Monday 30 September 2013

Sleeping on the floor

Evie is sleeping on the floor, she found it preferable to sleeping on me!

Sunday 29 September 2013

spooky ordering

For the past week I have been on the lookout for Halloween clothes for Evie ;o)

So I have looked in the supermarkets but could only find trick or treat outfits, so I decided to look at the Marks & Spencer site online and found this and this, so I went into our local store on Friday to buy them but because they have such a small range in there they didnt have them in stock.

So I decided to order them online the hello kitty top was out of stock (and still is) but I did manage to get her the skeleton one ;o)

I picked it up this afternoon so come Halloween Evie is going to look well spooky ;o)

Friday 27 September 2013

back to the library

Yesterday me & Evie went back to the library after the Summer break...

...I was worried that now she is walking that she would go running off, but no...

...she did have a little walk about and came back to me, and there was one point where she was struggling to get away from me, by this time there were loads of people coming in so I kept hold of her.

In the main I was sitting on the floor and Evie was sitting between my legs ;o).

Wednesday 25 September 2013

postcard photos

This weeks Project Flickr project is postcards (more specifically pictures that would look good on them)

I really wanted to find a dog poop so I could call it TOWIE but thanks to considerate dog owners they are a rarity ;o)

Anyway so I found some suitable rubbish and took a photo of that instead ;o)

I also did this one of a leaf falling from a tree

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Feeding dolly

Sometimes (well most of the time now) when Evie is eating her meal she will stop halfway through and wont want to eat anymore - she ether knocks my hand away or will try and tip over her bowl/plate (I keep telling her that it is naughty doing that but still).

Anyway so I get out one of her toys (dolly in this case) and offer dolly a spoon of food and then offer some to Evie and then she starts eating again and then wants to feed dolly too ;o)

Poor dolly is now in need of a wash and I checked her label yesterday and it says to handwash her - James just used the washing up sponge to remove some of the muck ;o)

Sunday 22 September 2013

I thought that I had a stomach bug

Yesterday me & Evie were supposed to meet up with my 2 friends and my friend Emmas Mum for lunch, but after I had my breakfast I had stomach pains and felt like I was going to be sick...

...I thought that I had a stomach bug.

So I let my freinds know that we wouldnt make it.

Luckily by later in the afternoon my stomach pains had gone but the sick feeling remained and luckily they didnt materialise into anything.

I didnt eat any lunch but did have some dinner as I was feeling hungry and was ok ;o)

I have no idea what it was and hope that Evie doesnt "catch" it...

Thursday 19 September 2013

week two

The second week started off with our last session at Gymbabes on the Monday and on the Wednesday we did our first session at Tumble Tots... they both tire Evie out we didnt do anything for the rest of the day...

On Monday morning we also took Evie back to the shoe shop to get her feet measured and yes they have grown and she is now a size 4 ;o)  So we bought her some new shoes.

Tuesday (because it wasnt raining) we took Evie to Hylands Parks Adventure Castle...

I must have been banging on about it too much because James first words were "is this it?"

Evie enjoyed going there but couldnt go down the slides because they were too wet from all of the rain on the Monday.

We only probably stayed for 45 minutes before Evie just wanted to be carried so we left.

Thursday we went to Lakeside we needed to get Evie some new pajamas (I have bagged up all of her summer stuff and she didnt have many pairs of long sleeved ones).

We ended up getting her these and these (I even bought them in the next size up which is a very "Mummy" thing to do ;o)

As James had told his Mum that we needed pajamas for Evie he said to let her buy her some too (I certainly wasnt going to refuse ;o)).

We looked in BHS and they didnt have anything in Evies size so it was back to M&S ;o)  where they got Evie some more ;o)

Wednesday 18 September 2013

the rest of day three and day four and coming home

When we were pounding he streets finding an "acceptable" restaurant we passed Wagamama, as Evie loves eating rice, she is always saying "rice a rice" ;o) We decided to go there for our dinner that night ;o)

We didnt like the way that the tables were set out in long rows but as we were there early we had two clear tables between us and two girls who were on our row.

