Thursday 31 December 2015

nearly 2 hours later and she still wasnt dressed....

For the past few weeks I have been trying to get Evie to get dressed by herself...

...she usually just lies on the bed until I come into supervise her!

So I have tried getting her to race with me to to see who can get dressed first ;o)

I always win (despite how long I take even with going to the toilet and putting away the washing etc) while Evie just lies on her bed.

The other day I looked online and someone suggested "beat the clock", as she only had a dress and a vest to put on, I put the timer on my phone on for 10 minutes so that she would get dressed faster...

...needless to say 10 minutes came and went.

So I decided to go downstairs and told her to let me know when she had gotten dressed and that I would help her put on her tights.

We are talking about 10.30 am (in case you are wondering).

I went up to check on her every thirty minutes just to see how she was doing.

By 11.30 am she had gotten her pjs off but her vest was still on.

I eventually went up to hurry things along at 12.00 (as it was her lunchtime) she still had her vest on and had her head through the neckhole of her clean vest.

So I took her clean vest off, and got her to take the one she was already wearing off and put the clean one on and then put on her dress!

I will try "beat the clock" again today ;o)

Wednesday 30 December 2015

back to normal

James is back at work now after his Christmas break... I can get back to blogging ;o)

Yesterday I went into town for an Evie free couple of hours ;o)

I had a latte and looked in the shops without Evie deciding that she wanted everything ;o)

Sunday 27 December 2015

birthday christmas and everything in between

Evie had a great birthday, she had a great day at pre school and I was told that she had worn the birthday hat all day ;o)

We went to Lakeside on the Friday and went and saw Santa (I dont think that it was worth the £6 charge though) but Evie did enjoy herself ;o)

And then we went and had lunch at Wagamama ;o)

On the Sunday we went to one of Evies friends from Tumble Tots birthday party ;o)

And we had a great Christmas ;o)

Evie the elf

Evie even had a drink today in a big girl porcelain mug ;o)

using a big girl cup

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Happy 4th birthday

Happy birthday my lovely little Evie ;o)

Monday 14 December 2015

the nativity

Today was Evies nativity at pre school ;o).

Before it started we were told that we couldnt video or photograph it which was fair enough, it didnt stop one parent from doing it anyway (not me though) and she got told off!

Despite me learning all of the songs with Evie she didnt sing any of them (I was mouthing them though ;o)).

Evie the angel with sidney the monkey

Sunday 6 December 2015

it was great

Today I got to watch one of Evies tap dancing classes ;o)

We got there and the usually buzzing waiting room was quiet (where the mummys were watching rather than waiting)... we got Evie ready while waiting for the class before hers to finish.

When we saw the teacher all the girls lined up with a parent.

We went up the stairs and there was a bench along the back wall for us to sit, the girls were told to find a space each.

They were then told to come and give Mum a cuddle so they didnt keep waving at us.

And the class begun...

...most of us were filming the class.

I have even learnt a new step to practice with Evie ;o).

I am also going to practice hopscotch too (as she isnt too good at hopping) ;o)

Tap watching

As its the last class of term, a parent (or me) can watch evies tap dancing class ;o).

There are a whole lot of rules - such as no chatting with the other mums.

I am hoping to be able to video it (they did say you can providing the other parents don't object).

Friday 4 December 2015

something missing and a poorly night

On Wednesday while Evie was at pre school I got out the christmas tree, and yesterday we put on the decorations (including Sidneys one ;o))

Sidneys banana decoration

Evie looked at the tree and said that there was something missing... I asked her what was missing and she said the Christmas star ;o)

so we made one yesterday out of a toilet roll tube and some cardboard from a cereal box ;o)

a star on the top of the tree

Last night I started feeling grotty (but the poorly night wasnt me)

Just before 1 am Evie came into our room and James took her back to bed, and then she came into our room again and said that she wanted to be sick so James took her into the bathroom (he was more awake than me).

She wasnt ill so he took her back to bed and she kept crying saying that she wanted to be sick... we asked her if her tummy hurt and she said that it did so we were rubbing her tummy to see if it would help.

I then suggested giving her some calpol and that did the trick and "get it out of her system" she ended up sleeping in our bed and went back to her bed at 4.30 am

We have kept her home today just to be sure that she hasnt got anything nasty.

Thursday 3 December 2015

a different route

On Tuesday Evie had an appointment at the eye clinic at the hospital.

