Sunday 12 April 2009

Cold and grotty

No Im not talking about the weather but I am talking about me...

...yes I had a cold last week. I came down with it Sunday night.

I struggled into work Monday morning being very sniffly, and ended up coming home at 12pm!

Luckily the cold had gone by Friday, so my Easter hasnt been ruined ;o)

Having not been out all week (apart from going to work on Monday) I was feeling stir crazy by Friday, and me and James decided to go to Southend, plus because it was Good Friday there was free parking too ;o).

Everytime I go to the beach I have to have a portion of chips (it stems back to something me, my Mum and Brother would do to keep warm - even on Summer days ;o)).

On Saturday I was pleased to see that the sausage lady had remembered to bring the chocolate & chilli sausages, so I dutifully bought six of them ;o) Apparently the ones she bought to Chelmsford on the Friday had completely sold out! And if they sell well then she will continue doing them whey hey ;o) I will be trying them later in the week and will let you know what they are like. I have a feeling they will be nice (at least I hope they will be ;o)).

I have had a chocolate filled day today...

...I opened up my chocolate tasting club easter egg. I have scanned the menu card for you to see ;o). I have already scoffed the dark half of my egg already (and it was as yummy as I thought it would be). I also bought to Starbucks with me my easter egg sandwich and ate half of that too ;o).

I will probably have the milk chocolate half tomorrow (I mean I might as well be bad in a big way ;o)). I will try and save the little chocolates and chicks to eat during the week (once Ive finished my current box).

James also gave me these lovely little hand decorated eggs...

Not surprisingly I havent weighed myself this week - I already know it will be bad next week as I didnt do much on the exercise bike as I was ill and couldnt be arsed to!

To be philosophical the bad weeks make the good weeks look better ;o)

Happy Easter ;o)


Anonymous said...

I hate colds, they can sap all of your energy and if you happen to mention that you're not feeling well because of a cold everyone thinks you're being a wimp!

From what I've been told, James didn't decide to go to Southend, the decision was more or less made for him.

If those sausages continue to sell well I hope the sausage lady starts paying you some sort of commission as it was your idea. The very least she could do would be to name them after you!

Anonymous said...

I like your philosophy :)

Happy Easter!

James (UK) said...

You were going "stir-crazy"? How do you think I felt?! ;-)

I tell you readers, locking her and me in the same room for more than a few hours is a "steel-cage match" right there!

And Al, that's exactly what I said!

I know it's not exactly like Amber "invented" the idea of chocolate and chilli, but given how the sausage woman says she's selling loads, wouldn't you have thought at the least she could have given her the 6 sausages she bought yesterday to her for free?!?!?

Anonymous said...

You would think so, at least as a way of saying thank you for suggesting it.

Of course they might turn out to be disgusting in which case it's probably best to disassociate yourself from the whole thing as much as possible!

chocolat lover said...

Al, your right I will have to see what they taste like first ;o)...

...I will be trying them on Wednesday.

Poor james was rather railroaded into going to Southend, but didnt moan too much about it!