Monday 29 December 2014

a good christmas

On Christmas Eve after we put Evie to bed I took her presents downstairs to put next to the Christmas tree ;o)

On Christmas morning Evie woke up at 7ish and when we came downstairs I told Evie that she would have to see if Santa had been...

...I wemt into the kitchen to do some toast and I heard a little voice shout "hes been" ;o)

She was very good and waited for us to tell her that she could open her presents and wanted to play with every present so opening them took a long time ;o)

Her favourite present has to be her toy cash register and she calls me "customer" and I call her "check out girl" ;o)

Thursday 25 December 2014

merry christmas

Merry Christmas ;o)

I couldnt get Evie to wear the santa hat so her toy monkey is wearing it instead ;o)

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Sunday 21 December 2014

a new wordle

Since having Evie I have been contemplating doing a new wordle.

In my previous one trains and work seemed to be my main focus but now it is pretty much about Evie ;o)

a new wordle

she was a winner

On Friday we had Evies first school christmas party ;o)

Armed with the fruit that we had bought I asked the lady manning the door (to ensure that there were no escapees) if they needed any help and she said that they would ;o)

So after taking off Evies coat and hanging up her bag I handed in the bag of fruit and just played with Evie ;o)

The first thing that they did was a puppet show (featuring Santa, an elf, rudolph, incy wincy spider and some dinosaurs ;o))

It was really good fun and then Evie made a Santa puppet ;o)

ho ho ho

Then it was food time (all us Mums were handing around plates of food and drinks of water or milk)

And then it was musical statues and surprisingly enough Evie was one of four winners ;o)

a musical statue prize

And then the kiddies went in groups of four to see Santa and Evie got this ;o)

Friday 19 December 2014

Evies first Christmas party

Evie has a christmas party today at pre-school ;o)

There was a list on the door of food that they wanted parents to bring , so I opted to be one of the two Mums buying fruit....

I have bought a punnet of strawberries, green grapes, a packet of basics blueberries (as that was all they had left in Sainsburys) and four ripe bananas ;o)

Thursday 18 December 2014

moving up and birthday day

About half an hour before we were supposed to go to Tumble Tots on Monday Evies glasses broke!

So we went to Tumble Tots and Evie was still able to do the class ok which was good.

Anyway she has now been moved up to the next class, er class will now be at 11.30 am and I can sit and watch ;o)

On Tuesday it was Evies 3rd birthday (I cannot believe where the time has gone ;o)).

We (or rather I) that we would go to Lakeside to see Santa and for her present we would do Build a Bear ;o)

So after having ourselves a drink each (James had a latte, I had a sticky pudding latte and Evie had a kids milk) and Evie had a couple of chocolate mini muffins we went to see Santa ;o)

Evie took monkey in with her and she even sat him down on one of the 2 stools in front of the big guy ;o)

Santa asked Evie what monkey wanted for Christmas and she said "bananas" ;o)  And then he asked Evie what she wanted and she said a "big present" ;o) As her present (which she opened while I was getting some pictures done) she got a Zingzillas Art Tube ;o)

We then went to the Build a Bear workshop...

...Evie chose a monkey as the toy itself, and we even got a monkey sound for it too I then queued up to get it stuffed while James helped Evie to pick out an outfit...

...I got to put a heart in the bear (I chose a gingham one) and I did the foot pedal while the lady moved the monkey around to stuff him ;o)

Evie chose a happy birthday cupcake and surgical scrubs, wellington boots and glasses (to be like her) ;o)

monkey with his boots, scrubs and glasses
all dressed up
He even got a birth certificate too ;o)

We then had lunch in Giraffe ;o)

Monday 15 December 2014

bauble flections

Yesterday we went into town and we let Evie look at her reflection in the baubles ;o)

there we are
look how close I am

Sunday 14 December 2014

sorry love, you might have a problem!

On Friday we finally were due to have our new oven fitted.

I got a text that morning saying that the delivery/installation would be between  1 pm and 4.59 pm which was handy as I tend to get home somewhere between 12.30 and 12.50 depending on how quickly I can get Evie out.

After getting Evie off to pre-school (with her first day of not crying ;o)) I got home and started clearing the worktops around where the new oven will be and gave them a good clean too.

After an hour I had finished cleaning the kitchen and sat down with a well earned cup of tea ;o)

At 11..25 (10 minutes before I was doe to leave to pick Evie up) I got a phone call saying that they were 5 minutes away from delivering/installing the oven!

So I told them that I was about to leave to pick my daughter up from pre-school and they would have to come back after 1 pm.

They said ok and when I looked out of the kitchen window I saw a massive lorry turning around and driving out of our road!

So I went to pick Evie up and she fell asleep on our way home.  So knowing that the oven would be delivered soonish I woke her up when we got home and gave Evie her lunch and ate mine at the same time (so I could do the washing up quicker).

At 2 pm I got another phone call saying that they would be here in 15 minutes so I quickly made sure that the kitchen wasnt too messy.

As Evie was still asleep I kept an eye on the time and opened the front door when I saw the lorry pull up so the doorbell wouldnt wake her up.

The bloke fitting the oven walked into the kitchen and said "thats an old oven" and I said that we have had it since we moved in in 1995!

He then removed the oven while the other bloke got the new oven off of the lorry.