One of the mums at Tumble Tots told me back in September that the no 47 bus was being cancelled from the 1st November, so at the beginning of November I checked the website and the bus was still running but only every 50 minutes now!

So last week while taking Evie to Tumble Tots I casually checked the bus stop and found it strance that it didnt mention the no 47 bus!

On Sunday I decided to check the website to see exactly what time the bus would be I knew the rough time by what time it would arrive at the hospital, but wanted to know for sure.

I looked at the timetable and saw the time that it would pick up from Asda but couldnt see the bus stop that I wanted, so I searched for the bus stop that I would be getting on at and it said to walk to the duel carriageway...


It seemed that they had changed the bus route too!

As there was no way that I was going to attempt to cross the duel carriageway with Evie I went into full drama queen mode ;o)

saying that I would have to cancel the appointment etc.

In the end I decided to get an all day bus ticket for Chelmsford (only 50p more than a return), and got 2 buses to the hospital, it also meant less walking for Evie too ;o).

The journey went well and the bus stops were next to each other at the interchange (at the bus station on the way there and the train station on the way back).

On the plus side Evie got ready and ate her breakfast really quickly (to be honest I didnt take any chances and got her undressed/dressed myself).

But she did throw a tantrum over a minnie mouse plane at the hospital (we had real tears too), eating a bag of crisps soon stopped the tears ;o)

Sunday 29 November 2015

parent tour #5 and santa and the easter bunny

On Friday we did our final parent tour ;o)

Like school #3 we were shown around by the year 6 kids but with this school there were 2 kids per set of parents ;o)

The school was really nice and even has its own swimming pool.

As with all of the schools the EYFS have their own play area.

And I even know one of the teaching assistants (cant remember what year it was that she was working with) as she used to live around the corner from us in Ingatestone.

We have now put in our submission for our school choices

number 1 - school 5,
number 2 - school 4
number 3 - school 3
number 4 - school 1

We are in choice 3's catchment area but it isnt our nearest school, on the admission form (which has to be done online) you are able to put a reason for each school (upto 3000 characters long), I put a reason for choice 1 but only used 90 characters as I didnt want to go annoying anyone with a long sob story ;o)

With choice 2 we have to fill in a SIF so I shall pop it into the school before the deadline in Jamuary.

Yesterday we were in town and Chelmsford Rotary Club were in town with Santa and his sleigh... Evie is now very much aware of Santa and the fact that he will be bring her Christmas presents she wanted to say hello to him (despite us telling her that we were in a hurry to get ready for her swimming lesson).

So we went over to say hello, and Santas helper asked me if I wanted to take a photo of Evie with Santa ;o)

Evie and the Easter Bunny saying hello to Santa
So I ended up getting Eve to put a coin in the charity box ;o)

Thursday 26 November 2015

does it mean we cant video it?

Yesterday morning when I dropped Evie off at pre school she ran off from me like she normally does (after letting me take off her coat) and was in the play kitchen with another little girl... I was going to sign Evie in I could hear her shouting "bye Mummy" and the other little girl was shouting "bye" to me too ;o).

When I came to pick her up at the end of the day I was told that there was a letter in her drawer with the details of the nativity,

I noted what time it was (as its on a Monday we are having to move her Tumble Tots session too) and the pre school Christmas party is that day as well.

I also saw on the letter that it says "to ensure the safeguarding of the children no photography until after the play has finished" so does that mean that we cant video it?  James is going to ring the pre school to ask... long as he doesnt annoy them in the process ;o)

Sunday 22 November 2015

bumps and bargains

On Friday (having dropped Evie off at pre school) I was happily watching IACGMOOH and my mobile starts ringing and I look at the screen and its Evies pre school... I answered the phone and was told that Evie had an accident in the playground and has bumped her head and can I come and get her.

So I got to her pre school and looked through the door (waiting to be let it) and I could see Evie sitting with one of the ladies there and I could see the huge bump on her head.

I was let in and I said to Eve "thats a bump and a half isnt it" I half expected her to start crying when she saw me but she didnt and she was ok in herself and even asked me if I had some crisps for her to have on our way home (I did ;o)).

They told me that Evie was playing with another girl and their legs were entwined and Evie tripped and didnt put her hands out to stop herself from hitting the ground.

I was told that she was having lots of fun before that happened and she was very brave and didnt cry.

Before we left I had to sign the accident form.

a bump on the noggin
As my camera has a black spot on some of my photos (cant find any when I am looking for them typically) I am going to treat myself to a new one as my Christmas present ;o)

I have seen a bridge camera (does it mean that I have to take photos of bridges with it?) in Argos and saw in their Black Friday offers leaflet that the one I wanted had some more money off of it.

