Wednesday 28 February 2018


When James left this morning he said that the car would have to be cleared of the snow, so before we build our snowman volcano, Evie wanted to start clearing the snow...

...I got her a brush to use :)

Evie clearing the snow
I then started making a snowman which Evie told me looked more like a volcano :)

the snowman which looks more like a snow volcano
were having a good snowday so far

were hoping for a snow day

James woke up this morning and said that he thinks that school will be closed today as a foot of snow had fallen! What a whole foot? then he changed it to half a foot.

At this point I got out of bad and looked out of the window, to me it looks like 4 or 5 inches...

...he then told Evie that school might be closed because of the snow.

I have made her put her school uniform on anyway (just in case it is open) I have already heard that another school is closed today.

hopefully a snow day
If we do have a snow day then we are going to make a snowman, or rather I will probably make it and Evie will tell me that I am doing it all wrong :)

We do have a snow day :)

Picture of the snowman will follow later :)

Sunday 25 February 2018

pjs leotard pjs

When Evie and James dropped me off at work this morning Evie was wearing her pjs...

...when they picked me up (after I had a bacon roll for my lunch) Evie was still wearing her pjs.

So I asked her if she went tap dancing in her pjs and she told me that she didnt, so I asked her I would know if she had been wearing her leotard and she told me that her paw patrol dress would be in the washing machine.

I have just checked and it is in the washing machine :)

Thursday 22 February 2018

scrolls and pirates

Yesterday when I went in to help in Evies class the first thing I had to do was filing from the day before...

...this time it was scrolls to God about keeping the family protected and having enough food and love :)

In the morning before playtime they had English and they had to write two sentences about a pirate and join them with the word "and".

I also learnt that you shouldnt have more then one "and" in a sentence! :)

Then there was singing assembly, a few children always stay back (2 to do reading and 3 to do some more work) Evie was one of the kids who stayed back.

She had to practice writing sentences, out of the three children who stayed she definitely had some of the nicest clearest writing :)

I did reading with A and L so that was nice.

Then after playtime it was maths and they had to practice < > and =...

...I was asked to help two kids but ended up helping four :)

So it was a really lovely morning again :)

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Q review

Yesterday we got Sky Q fitted...

As asked by the engineer I rang him to remind him that he was going to come to our house earlier than the 2 PM to 4 PM time slot that we were allocated, I left a voicemail...

They arrived at 1.30 PM so that was good...

One bloke came in to take out the Sky+ HD box and then he fitted the new box while the other engineer donned full gear (helmet, and safety equipment to replace the dish).

They were done in half an hour (I was told that it would take an hour so that was good).

I was able to pick Evie up from school on time too which was my main concern.

The main difference is that if yoiu are downloading a programme to watch such as Coronation Street (there  were 2 episodes for me to watch) towards the end of the first episode a countdown timer came up telling me how long until the next episode would play and it also then put a series link in for me! :)

Also if you download a boxset then it automatically downloads the next episode for you too, so I will have to test that :)

I downloaded something for Evie on BBC iPlayer and after the show had finished there was a banner at the bottom of the screen showing the next episode.

The box also tells you when the programme you are watching is ready to view too :)

All in all I like it so far :)

There is even a Sky Q app which I have downloaded, I cant play programmes from my phone anymore but I didnt use that very often anyway...

Monday 19 February 2018

inconvenient time

When I booked up to get Sky Q, I was asked if I wanted a morning or afternoon slot.

I said that I didnt mind as long as it was between 9.30 AM and 2.30 PM so that I could easily get Evie to and from school.

I just got a text message from Sky saying that the engineer would be here between 2 PM and 4 PM! So the exact time slot that I didnt want...

It gave the engineers number in case I needed to get in contact with him.

So I called the engineer and explained to him that it would be easier for him and us if he could get to us sooner because of the school run.

He has said that he will get here between 12.30 PM and 1 PM so that is loads better for me, I just have to give him a phone call tomorrow to remind him.

Sunday 18 February 2018


The other day me and Evie were in town..

...we were walking past Thorntons and Evie told me that she wanted to look in there, so I said to her ok but we couldnt necessarily buy anything...

...she said "I know" so we went in there, Evie was pretending to have a look around the shop and then the lady server asked us if we wanted a chocolate smile and Evie said "yes please" no sooner had she got her chocolate she walked straight out of the shop, so I quickly took one too (as I was offered one as well) and said to the lady in there "I cant believer her deviousness" :).