The high chair for Evie was an interesting concept too (it was one that was clamped to the table).

Because Evie doesnt tend to like big chunks of meat I got her this partly because I thought that the butternut squash in panko breadcrumbs would look a bit like chips...

...she ate the rice and some of the butternut squash and she ate the sweetcorn and some of my courgettes too ;o)

I had a really nice main course too but I cant remember what James had!

Evie had more ice cream for dessert and I had some apple gyoza dumplings and James had a trio of frozen yoghurts (you can see that I only remember the important bits ;o)).

When we were on our bus tour we passed Royal Victoria Park I really wanted to take Evie there before we went home.

We checked how far it was on my loan phone and it said that to walk there would take 25 minutes, so after breakfast off we went.

As she was moaning and groaning being in her buggy James gave her her toy giraffe to hold and her reins, halfway to the park I realised that she had dropped her reins (James hadnt bothered to clip them to the buggy as she likes to dangle them over the side!) so he retraced our route and found them.

We got to the park and luckily there wasnt too many people there, Evie had a great time running about and going down slides ;o)

Then just as we were about to leave I noticed that the giraffe was missing!  We retraced our route back and couldnt see it anywhere (I was even looking in bins and on benches and fences).

I told James that if his Mum asks where it is that we should just tell her the truth that Evie lost it on our way to the park, he said that his Mum would be really funny about it so we were looking in every shop we passed (she didnt let us have the bag from the shop it came from) to see if we could replace it.  We eventually found one so crisis was averted ;o)

As James really enjoyed Garfunkels we went there again for our lunch, the previous time as part of Evies lunch we chose to get salad so this time we went for the corn on the cob cobette, as I didnt think that Evie would be able to bite the corn off I decided to eat it myself!  She was watching me eat it so I had about half of it and left it to cool down so that Evie could try it.  She really loved biting the corn off ;o)

Another place that we passed was Jamies Italian and we decided to go there for our last night blow out meal ;o)  James told his Mum & Dad that I wanted to go there and they came along too.

I went for the Jimmys Farm Italian Sausage and Funky chips ;o)  James had some sort of salad (see if it I just dont take a lot of notice ;o)).  Evie had happy fish fingers - as usual she ate mainly the chips I think that she possibly had one of her fish fingers ;o).

Dessert wise we (or rather James) decided that Evie had had enough ice cream and that she should have fresh fruit (it was half an unripe banana half an apple and half an orange) I think that she ate some of the apple ;o)

I had lemon meringue pie and James had the special of rice pudding with berry compot.

Earlier in the week the owner of the apartment asked me what time she should come around on our last time to give us back our deposit so we told her 9.30 am, so just before 9.30 James took all of our luggage and Evies buggy down to the car so that we could set off after we handed back our keys.

We thought that she might have a quick inspection first but she just handed us back our deposit minus £5 for the parking permit so that was good ;o)

We had a few stops on our way home and got back home in the afternoon ;o)

Tuesday 17 September 2013

more of day two and day three

I cant believe that I forgot to mention that we went to the Roman Baths!

We went there after we had our lunch,

Because of all of the stairs we had to leave Evies buggy at the back of the entrance room (where you buy the tickets) they provided carriers to carry babies on your back, we let Evie walk about ;o)

They also provided an audio tour Evie grabbed hold of James one and wouldn't let him listen to it (I did offer him to use my one but he didnt want to listen to it).

The audio tour was one where every exhibit has a number and you key in that number to listen to the commentary.

On the way around Evie was making so much noise that we decided to hurry through so I had given up listening about half way through!

At the end of the tour we did get to sample some of the it was hot and I had two cups of it ;o)  Some people were filling up drinking water bottles (I wish that I had thought to do that) ;o)

Day three was more of a relaxing day and we did some shopping...

We decided to take Evie to the park for a run around (there was one at the bottom of the street where we were staying) unfortuntely Evie got stung by some stinging nettles, we or rather James managed to calm her down by rubbing some sudocrem on her hand and then some alcohol gel to cool the sting down.