So we popped into Argos on our way home from doing the food shopping (we cant go on Sundays anymore as Evie does her tap dancing), I got the camera plus a new camera case and a couple of presents for Evie ;o)

Thursday 19 November 2015

school #4 revisit today

Today I am doing (with Evie) a revisit of school 4 so that I can have a see of it with the kids there ;o), it also gives me chance to see if he interacts with Evie at all, he might be more likely to in the day.

Evie is looking forward to seeing the chickens ;o)

I think that she is hoping that one will lay an egg ;o)

Sunday 15 November 2015

Im all ready

no not for Christmas, but for the start of Im a Celebrity Get me Out of Here! ;o)

I have downloaded the app ;o)

And it even says that I can do five votes from my phone for any contestant, its just a shame that I dont end up watching it live!

Thursday 12 November 2015

perfect for Sidney

Evie has been saying that she wants a banana christmas tree ornament for her toy Sidney...

I have looked in the shops for a banana ornament for I havent seen any yet...

..I then remembered that the Minions like bananas so I did a search for Minions christmas tree ornaments but again couldnt really find any.

So I looked in The Entertainer to see if they had anything suitable but couldnt see anything.

Then went into Tesco to look at the toys and found a Minions action figure holding a banana ;o)

I will glue some ribbon onto it so it can go onto the Christmas tree ;o)

Tuesday 10 November 2015

parent tour #4 the church school

So last night I ended up going on the parent tour by myself.

The head teacher seemed nice (although he didnt engage with the only child there apart from bringing him out a box of wooden blocks to play with while he was doing his spiel)..  And we even got a cup of tea into the bargain ;o)

I am going to call the school today to arrange a daytime visit and will take Evie with me so that we can see the kids/school in action so to speak.

As its a church school there is religion stuff - but by the sounds of it the kids arent forced into being blessed and can shake their head to say they dont want to participate.

And the kids get taken to church once a week.

My two brothers and my sister all went to the church school in Ingatestone and (when we moved I was 12 so went to the senior school instead),

There are some nice touches with the school - such as a the buddy system where a reception year kid is teamed with a year 6 kid and the older kid kind of looks after te younger one and is a friend to them in that first year.

And they have chickens ;o)

Monday 9 November 2015

christmas dvd & parent tour #4

The DVD bloke is coming to Tumble Tots today to film (what will be Evies last virtually seeing Santa DVD) tat reminds me I will make sure I bring her hat with us ;o).

And tonight I am seeing another school, Im not sure if its going to be just me or all 3 of us.

Sunday 8 November 2015

Thursday 5 November 2015

inevitable question

Today Evie has her flu spray...

...I have been told that its just a spray up each nostril.

As Evie wont blow her nose and doesnt like me wiping her nose, I have to ask the inevitable question....

does it penetrate through bogeys? ;o)

Tuesday 3 November 2015

parent tour #3 my favourite so far

This morning I took Evie on another school tour, as it wasnt one of her pre school days.

We had to get there for 9.30 so I aimed for us to leave at 8.45ish we ended up leaving at 8.52 and we got to the school at least 10 minutes early but that was with me walking really fast and pushing the buggy with Evie in.

We got there and we were shown into the assemble hall where the head teacher told us about the school and addressed the ofsted situation (in the last report it was "needs improvements") and how since she has been there the kids achievements have improved loads.

The head children then showed us around the school.

Like school #2 the reception class or EYFS was in one room, but at  least with this one it was divided in 3 with 2 brickwalls with archways dividing it with a breakout area in the middle.

What really impressed me and Evie was the fact that the school has a woodland area for the kids to play in and a separate area as well which is more wild (not tigers and lions wild although I did say it was like a jungle ;o)) with a bug palace and a pond (the area is fenced off and the kids can only go in with there with a teacher with them).

When I asked Evie which school she preferred she said the one with the jungle ;o)

Sunday 1 November 2015

a great excuse for a "designer" handbag

I have not had much luck with handbags of late...

...the last few that I have bought the shoulder strap has been breaking on them!

So the last one I bought in Sainsburys I kept the label (just in case it happened again) and it broke this morning!

As it happened while we were in town I was looking in the shops to see if they had any bags that I liked.

I did see one that I liked on Roman but you cant view it on the website (how annoying is that?)

