Thursday 31 July 2014

Evie sized mouse

We were in Starbucks on Saturday having our breakfast before getting a few bits in town.

I had a chocolate croissant, Evie had her chocolate brownie and James had fruit toast, I came back with our drinks to find that my chocolate croissant had been nibbled at ;o)

So I asked Evie if it had been eaten by a mouse, and she found it really funny ;o)

So all weekend I was asking Evie if mousy would like to eat whatever ;o)

Monday 28 July 2014

shorting speakers

Yesterday James wanted to record this radio show, and no sound was coming through the speakers...

...I think that he must have already rebooted the pc five times when he asked "has the pc been ok for you as there is no sound coming out"

I then remembered that there was a hissing sound when I was commenting on Kellys latest post!

And James said "oh, that might have been the speakers shorting out" oooppppssss

James managed to record the show ok as he was able to hear the broadcast through headphones.

Sunday 27 July 2014

wrong island

I have finally booked our holiday we are off to Menorca and it will be Evies first foreign holiday and her first time on a plane ;o)

Whenever I think of Spain (or any of its Islands) it always reminds me of this Heineken advert ;o)

I remember as kids at school we were all reciting the advert ;o)

Evie has been watching loads and loads of Peppa Pig and combined with not wanting an afternoon nap yesterday or today I have done loads (well 79 centimeters in total) of my scarf ;o)

Friday 25 July 2014

back to back Peppa

Evies latest program of choice is Peppa Pig.

If I say to her what would you like to watch she says "Peppa Pig Mummy".

The programs are only 5 minutes long but James managed to find a "block" of them on Nick Jr 2 which means that I can get on with doing stuff while she is sitting there watching them ;o)

In the last few weeks we put Evies highchair in the garage, and she now sits on the sofa (and watches tv - I know that its a terrible habit) while she eats her breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Yesterday just before lunchtime I had put on Peppa Pig for Evie to watch and then the tv just froze, so I unplugged the Sky+ box and plugged it back in again, ad had to wait a couple of minuted for the box to reset itself.

I had put the tv onto Cbeebies while we waited for the recorded programs to reappear - after half an hour they still hadnt and it was getting close to Evies lunchtime and then I saw that Peppa was about to start so I switched the channel and the tv froze again!

So I had to unplug the sky+ box again and wait a couple of minutes with it off and kept my fingers crossed!

I was finally able to switch the box back on again and switched the tv to Peppa Pig and again the tv froze, Evie was getting very upset at this point and it was now her lunchtime.

So I unplugged the box again and went and did Evies lunch, switched the sky+ box back on, switched the tv back to Nick Jr (for Peppa Pig) and it had finished, the planner (with the recorded programs) on was back now so I found Peppa and started to play it and it froze again!

Evie as now refusing to eat her lunch and was really crying so I switched off the box again and this time put the tv onto Freeview (thus leaving the sky+ box for a while to reset itself properly) and found Cbeebies and Evie watched Balamory.

After Evie had finished her lunch and dessert I changed her nappy and put her down for her afternoon nap and the Sky+ box was good and ready to go ;o).

I hope this doesnt mean that our box is on its way out :o(

Wednesday 23 July 2014


Now that my operation is over and done with I have been thinking about holidays, and where to go ;o)

Back in January we got Evies passport so thats all good.

My main concern about booking a holiday is James mood (I dont want another holiday like Blackpool) James was in a constant bad mood and we ended up coming home one day early.

So I have been asking James "where do you want to go" and his response is always "I dont care" I dont like the phrase "I dont care" I find it totally negative, I much prefer "I dont mind"

My first thought was going to Disneyland Paris but the prices are astronomical and for the money I would rather spend a week somewhere.

I know that James would prefer to go on holiday in this country, but the time he has booked off is when the kids go back to school and the weather isnt guaranteed then (and the weather was one of James issues in Blackpool).

So yesterday I came right out with it and said to him "will the holiday be like Blackpool" and he said "probably" so I said to him "I dont want another ruined holiday" and he promised that if things are getting on top of him he will go off somewhere by himself,

The website that I am trying to book the holiday on has an error on it, so if it isnt fixed by the time that Evie has had her breakfast I shall call the booking line ;o)

Tuesday 22 July 2014

a few weeks

Yesterday we had our final Tumble Tots session until after September.

Last week and this week instead of the session being the usual stations it was just a straight circuit with the kiddies starting at different places ;o)

Evie had a great time and at the end they bought out the lycra ;o)

A little bit of advce...

...if you are drinking peppermint tea make sure you wash your cup up properly after otherwise your normal tea will taste like minty toothpaste!

Sunday 20 July 2014

hernia & sand pit

On Friday I had my final appointment with the consultant with regards to my hernia operation.

It was just a quick appointment and was in and out in less then 5 minutes!

A couple of weeks ago we bought Evie a sand pit.