We went to Garfunkels for lunch and James Mum & Dad came to join us too.

They bought her a toy giraffe which she absolutely loves playing with...

When I was still working I used to love going into Molton Brown and I ended up treating myself to this - I joked with the saleswoman that I was only allowed to look NOT buy and she was saying that she should give me a large bag that I could heave out ;o)

We also saw a Hawkins Bazaar (we thought that they had gone out of business) it was ever so noisy in there so I let James have a look in there first while I waited outside with Evie who was asleep I told him to look for some water drums (I had seen them in the one in Chelmsford way before Evie was on the scene).  He came out and said that he couldnt see any and that I should go in myself, the salesman in there even managed to talk me into buying this too (so I have put it away for Evie to play with when she is a bit older).

off now to do Evies breakfast - so watch out for the next installment ;o)

Monday 16 September 2013

first official tumble tots session

Last Monday Evie had her last Gymbabes session as she is now walking.

As she was clearly quite steady on her feet (she was running around like a lunatic) they said that she could move upto Tumble Tots.

Last week we did Tumble Tots as our make up session (as we were away for the first session of the new term) she enjoyed herself and didnt seem to miss the toys but we were in a different location so it will probably be a different reaction this time as she is used to having them to play with!).

We will get her Gymbabes completion Certificate today too (and it will be her first ever certificate well apart from her birth certificate anyway) ;o)

week one days one and two

We set off two weeks ago just before 9 am and luckily Evie fell asleep as soon as we got going...

...we had several stops (mostly comfort breaks) and Evie doesnt like being strapped in for too long either.

We had decided to rent an appartment so Evie could have more room to run about...

...when we were about an hour outside of Bath I phoned the owner (as requested) so that she could greet us when we arrived ;o)

After James gad heaved all of our luggage up the stairs we decided to go for an explore around the city.

As James was in one of his unhelpful moods (every cafe we saw he didnt want to go in there) and as by this time it was coming upto Evies dinner time I decided that we could go into Pizza Hut for something to eat.

The meal was horrible and the staff were very unhelpful!

I was worried to say the least that the rest of the eating establishments were going to be so bad...

After our horrible dinner I looked on my loan phone for the nearest Starbucks and found that there was one in the high street...

James was then a little happier and we found a supermarket and bought a few bits to keep us going.

James Mum & Dad came to Bath too (although they traveled up by train and stayed in a hotel).

The next day we did a couple of sightseeing bus tours then went off and had lunch at Giraffe (as it was near to where the bus tour ended).

I ordered for Evie the sausage mash and beans (because she has sausage and mash at home) and all she wanted to eat was my chips that came with my burger!

Before doing the bus tours we went to Sally Lunns House and I had the bun with cinnamon butter ;o).

That evening James brother & Sister in Law and their three kids came to meet up with us as they live just outside of the City.

Every restaurant we walked past someone (not me or James mind) didnt fancy it and we ended up going to Cafe Rouge.

Hee hee out of all the kids Evie was the best behaved...

...she did better with eating her dinner (because we got her something with chips and got the beans substituted for vegetables).

And she ate all of her dessert of ice cream strawberries and strawberry sauce (James was worried that Evie would be climbing the walls having something sugary that close to dinner time).

the next part coming to a pc near you soon ;o)

Sunday 15 September 2013

back to normality tomorrow

James goes back to work tomorrow after having 2 weeks off...

...I think that secretly he is looking forward to the rest ;o)

So I can go back to blogging and things ;o)

Sunday 8 September 2013

back from Bath

On Friday we got back from spending a few days in Bath...

...we had a great time and Evie really enjoyed herself too ;o)

Will blog more about it later ;o)

Sunday 1 September 2013

the pc wants a holiday too

The pc has been envious at my phone for having a few days away the last we heard it was toxing on one of these breaks ;o)

Anyway the pc is packing its cases and and is making its way to Stansted to see where it can take a flight to (after I have finished this post).

So no blogging from me for a few days (as James is now off work for a couple of weeks).

Got to go now as the PC is huffing and puffing saying that it has duty free to buy!