver to alligator

When I went to pick up Evie from School yesterday I scanned the boxes outside with the swimming bags in and found Evies...

...but she wasnt in the beavers class anymore but had been moved down to the alligators class.

Hee hee I let James fill in the form (as he was the one who did the swimming classes with her) that asked how good her swimming skills were...

...he must have bigged her up a little too much :)

Evie was quite happy being an alligator now so that is the main thing :)

And at least she is now in the right class for her abilities too :)

Tuesday 2 May 2017

flower Evie

Yesterday Evie went to a party...

...they had a face painter, so I asked Evie if she would like to have her face painted and she said yes so I put her name on the list (LOL they were very organised :)).

I asked her what she would like to have on her face and she said flowers :)

A while later I saw "I" (it was a joint birthday party for 2 girls the other one being "A") walking Evie over to the face painter.

So I went over to make sure that Evie was ok, and she was sitting on the chair with her glasses on her lap.

She didnt want me to stay so I went back to watch the party...

here is flower Evie

I told the face painter after that it was the first time that she had let someone paint her face and she said that she could tell, so she did her quite quickly, so that was nice :)

Next time we see face painters at a party I know that Evie will let them do it :)

She wasnt too pleased when I had to wipe it off though :)