Sunday 30 August 2015

Frost T Fridge and Wanda Wafer

This morning we noticed that one of the packets was tearing open on her shopkins basket, so I again asked Evie if she wanted to open them now and she said "yes please"... I asked her if she wanted to open them and she said "Mummy do it" so I opened them but let her pull them out ;o)

Frost T Fridge
Wanda Wafer
Wanda & Frost T together
Evie proudly holding them both
We bought another couple today for her treat box ;o)

Friday 28 August 2015

she wont open the packets

After the last couple of days Evie did a poop on the toilet again ;o)

So she was able to chose another treat from her treat box...

...she chose the shopkins basket ;o)

So James opened it with her...

...he took off the plastic and cardboard wrappers....

...and inside are 2 little yellow bags and the shopping list ;o)

basket and the shopkins with part of the list

basket shopkins and top of list

basket with shopkins inside

basket with shopkins inside
but she wont open them!

I think that me & James wants to know what are in the packets more than Evie does ;o)

Wednesday 26 August 2015

well that didnt last long

After the success of the weekend and Evie doing poops in the toilet I stupidly thought that we had turned a corner...

...but no on Monday and today she has gone back to pooping in her knickers!

She knows that she is supposed to do them in the toilet and when I ask her why she didnt tell me she says that she was "a little bit busy" *sigh*.

Oh well she will get it in the end ;o)

Tuesday 25 August 2015

it might be worth watching for Ainsley

For the past few weeks the BBC have been gradually releasing the names of this years contestants...

I wasnt going to bother watching as I got fed up with it last year especially after Gregg left.

But I think that I will watch it as I like Ainsley ;o)

Sunday 23 August 2015

fussy fusspot

no not me, but Evie ;o)

I have been on the lookout for a coat for Evie...

In Sainsburys they have a 25% off time at the moment.

I saw a nice red quilted coat and Evie didnt like it because it was too red!

So I looked in Mothercare today and took Evie around to the girls coats and luckily they had quite a selection ;o)

This one was too butterflyee, this was too flowery and this was too pink...

...surprisingly she did like this one but it says that its a mac.

I also bought her some more pjs and a couple of weeks ago I bought her a frozen bathrobe that she refuses to wear and she has said that she will wear this one ;o)

Friday 21 August 2015


After Evies nap yesterday (she still has them most days) she went to the toilet and I was in her bedroom getting a bag for her nappy... I came back in and asked her if she had been and she said that she had done a poop ;o)

So she chose a treat from her treat box ;o)

licking her deserved lollipop

Thursday 20 August 2015

treat box

Evie has hardly any wee accidents but pooping wise she is still doing them in her knickers...

So we trawled the net for some ideas and James found a suggestion on Mumsnet to have a treat box in the bathroom... on Wednesday I looked through our plastic boxes and found a cheap lunchbox that James had gotten for Evie and I thought that would be perfect.

So we bought a few small things to put in there and it now has pride and place on the bathroom windowsill...

...Everytime Evie goes to the toilet she keeps asking for a treat from the treat box but we keep on telling her that she can only have one if she does a poop in the toilet or potty and not in her knickers ;o)

Tuesday 18 August 2015


Yesterday a load of us Mums (with the kiddies) went to Barleylands ;o)

Evie had a great time...

...she got to milk a fake cow

how much milk would you like in your tea mummy?

prod a real snake

I touched it too

walk along a balance beam

climb on a net

bounce on an inflatable pillow

Sunday 16 August 2015

unicorn picnic and bags

On Friday I let Evie decorate a unicorn suncatcher that I had bought for her ;o)

painting the suncatcher

Today we went into town for a post grocery shopping drink ;o)

While I was getting our drinks Evie had decided that she wanted to sit on the comfy seats ;o)

were having a picnic

She had decided that we are having a picnic ;o)

James then took Evie into Primark

look at my bag

Friday 14 August 2015

suspicious readings

Yesterday I went for an eyetest, when I went last year they said that they wanted me to come back in 12 months (and because my eyetest was free I did).

So I booked my eyetest for when James could look after Evie, I was hoping that he would take her home but he decided to ride with her up and down the escalators in Primark ;o).

So I took the buggy into the opticians with me and had my eyetest parts done (there are 4 parts)

first was the puffer test (I prewarned the lady doing it was a pain I was last time), amazingly enough I wasnt as bad as last time ;o)

Then came the field of vision test (they did one eye and then the optician wanted to do the vision test so we stopped halfway through!

So I had the vision test and the lady handed the optician the puffer test results.

My eyes have got slightly worse and she said that getting stronger glasses would help (but for the price I paid last time Im not spending out again).

She then looked at the optical nerves in my eyes (Im sure that they didnt do that last time) nd the optician then told me that my puffer test results had suspicious readings and that they want to refer me to the glaucoma clinic!

But as my optical nerves look ok she could just be overreacting!

I think that she could tell that I was getting anxious about it because I was asking her what it would mean etc.

I then completed the field of vision test (by a different person) but this time they did it with the light on so I couldnt see as well (I kept on telling them it).

And then they tried to do a retina photo but I kept on blinking at one point the bloke had the cheek to ask me if I wanted to try and hold my eye open (I respectfully declined) ;o).

The appointment should be through in the next couple of months.

Thursday 13 August 2015

her finger is on the play button

This morning I put the dvd player (her favourite Thomas Trusty Friends one) on for Evie while I was having a shower and sorting out the washing, I could tell by listening to it that it was coming to the end... I told Evie that when it finished that she should press the big play button in the middle and showed her which button it was.