Here is a video motion picture of Evie playing with it ;o)

Evie pouring sand from one side to the other

Evie doing a seahorse in the sand
3 seahorses
My scarf is now 49 centimeters

Wednesday 16 July 2014

a step closer

Since Evies last achievement she had only done one more wee (and a poop at the same time) in the potty last weekend ;o)

This morning I changed her nappy after breakfast and noticed that it was still bone dry (I had changed it over an hour before) so I got her to sit on her potty and she did a wee.

I will have to see if she starts telling us when she wants to go ;o)

Sunday 13 July 2014

mother & child toilets

On Wednesday we decided to go to Lakeside and went into Kiddicare just for a look around.

While we were in there I had to go to the bathroom and saw that all of the cubicles in the ladies had two toilets - one for Mum and one for the little one ;o)

Mum & child can go to the loo at the same time

I havent done very much knitting this week but this is how the scarf is currently looking

now 39 centimeters

Friday 11 July 2014

be careful

Whenever Evie is eating or doing anything where she can make a mess I say to her "be careful Evie"...

...the other day I as helping Evie eat her dinner (she was watching something on tv and was to engrossed to eat) and she said "be careful Mummy" ;o)

She even says it to me when I am changing her nappy ;o)

Wednesday 9 July 2014

teeth & eyes

As James is off this week I booked mine & Evies dentist appointment for Monday afternoon after Tumble Tots ;o)

I had been telling Evie for the last few days that we were seeing the dentist and how she would look at Mummys teeth and then Evies teeth (Evie even said that she would look at her toy monkeys teeth ;o)).

We got to the dentists and I was given a registration form to fill in and then we were called in...

...I sat in the chair and Evie sat on my lap - the dentist was then lowering the seat up and down and was showing Evie the dental mirror and was even looking in monkeys mouth to make sure his teeth were ok adn luckily they were ;o)

She then got Evie to open her mouth and checked her teeth and said that she now has all of her baby teeth ;o)

Her next appointment will be in 6 months time ;o) Evie even got a sticker ;o)

I didnt bite the dentist ;o)

My teeth were fine too and I just had a clean & polish ( I thought the noise might frighten her but Evie was fine).

On Friday I got a text message saying that Evies glasses were ready to collect from the eye clinic at Broomfield Hospital.

As the eye clinic is open either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning we decided to go after we had been to the dentist.

So we got to the hospital and I went to reception to ask where we go and was told where to go and then to ask a nurse so we could be directed into the opticians room.

He had a pile of about 30 pairs and dug out Evies ones and put them on her ;o)

She was a bit careful at first but then was marching around his room.

We then went and had a coffee and a babyccino for Evie and she still kept her glasses on and only took them off when she was going to eat her dinner (and didnt really want to put them on again so we didnt push her).

happy wearing her new glasses

Evie wore them most of yesterday so that was good.

Sunday 6 July 2014

pizza and wine without the pizza or wine

On Friday night I went out with some friends for "pizza and wine".

We had a great night ;o)

The others all had a starter but I skipped having one so I could enjoy a dessert ;o)

For my main course I had spaghetti and meatballs

yummy spaghetti & meatballs

and for dessert I went for their "specials" and had bread and butter pudding ;o)

I do love my bread & butter pudding
My scarf is coming along and now measures 35 cm (I even have to use two rulers to measure it now ;o))

my wonky scarf

Thursday 3 July 2014

check up for two

The other day I received a letter from my dentists saying that my 12 month check up was due ;o)

So I called and have booked an appointment for 2.25 on Monday (not tooth hurty ;o)), I asked about Evie as she is now 2 1/2 and was told to bring her in and register her and to see if she is "ready" to see the dentist ;o)

I was told that she will get a sticker so that will keep her happy ;o)

Wednesday 2 July 2014

the same only bigger (and cleaner)

Yesterday I took Evie to get her feet measured.

And yes her feet have grown ;o)

Because the shop have a sale on there wasnt much choice in Evies new size...

She could chose these ones or these ones ;o)

Evie ended up choosing the same ones as she chose last time ;o)  LOL the woman serving us even commented that her new shoes were cleaner!  At least it shows that she wore them a lot ;o)

Tuesday 1 July 2014

sporting challenge

Yesterday at Tumble Tots we had a sporting challenge (cycling - because of the tour de France coming through Essex, Tennis because of Wimbledon, Rowing because there is a dragon boat race taking place on Sunday, and football because of the World Cup in aid of charity.

We were given a sponsorship form but typically I couldnt find it when James took Evie to see his Mum & Dad on Friday - so I just took the money that we had sponsored Evie (we dd £1 per event ;o)).

I think that Evies favourite events were the cycling (because of crawling through a tunnel) and rowing (because of the wobbly plank for the dragon boat), she also liked the tennis beacuse she hit two tethered balloons (in a protective cover) with childrens tennis racquets ;o)

Evie was her usual tired self and fell asleep on our way home ;o)