Thursday 30 June 2011


My bosses asked me this morning how I was feeling…

…so I said that I was feeling more tired and that I get light headed if I do anything strenuous (but I was doing ok other than that)…

…one of my bosses then said (quick as a flash) that must be when your at home because we don’t see you doing anything strenuous here!

Blooming cheek I do hope they were joking ;o)

Monday 27 June 2011

seat hogging Samantha

A few days ago I was asked by Joe to take a photo next time I see some seat hogging ...

...this morning I got on the train and saw this great example.

Interestingly enough nobody asked her to move her files so they could sit down (perhaps this was because it was first thing in the morning and the fellow commuters were at their most energetic, had it have been in the evening Im guessing that people would have had a different attitude).

If I didnt have a seat then I would have asked her to move her stuff.

Sunday 26 June 2011

emergency biscuits

For the past few weeks I have found that if I do anything slightly energetic then I start to feel light headed.

I spoke to the doctor about it and she said that I was eating nutrition for two people and that I should either eat some fruit or a cereal bar.

In the morning I have been not only eating my tenses (like elevenses but an hour earlier), but I have also been eating a cereal bar too!

So last week I started buying two lots of fruit to eat in the afternoon (something to have with my lunch) and then a packet of grapes to munch on through to home time, this has helped and has stopped me needing to dip into the packet of biscuits in my rucksack.

Yesterday we were in Marks & Spencer just getting a few bits and I started to come over light headed, so I darted off (not such a good idea when you are feeling light headed) to get a tub of micro bites - I ate about half of them before I even got to the till ;o).

With this in mind a bought a bag of party rings with me while doing the big shop, and yes I did start to feel light headed again...

...and this morning before we went out I even had a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter ;o)

At least I have the perfect excuse for all of this eating ;o)

Tuesday 21 June 2011

feeling run down

Last week I had my first cold sore in ages, and by yesterday it had finally gone...

...then this morning I wake up and felt the startings of another one!

Can I expect more of this for the next six months?

Monday 20 June 2011

twelve week scan

Our appointment was for 11am at Broomfield Hospital here in sunny Chelmsford (the word sunny really does make everywhere sound nicer ;o)).

We arrived at about 10.45 and James had a looksie in the charity shop (to see if he could find an cheap books to bookcross) he didnt find any.

So we made our way up to the fourth floor where the ultra sound scanning takes place, I tell the receptionist that I am here and sit down with my huge bottle of water (as I was told in the letter that I had received that I need to have a full bladder) and no sooner have we sat down do I get called in, my first thought was no I havent drank nearly enough (I needant have worried as I wasnt asked if I had a full bladder).

So I go through with the sonographer (and she sees all of my blood test forms) and asks me if I am having a downs test done? and she takes the appropriate form out of my hand...

So I get shown where to lie down (behind a screened area) and am told to pull my t-shirt up and my jogging bottoms down to my hips...

She puts the gel on my tummy and then starts to use the scanner she says that she can see a heartbeat (James is meanwhile looking around to where she is sitting and yells out to me "I can see the baby" ;o) The sonographer then turns on the monitor above where I am lying and shows us the baby...

She then starts reading out a load of measurements to the people on the other side of the curtain, and she says that she can see four limbs and a stomach ;o)

The baby seemed to be bouncing around (although James says that is where the scanner was moving rather than littlun bouncing), at one point he/she was even pointing to the fact that there were some feet at the end of the legs.

We were asked if we wanted a picture and we both said yes and the lady then showed us two of the best pictures (one being of littlun pointing) and we decided to go for both of them

I have heard previously that antenatal classes get booked up really quickly so I tried to book them up there and then but was thwarted because their booking didnt go that far ahead!

I then had to go for my blood tests...

...James went ahead of me and got me my number (delicatessant number style LOL I was very tempted to ask for 100 grammes of glazed ham ;o)).

The queue went very quickly and I got seen, I didnt look at how much blood was being taken or how many vials were being filled in case I went all woozy.

Sunday 19 June 2011

how on earth did that happen?

In 12 weeks pregnant...

...I have been dying to say something for the past few weeks but the superstitious side of me stopped me from saying anything ;o)

I had my scan on Friday (I will upload it next week) and the baby was bouncing around (although James said that the baby wasnt really jumping but it was where the scan wand was moving) but littlun must have good eyesight because I couldnt see that he/she was wearing any glasses ;o).

I have been incredibly tired and have been enjoying afternoon naps when I can have them.

James said that he wants the baby to feel special as soon as its born and has come up with the suggestion (that he wants me to tell the midwife no less) that he drapes a winners tape around my knees so when littlun is born that it will feel like its won a race (allbeit a one baby race). I didnt know whether to laugh, cry or just to "sock 'im one" in the kisser! ;o).

Yesterday me & my friends went to Royal Ascot for my friends 40th birthday...

We even saw the Queen and Prince Phillip go by in their carriage (although we could only see it on the video screen because there were so many people in front of us) and they were waving at us - and yes we did wave back ;o).

