Friday 21 March 2014

going on a gruffalo picnic

Me & the other Mums are going on a picnic today at the Gruffalo Woods in Thorndon Country Park ;o)

As I was intending to take Evie to her swimming lessons yesterday I got James to get me & Evie some lunch for me to take with us ;o)  The things he got for Evie is stuff that she had gone off when she last had it a few weeks ago - but whenever I say stuff like that to him he accuses me of being negative!

I have also heated up some sweetcorn fritters to take as I know that Evie will eat those ;o)  And I shall take some monster munch and some blueberries also ;o)

I also bought Evie a pair of wellies on Wednesday for the purpose of today and for when we go to the 3 foot people festival they are a size 5 and her feet are 4 1/2 at the moment so they will still be the right size ;o)


Eileen H said...

Hope you enjoyed your picnic.
The 3 foot people festival looks fun!

chocolat lover said...

it was good Evie really enjoyed herself ;o)

The 3 foot festival was good last year so hopefully it will be as good this year also ;o)

Unknown said...

Love wellies! I also love lavender.

chocolat lover said...

she enjoyed wearing them but they rubbed on her legs...