I then remembered that when I was in town earlier in the week with Evie I saw that Debenhams had a sale on, so I had a quick look in their window and sure enough it said that there was 20% off designer handbags... I marched in there with James and Evie following in me and chose this one ;o)

hee hee I have again kept the label just in case it breaks ;o)

I will take my other one back to Sainsburys when we go there next.

Saturday 31 October 2015

Happy halloween

Happy Halloween and happy birthday Eileen ;o)

Friday 30 October 2015

booked in for her flu spray

I met up with a friend yesterday (she has a daughter the same age as Evie) and her new baby who is 7 weeks old ;o)

She told me that she had to be back for 2 pm for the walk in flu spray clinic at her doctors surgery.

My Mum had said before about the flu spray for kids, so I called my doctors surgery yesterday and have booked Evie for Thursday next week at 3.37 precisely ;o).

Wednesday 28 October 2015


Evie did some drawings yesterday...

a picture of a cat
Evie in bed

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Evie Miller

Yesterday we were in town and saw in The Meadows Marriages had a Milling around the Meadows exhibition ;o)

So Evie had a go and this is what she had milled ;o)

as milled by Evie
We also had a coffee while we were in town, and Evie was playing with her new handbag (a present for not doing any poops in her knickers for a week).

hiding from me
say eeeuuuurrrrgggghhhhhh
we also hid behind some leaves that we had picked up

me hiding
and Evie

Sunday 25 October 2015

witchy Evie

Evie dressed as a witch for Halloween at pre school

Evie as a witch

showing me that her hat was too big

unfortunately she never made it in as she was ill on her way in (despite having some cough mixture before we left home).

Thursday 22 October 2015

parent tour #5 booked

Have just booked parent tour #5

I can take Evie with me so thats good ;o)

And its just me on my own again ;o)

parent tour #2 - school #1 was better

So me & Evie went on the parent tour on Tuesday...

I had been talking to Evie about it on Monday and was telling her that we would be having a look to see what she thinks of the school...

..just before we went to leave I took her to the toilet and she started whining saying that she didnt want to look at the school and she didnt want to have to think either!

So I gave her a cuddle and told her that I would be there with her and that I would do all of the thinking and she was ok-ish with it.

We got upto the school and there was a woman with a young baby walking around the school reception area and I was asked to sign in and then another couple turned up too.

There were four parents in all.

The head teacher then arrived (just as a little boy was having a bit of a meltdown (the head teacher was really nice to him and took him into a side room) thinking about it Im not too sure if he was still waiting in the room while we were having our tour or not!

She then came back and shook all of our hands.

We started b looking at the reception classroom...

...yes it was a single classroom for 2 classes of children!

She assured us that it didnt disrupt their learning (but I wasnt happy with that aspect of the school).

The year 1 classroom was the same again...

And the class representatives even came and introduced themselves to us - with the second class ones shaking our hands - I bet the first teacher thought to herself I should have got my ones to do that too.

Year 2 did have separate classrooms so that was good.

We were  then shown the hall where they have lunch and the library etc.

and we were then asked if we had any questions...

One parent (the couple) asked if they did swimming lessons - yes they do in the summer but only from year 2 (as the kids younger than that cant touch the bottom of the pool ;o)).

the other parent (with a young baby) asked if they would be having an extra class for 2016 (eg a larger intake of children) and she said that she wouldnt know until the council releases their figures.

\I asked about the toilets as Evie even has trouble at the moment sitting on the children sized toilets and she said that she didnt think that she would have a problem.

Another parent (I think for the couple again) asked what the kids had to be able to do and she said "basic social skills" so I am trying to get Evie school ready for those ;o)

I am getting her to take herself to the toilet (when she is in a co-operative mood) and to pull off the toilet paper she needs - I am still trying to get her to wipe her own bottom, and to cut up her own food (but not at the same time ;o)).

Simply because of the shared classrooms this school has gone down on the list.

And at 9 am - I will be booking parent tour #5 which is being held in November.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

parent tour #2 today

Today Im taking Evie on a parent tour...

...James isnt coming with us.

It is the school that Evie goes into anyway to use their playground whilst at pre school so she already knows the school.

Monday 19 October 2015

downloading boxsets

Our Sky+ box mainly has Evies programmes on it with very few things for me or James.

For the times that I can sneakily watch something, I have found the boxsets and am now slowly getting into Greys Anatomy ;o)

I am upto Episode 4 of season 1, I have 11 seasons to watch so they should keep me going for a while...