After he removed the oven he went to the new oven and said to me "sorry love, you might have a problem" he said that I might not have the right electrics!

To be honest I never even realised that there were different types of electrics!

He got out the instruction manual and looked it it and said that it was ok *phew* it was hard enough getting an oven to fit our space as it was!

He then fitted the new oven and it is now working.

Things are either burned or very crispy at the moment where the oven is working so well ;o)

I have some chocolate chip cookie dough which I will make cookies with with Evie tomorrow probably ;o)

Thursday 11 December 2014

christmas outfit & nativity

This December has seen the return of Eves Christmas outfits ;o)

Evie the snowlady
Yesterday was Evies nativity it was really sweet watching it ;o)

Because the kiddies are still young (ranging from 2 to 4 year olds) there wasnt any dialogue from the kiddies only a cd playing the songs they had to learn (with a couple of the kiddies (not Evie) doing some singing along).

One of the ladys who work there was doing the narration ;o)

We did take photos but we were asked not to put them on any social media, as we werent able to bring her outfit home (we cant even have a picture in her outfit) as she was at pre school on the day itself.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

nativity tomorrow

Tomorrow is Evies nativity at pre-school ;o)

She is going to be an angel ;o)

We have a song sheet of songs to learn and another sheet telling us what tunes they are to be sung to!

the tunes that the songs are to be sung to

the words that we have to learn

I am not confident that Evie will know the words but I have been singing them to her whenever I can ;o)

Sunday 7 December 2014

a bad tasting currys

Today our oven was supposed to be delivered and installed...

...I got a text message this morning to say that it would be done between 14.25 and 18.25 and then just before 9am I had a voicemail saying (the phone signal must have dropped out just as they were calling my mobile phone) to say that the oven couldnt be installed today!

It could still be delivered but as we havent got the room I had to get them to not deliver today.

So I called them and have rebooked now for Friday afternoon!

When I complained that I had gotten up early especially as they could have been here as early as 7am the person apologised saying that there were people off sick!

I will have to make sure that when I pick Evie up from pre school that I am super efficient and dont dilly dally ;o)

loved it loved it loved it

Yesterday we took Evie to see Peter Pan for her first ever pantomime ;o)

Before we even left the house I  was getting Evie to practice booing for when Captain Hook came on stage and to shout "hes behind you" ;o)

She was smiling right from the moment she sat on her booster seat (I managed to get one of the last few booster seats ;o)).

Evie waiting for the show to start
Evie thinking that she has to look behind her
enjoying herself
look how much room I have
James even got Evie a tub of ice cream to eat in the interval she only had a quarter of it and I ended up finishing it (I really should have realised that Evie wouldnt eat it all before getting my own one ;o)).

Thursday 4 December 2014

all is right again

Yesterday Evie was eating her lunch after we came back from pre-school (she was well enough to go in the end) incidentally Evie was happier about going yesterday when I told her that monkey was going too.

They told me that she still got a bit upset but it seems that she was a bit better yesterday so we will take monkey with her tomorrow too ;o)

Anyway as I was saying Evie was eating her lunch and I saw the postman at the door so I went to look to see what was there - thanks Eileen for the cards ;o) and in there was something from Sky so I opened the envelope and in there was our new sky viewing card so I checked that it was working by putting on Peppa Pig for Evie and so all was well again ;o)

Wednesday 3 December 2014

hoping that she is feeling well enough

Poor Evie has been snotty and doing horrible sneezes.

I am hoping that she is well enough today to go to pre-school as we will be picking up her costume for her nativity play next Wednesday, and I need to find out the tunes for the songs she has to learn too.

They sent home a song sheet but didnt bother saying what the tunes were, I have guessed one that is "row row row your boat" and another one is away in a manger

Its all good fun as they say ;o)

Tuesday 2 December 2014

watching live

As the forced download didnt work yesterday I have had to watch things live on tv ;o)

So I ended up watching Im a Celebrity live, it was a pain not being able to fast forward through the adverts!

Our new viewing card is supposed to get here in three to five working days so fingers crossed it will get here sooner rather than later.

Monday 1 December 2014

viewing card problem

I cant watch anything that we have recorded on sky!

It said that there was a problem with the viewing card and when I took it out there was a huge burn on it...

I have been on the phone to sky and they have talked me through a system download...

and we have a phone line problem so had to call them and get them to call me back.

not a good day and Evie isnt well either!

Sunday 30 November 2014

phone calls and dreams

On Friday (after dropping Evie off - she started crying when we got there) I was sitting at home watching Kendra get all 10 stars and my phone started ringing, and on the screen it said that it was Evies pre school.... say that my heart sank is an understatement.  So I answered the call expecting to hear that they wanted me to come and collect her as she wont calm down.

Luckily for me it was just to say that they had lost the keys to their cupboard and they were ringing all of the mums/dads to see if someone had picked them up by mistake.

I checked my buts and I hadnt picked them up - incidentally they found them caught up in a little ones coat (they didnt say whos though).

When I went to pick her up she was snuggling her cloth and they said that she was asking to cuddle a toy that begins with "m" and they said that I could bring the toy in with her next time - so monkey will get to go to school with Evie ;o)  Although when I asked her if she wanted hime to go with her she said "no thank you"!

Then last night Evie was sleeping and she woke up crying and I heard her say "Mummy gone home" which is what they say to her at pre school when she asks where I am.