Afterwards I asked her if she only wanted to go in there for a piece of chocolate and she said "yes" :)

I would never have been that cheeky :)

And I am super impressed at how clever she is, even if she has to work on being a bit more subtle about these things :)

Wednesday 14 February 2018

two birds with one stone

*disclaimer no birds were harmed in the writing of this blogpost* :)

Following James and Evies factfinding mission to Southend on Sunday, every afternoon or evening we have done bits of her homework.

We (or rather I mentioned it and she liked the idea) decided to do it on the pc and combine it with her using the computer more :)

I have just e-mailed it to her teacher as the year 1 teachers included their e-mail addresses on the slip of paper with the homework details on, and they did say that if it was easier then you could e-mail it to them.

LOL I made sure that I used the correct grammer in the e-mail to her teacher too :)

new shoes and hair cut and valentines day

On Monday we did go to get Evies feet measured...

...she was between an 9.5 and a 10 so she got some new shoes, I will take her to see if she needs some new tap dancing shoes tomorrow as we will be in town meeting James Mum and Dad anyway (unless my cold puts them off :)).

Yesterday Evie got her haircut, she had someone different as my hairdresser decided to take a couple of days off as she has a child too.

Happy Valentines Day too :)

Monday 12 February 2018

losing my voice

Just in time for the half term holiday...

...I have woken up with a cold, and Im losing my voice!

I will have to see how long my voice lasts and hopefully I wont have to do any shouting :)

Evie has decided that she wants to go into town so we will get her feet measured today and then if she needs new tap shoes we can do them tomorrow perhaps after getting her haircut:)

Sunday 11 February 2018

orange juice

Todays treat at work was the kids filling one of the water drip trays with orange juice...

...Im hoping it means they like me :)

Also I cant do my timesheet today as I have to wait for my new login for their new system...

James took Evie to Southend today as she didnt have tap dancing and they were taking photos for Evies homework...

...she has to research a seaside town :)

Thursday 8 February 2018

decorative crosses and more of the lighthouse keeper

When I went to help in Evies class yesterday the first thing I did was filing away work from the day before...

...this time it was decorative crosses and letters that they were practicing :)

Evies crosses were coloured in really nicely :)

After the morning break they were doing the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch...

...they had to write about the seagulls stealing the lunch and then how the lunch was kept safe the next day :)

Wednesday 7 February 2018

filling next week

Next week is the half term holiday...

...we have an eye appointment one day, hairdressers (and getting her feet measured after) another day and lunch with James Mum & Dad another day.

Which means we have 2 days to think of stuff to do.

I would like to go to the cinema, there are a few good things on so I will have to see what takes her fancy.

At the moment she doesnt want to see anything!

Monday 5 February 2018

panto booked

I have booked the panto again this year :)

we are seeing Cinderella :)

Evie has said that she doesnt want to go but then she talks about all of the different bits that she enjoyed about it :)

I am looking forward to seeing it :)

Friday 2 February 2018

funky hair day

Today at school Evies house is having its fundraiser (there are 4 houses in total and they each have their own fundraiser and hers is first), each house has their own charity.

It is funky hair day and they can come in in non uniform or home clothes as Evie calls them :)

It is £1 for non uniform and 20p to enter the funky hair competition (Evie has already said she doesnt want to do the competition but I have put 20p in her bag for it anyway) to enter you just have your photo taken doing a silly pose and there are 3 prizes for the funkiest hair for the infants and juniors :)

Evie wouldnt let me do her hair too funky so this is what we went for...

her full outfit

head shot
and the back
She has 4 bunches 2 at the front and 2 at the back and I wasnt allowed to plait them! :)

Thursday 1 February 2018

days of the week and symbols

Yesterday when I was helping in Evies class they were doing days of the week as their maths :)

first they sang the days of the week song (I cannot find the right version but it goes to the tune of the Adamms Family theme tune :))

the kids were then asked to stick the days on their work sheet in the correct order and were asked some questions such as

what day is outdoor PE?
what day is singing assembly?
what day is indoor PE?
which days do you not go to school?
which day is achievement assembly?
what day do they do computing?

At least I learnt what they get upto in class each week :)

I had to file away work they had done on symbols too Evies one had two on one for hairdressers and the other one was Barcelona Football Club!

I asked Evie later why she picked them and she said it was because they were on the whiteboard.

Phew I was worried that she was going to get into football :)