...hee hee hee I just hope that they will still be available when I get to the latest seasons ;o)

Sunday 18 October 2015

plausible and really

Evie was at her swimming lesson yesterday, and just as her lesson was coming to an end an older man sat next to me (I had remembered him from the week earlier as he mentioned that it was his first week of going with his grandson), so I said to him "oh your here with your grandson" and then asked him if he had enjoyed it the week earlier and he had said that he had.

I then said (just to make conversation) that my one (being Evie) was in the pool with the pink swimming costume on and the bloke said to me "your son and grand-daughter" (stop laughing Mum I know you are doing it).

I then (without screaming Im pleased to say) said to him that it was my daughter, and as he was apologising I said "its ok as Im an older Mum" and then to add insult to injury he said "and I bet its not the first time either" I wanted to tell him that it was but I stopped myself ;o)

Ok I admit that being 45 I could be Evies grandmother, but James' Mum - I dont think so...

...I was then wracking my brain to think what the other little girls were wearing and if they were in the pool with their Dads and how young they were!

The only one that I definitely remember having a pink swimming costume was a girl with her bearded Dad and he definitely didnt look young enough to be my Son.

James wasnt much help when I told him what had happened, he just said through hysterics that the man was probably talking about someone else!

Thursday 15 October 2015

glaucoma clinic today

Today I have my appointment at the glaucoma clinic...

...hopefully they will say that my eyes are "a ok"

Tuesday 13 October 2015

The joy of pockets

We were in town this morning to get evies haircut and we treated ourselves to a hot chocolate with cream and a skinny pumpkin spice latte.

As usual I gave Evie my Starbucks card to pay with (she likes to help) and she then surprised me by putting the card in her pocket, she then put the receipt in her other pocket.

Lol the only I was able to get my card back off of her was to get her a blank card, which is still in her pocket ;o)

Monday 12 October 2015

a little bit more

When I do Evies breakfast it always starts with a slice of toast (normally with chocolate spread on).

Then when she finishes she has cereal...

...just recently she has wanted to come out (with her toy monkey) and help me ;o)

they hold the bowl and I pour in the cereal - no matter how much I pour in Evie always says when I ask her if its enough that she wants a "little bit more" ;o)

Sunday 11 October 2015


I was walking by the big Boots in town and saw that their Christmas catalogue is out so I eagerly picked up a copy so I could look through for ideas ;o)

So I had a look through it this morning in town, and it didnt really have that many products in it and was just saying check the website to see the full range (or something like that anyway).

I know that they wouldnt have room for everything but they could at least shown a bit more!

Friday 9 October 2015

Cooking meets poker face

Earlier in the week while watching masterchef Australia I saw an advert for humble pie with marco Pierre white and Melanie sykes on watch, and it starts next Friday.

So I had a look at the on screen TV guide and I saw that the first episode is available to download already, so i downloaded it and have started watching it.

It is good and I will definitely put the series in to record ;o)

Tuesday 6 October 2015

parent tour #4 booked

Our final parent tour has been booked ;o)

But because it is on a non pre school day I will be taking Evie with me, and James has already said that he doesnt want to go on anymore of the parent tours, so her school choice will be down to me then ;o).

Monday 5 October 2015

lower back pain

On Saturday I woke up with lower back pain...

I have just looked it up on the NHS website, and it says to keep active which is fair enough (and with a three year old I dont even have the option to not move around ;o)).

But one of the reasons for seeing the doctor is if ts worse at night...

...well because I am now lying still in bed then when I have to get up its worse! ;o)

I am now looking forward to being able to roll over in bed ;o)

It also says to go to see the doctor if its no better in six weeks time.

Sunday 4 October 2015

parent tour #1

On Friday we did our first parent tour...

We were in a group of 6 sets of parents.

We were shown the three reception classes - normally they only have two classes but because of a "bumper" three years they are having an extra class (and kiddie intake) for three years running.

The headteacher seemed really nice and the kids were quite happy answering her questions, and telling us what they were doing in class.

The reception class playground was nice too - it even had astroturf ;o)

I finally managed to do a photo of Evie in her Tap Dancing clobber ;o)

Evie loving her tap dancing stuff ;o)

Thursday 1 October 2015

parent tours #2 & #3 booked

Two more parent tours have been booked... of them is when Evie is at pre school and the other is an evening one.

And we are still waiting for another school to come back to us with their dates.

Tuesday 29 September 2015

parent tour #1 booked

Before our holiday I was looking at the 3 schools near us to see if they had any dates for parent tours, none of them had any details.