I do feel a bit bad that its playing on her mind that much to give her nightmares :o(

Thursday 27 November 2014

the lure of a kids milk

On Tuesday morning (following the oven almost blowing up - ok Im being a touch over dramatic) I told Evie that we were going to go and buy a new oven ;o)

I measured the space that our oven is occupying and looked through the ovens on Currys website and because there is a little storage area under the oven there is only one brand that will fit the area.

So we went to Currys and I found the ovens but typically they didnt have the one in there that I liked the look of (but I had written down the dimensions and the product codes) so I told the lady serving me and she found the product and said that they had plenty in stock ;o)

She tried to get me to buy their care package for £50 for 5 years (it includes 5 valets also) I said "no thank you" as the oven has a steam cleaning function on it ;o)  I had a look at the website and it says that I have 12 months to take it out if we change our mind ;o)

Now it came to delivery...

...I told her that Tuesdays and Thursdays work best for me as we have Tumble Tots on Monday and Pre School on Wednesday and Friday and typically they only deliver to my area on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday!  So I ended up opting for a Sunday delivery/installation.

It is being delivered next Sunday ;o)

So after we had finished I asked Evie if she wanted to go for a drink or go home and she said that she wanted to have a drink so we went into Costa and she had a kids milk and I had a gingerbread and cream latte ;o)  I wanted to try their sticky toffee latte but they had run out of the syrup.

I got us (or rather Evie) a bag of mini muffins and she ate all three of the double chocolate ones while we were in there!

I asked Evie while were enjoying our drinks what we should cook as the first thing in the new oven and she said bananas for monkey ;o)

Talking of Pre School Evie was crying again yesterday and she started crying again when we got there and one of the ladies picked her up when we got there and gave her a cuddle...

... when I went to pick her up I was told that she had been upset on and off and was clingy and that she might be coming down with something.

She was ok yesterday apart form doing a squidgy poop and we asked her if her tummy hurt and she said no it didnt and she seems ok this morning too.

Tuesday 25 November 2014

pop goes the oven

Yesterday I turned on the oven to cook Evies dinner for her and there was a yellow flash and then it went pop!

I ended up frying some chicken nuggets for her but the coating got burnt so I took it off of them.

The oven still works (after I realised that the fuse had cut out and the oven hadnt completely and utterly died).

So this morning me & Evie are off to Currys to look at ovens - I have measured the space so know what our options are ;o)

Sunday 23 November 2014

first brought home picture

When I picked Evie up on Friday from pre school I looked in Evies drawer and found a picture waiting for me ;o)

I have proudly stuck it up on the cupboard wall ;o)

On Thursday I went into Iceland and bought a Exotic Meat Feast LOL the lady of the checkout told me to "enjoy my meal tonight" ;o)

I had an ostrich burger last night and it was nice allbeit with a stronger flavour than beef has, I was worried that I might want to bury my head in the sand but I havent yet but then I havent been anywhere near Evies sandbox in the garage ;o)

Friday 21 November 2014

crying real tears

I woke Eve up (after putting her down earlier last night) and she was crying real tears saying that she didnt want to go because of the noisy ones :o(

I tried explaining to her that they are just like her and get noisy when they are enjoying themselves but she wasnt having any of it.

I have told her that we are going anyway and at the moment she is happily watching tv and eating some frosties.

I have yet to get her dressed in her school t-shirt.

I am hoping that I dont get the phone call today saying that she is too distraught!

I know that she will get used to it and she will have to when she starts school properly in a couple of years.

Thursday 20 November 2014

tired and whingey

Yesterday (all day as it turned out) Evie was tired and whingey from the moment I woke her up.

She was whingey and grizzly yesterday morning and when I kissed her goodbye at pre school she started to cry, one of the ladies gave her a hug and I got out of there before I could get upset too.

She then cried when I came to pick her up, and fell asleep on our way home.

I was hoping that she would feel refreshed after but she didnt.

I half expected her to wake up ill this morning but she is ok, but am wondering if we should try and get her to go to sleep an hour earlier when she has pre school the next day?

Tuesday 18 November 2014

I will have to see if they have it in store

I was watching Im a Celebrity this morning and whilst fast forwarding through the adverts I briefly caught sight of an exotic meat feast on the sponsorship bit at the beginning of one of the advert breaks ;o)

It says on the website that you can order it online but I will have a look in store when I go into town probably on Thursday ;o)

So I am off now to check what room we have in the freezer ;o)

We had alligator way back in 2001 at Gatorland while on holiday in Florida, and as I recall it tasted a bit like chicken ;o)

Monday 17 November 2014

dvd cant be repaired

I went online this morning (after getting Evie up) and found an e-mail from the bloke who did the dvd to say that it cant be repaired!

He had two suggestions for me... - I get hold of one of the dvds that I passed on to a family member so that he could re record it for me, or

....two - he sends me a refund.

We have opted for the refund (as James has already copied a disc for us ;o)).

This morning (before putting the pc on) I started watching Im a Celebrity ;o) my favourite is Michael Buerk, and I think that Gemma Collins is going to be a hoot ;o)

Sunday 16 November 2014

a fairy it was

I gave Evie the choice fairy or pirate...

...and she chose fairy ;o)

she loved wearing her fairy dress
She loved wearing teh dress so much that she didnt want to take it off ;o)

Friday 14 November 2014

pirate or fairy?