When I came back in to our bedroom I saw that Evie had done it and gave her a "high five" ;o)

Tuesday 11 August 2015

all hunky dory again

So my IT person texted me back and told me to check that there wasnt a disc in the drive and to then power it off and to wait a few minutes and to try again... I did and its all hunky dory again ;o)

Reboot and select

The laptop has just bluescreened me and says this message.

I have texted my IT person and hopefully he will text me how to fix it.

Sunday 9 August 2015

wrapping up it aint

When James was off and we were having our sneaky peek in the shops one of the shops I looked in was Hobbycraft.

While I was in there I saw that they had a whole range of decopage products, and it gave me the idea that I could bring Evie in during the school holidays so that we could chose an animal each to decorate ;o)

So on Tuesday we went down there...

Evie chose a scotty dog and I chose a bull, I also chose some paper to decorate with too, I couldnt get Evie to chose any and then we bought some waterbased glue ;o).

And to boot because I had joined their loyalty scheme I had a 15% off voucher to use (it was only valid for a month so I wanted to use it sharpish ;o)).

So on Friday we were going to decopage ;o)

As Evie hadnt chosen any paper I dug out some rolls of opened wrapping paper and Evie chose a Christmas one to use ;o)

I think that Evie was hoping that we were going to wrap them up like presents

So after we had our breakfast and had gotten dressed I got out all of our bits ready so that we could get started ;o)

lets start NOW

I had already googled how to decopage so that I knew what to do.

I started off by putting some glue and water into a pot and tore up a load of paper for us to start...

Evie instinctively knew what to do ;o)

glueing some paper onto doggys tail

painting plenty of glue on
she had done enough by now

She got bored after a while and wanted to watch tv so I ended up finishing it off ;o)

Evies doggy doggy

Then I did my one ;o)

and my bull
Evie now keeps on asking what has happened to her "wooden" doggy, and I have been telling her that we glued wrapping paper on him ;o).

Friday 7 August 2015

big girl shoes

The last pair of shoes that I bought for Evie was back in February... in May I dutifully took her to get her feet measured and they hadnt grown, so I took her back in June and July and they still hadnt grown!

When I took her in July the lady who measured Evies feet told me that when she reaches size 7 she then goes onto the big girl shoes ;o)

Anyway she got her feet measured yesterday and they had finally grown ;o)

So the man told us where the girls shoes were and Evie picked these ones (you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Im not allowed to touch them

As soon as the man put them on her she had a walk and then said that she wanted to look in the mirror ;o)

I asked her if she liked them and she said "yes"

The man thn took them off and I put her sandals back on and paid for them.

When we got home Evie said that she wanted her shoes, so I got them for her so that she could wear them and she told me that I wasnt allowed to touch them!

still in their box

Thursday 6 August 2015

a bus ticket of her very own

Yesterday Evie had an eye appointment at Broomfield Hospital, because the appointment was in the morning we went by bus...

...the journey there was quite unremarkable although Evie did like saying weeeeeeeeeee while we were on the bus ;o)

Her eyetest went well and she will be getting a new pair of glasses which should be ready in the next couple of weeks ;o)

Coming home we had a great journey ;o)

We got on the bus and were greeted by the female driver.

She then Evie  if she had been a good girl and she said "yes", the driver then came up to us with a "special" ticket just for her of her very own, so that she had a ticket like Mummy.

her very own ticket to ride

She proudly held her ticket all the way home and made me hold my ticket too ;o)

She then asked Evie how old she was and what her name was ;o)

As for the most part of the journey we were the only passengers on board the driver kept on chatting to us telling us how long she was waiting at the "non request" bus stops.

Evie loves travelling on buses (its only been her third journey so far but still) but when we got off yesterday she actually cried saying that she didnt want to get off of the bus (I think that it was a mixture of being tired from all of the walking and how great the driver was).

The driver then took time to say goodbye to us and to told Evie to carry on being a good girl for Mummy ;o)

She is already asking when we can go on the bus with the nice lady again ;o)

It seems that e-cigarettes are becoming as anti social as proper ones 

I also saw this advert - not sure if it is a new app or just on the first bus one

Tuesday 4 August 2015

cup cakes

Yesterday after we had finished our breakfast and got dressed it was ready to make our cup cakes...

...I had already found a recipe on the web, and had weighed out all of the ingredients...

I put on her apron...

Evie wearing her apron

Evie mixed together the ingredients for me, everytime I tried to help Evie shouted out "its not your turn to stir yet mummy"

mixing the cupcakes

Eventually it was my turn and the mixture was ready

all made and ready to be tasted

Evie had a taste of the raw mixture but didnt like it

she didnt like the raw mixture

The mixture in the cupcake machine

all ready to be made

the cupcakes all made

our cupcakes cooling down

our cupcakes decorated

Evie had the biggest one

Evie eating her cupcake ;o)

Evie enjoying her cupcake

Sunday 2 August 2015

raiding the home baking aisle

As its the school holidays and we havent got Tumble Tots or pre school I have had to think of things that we can do...

As Evie loves watching I Can Cook and is always pretending to make cakes ;o)  I though that we could actually make some cakes...

...a while ago I bought a muffin making machine (from a cheap shop in Southend ;o)).

So while we were doing our weekly shop I decided that we should buy the bits to make some srummy cupcakes ;o)

As well as the flour, butter, sugar and eggs I let Evie chose the exciting bits, and being more like me than is healthy she went down the chocolate route ;o)

We bought frozen sprinkles, chocolate frosting, butterfly cake decorations and chocolate chips ;o)

We are going to have a go at doing them tomorrow ;o)