Then on Sunday I had another look and one of the schools had dates on their website and ironically one of them was for the Friday that had just gone!

I also saw that one was for this Friday so James has booked the time off work and I have booked us an appointment ;o).

Evie will be at pre school so that is handy as one of my friends was saying that you cannot take kiddies with you when you do the tour.

Sunday 27 September 2015

2 weeks

So on the Monday we went on Holiday to Menorca...

..we had a lovely time, although Evie was not impressed by having to get up early and told the flight attendants and the people on our transfer to the resort "Mummy woke me up" ;o)

at the airport

We spent most of our time either playing on the beach or in the adventure playground.

sitting on the beach
snuggling with me

We did one trip to the zoo in Menorca ;o)

at the zoo with James and the parrot

On Friday I went out with my Mum friends for dinner & cocktails ;o)

the burger was lovely

deconstructed cheesecake
espresso cocktail to finish

Sunday 13 September 2015

she didnt fall in the sink

I know I know the old ones are the worst ;o)

Today Evie went to a taster tap dancing class ;o)

Because it was a taster class I was allowed to sit and watch...

...Evie had a huge smile on her face the whole time and wants to go again ;o)

She was even doing her tap dancing when we went into town ;o)

The pc is having a rest for the next week or so... is going to a spa ;o)  It was looking at having a mud wrap!

Thursday 10 September 2015

First full day

Yesterday I got Evies lunch bag ready while I was doing her breakfast ;o)

I made sure that we had left in plenty of time to get there in time.

We got there and I carried her backpack (with her spare clothes in and toy monkey) and Evie wanted to carry her lunch bag ;o)

So we walked up to the office and she told everyone that she had bought her lunch ;o)

I told her to put her lunch bag onto the trolley (that they wheel in when needed) but she said "no, Mummy" one of the ladies then got her to put her lunch bag on the trolley so that was good.

For the last few days I have been telling Evie that she would be playing in the playground twice before I came to pick her up.

In the afternoon I went to pick Evie up (I had already asked that morning what time I should be there), and by the time I got there there were only a few kids left.

As soon as Evie saw me she ran upto me and gave me a cuddle.

I was told that Evie did well with her lunch but struggled to eat all of her sandwich, I normally give her just half a sandwich at home but did her a whole one in case she was extra hungry with all of the playing.

I checked her drawer and picked up her bag and her fleece and as we walked back Evie picked up her lunch bag and wanted to carry it back to the buggy.

She even insisted on still holding it while she was in the buggy too ;o)

I asked her on our way home if she wanted to have her lunch there again and she said "yes" so that was good ;o).

When we got home she didnt want me to sort out her lunch bag but I did it while she was in the lounge, she ate most of her grapes, most of her radish, all of her courgette and chocolate custard and only some of her sandwich and didnt touch the fruit yoyos.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Lunch bag all ready

Evies lunch bag is all ready ;o)

She has a jam sandwich (cut up into fingers) radish, courgette and a small bunch of grapes all in her sandwich box.

She also has a packet of fruit yoyos and a chocolate custard (and a spoon).

All I have to do now is wait for her to finish her coco pops ;o)

Tuesday 8 September 2015

school visits

Yesterday at Tumble Tots one of the Mums was saying that schools hold open mornings/evenings for prospective parents.

So when we got home I switched the pc back on and did a search for the schools in our area to see if any were saying yet when their days would be (so I can book our places and to see if James can get the time off to come too).

The first two schools I searched didnt have any mention and then the third one said they had a date on 6th October (brilliant, I was just about to e-mail James when I saw a crucial red banner at the bottom saying "proudly produced by Portsmouth City Council!) ;o)

I then refined the search for the school and included Chelmsford and alas that one didnt have any information either...

It reminds me of an ex boss I had (who is very posh think Tim nice but Dim) he rang up a school wanting to put his sons name down and was promptly told that you dont need to put your kids name down for comprehensive schools!  I dont know if he eventually got hold of the right school or not ;o)

Still I shall ask at the school tomorrow about when theirs is when I drop Evie off at pre school - she is getting very excited about having her lunch there tomorrow (she has told me that she is going to feed her toy monkey ;o)).

Monday 7 September 2015

back to getting a wriggle on

As the kids are all back at school this week Tumble Tots is back on as well as pre school ;o)

No more leisurely breakfasts and letting Evie mess about before getting dressed...