As today is Children in Need Evie is going in dressed as a "superhero" (with a £1 going to charity for the privilege ;o))

The only outfits that we have for her are for a fairy or a pirate so they will have to do.

Or if the outfits are too big for her then we have some doctor pajamas or pirate pajamas as a back up plan ;o)

Thursday 13 November 2014

first proper morning

Yesterday was Evies first proper morning at pre-school ;o)

I made sure that she got up early and had finished her breakfast by 8 am so that we were ready to leave on time.

Evie playing on the sofa in her school t-shirt

We got to the pre-school bang on time and I kissed Evie goodbye and told her to have fun and then I could tell that I was about to start crying so I quickly got out of the room that she was in so that she didnt see me get upset.

One of the ladies told me (while I was composing myself) that Evie was happily sitting there cutting out shapes with one of the other ladies.

When it came to collecting Evie I got there just as she was coming back from playing in the playground, I told her that I was going to go to the toilet and then we could go home.

So I had just finished and was waiting to be let into the room and I saw one of the ladies give Evie a hug and then they told her that I was behind the door and I could see that she was crying :o(

I will have to make sure on Friday that I leave slightly later so that I can nip into the toilet before she sees me come back.

It was a good job that I bought her the school t-shirt as she had some blue paint on her back, when I did the washing this morning it had come out luckily ;o)

it has since come out in the wash

Wednesday 12 November 2014

three rules

Its Evies first proper morning at pre-school today...

...and she has three rules...

#1 - have fun

#2 - ask for help when she is in the playground and wants to play on the balance beams

#3 - tell the ladies if she has done a poop!

I can already feel myself welling up, but I will keep strong ;o)

Tuesday 11 November 2014

the wrong disc perhaps?

Yesterday at Tumble Tots while waiting for our session to start I was given my 2013 christmas dvd back.

I asked if that meant the DVD had been repaired and she said that she didnt know but I should play it when I got home and to let her know if there is still a problem with it.

So we got home after and I gave Evie her lunch (peppa pig pasta shapes, a slice of white buttered toast and a milky bar dessert) changed her nappy and then put her down for her afternoon nap.

It is so nice now that she stays awake long enough after now to have her lunch first ;o)

So I put the DVD into the player pressed "play" and it still wont work!

I am hoping that he has just returned the wrong disc to me and that he did manage to fix it for me.

Still I have e-mailed him and Tumble Tots as I was asked to let them know if it still didnt work.

Sunday 9 November 2014

taster session #2

On Friday we had our second taster session at pre-school ;o)

We got there in plenty of time again.

When we walked in I took Evies coat off and she went straight to the table with play dough on although she was more interested in playing with the shape cutters ;o)

I then got Evie to play with the water table while I went through the forms that I had filled in with her key worker.

She had an apron on but it didnt stop her sleeves from getting soaking wet with all of the water.

We or rather I decided not to stay and play in the playground as it was a bit like organised chaos.

I also bought her school uniform (2 t-shirts and a fleece with the pre-school logo on) I still have to iron on some name tags on to them ready for Wednesday ;o)

Hee hee when we went into Starbucks yesterday I was asked if I wanted to do my own latte as I did such a good job Thursday evening ;o).

Friday 7 November 2014

gold card exclusive event

Last night I went to a gold card exclusive event at Starbucks ;o)

All three of us were going to go and then I decided that Evie would get bored (besides James feeling ill) and I went on my ownsome instead.

I knew that it was going to be a good evening as as soon as I walked in there I was given an espresso martini ;o)

I tried my art at latte art and managed (not sure how) to do something festive ;o)

a snowman in my latte

I got to try some different coffees (there three previous origin blends).

I also got to try the new orange, cranberry and chocolate cookie.

And I got a new re-useable cup (I got one for James too)

and we got a goodie bag each too ;o)

we got a goodie bag each

Evie has already said that she wants the chocolate coins ;o)

When James came to pick me up Evie kept on saying that she missed me, and it set me off feeling guilty about me leaving her at pre-school for a couple of mornings from next week :o(

Thursday 6 November 2014

taster session #1

As we had to be at Evie pre school for 10.30 yesterday I made sure that I was getting her ready as close to 9 am as I could ;o)

So I got Evie changed and dressed and then got myself dressed.

We were out of the door in good time and got there 10 minutes early.

So I crammed the buggy into the buggy park there (its a 10 foot covered area to leave the buggies).

We went inside and I took off our coats and I was told who Evies key worker is.

The first thing Evie did was play with some stickle brick type blocks - she almost had the whole tub of them on the table!

Then it was snack time and they took Evie to wash her hands and she sat at the table and had raisins and breadsticks and some water...

...they were saying that now the weather is getting colder they would offer (with parents permission) warm chocolate ;o)  I have already signed the permission slip for it ;o)

I then had to go through an assessment form with her key worker just so that they know what Evie and and cant do.

The kids were then sat in a circle singing one of the songs was a days of the week song and then they were talking about the weather and then I think that they were singing twinkle twinkle little star.

And then it was the end of our hour and it was time to play in the infant school playground so we joined them doing that too ;o)

The playground was really good and they had balance beams in there and they were helping the kiddies to walk along them which was good ;o)

They had half an hour playing in there and then it was back to the pre-school and I signed out to leave and we headed home...

