Wednesday 30 May 2012

the parsnip went the same way!

After what had happened with the carrot puree I was under no illusions about what was going to happen with the parsnip puree...

...on the plus side she did manage to take a few more mouthfuls before she started gagging.

Today we are going to try pear puree.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

the reappearing carrot

Yesterday I tried my hand at doing Evie some proper food...

...I did her some carrot puree ;o)

So for her lunchtime feed I got the carrot puree out and added some baby milk to make it smoother.

I gave her half of her milk first (so that she wasnt so hungry) and then tried her on her puree...

...she immediately threw up her milk (but was still smiling) and was willing to try more carrot, so I gave her more of the puree and after 5 minutes she threw up the rest of her milk and the carrot puree.

I decided to give up on a bad job and changed her nappy and clothes and did her some baby rice (as I know that she will eat that) and then did her some more milk.

Today I am doing her some parsnip puree today so hopefully that will go down better as she should be used to the texture now with a bit of luck ;o)

Sunday 27 May 2012

high tea for screws & high chair

I have been watching Conviction Kitchen and the episode that I watched last night involved them serving High Tea to the hierarchy of the prisons in which they were incarcerated.

I half expected to see The Freak and Vinegar T1ts from Wentworth Detention Centre ;o).

I have series one through three on DVD (I think that I will get one out to watch it).

In other news we got Evies high chair out of its box now that she is weaning.

As you can see she has quite a way to go before she is too big to sit in there ;o)

Thursday 24 May 2012

a weightier fortnight

I took Evie to the Doctors surgery to get weighed yesterday afternoon...

...when I took her two weeks ago it was just after she had a cold and as soon as I walked into the room with the Health Visitor I told her that Evie had had a cold and had barely been able to keep any milk down (so that I didnt get told off for her poor weight gain) she had only put on 1.5 ounces (even I was shocked that it was so low) but the Health Visitor didnt seem concerned ;o)

Back to yesterday I mentioned about the blueberries eating and she said that Evie is almost 24 weeks old so that is ok and to take things slowly and to see how we go (which was what I was going to do anyway).

Then came the weighing (I was expecting about 5 ounces as she seemed to stop putting on loads of weight) but was totally gobsmacked hen I was told that it was 12 ounces! ;o)

Tuesday 22 May 2012

too nosy to feed

Whenever I take Evie out she loves looking around at everyone (I suppose its to make sure that she isnt missing out on any fun).

Yesterday a group of us Mums were going to have lunch together in Pizza Express.

Luckily I managed to get Evie to sleep for just long enough so that I could eat my lunch of Polpette Meatballs ;o)

She then wanted a feed just as my dessert of Doughballs with Nutella arrived.

While I was feeding Evie she kept on stopping so that she could have a look around at who was talking.  She took her feed eventually ;o)

And on the eating front I did her some baby rice and she ate it ok ;o)

Sunday 20 May 2012

from chattering to blueberries

I finally managed to capture Evie chattering on video motion picture - LOL I started with the camera behind her so that she couldnt see what I was doing ;o)

You may remember Evie eating a paper napkin...

...well yesterday I was eating some blueberries with Evie sitting on my lap.  She was intently watching what I was doing and next thing I knew was that she had grabbed hold of my bottom lip as if she was trying to get the blueberry.

I told James that it may be time to start weaning her as she is now attacking me for food.

So we decided to try her on the blueberries ;o) for some reason I am not able to add this one to the page!

Friday 18 May 2012

talking over

Since hitting 5 months old Evie has found her voice and totally loves how it sounds ;o)  She always stops chattering though when I get the camera out to video motion picture her ;o)

I will get her one of these days ;o)

Anyway yesterday we were at the library for Tots Time and one of the ladies was giving the "fire safety speech" and a Mum & Grandma dared to carry on chatting to each other through it to which they were told "ladies this is important" they then shut up.

It is quite noisy in there once the singing starts so I couldnt tell if Evie was joining in (I will have to listen out better next time) but she was certainly chattering reasonably loudly when the stories were being read ;o)

Sunday 13 May 2012

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Evies first bit of fibre

on Sunday morning we were having a coffee in our beloved Starbucks.

James was playing with Evie and she was grabbing the paper napkin that he was holding out for her.

I then saw that she had some on her tongue but it was gone before we could get it out.

James thinks that it disintegrated but I think that she may have swallowed it.

Anyhow James has ordered some weening books from the library and I am reading the 5 step weaning guide that Cow & Gate sent to me ;o)

Sunday 6 May 2012

Im officially getting old

On Friday I got a letter from my Doctors surgery saying that as I am now over 40 (and under 70) they recommend that I have a health check every five years.  I guess that when you hit 70 then you just carry on with what you are doing.

Anyway in the letter was a bloodworks form to test you for cholesterol and diabetes and a load of other things probably both my parents have diabetes I will definitely do it...

...although when I had my GTT back in October the figures came back ok so I should be good to go ;o).

It also said that you have an appointment 10 days after to discuss the results (and there is also a questionnaire to fill out asking about your exercise or in my case lack of it). 

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Evies first cold

On Saturday we saw James brother and his 3 kids (the middle one had a cold), we were told that one had a cold and were given the option to not go so Evie wouldnt get ill.  We decided to go anyway so we could see them and Evie will catch colds anyway whether from them or when I take her out etc.

Yesterday the cold started and she has been incredibly snotty and grizzly poor little thing.

U gave her some Calpol about 40 minutes ago and she is now happily sitting in her bouncy chair playing with the rattles that hang down on it ;o)

Tuesday 1 May 2012

a break in the rain

Yesterday we finally had a rain free day (well until the evening anyway when it was back to pouring down with rain).

As I had come to the conclusion that the 3-6 month Summer clothes that I had bought for Evie wasnt going to see her through the whole of the Summer, we went to Mothercare so I could get some 6-9 month Summer bits.

Im glad that we went yesterday as its back to raining again!