I have labelled up her lunchbag, lunchbox and water bottle for pre school too ;o)

I just have to get her backpack ready now with leggings and t-shirts for Wednesday (as I took them all out at the beginning of the school holidays).

Sunday 6 September 2015

too boiled eggy

On Friday Evie was playing by putting a stress ball into a plastic jelly pot and was pretending that it was a boiled egg ;o)

So I asked her "would you like a boiled egg fro your lunch" and she said "yes please", so after I had got us dressed and cleared up from breakfast we went to Asda to buy some eggs ;o)

So we got home with our bags of shopping (yes I did end up buying more than just eggs) I put the kettle onto boil and filled up a bowl with cold water (to cool the egg down quicker).

As I had bought large eggs I boiled one for 5 minutes and put in in the bowl o cold water while the bread toasted.

Then I put some butter on the toast and cut it into thin soldiers and put her egg into an egg cup and brought it into her...

...I showed her how to smash the top of the egg with the spoon and took off the broken shell bits and then removed the top of the egg white and she ate it (she didnt spit it which was our first hurdle ;o)).

Then I showed her how to dip the soldiers and she enjoyed doing that and even eating them with the yolk on (which was our second hurdle).

dipping her soldier

Then she decided that she just wanted to eat the toast so I started spoon feeding the egg to her - she had 2 spoonfuls (one egg white and one egg white and runny yolk) and she told me that she didnt like the boiled egg, so I asked her what she didnt like about it and she said that it was too boiled eggy ;o)

the egg was too boiled eggy
You really cant argue with logic like that I suppose ;o)

Thursday 3 September 2015

lost and found bunny

Yesterday we were going into town and Evie said that she wanted to take her "Guess How Much I Love you bunny" ;o)

So I told her (in true Mummy style - my Mum said it to me & my brother) that she couldnt taker her with us in case she lost her, but she still insisted on taking it... Evie took her with us and wouldnt let me put it in the bag either...

...about halfway into town I noticed that Evie had fallen asleep and when I went to retrieve the bunny it had gone!

And as we were meeting James Mum & Dad I didnt have time to walk back to find it :o(

When she woke up I told her that we had lost bunny but we would look for her on the way back and she was fine with it (I knew that we could buy another one for her in Sainsburys too if need be).

On our way back I popped into The Entertainer to see if they sold them but they didnt.

So on our way home I told Evie that we would have to look out for her bunny...

..I checked all of the walls (and even behind the wall if I could) and the road signs to see if it had been placed on them but it hadnt...

...and then in the road right by the kerb I saw her bunny ;o)

So I picked it up and told Evie that I had found her - and Evie asked to cuddle her and I told her that I would have to give it a wash first as she had been in the road.

So when we got home I filled the sink with soapy water (washing up liquid) and started wiping it with a sponge and Evie insisted on helping to wash it and it got soaked ;o)

The bunny dried overnight and this morning when Evie woke up it was dry ;o)

Evie cuddling her bunny

Sunday 30 August 2015

Frost T Fridge and Wanda Wafer

This morning we noticed that one of the packets was tearing open on her shopkins basket, so I again asked Evie if she wanted to open them now and she said "yes please"... I asked her if she wanted to open them and she said "Mummy do it" so I opened them but let her pull them out ;o)

Frost T Fridge
Wanda Wafer
Wanda & Frost T together
Evie proudly holding them both
We bought another couple today for her treat box ;o)

Friday 28 August 2015

she wont open the packets

After the last couple of days Evie did a poop on the toilet again ;o)

So she was able to chose another treat from her treat box...

...she chose the shopkins basket ;o)

So James opened it with her...

...he took off the plastic and cardboard wrappers....

...and inside are 2 little yellow bags and the shopping list ;o)

basket and the shopkins with part of the list

basket shopkins and top of list

basket with shopkins inside

basket with shopkins inside
but she wont open them!

I think that me & James wants to know what are in the packets more than Evie does ;o)

Wednesday 26 August 2015

well that didnt last long

After the success of the weekend and Evie doing poops in the toilet I stupidly thought that we had turned a corner...

...but no on Monday and today she has gone back to pooping in her knickers!

She knows that she is supposed to do them in the toilet and when I ask her why she didnt tell me she says that she was "a little bit busy" *sigh*.

Oh well she will get it in the end ;o)

Tuesday 25 August 2015

it might be worth watching for Ainsley

For the past few weeks the BBC have been gradually releasing the names of this years contestants...