...Evie was so tired that she fell asleep on our walk home ;o)

When I asked her if she wanted to go again on Friday she said "no thank you" but we told her that she is going again anyway ;o)

Wednesday 5 November 2014

liking marmite by default

Yesterday I opened up a bag of twiglets and Evie came over to see what I was eating so I offered her one (knowing that she had previously not liked them) and she took one and ate it and when I asked her if it was nice she said "yes" ;o)

I even gave er a few to eat in a bowl while she had her dinner ;o)

At least our fears of her being a marmite hater are over with now.... I will try her on marmite on toast and will see if she likes that also ;o)

Last night I got Evies bag ready to take in with us (containing nappies, wipes, muslin cloths and a change of clothes) so that she is used to me bringing it in with us for when I leave her there for the morning next week.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

pre school paperwork

I have just been filling out the paperwork ready for Evies first two taster sessions tomorrow and Friday at pre school ;o).  I will be there with her for those ;o)

I have been asking Evie if she would like to go back to the school that we looked around, and she says "no thank you" and then I tell her about the girl who was knocking down the blocks that she had made into a tower and then she says "little girl knock down bricks".

So I have told her that we are going there anyway ;o)

Sunday 2 November 2014

NHS walk in centre

For the past few weeks now I have had a cough...

,,,and on Friday night/Saturday morning my coughing was so bad that it woke Evie up (so I felt guilty enough that I should go and see a doctor).

I was originally planning on going this week anyway (as NHS say to go if you have a cough for more than three weeks),

As I wouldnt be able to go to my surgery until Tuesday (as on Mondays we have Tumble Tots).

So I decided to go to my local NHS Walk in Centre.

I walked in there and the place was 3/4 full.

So I filled out a form (saying my name, doctors surgery and my symptoms).

I had bought my MP3 player with me (as I knew that I would have a long wait) my Mum went in there on Boxing Day and had a four hour wait!

I had just one headphone in but couldnt hear who was being called (because of all the noise) so instead I sat there and watched the people coming in and out ;o).

Aboit an hour  later I went upto reception to make sure that I hadnt missed my name being called out and they said "no you havent been called yet" and then they said that there were another three people in front of me yay ;o) and I asked if they could shout out my name a bit louder as I couldnt hear who was being called and they said that they would.

So I went to the toilet and sat back down again.

And then 15 minutes later I was called ;o)

I told the doctor my symptoms and hyped up about my coughing waking Evie up and how guilty I felt.

So she listened to my chest and my back and said that my chest was clear.

And she said that what I had was more of an irritation and that I should take anti histamines (the doctors prescribed some for Evie last year) and an asthma inhaler (but it didnt mean that I have asthma).

And that if my coughing is no better on Monday that I should go and see my own doctor.

Hee hee the receptionist must have said on my form that I was "below average intelligence" or something because the doctor showed me about 10 times how to use the inhaler!

I even saw our next door neighbours in there.

Anyway I dont think I am coughing as badly so I shall see how I get on.

Friday 31 October 2014

happy halloween

Happy halloween everyone ;o)

here is Evie wearing a top that I got for her and using the broomstick that James got for her, she didnt want to wear the one that I originally got for her (oh well).

Evie using her broomstick

Evie wouldnt wear the cape or the witches hat so monkey wore them instead

monkey was happy to oblige ;o)
happy birthday Eileen too ;o)

Tuesday 28 October 2014

my little artist

Yesterday we came upstairs to change Evies nappy.

I saw that she had bought something upstairs with her and thought that it was a foam number from her bath clock.

...while I was getting some warm water to clean her up I saw that she was using the number to draw on the wall (she is always doing it) but then I saw that it wasnt a number she had in her hand but a red crayon.

very proud of her drawing
Evies drawing

she tells me that its pirates
We have told her that she musnt draw on the walls so hopefully this will be the only piece of artwork on the walls but were not counting on it ;o)

Sunday 26 October 2014

I didnt get what I was after

On Friday we went to Lakeside for the purpose of me buying a coat...

I didnt end up getting one as the coats that I liked were too expensive and I couldnt see a cheaper one that I did like in store.

I have seen one in Evans that I am going to buy when I get the (10% off voucher) that I signed up my e-mail address for comes through.

And when November comes there might even have some more voucher codes that I can use ;o)

When we walked in I saw there was a Christmas tree decoration shop open so we went in so that we could buy a decoration each for our tree

we bought a tree decoration each

Evie chose a dog, I chose a cupcake on a cake stand and we chose a red sweet for James ;o)

We also hired a kiddie car for Evie to ride in

Evie preferred to push her toy monkey instead ;o)

Evie wanted to push monkey in the kiddie car ;o)

Guess who...

Forgot to change the clocks.

We did ;o)

I didn't notice my smartphone when I switched it on nor the sky+ box!

We only realised when sainsburys wasn't open!

We are now sitting in mcdonalds waiting for the supermarket to open having a coffee and a kids milk.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Evies Christmas present sorted

Yesterday we popped into the supermarket for our mid week "top-up" shop

As we walked in we were greeted with the "managers specials" ;o)

One of them was a play kitchen and it was half price at £20 ;o)

So I have put it away for Christmas for her ;o)

Yesterday afternoon I glanced out of the kitchen window and saw a police car parked in our road... first thought was that they were after me after I blogged about the security tag still on Evies outfit!

