Sunday 14 October 2012

I like you even more than I did before

We were doing the food shop this morning...

...a nice lady who likes to coo over Evie told me that I was looking slimmer ;o)

I said to her "do you really think that I am, because I havent weighed myself in absolute ages" and she said to Evie "you are going to have a skinny Mummy" and I said (to the lady and not Evie) "I like you even more than I did before" ;o)

It reminded me of the lady that came upto me on my way to the train station yonks ago ;o)

I have been in a really good mood all day ;o)


Eileen H said...

You'll be determined to lose some more weight now to keep the compliments coming :-)
Very well done!
I wish I could lose some weight without really trying :-)

chocolat lover said...

thanks ;o)

I think that I will be trying harder now to lose more weight ;o)