I wasnt going to bother watching as I got fed up with it last year especially after Gregg left.

But I think that I will watch it as I like Ainsley ;o)

Sunday 23 August 2015

fussy fusspot

no not me, but Evie ;o)

I have been on the lookout for a coat for Evie...

In Sainsburys they have a 25% off time at the moment.

I saw a nice red quilted coat and Evie didnt like it because it was too red!

So I looked in Mothercare today and took Evie around to the girls coats and luckily they had quite a selection ;o)

This one was too butterflyee, this was too flowery and this was too pink...

...surprisingly she did like this one but it says that its a mac.

I also bought her some more pjs and a couple of weeks ago I bought her a frozen bathrobe that she refuses to wear and she has said that she will wear this one ;o)

Friday 21 August 2015


After Evies nap yesterday (she still has them most days) she went to the toilet and I was in her bedroom getting a bag for her nappy... I came back in and asked her if she had been and she said that she had done a poop ;o)

So she chose a treat from her treat box ;o)

licking her deserved lollipop

Thursday 20 August 2015

treat box

Evie has hardly any wee accidents but pooping wise she is still doing them in her knickers...

So we trawled the net for some ideas and James found a suggestion on Mumsnet to have a treat box in the bathroom... on Wednesday I looked through our plastic boxes and found a cheap lunchbox that James had gotten for Evie and I thought that would be perfect.

So we bought a few small things to put in there and it now has pride and place on the bathroom windowsill...

...Everytime Evie goes to the toilet she keeps asking for a treat from the treat box but we keep on telling her that she can only have one if she does a poop in the toilet or potty and not in her knickers ;o)

Tuesday 18 August 2015


Yesterday a load of us Mums (with the kiddies) went to Barleylands ;o)

Evie had a great time...

...she got to milk a fake cow

how much milk would you like in your tea mummy?

prod a real snake

I touched it too

walk along a balance beam

climb on a net

bounce on an inflatable pillow

Sunday 16 August 2015

unicorn picnic and bags

On Friday I let Evie decorate a unicorn suncatcher that I had bought for her ;o)

painting the suncatcher

Today we went into town for a post grocery shopping drink ;o)

While I was getting our drinks Evie had decided that she wanted to sit on the comfy seats ;o)

were having a picnic

She had decided that we are having a picnic ;o)

James then took Evie into Primark

look at my bag

Friday 14 August 2015

suspicious readings

Yesterday I went for an eyetest, when I went last year they said that they wanted me to come back in 12 months (and because my eyetest was free I did).

So I booked my eyetest for when James could look after Evie, I was hoping that he would take her home but he decided to ride with her up and down the escalators in Primark ;o).

So I took the buggy into the opticians with me and had my eyetest parts done (there are 4 parts)

first was the puffer test (I prewarned the lady doing it was a pain I was last time), amazingly enough I wasnt as bad as last time ;o)

Then came the field of vision test (they did one eye and then the optician wanted to do the vision test so we stopped halfway through!

So I had the vision test and the lady handed the optician the puffer test results.

My eyes have got slightly worse and she said that getting stronger glasses would help (but for the price I paid last time Im not spending out again).

She then looked at the optical nerves in my eyes (Im sure that they didnt do that last time) nd the optician then told me that my puffer test results had suspicious readings and that they want to refer me to the glaucoma clinic!

But as my optical nerves look ok she could just be overreacting!

I think that she could tell that I was getting anxious about it because I was asking her what it would mean etc.

I then completed the field of vision test (by a different person) but this time they did it with the light on so I couldnt see as well (I kept on telling them it).

And then they tried to do a retina photo but I kept on blinking at one point the bloke had the cheek to ask me if I wanted to try and hold my eye open (I respectfully declined) ;o).

The appointment should be through in the next couple of months.

Thursday 13 August 2015

her finger is on the play button

This morning I put the dvd player (her favourite Thomas Trusty Friends one) on for Evie while I was having a shower and sorting out the washing, I could tell by listening to it that it was coming to the end... I told Evie that when it finished that she should press the big play button in the middle and showed her which button it was.

When I came back in to our bedroom I saw that Evie had done it and gave her a "high five" ;o)

Tuesday 11 August 2015

all hunky dory again

So my IT person texted me back and told me to check that there wasnt a disc in the drive and to then power it off and to wait a few minutes and to try again... I did and its all hunky dory again ;o)

Reboot and select

The laptop has just bluescreened me and says this message.

I have texted my IT person and hopefully he will text me how to fix it.