And as the car was still out there when James got home from work he said to me "nothing to do with us is it?"

blooming cheek ;o)

Wednesday 22 October 2014

security tag

Yesterday I finally got around to sorting out Evies old clothes and washing her winter ones...

First I got Evie to help me bag up her summer things...

...and then I started cutting off the tags of the new things that I had bought her.

I got right down to the last thing and pulled off the tag, took  the dress off of the hanger and on the top underneath I saw the security tag!

back of outfit with security tag
front of outfit
As I couldnt find the receipt I phoned the store and they told me to tell the security guard (if one is on duty) if the alarm goes off when I walk in with it and they can remove the tag for me at customer services.

Im still trying to decide whether to into town today or tomorrow to take it back.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

us mums still talk btw

Yesterday at the end of Tumble Tots they were handing out completion certificates for the children being moved upto the next class (the 3 to school age in our case), in the next class the Mums and Dads (and grandparents in some kids cases) get to sit and watch while the kids do it on their own ;o)

One of he children being moved up is 2 days younger than Evie (and her Mum is 3 weeks from her due date of baby #2 which I think is the main reason for her being moved up early).

So after they had handed out the certificates she asked me if Evie was moving up to (this was the same Mum who told me that her daughter was starting in the 2-3 class just after Christmas) and another Mum (whose child again has been moved up is a few days older than Evie), so I said that they hadnt mentioned anything to me about it!

So while I was putting Evies shoes and socks back on (they do it in bare feet so that they have a better grip of climbing up ladders etc) I was chatting to another Mum (her Sons birthday isnt until Jamuary) and he hasnt been moved up either yet.

So as we were walking out I casually mentioned to the person who runs it that kids with birthdays around the same time as Evie were being moved up but Evie hadnt and she said that it was because Evies birthday is right at the end of term but she will be moved up after Christmas.

I decided not to press the issue as I wasnt expecting Evie to be moved on up anyway.

I mentioned it to James and he thought that I should have said "but M is younger than Evie" as he doesnt believe that there should be any "favouritism".

I on the other hand would like to think that if it was the other way around that they would have done the same thing for me.

Sunday 19 October 2014

tree lights cards

As Evie is more aware of things now I thought that we had better buy a proper christmas tree (as opposed to the arty farty one we had before she was even born).

our old arty farty tree

So today whole doing our food shop I bought a four foot tree and 80 white lights.

I will have to buy some chocolate decorations for the tree too ;o)

James popped into the Cancer Research charity shop and while we were standing outside I saw a box of 30 school christmas cards I thought that they will be good for her to give to her new friends when she starts pre-school in a few weeks time ;o)  And as she isnt going to know 30 people we can always use up the other ones ;o)

Wednesday 15 October 2014

This years is fine

On Monday at Tumble Tots we picked up the finished dvds of this years Christmas Adventure ;o)

After what had happened with the Christmas 2013 dvd (I ended up having to take in the damaged dvd as he couldnt find the master copy and I am still waiting to hear if he can reburn it for me) we played them this morning and they all played properly ;o)

Evie enjoyed seeing herself on the dvd ;o)

Tuesday 14 October 2014

playing in puddles

Yesterday at Tumble Tots when they chat to the kids before they start they were asking "did mummy let you jump in the puddles?" this gave me the idea to let her play in the puddles once it had stopped raining that afternoon... after Evies nap I put on her raincoat and wellington boots and I let Evie play in the puddles in our cul de sac ;o)

Our neighbours were waving at us too ;o)

She had a great time ;o)

jumping in puddles

and even started to cry when we came in because it started to rain again!

Because I am still feeling lousy with my cold I renewed Evies books online as they were due to go back on Thursday (and I decided to do it while I remembered) ;o)

Sunday 12 October 2014

a sugarfree vanilla pumpkin spice hot chocolate latte please not

This morning as a post food shop treat we went into town and had a coffee...

I had a pumpkin spice latte, James had a sugar free vanilla latte and Evie had a hot chocolate with whipped cream ;o)

After we had finished and were going to leave James poured the dregs of mine (together with my cold germs as an added "extra"), and Evies hot chocolate all into his cup.

I just asked James what his drink tasted like and he said that it wasnt very nice and he had wished that he hadnt done it!

Friday 10 October 2014

cardboard hands

The other day Evie was watching Me Too! 

I saw that Granny Murray had some cardboard tubes (paper towel size I think) with cut out hand shapes taped to them...

So it gave me an idea...

first I waited until I had two toilet roll cardboard tubes ;o)

...I drew around Evies hands onto a cereal box and then cut them out

and then I made 2 slits onto each tube and then inserted the cut out hands and then taped them ;o)

I tried to get Evie to pose for me but she wasnt too willing...

instead she wanted me to take this photo ;o)

Thursday 9 October 2014

extra albums

I was just looking at Amazon and then signed into Amazon Music and not only did I see the music that I had downloaded but I also saw on there albums that I had bought as presents for friends ;o)  as they had the autorip feature on them.

So I downloaded those too ;o)

bigger was better

Last night when I changed Evies nappy before she went to bed I put her in a bigger nappy...

...and luckily this morning there were no leaks which meant that I didnt have to do yet another load of laundry ;o)

Wednesday 8 October 2014

croaks and leaks

The croaks is because I now have a cold and have a  very croaky voice.

