Friday 26 June 2015

Phone call

Having taken Evie to pre school I was having a relax with a cup of tea and my phone started ringing - I looked at the screen and it was her pre school.

So I answered the call and they said that she had a slight temperature and she was lying around more than normal and could I pick her up early.

So I went to the toilet and then set off to pick her up.  I got there and Evie was in the toilet as soon as she saw me she shouted "mummy" if she was feeling poorly I would have expected her to start crying, but she demanded her monster munch instead ;o).

So I signed her out and she fell asleep on our way home so I left her in the buggy.

She has just woken up and I have taken her temperature and it is fine (I took mine as well and hers was less than mine), she has eaten some spaghetti shapes and is now eating a chocolate custard.

So whatever the thing was earlier she is over it (for the moment anyway).


Eileen H said...

Sounds like she was playing up a bit :-)

Hope she doesn't realise how she can get Mummy to come early for her :-)

chocolat lover said...

I asked her if she was lying around because she was tired and she said "yes".

Apart from being ill today from eating too mach of her chocolate muffin and hot chocolate with cream she has been fine...