I only put on 1 bet (that was the free £2 bet we got with our tickets) mainly because I couldnt be bothered to walk to the betting booths, and besides the horses that I would have put my money on didnt even come first second or third!

Coming home was a bit of a nightmare (as leaving these places always are) as we (or rather our minibus driver) had to fight his way out with all of the other people leaving the racecourse, and then we passed Legoland Windsor (just as that was shutting too), I didnt get home until 9.45 and I was ravenously hungry so me and James went to get some Chinese food ;o)

Wednesday 15 June 2011

being confused by a superbowl

I went into Itsu for my lunch today...

...before going in I was umming and ahhing about whether to go for the seven vegetable rice bowl or the chicken one...

...I still hadnt made up my mind by the time I walked in.

So I walk upto where the rice bowls are and shock horror the seven vegetable one isnt there, in its place was a Superbowl! So I had a look at what was in it (to make sure there wasnt anything that I didnt like) I completely missed the fact that it said that it contained tofu until I got back to work!

I gave it a try and its all right, so theres another possibility for my lunches ;o)

Tuesday 14 June 2011

he is only fooling himself

As you may know I work on the third floor...

Yesterday I was about to go to the toilet (on the fourth floor) and the elevator opened and two men got out one turned right to go to his office and the other turned left (I thought that he was going to go to the toilet) but no he started walking up the stairs, I was going to the fourth floor anyway and I watched as he walked past the fourth floor and continued upto the fifth floor!

I can just imagine every day he tells his colleagues "yah I walked all the way up again today from the ground floor".

I really dont get why he would get the elevator up halfway...

...why not just walk all of the way up and take some "getting your breath back" breaks when needed.

Some people are just weird!

Sunday 12 June 2011

James is a witch

As you may recall my local supermarkets have been devoid of marmite breadsticks.

Anyhow we were in Poundland yesterday (or rather I had been dragged in there) and James said to me "have you tried looking in here for your marmite breadsticks" so I said no and wandered off for a looksie...

...well blimey o'reilly I found a whole basket full of them 3 for £1, so I put 21 in our basket (one packet a day makes it one months worth) and yelled out to James (to fit in with the regular Poundland customers of course) that he was a witch because I found them ;o)

Ok what I actually found were breadstick bites so I am not sure what country that they were produced for and cant see any telltale signs on the packet, but as they say "dont look a gifthorse in the mouth" ;o)

Friday 10 June 2011

Wombling free at Glastonbury

I saw in Metro this morning that the Wombles are playing at Glastonbury this year.. does make me wonder if the founder Michael Eavis is complaining about the Wombles being there just as a marketing ploy.

I think that the Wombles will be a huge hit especially for those in their thirties and forties.

Thursday 9 June 2011

they charged us twice

On Tuesday we went to see Peter Kay at the O2 Arena.

We booked up a hotel (through a hotel booking website) to stay the night so we didnt have to rush back that night and worrying about missing the last train home.

So I booked the hotel and payment was taken...

So we checked into the hotel and they found our reservation ok (which was good).

We got to the O2 Arena at about 5pm ish and were just hanging about drinking coffees and trying to kill time until the show starts (Entertainment Avenue was no more than just restaurants), that was not James idea of entertainment at all!

So we were eventually allowed in and we found our seats (which were really high up).

The support act was Rick Astley he was really good and finished with Never Going to Give You Up which had everyone grooving ;o)

Peter Kay was really good too, apparently (if he was telling the truth and not porkies (Kelly you can translate this from pork pies in that book I sent you ;o)) they were recording the show we saw for the dvd ;o).

He even kindly told us that there was an encore so not to walk out early thinking that it was finished.

Do you know that despite being told that there was an encore loads of people walked out early. The encore was the best part in my opinion ;o)

Anyhow the next morning we went to check out and the receptionist told me that I still had to pay for the room, I said "I think that I have already paid for that " and she said "no, your card was just used for the reservation but no money has been taken"... I was pretty sure that I had already paid and not wanting to cause a scene I paid for our room (again), but when I got into work this morning I checked on my internet banking and sure enough I had already paid (bloody cheek).

So I have e-mailed them (both the hotel and the company I booked the room through) to complain...

...I will let you know what happens.

Sunday 5 June 2011

charity shop pilgrimage

Yesterday afternoon we went back into Chelmsford so that James could look in the charity shops (for cheap books) in the other end of town to where he works in the week.

So we headed to Moulsham Street and so began the pilgrimage...

Every shop that James went into the same assortment of weirdos came out...

There was the bloke who hadnt made it to the toilet in time, the traders with large carryall shopping bags, the old woman with her shopping trolley and the ones who clearly "arent playing with a full deck of cards".

...yes James was following them! Or was it that they knew where he was going so had decided to buy the cheap books before he had gotten to them?

I just waited outside in the shade because I truly hate charity shops.

When I thought we had finally finished James then saw a sign for a church book sale...

...Aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh no!!!!!!!

I finally gave up and said that I wasnt going to do anymore walking so I plonked myself on a bench and waited for him to come back.

He said that there were thousands of books in there for 40p each but they werent categorized, and he didnt really have the willpower to look through them, and yes the church had its very own set of weirdos!