And leaks because Evies nappy was soaked through again this morning!

I shall put her in a bigger nappy tonight.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

leaky nappy

I had just got out of the shower and Evie had come in (to help me to get out) and I noticed that her pajamas were soaked through where her nappy had leaked.

So I looked in her bed and there was a big wet patch, so I pulled off the sheet and the mattress protector and they are all in the wash at the moment.

Surprisingly enough the mattress protector can be tumble dried ;o)

Sunday 5 October 2014

tighter sizes

I have been on the lookout for a new coat...

Last year I was still wearing the coat that I bought just before my maternity leave started.

I was walking past Debenhams last week and saw this coat and even with 20% off it is more that I would want to spend... I went in to have a look to see if there were any other coats that I liked...

I tried on the coat that I saw in the window and the UK size 16 fitted and then I tried on the UK size 18 and it was a better fit but I didnt buy the coat.

So I was looking on Next and saw this coat so I went in the shop and I couldnt see the coat in there so I asked an assistant and he said that he would order one in for me and it would be in the next day after 3pm and asked for my mobile number so they could let me know when my order was in.

I picked up me coat today and tried it on when I got home and it is tight!  Now I know that I couldnt have put that much weight on in a few days!

So I shall take it back on Tuesday ( I cant do tomorrow as we have Tumble Tots).

Friday 3 October 2014

51 x 26

No, were not talking sums, but the length and width of our garden in fairy steps ;o).

For the uninitiated fairy steps are where you do steps with the heel of the front foot touching the toes of the back foot (I was showing Evie how to do these yesterday).

really fast

Yesterday me & Evie went to the big library for their Rhyme Time, I decided to not go to Springfield Library for their French session as it coincides with Evies afternoon nap.

One of the songs that has always been a feature has been head shoulders knees and toes and after they always say to sing it "fast" ;o)

Yesterday when I was changing Evies nappy she was singing it and then said to sing it really fast which is what we did ;o)

Wednesday 1 October 2014

one of the dvds wouldnt play

After me & Evie came back from Tumble Tots with the sample dvd in our hands... after we had our lunch and changed Evies nappy I decided to watch the dvd and it was really good watching Evie ;o)

So I decided to watch the older dvds of her too starting with the Christmas 2012 (I had to hold her up with my hand under her top) one, she was entranced with the bubbles even then ;o)

Then there was the zoo one and that was really funny watching Evie catch the bubbles ;o)

Then came Christmas 2013 I put the dvd in the player and it said to eject the dvd as it isnt able to play back! So I tried it again and it said the same message, so I tried it another couple of times and then tried the next dvd.

The next dvd which was a safari adventure and it was really fun watching that one too... I tried watching the other one again and it still wouldnt work!

So I e-mailed the guy and he said that he will check at the weekend to see if he still has the master copy as he may have deleted it by now (he only keeps copies for 6 months due to data protection privacy!), if not he will collect the damaged disc and try to repair it for me.

I shall make sure that I play the dvds as soon as I get them next time.

Monday 29 September 2014

finally autumn

This morning we woke up to mist...

...when I opened the front door to see what it is like outside it is quite chilly... I reckon tat I will soon be packing away Evies summer clothes and washing her winter stuff.

Sunday 28 September 2014

a choice of hats

Tomorrow at Tumble Tots the bloke is coming in who does the dvds...

..hee hee hee Im no 1 on the list this time so we should be done by the time the class starts (with a bit of luck) ;o)

As Evie has a tendency to lose her hats I thought that I had better buy Evie a new hat (she still has the cat one that I bought her last year), when we were in Sainsburys on Wednesday I saw a knitted fox hat so I bought it for her today as they had 25% off this weekend ;o)

So tomorrow I shall give her a choice of which hat to wear in the dvd ;o)

Friday 26 September 2014

taken by Evie

Yesterday while we were in the library we were asked what technology Evie uses, and one of the questions was "does she use a camera?" and I said I havent let her use one yet... at lunchtime yesterday I mentioned it to James and he held my smartphone and let her use my camera ;o)

smile Daddy

LOL she is quite the photographer ;o)

a change of plan

Yesterday (because the lady doing it in the other library was off) I took Evie to the big library in Chelmsford for Rhyme Time and she had a great time and was even doing the hand motions for a few of the songs but wouldnt do any singing despite knowing all of the songs!

On our way home from town I got a text from my friend who I was supposed to be meeting for lunch Thursday next week saying that she couldnt make it now and could I do lunch today or Monday instead?

well on Monday we have Tumble Tots so cant make then, so we will meet her today ;o)

Which means that we can go to the French session next week at the Springfield library ;o)

I have been on the lookout for a halloween top for Evie and have bought her this one ;o) and I got 30% off too so I was well chuffed ;o)

Thursday 25 September 2014

she will start in November

We went to the pre-school yesterday to have a look around.

Evie enjoyed it there and was playing with the building blocks while another girl wanted to knock down the towers that Evie was building ;o)

We were showed around the room... had several "areas"...

there was a sand box (Evie loves sand boxes) and she was happily playing in there too

there was a water table that had some girls world heads in for them to wash and brush their hair

there was a quiet corner (which a little boy was in as he was upset about being left there by his Mummy), there was someone there with him stroking his back to make him feel better.  They told me that the previous day he had calmed down half an hour later and was then happily playing so that was good to know.

a climbing frame

and an indoor garden where they have picnics and pretend barbeques ;o)

and there is a little side room with toddler cubicles for the ones who are potty trained.

They take them over to the infant school everyday so that the kiddies can use the playground so that is good.

Anyway she has her two settling in sessions at the beginning of November after the half term holiday and I now have a few forms to fill in!

Wednesday 24 September 2014

it will be good practice

This morning me & Evie are going to see a pre-school, it is one that is attached to an infant school so hopefully when she starts properly (just before she is 5) it wont be such a big deal for her ;o).

Our appointment is quite early (lol anything before 10 am is early for me)  when I was asked if the time was ok I thought to myself "its a bit early" but then I realised that I would have to get Evie ready for earlier than that when she starts going anyway.

I have got myself dressed already and will make sure that there is no messing about on Evies part (well that is the plan anyway!).

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Double lunch

This morning when I was doing breakfast Evie said that she wanted spaghetti hoops, I told her that she could have them.for her lunch.

So at lunchtime I asked Evie what she wanted and she said "spaghetti hoops" so she ate them and then said she wanted "chocolate spread" so I just did her one slice of bread.

I will have to see if she still wants a dessert ;o)

hes behind you, hes behind you

As you remember way back in February (during the half term) Evie enjoyed watching the panto bus production of Dick Whittington and I booked us tickets to see Peter Pan for this year ;o).

James was talking to his Mum on Friday and she said that she would like to take us to see a panto this year, so he told her that we had already booked one for us to see.

So I said to him that there was no reason why we couldnt see two pantos...

So yesterday his Mum & Dad has booked us up to see Sleeping Beauty, it is four weeks after we see Peter Pan so at least it will give us something to look forward to after Christmas too ;o)

I just hope that she enjoys seeing them ;o)

Sunday 21 September 2014

getting her used to the idea

Next week I am going to look at a pre-school for Evie ;o)

I have put in Time for School for Evie to watch just to give her some idea about what it will be like ;o)

Everytime I suggest putting it on she says that she wants to watch something else...

James has been banging on about it for months and I have been putting it off because I know that I will miss her.

Friday 19 September 2014

just like it used to be

As Evie didnt have her nap yesterday we did end up going to Springfield Library for their baby & toddler session ;o)

It followed the format that Chelmsford Central Library had before 4 Children took the sessions over.

We had songs (on an animal theme) and two stories.

One of the songs Was Old MacDonald had a farm and they had a bag of toys for the song so I got Evie to go up and she got a horse ;o)

Evie was very quiet while we were in there and didnt do any of the actions for the songs or sing any of the songs that she knew.  It wasnt because she was feeling tired because she was singing head shoulders knees and toes on our way home!

They havent got a session on next week (because the woman doing it is away) but the volunteer helping her will still read some stories he was saying.

And on the first Thursday of the month they do french songs but we are going to miss that one too as we are meeting a friend for lunch ;o)

We will definitely go back to that one again ;o)

Thursday 18 September 2014

if she wont have a sleep

Yesterday after doing her make up session at Tumble Tots Evie wouldnt have her afternoon nap...

...she usually falls asleep in the buggy on our way home but yesterday she didnt... I did her lunch when we got back and changed her nappy and put her down but all I could hear was her chattering away and then getting up and running up and down, so I tried getting her to go back to bed and the chattering and running about still continued.

I eventually bought her back downstairs 45 minutes later.

The Rhyme Time session at Chelmsford Central library gets really busy (especially as they cut the number of sessions from five a week down to three last year).

As Evie still has a cold I decided not to go today but I did see that the Springfield Library also do a baby & toddler session on Thursday afternoons, so if Evie doesnt want to have her nap today we shall go to that to see if it is any better than the other one ;o)

Wednesday 17 September 2014

make up session

Because Evie missed two sessions of Tumble Tots while we were on holiday, we had our first make up session last Wednesday and our second one is today.

I hope that Evie is well enough to go today...

...she is still asleep at the moment and has slept through again apart from waking up at 5.30 am because she couldnt her muslin cloth!

Tuesday 16 September 2014

medicine and vapour rub did the trick

As Evie managed to keep down her breakfast yesterday morning we did make it to Tumble Tots ;o)

Then yesterday afternoon Evie was getting really snotty and had a temperature so I gave her some medicine.

She had another dose after her dinner and I rubbed loads of vapour rub into her chest too...

...I expected her to wake up in the night but she slept right through which was good ;o)

Monday 15 September 2014

Viva Menorca

We had a lovely holiday in Menorca ;o)

We stayed at this hotel almost every family there had a child with them ;o)

The hotel was all inclusive too ;o)

eating spaghetti

eating ice cream

It had a great childrens area

We didnt go into the pools in the end

Evie enjoyed going down the slides

going up the slide
at the top
coming down
nearly at the bottom
getting off

and going to the beach

filling the bucket with sand

and the day before we came home I finally got her to play on the pirate ship ;o)

Evies favourite thing was walking up and down the steps ;o)

walking up
and coming back down again

We did a couple of day trips too

One was to discover Menorca and it ended with seeing the dancing horses doing there training ;o)

dancing horses

We were worried about how Evie would be on the plane but she just fell asleep both ways ;o)

asleep on our way home